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Dipped in Ink (Namjoon/Reader)

Prompt: REQUEST COMING THROUGH! Idk if you know what a stick and poke tattoo is, but I was wondering if I could have one with Joon where he gives the reader a stick and poke tattoo? I know he’s pretty clumsy but I feel like doing something like that for someone who he loves he’d be super careful. (if not pick any other member i’m cool with all my boys). I just think it’d be something sort of intimate cos it kinda hurts. and then maybe it could lead to some sexy times? THANKS LUV U

Genre: Smut

Words: 4K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Summary: “You know,” He began carefully, voice lowering as he leaned back over your body, pushing the needle into your flesh again slowly. “I’ve heard that for some pain can be an aphrodisiac…”

Tags: Mentions of Tattooing (needles, blood, etc.), Dirty Talk, Mutual Masturbation, Daddy!Joon, Baby Girl, etc. 

Please note, I am no expert in the art of anything tattoo related, so please do not try to be rude if I messed up any of the details as far as that goes.

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Big Rumors

4chan has been causing some noise with big rumors of big changes coming to DC. I’ve decided to take a look at what they’re saying and share my opinion.

1)      Dark Days is the mysterious “Metal” event Scott Snyder has been teasing he’ll do with Greg Capulo. It will bring characters from alternate Universes to Prime DC Earth, some of which will try to take it over. Some of them will stick around after the event and be featured in books from September, when every title will get a one-shot setting up new status quo after one year time skip. – Pretty standard, I could buy this one.

2)      One of the characters that stick around will be Superboy Prime, whom Clark will try to redeem on the pages of Superman. – Risky move since it’s Prime but I could totally see Superman try to redeem him.

3)      We will see the return of JSA with Power Girl, Jay Garrick, Red Tornado, Alan Scott and Johnny Thunder, in a new book by Dan Abnett – Will those be Earth-2 characters back to the Prime Earth or Pre-Flashpoint versions?

4)      Another character from another Universe to stick around will be Mar’I Grayson, daughter of Dick and Kory. Nightwing will have to search for her in his own book. – I could see it. If this and 14 will be true, I want them to cross over.

5)      Another will be Bart Allen, who will be featured as Impulse alongside Jesse Quick, Max Mercury and older Wally West in Speed Force by Brett Booth and writing and art – Hell yes Bart is back. And since people wanted a team of speedsters – yeah, I can see this too.

6)      Red Robin will escape from Mr. Oz’ captivity and free several other inmates, leading them as the new Outsiders – They kept Tim quite a bit away, he really could return. Hope Conner and few other forgotten characters will be on this team.

7)      Cyborg will be canceled but replaced with a team-up book (mini?) between him and Shazam, by John Semper. Hal Jordan and Green Lantern Corps will be relaunched as Green Lantern Corps with Hal still leading, but Kyle dying in Dark Days and John and Soranik going to Cullen Bunn’s to Yellow Lanterns.  Don’t worry, Green Lanterns will still be going and keep its creative team, but will go monthly. – Don’t know about the others but I could see Green Lanterns turning monthly. I’ll be mad if they’ll kill Kyle.

8)      Other canceled titles are Superwoman and Blue Beetle with Jaime joining Teen Titans. Red Hood and the Outlaws as well, with Artemis and Bizarro returning to Wonder Woman and Action Comics and Jason getting a solo series by Lobdell. – Totally could see Blue Beetle canceled and Jaime joining Teen Titans and we already have rumors about Superwoman ending. But I thought people liked new Outlaws.

9)      Due to poor sales both Batgirl and Batgirl & the Birds of Prey will be canceled, Barbara will make heroic sacrifice putting her back into a wheelchair. The books will be relaunched as Birds of Prey, where Oracle, Huntress and Black Canary are joined by Lady Blackhawk and Batgirls by Genevieve Valentine, where Barbara trains Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown as her successors. – And this one I cannot buy. DC was so adamant to keep Barbara as Batgirl I find it now hard to believe they would give in and make her Oracle again. And Babs training Steph and Cass written by Genevieve Valentine sounds too good to be true.

10)   Which of course means Cass is leaving Detective Comics. So is Clayface and the post-Dark Days roster will keep Batman, Batwoman, Batwing, and Azrael and add Duke Thomas, Harper Row and Anarky. – Happy to see Luke and Duke in one team since I wanted that and Harper and Kate could result in them showing up on another ball in tuxedos to pick up ladies, so I both could see this happen and would welcome them as additions to the team.

11)   Other new books announced are Legion by James Tynion, Checkmate by Tom King and World’s Fines by Tim Seeley, where every issue features a team-up between different members of Batfamily and Superfamily. – Team up book? Please let it be real, I always liked those.

