one i cant believe this uploaded


my werewolf– my second skin

I had a dream about Phil, I know,
shocker. but holy hell I didn’t want to wake up. phil got rid of his fucking fringe ohmyghohd . and he uploaded these professional aesthetically pleasing photos like I’m taking toothy smirks, his hair was slicked back, glasses, a fucking suit and tie. then another one with suspenders and a different variations of that with a waste coat on mmmm. okay but then there was a video were the fucking tree got so tall phil actually started a garden and him and Dan had a hose fight it was funny :(( then phil picked some blue flowers and sniffing them and they made his eyes pop but he had a light baby blue cloud sweater on. he held his head with his palm. and his nails had little white and blue poka dots on them ahhhh. that dream was so weird but it also felt so real??? why did I have to wake up D:

Sinfonia gone through another updated design, and I am so keeping this one now

This is basically a celebration that I’ve been making art for 3 years on DeviantArt, so I made this and say screw it, let’s upload it to tumblr

I cannot believe how I even went this far into this, really, I’m baffled by it

And I have you guys to thank for that, you have helped me made this into a daily thing for me and gained so much over the years, I can’t be more grateful, and I cant stop saying thank you

So thank you thank you thank you for 3 whole years of your love and support

I hope to keep you guys entertained with my content for more years to come

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plss tell me more about your oc's i wanna read their stories,,, do you have main oc's or do you just draw a random characters? either way lemme know more pleeasee theyre so cunie

AA Omg i cant BELIEVE someone is actually interested!!!!! that really made me happy im smiling like an idIOT

One thing is for sure I only draw ocs , 
A LOT of them are paired with my gf’s ocs, which is why im so attached

MANY of my ocs are so cheesy haha
Also i haven’t posted ALL of them there’s way too many
Since its all wayy too much to write about in one post, i’ll tell you about the most recent ones i’ve uploaded ! 
me and @ooliebot made a mythical world where yknow all creatures exist ,there are night creatures such as vampires , werewolves, gargoyles etc etc, and daylight creatures like nymphs , fairies, harpies etc 
and we centered it around a college that has night classes and day classes
my oc is a triclop with the telekinesis, although hes very weak at it since hes been insecure since preschool 

I’m putting the rest under the cut! 

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Boku no Hero Academia Season 1 but only when Yuuga Aoyama is on screen Part One ( Episodes 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 )  | Part Two 

[listen on 8tracks]

a bill cipher fanmix from hell that i done put together. from hell. cover art is mine!
the track list is below, avoid for spoilers i guess

i run the show - tut tut child // how we roll - hollywood undead // login - ph!nx // crystalline - gumi(vocaloid) // this summer’s gonna hurt like a motherfucker - maroon5 // monster - imagine dragons // run boy run - woodkid // my songs know what you did in the dark(light em up) - fall out boy // kick me - sleeping with sirens // down with the sickness - disturbed // pain - three days grace // my way - limp bizkit // slut like you - p!nk

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I feel like the art the anon was talking about was a FANART by Lena where she remade the scene of eren in the underground in the uprising arc or sth. Idk.

Anonymous said: When I read that anon I immediately thought of Lena’s fanart of serumbowl. Maybe that’s it?

Anonymous said: IMG_2392.JPG I believe this is the fan art the other anon was looking for. Unfortunately I have no idea who the artist is :( 

daddy-heichou said: Hi! for the anon asking about the one specific fan art, I believe I know what one they are talking about, The artist is Lena. 

@daddy-heichou replied to your post: hi do you know where i could find this pic of eren and levi…

i think i know what pic theyre talking about but i’m on tumblr mobile so i cant upload it lol

@supernooodles replied to your post: hi do you know where i could find this pic of eren and levi… 

I think I know this pic! I have it saved !

@shulkie replied to your post: hi do you know where i could find this pic of eren and levi…

yeah i’m pretty sure it’s during the uprising arc when eren is in teh cave and kenny has cut his face and the art is by lena

Wow that was such a huge response, thanks to all of you who sent messages trying to help anon find this pic! 

