one hundred peso

The clock is ticking. My professor in college called me yesterday asking if I will enroll in Master of Science in Biology this incoming semester for she wants me to be the researcher on vegetation and I should be an MS student first. As much as I want to, I still can’t commit because of financial considerations. I said I am finding work to let myself go to school since I am an independent person. So here I am, searching for jobs and it isn’t easy at all. The job opportunities for a Bio grad are mainly found in Luzon and I am in Mindanao. I am polishing my resume to give a proper reply this March. In line with this, I got my certificate of eligibility from the Civil Service Commission earlier and I didn’t expect that I will pay one hundred pesos for a piece of one half crosswise of paper. The authentication which is only a patched copy of the said certificate and my valid ID is worth fifty pesos. Wow. I also stayed over an hour. How come it took me a lot of time while the one ahead of me was served so fast? Anyways, what’s important is that I got mine already. My mom also told me last night to talk to the doctor who has some info on the medicine scholarship but I declined it because of no appointment whatsoever.

As I had said before, I had finished watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and it lacked something compared to what I expected. I am more into Let’s Fight Ghost which I finished yesterday and I am in love with Kim So Hyun a.k.a. Kim Hyun Ji, the female ghost. She’s only 17 years old and is super cute. I had watched the music videos she was featured and I am planning to watch her other series and films. I am following her on Twitter even though I don’t understand her tweets. The English translation sucks. The grammar and thought don’t make sense. Seriously, I like her. She reminds me of one of my bets and coincidentally, her mom on the series looked like the other bet I like. Wow. I am still waiting for the copies of Legend of the Blue Sea and Goblin from my friend who finally realized to text ahead of time if she can’t make it. She told me earlier that she won’t go to school today so no milk tea treat from me. I am currently watching How I Met Your Mother since last night and damn, I can’t help laughing. I like their jokes and lines. I can also somewhat relate to Ted Mosby, of being single and somewhat cursed when it comes to love. I am still on the first season and I will finish all nine seasons. I remembered the things my best friend told me about it. I miss her. She’s not online recently. Well, it’s good that she’s focusing on her studies. She almost got perfect scores on her exam. Talk about smart.

My med clients also finally paid me for my services.

I almost burst earlier as I talked to the in charge of billing of PLDT. No billing letter came for the last three months! One came but it was super late and it was for the month of January which I already paid. Wow. I also noticed while waiting for my turn that the guys who were able bodied didn’t let the girls and elderly to sit. Wow. I love saying wow. I want to tell them blatantly how unmanly they were.

Did you experience playing or making faces with a baby who is a stranger? I did thrice today. One got scared and ran to his dad, one got happy seeing me and he even responded, and one followed my instruction not to walk far and looked at me curiously.

That’s it. I hope you had good days recently and if not, just keep on believing on the positive side of things.