12)   Batman leading the JLA will be revealed to be Martian Manhunter in disguise. – For what purpose?

13)   More miniseries including 12-parts mini about Crime Syndicate of Earth 3, Justice Incarnate by Peter Thomasi and a completely new Batman Beyond starring Damian who grew up without knowing Bruce and a GCPD cop Sarah Grayson, Dick’s daughter, as his love interest. – Does that mean current Batman Beyond will be canceled?

14)   Slade Wilson will go missing with Rose taking the codename Deathstroke as she tries to find him. – Okay, on the one hand, Deathstroke editor recently teased a bold new direction (still by Priest) but on the other, it was something I once cooked up and proposed on this blog, even got in an argument whenever it would be a good decision with @rosewilsontheravager . It could be something they put for people like me to go nuts….

platonic? | jughead jones x reader

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prompt: 7-“you make a good pillow” & 22-“you’re the only one I can trust”

you knock nervously on the front door of the andrews house, jughead had asked you to come over for a movie night and you weren’t sure to take it as a date or a purely platonic hangout.

sure you and jughead were close, but so was betty. the three of you worked long after school hours in the blue and gold office and often afterwards jughead would take you to pops and would always try and treat you but you always happily got the check.

the poor boy was homeless for god sakes, the least i could do was pay for some burgers and fries. you find yourself fiddling with your fingers when the door swings opening revealing one red headed archie andrews

“hey arch” you chirp as he greets you dragging you inside the small house, you spot archies dad in his study and you give him a curt wave “hey fred!” he gives me a small smile waving back before archie pushes me into the living room

you collide with a body and wince pulling back “my bad” you don’t even have to look up to know it was jughead, “glad you made it (y/n)” he smiles moving around you and into the kitchen

“are you blushing?!” you jump at the voices glancing to see your three friends, veronica, kevin & betty. “god you scared me!” you exclaim holding your hand on your heart

platonic hangout it was.

“did the boys not tell you?” betty asks giggling away “i didn’t really ask” i admit feeling a little stupid to think it’d just be the three of us, of course the others were going to be there.

moving toward the couch attempting to sit down in the empty spot next to veronica when your stopped “sorry im saving it for arch-he’ll be upset if he can’t sit next to me” she pouts.

a sign falls from your mouth, glancing to betty who’s curled up with kevin talking about god knows what on the other couch a space open next to her, you move toward it but betty stretches her legs out.

“oh come on!” you groan frustrated “you can sit next to your loverrrr” veronica purs dragging out the ‘r’

“he’s not my lover v!” you argue “who’s not?” eyes widening in sock as jughead walks into the room plopping himself down on the couch with a packet of raspberry twizzlers.

“no one” you mutter sighing to yourself, “(y/n) it’s your turn to pick a movie” archie announces as he moves to his seat next to veronica the raven haired girl snuggling into his chest.

“i hate choosing” you complain flicking through the movies before finally choosing one and let it play “you going to sit down or?” kevin teases.

turning to see only one vacant spot, in between the two boys themselves. swallowing your nervousness you sit yourself down between them making sure not to get too close to the brunette boy.

he laughs to himself and extends the candy out to you, taking a few from the bunch nibbling on them “what’d you choose?” jughead asks stuffing his mouth with candy.

“the day after tomorrow- it’s one of my favourites” i catch jughead smiling at me in the corner of my eye, “what?” i question giggling.

“nothing” he replies nestling into the couch as the movie begins, i notice veronica exchanges words with archie as he slowly moves closer to me, almost as if he was trying to push me toward jughead, 

oh my god what a little shit.

“stop wiggling for the love of god andrews!” i complain resting my head against the back of the couch

“your hogging the couch!” he exclaims making us at the raven haired go “could you maybe move over?” veronica asks batting her eyelashes at me

“i won’t bite i promise” jughead whispers to me, a chill running down my spine, i move closer to the boy our legs brushing each other’s.

i feel tense, not paying any attention to the movie and only to the contact between the raven haired boy & i. a few minutes pass before i notice jughead moving his arm behind me, subtle.

i suck in a breathe as he drapes his arm around my shoulder pulling me slightly into him “your so tense” he whispers chuckling, making sure that no one else could hear our conversation.

“im a little nervous” i reply, swallowing my fear and focusing to hard on the tv infront of us. “c'mere” he mumbles pulling my into his body my head on his chest

“you make a good pillow” i utter feeling his chest shake underneath me “you make a good blanket" he whisper back tightening his grip around me.

i could barley focus on what was happening in the movie, my whole body was on fire from the boys touch and i didn’t know how much longer i could sit still for until the others start moving off the couch.

i notice that the movies finished and move away from jughead stretching out my limbs letting out a slight yawn as everyone started to head home

“well i better head off” betty announces kevin standing with her “yeah sounds like a plan- arch could you take me home” the raven haired girl purs placing a hand on his chest.

