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I'm curious where you're from, like regionally. Because I'm from Iowa and when people say the word liberal they mean leftist/democrat. I'd honestly never heard it used the way you. I just wonder if it's a regional thing. Like I've never met anyone who has the definition of liberal that you do.

it’s an academic (leftist) thing honestly I’m from California and in common parlance it always means democrat

even and isak talking about how they fell in love with each other gives me so much life you guys,

  • one day they’re in bed and they’re just cuddling and idk the subject comes up and even casually says something like, “oh man i was falling so hard for u and u barely gave me the time of the day” and isak is like. wHAT
  • isak is just sO surprised when even’s like, yeah i was pretty sure u didn’t really like me. 
    • “but?? you caught me staring at you 738935 times???”
    • “ah but you were so quiet and staring could really mean anything i didnt want to misinterpret it”
    • “but i told u about my rapping skills???”
    • “is that………….the best flirting you could do isak. wow. how did we even start dating.”
  • isak looking back at every time even bumped him with his shoulder and said something kind of cool and vague and realizing. that was flirting. even was flirting with him the whole time. i mean he knew it wasn’t friendly but he thought it was just even being charming. but nah. even was highkey hitting on him.
    • isak wakes up in the middle of night, grabs even by the arm. “even. wake up. did you really forget your ID or was it just a way to hang out with me.”
    • *groan* “yes isak it was just a way to hang out with you how did u not realize till now i swear to god. next thing u know u’ll be telling me u didnt know the only reason i made cheese toasties was so u wouldnt realize u probably should leave.”
    • wHAT
  • isak confesses to internet stalking even, and even loVES IT. he never stops teasing isak about it tbh he’s just like “oh my god i can’t believe you were so iN LOVE with me, man, you had the bIGGEST crush on me,” and isaks just like “yeah yeah shut up at least i didnt make up a lame excuse to hang out with you. why dont u have any social media anyways?? u some sort of hipster??
    • so much banter. guys. its embarrassing.
  • they were both so in love with each other and they BOTH thought the other wasn’t really interested what kind of fanfic bullshit is this i love them so much
This needed to be done. Podcasts: first impression vs what they actually are like
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll, could actually kill you: Wolf 359, Our Fair City, Within The Wires, The Bunker, Ars Paradoxica
  • Looks like they could kill you, actually a cinnamon roll: Welcome to Night Vale, Marscorp, King Falls AM, Wooden Overcoats
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll, actually a cinnamon roll: The Bright Sessions, Eos 10, The Orbiting Human Circus, Cabin Pressure
  • Looks like they could kill you, actually could kill you: Alice Isn't Dead, Kakos Industries, The Bridge, Rover Red, The Penumbra Podcast
viktuuri fic recs!

i had to make one eventually there are so many good fics

author recs: every viktuuri fanfic ever written by kevystel (special shoutout to with a boy like that it’s serious) and @corpsentry (special shoutout to tomorrow the world breathes again) is an absolute work of art and i would honestly marry their ao3 accounts if i could, HIGHLY recommend checking them out. 

fic recs: 

  • Clarity by thylaa (sfw, 3078 words): adorable post ep 7 oneshot
  • Those Tell-All Skype Sessions by Piyo13 (sfw, 1747 words): phichit watches yuuri fall in love with viktor through their skype sessions and it’s hilarious
  • a single vowel in this metallic silence by 100demons (sfw, 1502): yakov and viktor discuss yuuri and how viktor’s changed
  • all for a moment by Authoress (sfw, 2331 words): post ep 7 oneshot ft. phichit and viktuuri making out what more could you want
  • i know my madness by astoryaboutwar (nsfw, 14123 words): au where yuuri doesn’t blow the grand prix finals, he and viktor hook up, and everything goes downhill (or uphill) from there, this one is a freaking work of art okay please read it
  • slow it down by SportsAnimeRuinedMyLife (sfw, 2894 words): it’s literally just post ep 7 fluff and it made me giggle like an idiot
  • victory cheer by SportsAnimeRuinedMyLife (sfw, 3890): everyone reacts to The Kiss™ and it’s both heartwarming and hilarious (mostly)
  • i took no time with the fall by lazulisong (sfw, 2124 words): yuuri and viktor are in love that’s it that’s the whole fic 
  • Yuri Plisetsky Has Two Dads by Metis_Ink (sfw, 3061 words): viktuuri has practically adopted yurio and yurio learns to accept it
  • They Made A Statue of Us by Reiya (sfw, 1679 words): he can’t have yuuri katsuki and skating, and suddenly viktor doesn’t know what he wants anymore
  • Yuri!!! On Ice crew: *give us nothing but happiness, would never hurt us, too good, too pure*