I agree with some of you on which artwork it was. You can find it on Lena’s twitter here, and I have just uploaded it with permission here in case anon wanted it on tumblr!

I hope we are right and this is the art they were looking for :)

10 Tips n Tricks for getting that fic READ

I get asked a lot for tips on how to write ‘popular’ fics, and although im far from a ledge, I do consider my fics to get at least fairly decent stats so I will share with you some things I’ve used/noticed about fic popularity!  I hope this helps tell you something you may not have noticed before, and I hope your fics get ALL the reads and you become a STAR ;) Happy writing folks~

1 - Platform

There are many places you can post your fanfic and you choose whichever you want but in my experience different platform have different types of fics eg. wattpad = member x oc, tumblr = member x reader, ao3 = member x member. Also they have different reputations for the kind of fic you’re gonna find (wattpad is typically amateur). Your best bet is AO3 for the most respected fics

2 - Narrative

Personally, i click off a fic immediately if it’s in first person. The ‘trend’ is definitely third person narrator (that doesn’t disallow you to focus on a POV though bear in mind)

3 - Quality of Writing

I mean I know this isn’t exactly something you can control based on talent, but really, please please put actual thought into what you’re writing, or at least find a beta. I’ve seen many fics that are just unstructured, grammatically incorrect messes and that’s just not a good way to attract reads. I don’t want this to discourage anyone from writing though, not at all, just put in the effort and thought and practice and all will be well

4 - Length

This may seem irrelevant but really if you’re fic is 200 words long then no one gon’ waste their time reading like 1 sentence, it’s kinda pointless.

5 - Spoilers

Bare all. Spoil the hell out of that shit, we don’t care, just if there’s character death … tell us. There’s nothing worse than an insufficiently tagged fic wrecking you when you did not sign up to be wrecked. At the end of the day, with fanfics, people want to know exactly what they’re reading about their otp doing. Be blunt, satisfy those thirsty shippers.

6 - Tags

Generally, I’ll follow the simple BTS fandom, Yoongi/Jimin relationship, + extra members mentioned. This way it filters into the main tags people scour through for new fics. People will also sort through popular specific tags too, eg Fluff, Smut etc. A way to be included in these results is by using tags that the site provides in the drop box, this means they’ve already been used a fair amount of times so chances are people will look through them. And example would be as such: (simple, tell you exactly what you’re in for, includes popular trope tags) 

7 - Synopsis

The art of a synopsis is very important I think, I often end up writing and rewriting them a million times. They represent the entire fics nature and style and context. Often with sites, they give you a certain amount of lines until it disappears into a read more type deal, so you want to be succinct and avoid more than one paragraph (or even more than one sentence.) You want to give adequate context, so I’d personally advise against using excerpts. And also key is a cliffhanger, rope them in before the damn fic’s even begun! Here are some examples (side note: they don’t all have to have an ellipses, I just love using them lmao).

8 - Title

Keep it short and sweet, like around 4/5 words max roughly. One word titles are minimalist and intriguing, but often a handful of words tend to stick in the brain more. Make it flow of the tongue, seem poetic and sophisticated: Hint, using song lyrics is a good way to do this.

9 - Fic Rec Blogs

You can always make a post on your own blog, but if you feel like you don’t have enough followers for that then just go on right ahead to a ficrec blog (or even a shipper blog) and drop them a link to your fic, oftentimes they’ll then rec it to their followers. You can do this on anon if you’re too shy.

10 - Time of Posting

This is a weird one, but I always, always post my fics around the same time in the day, just before I go to sleep. Then when I check it the next morning, it’s almost always nearing 1k hits already, so I think that primetime for uploading a fic is between 7pm-11pm (UK time, remember to convert!)

i cant believe this, the first real drawing i upload to my art blog and it’s fucking sin

is there a ship name i need to know