“sure- (y/n) your staying for another movie right?” i shrug my shoulders “i guess i could stick around for another one” he smiles and grabs his keys whispering something to the raven haired boy before exiting the house.

leaving you and jughead alone, “what should we watch?” he hums flicking through netflix and he finds his spot next to me, a wav of confidence washes over me as i lay myself down my head snuggled into his chest.

he tenses at the touch then relaxes under my touch, his heart hammering in his chest “anything i don’t mind” i mumble moving myself around to get comfortable

he’s arm slips from the couch to my waist drawing small shapes in a calming manner, he mumbles something under his breathe as he aimlessly flicks through the movie selection.

you moved off his chest sitting up, “jug” you sigh gaining his undivided attention “are we platonic” you blurt looking him in the eyes.

his adams apple bobs as he swallows “do you want to be?” he asks worry evident in his eyes “no” you whisper back lowly

“good” he leans forward and presses his lips to yours in a sweet tender embrace, you kiss back your hands finding the back of his neck and his found your waist

you were tugged onto his lap, grinding softly into his hips and you continue to make out on the andrews couch. you break apart grinning from ear to ear “baby” he mumbles stopping your hips from the torture

“juggie” i sing song as we rejoin our lips once more turning into a heated make out session until the sound of clapping springs us apart

jughead bolts up letting me slip from his grasp landing flat on my ass. i wince and cuss as archie makes himself visible a smirk clear on his face

jughead rushes toward me offering me a hand up “oh my good (y/n) im so sorry” i stick my hand up shaking my head getting myself off the ground rubbing my hand over my tender ass cheeks.

“smooth” archie chuckles and i turn glaring at him “it’s your fault” i whine crossing my arms across my chest.

he backs away slowly and disappears up the stairs “ow” i complain feeling a hot breathe against my neck “jug” i complain as he places a kiss on my neck

“let me make it up to you” he begs continuing to kiss your neck tenderly earning quite whimpers from your lips “fine” you mutter turning to face him as he plants his lips on yours

and let’s just say, he sure did make it up to you.


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{Reaction} Mafia!EXO teaching their s/o to use weapons.

Can I please have a exo mafia reaction to their gf wanting to learn how to fight and use weapons? Sorry I’m a sucker for mafia au 😂😂😂

Note: Thank you for requesting!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol: “No Jagi don’t touch th- OW!”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O

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Kyungsoo: “Did I say you could tough that one? no, let’s stick with the simple things first, shall we?” 

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun: *removes his face guard* “Fuck Jagiya, if I knew you were that sexy with a knife I would have given you one earlier.”

Oh Sehun

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Sehun: *won’t admit it but loves how you look as you concentrate and practice using the weapons* “Well done Jagi, you’re improving.”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Yixing: “Okay now you know the basics, try me Jagiya” “Winks*

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Jongdae: “That’s not the only knife I can give you.” *horny af*

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok: “Now you have the skills, you need to look the part.” *Gives you protective gear while he puts on his.*

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao: “How did I manage to get someone as amazing as you?” 

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Suho: “God damn {y/n} you’re hot.” 

Lu Han

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Luhan: “Behold my manliness. I will teach you the way of the mafia.” 

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Jongin: “You cut me a little there Jagi, you’re getting better, though I will need to punish you for that later” *winks suggestively* 

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Kris: “Okay so what you need to do is-”

{y/n}: *shoots every target on point*

Kris: “There’s room for improvement” *salty af he couldn’t teach you*

update (on life?)

I just wanted to tell those who are waiting for an update of my fic Heart Issues of the Non-Medical Sort that I am working on it, however slowly.

I’m away from home again, this time at the seaside with my family and it is extremely hard to tear myself away from their watchful gaze to write drarry fics xD

Like, rn, I’m in a bar under a canopy sweating all the liquid out of me while my computer is absolutely wheezing from trying to and failing to cool itself. 

Basically, what I’m trying to say is I haven’t forgotten my deeds and I am actually enjoying writing this story a ton, but I am extremely slow (by nature and by circumstance), which you should have gotten used to by now anyway :D

Dear Journal,

Hey it’s Teddy again. I didn’t feel like writing in here today. I needed to. We had a typical morning. Sirius reading the Daily Prophet, Remus reading a book and I, eating eggs and bacon with hunger. Regulus was still in upstairs but he was probably in the shower. The door bell rang and Sirius walked to the door, opening it slightly.

“Hi hum.. Does Teddy Lupin live here?” A girl’s voice asked.

“Oh.. Yes he does, who’s asking?” Sirius said, opening the door a bit wider.

“I’m Ella.. His sister.”

For a moment I couldn’t think clearly. I knew I was adopted but I would never think about it. My real parents were Remus and Sirius. I dropped my fork and looked at the girl. She was tall and had golden curly hair. Her lips were coated with a red lipstick and her face was full of freckles. I had to remember how to breathe for a moment. How could she be my sister? I would have known. The orphanage would have told my dads.

“You..You’re his real sister?” Sirius asked.

“Yes. Can I.. Can I please see him?” She said, tears in her eyes.

I stood up and she looked behind Sirius. When she saw me she gasped and colapsed on her knees. I didn’t know what to do so I walked up to her slowly bending to take her in my arms. She held me tightly.

“It’s really you.” She cried.

I didn’t say anything. I just held her. I didn’t know what to do. After a few seconds, Remus told her to come in. She quickly wipped her tears away and sat down, feeling like a burden.

“I’m so sorry to disturb you so early in the morning.. I just had to see him.” She said, smiling at me.

“It’s alright. We..We thought that Teddy only had a mother.” Sirius said, sitting down.

“We did once. I never knew her. It was one of her maid that took care of us, until she took us to the orphanage because she needed to escape the country. I was only a toddler when it happened. I was adopted days before Teddy and I never knew where he ended up. I wanted to see him. To make sure he was okay.” She said, looking at me.

“H-How did you know my name and where I was?” I asked her, already feeling like i was talking to a long lost friend.

“I went back to the orphanage and found my way into the system, trying to find our file. Oh Teddy when I found you I just wanted to cry of happiness. I didn’t want to arrive there and see you, still locked up without a family.. i took your adress and obliviated whomever saw me.” She said, looking down at her hands.

“Wait.. you’re a witch too?” I asked her.

“Yes.” She smiled. “I was addopted by this lovely french couple and got to attend Beauxbatons. When my parents told me we were moving back to London, I took the opportunity to do what I always wanted to. Find you.” She said.

At this moment I hugged her. She was like me. I had a sister.

“But.. I don’t remember you..” I said, looking down.

“You were only a newborn when we got seperated. Don’t blame yourself, you couldn’t know..” she said, her hand brushing on my cheek.

“Ella..” I whispered.

She nodded and hugged me again. It’s only now that I started crying. It was only silent tears running on my cheeks. My dads layed their hands on my shoulders and Remus spoke up.

“Are you okay Ted?” He asked.

“Yeah..” I said.

“We’re going to let you two talk okay? You have a lot to catch up on.” Sirius smiled, kissing my hairline before leaving to the library downstairs with Remus.

“Do you want to go to my room?” I asked.

“Sure.” She smiled.

When she walked in she smiled and spoke up.

“I knew you would like books. I use to tell you stories when we were at the orphanage. You couldn’t fall asleep without one.” She smiled.

“Yeah my dad gave me his passion. He owns the library downstairs, I could show you one day. I mean, if you’re going to stick around..”

“I will, only if you want me to.”

I nodded and she smiled, sitting on my bed.

“I can’t believe how you’ve grown up. I’m so glad you found a family Teddy.”

“Is your family nice to you?” I asked.

“Oh yes they are! They were quite suprised when they figured out I was a witch but they are so suportive and they love me a lot.” She said, her eyes shinning.

She looked around my room and couldn’t stop smiling.

“I’m sorry I didn’t look for you earlier Teddy..” she said, looking down once more.

“Hey.. It’s okay. I can understand.” I said, taking her hand.

“But tell me about you! What do you like? Did you go to Hogwarts? Tell me everything!” She said, excitingly.

So i told her everything. From being a metamorphmagus to having the cutest boyfriend ever. She was so wonderful. After what only felt like minutes, my dads came in, asking if we wanted to join them for lunch. It had been 3 hours of us talking.

“Yeah we want to learn about your sister!” Sirius said.

“That’s my dad, Sirius. He’s the one who likes motorbikes and black leather jackets! Pads, she actually likes the same bands you do!” I said, hoping they would get along.

“I feel like you and me are going to be friends.” He smirked.

“And this is my dad, Remus. The book lover, chocolate conoisseur and jumper collecter!” I laughed.

“And I’d love to learn more about you, Ella.” Dadda added.

We shared lunch together and she met Regulus. I couldn’t wait to tell James Sirius about my lost sister.

June 25th 2014

"Leon... Leon did what he had to. He saved my life."

Some of my favorite Heleon moments ✿◕ ‿ ◕

See, the first time that Newt got lost in Asclepius’ hospital and ended up in Graves’ highly warded highly secret room, he could chalk it up to a strange set of coincidences. An accident, maybe. He took a few wrong turns, a couple of wrong staircases, somehow got an overly pushy snidget soft toy foisted on him by an insistent gift shop, and ended up explaining his theory of flight magic to a comatose director for… a while? He kind of lost track of the time. The charmed window had rolled over to a balmy sunset by the time the door reappeared and the snidget chivvied him out of the room, but Newt hadn’t thought it was that long.

But that’s beside the point. The first time it happened, Newt thought it was an accident. A one off at the very least - he was hardly in the habit of visiting the hospital and wandering off by himself. He wasn’t, in fact, anywhere near the hospital, and Graves wasn’t on his mind, and the door leading out of the gents on MACUSA’s third floor was not supposed to lead to a familiar room with a familiar occupant in the single bed.

The snidget - Steve, it was a stuffed toy but it was a remarkably animated stuffed toy and it deserved a name - wormed its way out of his pocket and chirrupped hopefully at him. He looked over his shoulder but without much optimism; the door he had just walked through was, indeed, gone.

“My apologies, Mr Graves,” Newt said to the sleeping figure. “I won’t be a moment, sorry for disturbing you.” He ushered the snidget away to the furthest corner and lowered his voice.

“Now, listen,” he told it as sternly as he could manage. “You can’t make a habit of kidnapping people like this. I can’t make a habit of being kidnapped like this. I got in enough trouble last time, thank you, so take me back.”


“Back, Steve. I’m not leaving my case in the Auror department by itself.”

Steve gave a low, despondent whistle and landed back on his shoulder, but at least the door rematerialised. How, exactly, it managed to drop him off halfway across the city at the Woolworth’s building Newt didn’t know, but it seemed petty to question it at this point.

He quashed the feelings of guilt about leaving Graves behind. The man had the best care MACUSA could give him, and really, Newt was a complete stranger. He shouldn’t be interfering. What he should be doing is reporting the hole in the wards to Tina or at the very least working out exactly what magic was powering Steve and how it was connected to the hospital. Somehow Newt was never very good at doing what he should, and somehow it was strangely difficult to put Graves out of his mind and focus on the various forms and legislation Tina needed him to run through.

Somehow he wasn’t surprised that walking out the door an hour later with his coat on and his case in hand did not, in fact, lead him to the apparition point.

“Hello again, Mr Graves,” he greeted with a feeling of cautious relief. He’d hoped to be able to come back, but it never did to count on such things. “I’m sorry for leaving so suddenly earlier, but I’m free for the evening if you don’t mind me staying.” He slipped his coat off and hung it on the hook that materialised from the wall and walked over to his chair by the bed without needing prompting. Steve, whizzing in lazy circles around his head, looked insufferably proud.

“I brought my notes this time,” Newt said conversationally as he opened his case. “I won’t be a moment.”

It was… nice, would be the best way to describe it. Newt had his notes, had Steve trying to make a nest out of his hair (and Newt really needed to check on Steve’s animation charms, this was getting ridiculous), Pickett sat on his shoulder and fussily untangling Steve’s work, and Graves’ sleeping form as his patient audience. He was mostly in the editing stage by this point, condensing entire notebooks of research down into a short entry for each creature he’d come across - 

“ - but I was thinking, maybe, of leaving this one as a sort of quick reference encyclopedia book and writing more in depth books on each species, what do you think? Or maybe not each species but maybe the groups of them, each continent perhaps - no those books would be too big. Maybe I should just make the entries longer and stick to one book. One giant book. I could put expandable charms on each section so you could tap your wand to the creature’s name and get a whole chapter dedicated to them, how amazing would that be? A mite impractical, but maybe for special editions… “

It was nice to talk it over with Graves. It helped Newt organise his thoughts, and let’s face it, he liked talking about his creatures. He just very rarely found someone who would listen, and maybe it was a bit unfair to be taking advantage of Graves like this but… Well. It was nice.

So the first time was an accident, the second time lasted all of a minute, and the third time went long into the night before the sleepy snidget started tugging Newt towards the door. He left reluctantly, still juggling papers on lethifolds and wondering whether to include the eyewitness account he’d been given or stick to his own research.

“Oh stop fussing, I’m going, I’m going - I’ll see you tomorrow, Mr Graves, have a good night - good grief Steve calm down - “

The door closed behind him with hurried but silent force and Newt blinked owlishly at the deserted alley he found himself in. It seemed to be one of the back exits to the MACUSA building; the sunken cellar door behind him was layered with enough muggle repellents to give him a headache just standing there. He peered suspiciously at Steve. “How, exactly, are you managing this?” he asked the stuffed toy. If it even was a stuffed toy. Steve tucked himself into Newt’s pocket with Pickett and refused to answer.

He didn’t answer the fourth time, when Newt stumbled through a door in his flat and arrived in Graves’ room half dressed with a toothbrush hanging out of his mouth, or the fifth time when Newt carried a steaming mug of tea and a sandwich through to what should have been his living room. By the sixth time, Newt had started keeping his notes shrunk in his pocket rather than his case; times seven and eight he’d added an expansion charm, a thermos of tea and a portable cooking stove and regaled Graves with stories of misadventures in local cuisine as he put together a basic stew. Chili, that’s all Newt was saying. Entirely unreasonable quantities of hot chili. 

“You know,” he remarked, somewhere around time ten - eleven? - that he’d set up camp in the corner of Graves’ room, “I think I spend more time here than in my actual flat. Between here and the case, I do wonder why I’m paying the rent on it.” He lent forward, chin resting on his knees and wrists loosely crossed over his ankles. Graves was - as ever - still and silent, but Newt had managed to add a few bits and pieces. Weightless charms, to reduce the risk of bedsores. Tweaks to the lighting charms on the ceiling, to better mimic the sun and the rhythm of the day. A bit of a breeze. Smells, outdoor smells - people tended to overlook smell, but it was one of the most important senses. If Graves was even a little aware of his surroundings, Newt thought he should have some better smells around than sterile hospital linen.

He could do more, if he wasn’t worried about tripping the monitoring wards. Turning artificial spaces into natural habitats was what Newt did, what he was good at, and Asclepius’ hospital was all but overflowing with ambient magic that existed to heal - Newt could have turned the cramped room into open Savannah plains if he could convince the hospital it would help Graves. He itched to, occasionally; maybe not plains, but maybe New York? Maybe Graves would prefer the feel of his city, the sounds of busy streets and the rumbling grind of daily life. Newt would like to ask him.

Steve perked up suddenly, interrupting Newt’s thoughts as he took wing and hovered by the door that melted out of the wall. And there, ultimately, was the only thing stopping Newt from moving in: the irregular check ups from Graves’ doctors and guards. Technically, Newt wasn’t supposed to be there. Even if he was eighty seven percent sure that it was the hospital itself that kept dragging him back, Newt doubted that the aurors would take kindly to his intrusion.

“I’ve got to go,” he told Graves regretfully as he moved over to the anchor stones he’d placed around the bed. A wave of his wand collected them and cancelled the atmosphere charms he’d been running, and he felt the walls sigh as Asclepius’ resettled the usual window illusions and wards into place. “We need to talk about your sentient buildings when you wake up though, because I’m starting to lean towards your hospital being possessed. In a good way - did I tell you about the Lares spirits I met? You’d like those, I think.”

He stopped for a moment, staring at Graves and wondering if Graves would, in fact, like them. Newt knew nothing about Graves. He could infer a lot from the auror’s near devotion to him - from Tina’s devotion - and from the harsh persona Grindelwald had pulled on to impersonate him, but.


Graves was pale, in a way that said he was usually tanned but had been kept away from the sun for too long. His hair was dark brown, not black, and it fanned around his head on the pillow. There were furrows etched into his forehead and the beginnings of crows feet at the edge of his eyes, and Newt pushed a stray strand of hair back and wondered if they were from anger or stress. If you worry you suffer twice, but even Newt can’t help but worry when his creatures are in danger and if what Tina said was true - well, maybe Graves worried for his aurors the same as Newt did for his creatures?

“If you’d only wake up,” he whispered, allowing his fingers to rest in Graves’ surprisingly soft hair, “I could ask.”

Steve flittered urgently at the door. Newt couldn’t hear the footsteps on the other side of the wall, but he knew better than to push his luck. He picked up his case and slipped through the door and into an innocuous back street just as the wards peeled back to allow the aurors into the room.

IO MOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Found eggs on Monday, figured out they were io moth eggs. Looked up io caterpillars, and I had seen one a few weeks ago! Just today I was lamenting how all these io moths are coming to my yard but I never get to meet them.

Well. I needed to get some fresh food for the stinkbabies. Went out on what would have been a quick trip out back, but I found a tiny baby giant stick insect and really wanted one I could (1) fit under the microscope (2) raise through a few molts to document physiology changes (3) have a fun developmental stages visual at the sanctuary on Saturday. I cut the stem the stick insect was on, walked straight over to the stinkbabys’ favorite food. The bush they like is by the mountain laurel.

The mountain laurel had an enormous moth on it.

I knew INSTANTLY what moth it was, even only seeing the underside. So, I had my mini-freakout, trimmed some stalks for the stinkbabies, fiddled around to keep the baby stick from falling off, and trimmed the branch the io moth was hanging off.

Carried the moth and stick insect to the porch with better lighting. Got lots of closed wing shots, then I poked it (I lift up the outer wing on sphinx moths to ID them more easily, tried this on the io too). Apparently poking ios results in some… Defensive behavior.

This was too fun to not to video record, so I waited for the wings to close, then recorded the video. Problem is, hands were full of bugs and phone. So I made due.

Io got fed up and left after I’d been poking for a while. But oh man. This was the best. I have officially seen three life stages (larva, eggs, adult). Now I’m just missing the cocoon.

May 10, 2017


I MET THEM and they were SO LOVELY and Lynn Chen isn’t on this poster so SHE DREW HERSELF AS A STICK FIGURE as I could only afford one autograph token BUT THEY NOTH SIGNED IT and they were SO LOVELY I CANT EMPHASIZE IT ENOUGH

Another Day: Jeff Atkins

Summary: The reader goes to a party for the purpose of getting to know Jeff but gets a gets a tad drunk because she was so nervous and Jeff helps her out. 

You weren’t much of a drinker, in fact you rarely ever got drunk.  Even at parties, you always stuck to coke and pepsi, which could be hard at times, you constantly found yourself fending off guys who had had way too much to drink, and they all seemed to want the same thing, for you to get drunk with them.  It wasn’t that you didn’t like the feeling, or that you were to chicken to be doing it under age, but you always felt like you needed to get everyone home safely.  God knows teens turn into absolute idiots when they drink and you couldn’t help but feel responsible for them.  But not that night, no that night you were nervous, actually you were terrified because you knew he would be there.

You couldn’t help the way you got around him, it was like you’re blood began to boil making your entire body turn a faint pink.  And if the blushing wasn’t bad enough, you always seemed to stutter.  Under normal circumstances you could be pretty funny, you were smooth and confident but there was just something about him that set you on edge.  

That night you were determined to talk to him, you decided right away you would have a few sips alcohol, just enough to take the edge off but then you took a few more, then a few more, and you quickly found yourself stumbling around the house and you decided to sit down before you stumbled into a table or something.

You had zoned out for a few minutes and by the time you refocused on the party, he was standing right next to you.  You’re eyes widened as he continued to chat with a friend, you thought for a moment about how you would get his attention but as you had leaned closer to him you ended up falling off your chair, smacking him in the legs with your body.  Whatever he was saying was cut off as he quickly turned to where you had fallen.   

“Oh my god, Y/n, are you alright?” You hadn’t felt much of anything when you hit the ground, everything just felt sort of numb but you could tell your face was heating up from embarrassment.  

He knelt down, along with his friend and they hoisted you to your feet,” I’m fine, Jeff,” you said, checking your side for any bumps.  

He gave you a puzzled look,” wait, are you drunk?” He asked in almost disbelief.  You shook your head fiercely.  

“Of course not,” you assured him but the slur of your voice said otherwise.

“You’re totally drunk,” he laughed, holding your elbow so you wouldn’t fall over again.  You heard his friend being called out into the back yard and mentally thanked whoever had done so.  

“Maybe a little,” you admitted.  You were slowly growing more and more embarrassed, he had never seen you drunk before and you didn’t like how you acted when you were.  

He let out a short chuckle before helping you sit back down on the chair,” stay here, I’ll grab you some water, maybe it’ll save you from that massive hangover you’re gonna have tomorrow,” you thanked him and watched as he made his way to the sink.  

When he was out of sight you let your head fall into your hand,” idiot,” you muttered to yourself.  He came back shortly after and you did your best to drink the water he gave you but every sip made your stomach feel queasy.  You decided you had already made a big enough fool of yourself that night, you didn’t need to throw up all over him, so you set down the glass and tried to make conversation.  

“So,” you said tiredly,” how’s baseball going?” You asked, knowing he played.

He nodded, taking a drink of his own glass of water,” it’s going okay,” he said and you began to nod along with him.  

“You know, I’m really glad you play baseball.”

“Why’s that?” He asked, leaning against the table.  

“Cause you look really cute in your jersey,” you said and he smiled, looking down to hide a blush.  You couldn’t help but feel proud of yourself for making his face turn so red.  

“I’m glad you think so, look, you don’t look to hot right now, I mean, you look hot and all but you look pretty sick, why don’t I take you home,” he offered and you groaned, leaning your head back and closing your eyes.  You had gone to this party so you could spend some time with him and here he was offering to take you home after less than ten minutes of talking.  You had ruined it.  

He of course looked confused at your response,” I mean, I don’t have to, I could stick you in one of the beds up stairs, I’m sure Jessica would understand.” He said and you shook your head, almost like a child.  

“I came here to see you,” you said with a sigh.  His eyebrow rose as you continued,” I don’t normally do this you know, get hammered, even at parties, I was just so nervous to talk to you.  You’re so nice, and sweet, and you’re absolutely gorgeous.  I just thought if I drank enough I’d forget about how amazing you are.”

Your gaze fell to the floor,” you know, you slur a lot when you’re drunk,” he said and you giggled, when you looked back up at him you could tell he was trying his best to avoid your eyes.  “I think you’re pretty amazing yourself Y/n,” he shrugged.  

“Can I tell you something?” You asked and he nodded,” I kinda wish you were drunk right now so we could stupidly make out in that corner,” you said pointing behind you to where groups of couples were nearly eating each others faces off.  

He laughed at this, a real, hearty laugh and you loved the sound of it,” kinda wish I was too, sober me knows better than to make out with a girl who looks like she’s about to pass out so I’ll have to take a raincheck.  Come on,” he put a hand out which you willingly took, not knowing at all where he would be leading you.  “I’m going on a beer run, we can stop at your place, you can sleep this off and we can go out for dinner tomorrow.  We’ll see a lot of each other then,” he suggested solving more than one of your problems at once.

“Promise?” You asked and he nodded.

“Promise,” he lead you out into the front yard where he saw one of his other friends, you had

seen them hanging out in the library a few times and thought you recognized the boy as Clay Jensen.  “I’ll be right back, I think Clay needs my help, stay here, please?” he said knowing very well how easy it was for drunk kids to wander off.  

“Course,” you said, leaning against the wall lazily, you watched them talk and at one moment they both looked at you and you gave a little wave.  Clay slapped Jeff on the arm with a grin, they spoke for a few more minutes before parting ways.  You planned on asking him what they were talking about but the thought got lost before you had the chance.   

He took your arm and you continued to follow him to his car,” this is it,” he said, you stumbled slightly in the grass which only made him grip you tighter.  “Just in time too, here, you can lay in the back,” he opened the door for you and helped guide you in.  

“You’re the best,” you mumbled, closing you’re eyes as the door slammed shut.

He jumped in the front, looking back at you to make sure you were still doing okay.  You had closed your eyes, hoping it would take away the sickness you felt in the bottom of your stomach as he drove.  You were nearly asleep right there in the back of his car and before long you felt the vehicle slow and come to a stop.  You weren’t entirely ready to sit up yet but allowed him to pull you into a sitting position.  You had opened your eyes and smiled at his own grinning face.  

“You are something else you know that,” you shrugged.

“I’m aware,” he pulled you out through the door,” look, Jeff, I’m really sorry, you shouldn’t have to be taking care of me-”

“Hey, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t want to, come on,” he pulled you along up to your front door.  “Alright, take care of yourself tonight, did you need me to come in with you?  You know, to make sure you got in okay,” you shook your head.

“I’ll be fine Jeff,” you assured him, his eyes lit up for a moment as though he thought of something important.  

“Actually, stay there for a moment,” he said before dashing back to his car.  You could see him rifling through it for a moment before he popped back out, holding a small note card with some writing on it.

He grinned widely before handing you the paper,” I wasn’t sure if you’d remember this tomorrow so I decided to write down our plans, my numbers there and it should explain everything about tonight,” you blushed a little.

“Thanks,” you said looking him in the eyes.  He did the same, lingering there for a moment.  

He looked down and smiled to himself,” I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said before boldly kissing you on the cheek.

“Tomorrow,” you agreed and with that he turned to leave.  He looked back a few times and it wasn’t until he was in his car that you retreated into your home, hoping to god your parents weren’t up.  

Jeff was right, the next morning when you woke up you could hardly remember a thing.  The whole night felt like a dream that was slowly fading away but you did remember one thing.  You could still feel his lips on your cheek.  You rubbed your eyes, head pounding.  You yawned glancing at your alarm clock and sitting next to it was a slip of paper.  

Y/n, I’m writing you this to remind you about our date today, well I guess you didn’t necessarily call it a date but I like the thought of it being one.  Call me when you wake up.

He ended the note with a smiley face and below that was his number.  You wasted no time calling him.  You waited listening to the ring of the phone, smiling like an idiot.  

A woman’s voice answered, she sounded as though she was crying,” who,” she choked,” who’s this?” She asked.  

“I’m Y/n a friend of Jeff, is he- is he there?” Your throat was already in the pit of your stomach, it was clear to tell something wasn’t right. 

“I-I’m sorry, Jeff was in an accident last night,” the woman let out a shaky sigh as though she was preparing what she was gonna say,” he uh, he didn’t make it, I’m so sorry.”  And in that moment everything felt numb, you wanted to argue with her because there was no way he was gone, you had just seen him last night but you didn’t.  You just thanked her for telling you and hung up the phone.  You felt like you were gonna scream, that or start sobbing, but you didn’t do that either.  You just sat there, trying to imagine life without him.