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No Luck Finding a Sugar Daddy? It’s Not You, It’s Your Profile

Success in the sugar world is hugely a numbers game: the more sugar daddies you are in contact with, the better your chances of landing yourself in an ideal sugar arrangement.

You want to put yourself out there as much as possible and this requires action – searching and reading profiles, crafting emails, engaging in banter – but there’s only so much action you can take. You have a life, right?

In order to succeed in finding a sugar daddy without spending all your time in front of a computer, you need to make the passive aspects of the sugar search work for you – this means making your profile the stickiest, most memorable profile a sugar daddy is going to view that day and hopefully, that week.

This is why I recommend springing for a paid membership on at least one of the best sugar daddy websites so you can “Feature” your profile and attract the most sugar daddy eyeballs to it as possible.  At the same time, there’s no point in paying to prominently feature your profile if the profile text reads like drying paint.

If you’re not having much success reeling in a sugar daddy, check your profile to see if you’re guilty of the profile mishaps listed below.

Sugar Baby Profile Mistake #1. “I like the finer things in life”

If I had a penny for every profile that says this…well, I wouldn’t need a sugar daddy. Not only is this description completely redundant (who, tell me, who doesn’t enjoy the finer things in life?), it’s akin to broadcasting how you are absolutely no different from every other bland sugar baby out there.

The average sugar daddy is successful and well-versed in the “finer things in life” – which means his taste in sugar babies is going to be above average. He’ll want the whole package – looks, wit, and personality. The worst sugar baby sin is to bore your sugar daddy.

Generic statements = unmemorable sugar baby.

Tip: Spend a minute thinking about what qualifies as the “finer things in life” to you. Describe the things you like, how you like to do it, where you like to go, what you like to eat. Present it in an interesting, engaging way. Tell a story.

Example: “Last night, I traveled to Tibet. A Buddhist monk I met there told me that every new person I meet is no stranger at all – every new meeting is a result of our souls having met 100 times before. And then I woke up. I don’t get to travel as much as I’d like, but I dabble in the art of pleasure-making wherever I am. I’m more inclined to the fun, the fabulous, the decadent – is there anything more sensuous than sipping champagne mid-day? Playing hooky to peruse the Surrealists at a local gallery? Bantering over a platter of fresh oysters at a restaurant by the seaside? I say not. If you agree, let me know and we’ll arrange our (one hundred and) first date.

Sugar Baby Profile Mistake #2. “I need some help”

Yes, that’s part of the reason you’re seeking a sugar daddy. Sugar daddies already know this. They want to help you, to spoil you. But you know what? The old adage – “The crying baby gets the milk” – is NOT true in the sugar world.

Many sugar babies fall into the trap of thinking that if they broadcast themselves as charity cases, sugar daddies will be more inclined to help them out financially. Instead, they come off looking desperate. No one likes desperation.

The most successful sugar babies don’t broadcast their need for financial handouts. They focus on where they want to go in their life – which sugar daddies are far more likely to want to help out with.

They also emphasize what they can do for their sugar daddies instead of what they themselves need. Remember, the sugar relationship is mutually beneficial. He already knows he’s going to help you financially, so now focus on what you’re going to offer him.

Sugar Baby Profile Mistake #3. “Looking to be spoiled”

Oh, darling, aren’t we all? We all want someone to cater to our every whim and fancy – and that includes sugar daddies too. A real sugar daddy will spoil you, whether you ask for it or not. But in order to hook such a man, you’re going to have to be more creative than “want to be spoiled.”

At best, this makes you look uncreative. At worst, you come off entitled, unrealistic, and selfish. A fake sugar daddy might find this funny enough to play with you for a bit, but the real sugar daddies will probably pass on you.

Remember – most sugar daddies became rich by making good business decisions – not by lavishing their money on investments that promise no returns.

Instead of asking to be spoiled, start with what he wants to know first: what do you have to offer him?

  • family member: any girl/boyfriends yet??
  • me: [thinks about robots] yep
  • family member: you should be married by now!!
  • me: [thinks about robots] checkity check
  • family member: most ppl your age have kids by now!!
  • me: [thinks about robots] I got a few ... hundred
  • family member: do you even have a job yet??
  • me: [cying over robots] [shipping robots] [thinking about robots] I got 3 actually
  • family member: you're wasting your life away
  • me: can't hear you over my robots
Dress Up in You - Chaper Six

AN: The slow burn finally burned faster! This chapter is a little longer than previous ones, but I promise you that literally half of the wordcount is sex, so it’s 100% worth the wait in my humble opinion. Comments here or at @artificial-eve are like little Christmas gifts to me tbh. If you want to catch up, check my tag!

Warnings: The usual smoking and swearing, some drinking, STEAMY LESBIAN SEX (finally).

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A/N: Taeil is fairly new, and there isn’t much about him that I know of which is why this took so long to publish, so everything here is based of off my imagination, and might not be one hundred percent accurate. 

Dating Taeil would be like:

-shy smiles 

-like he’ll be staring at you and once you make eye contact he’ll be a little flustered 

-tons of hand holding 

-he wants everyone to know your his but in a subtle manor 

-him serenading you with his voice 

-if you’re having a bad day he knows cuddling and singing helps 


-it’s what he calls you all the time 

-"jagiya~ come over here" 

-"jagiya~ how was your day?" 

-"jagiya~ are you okay?" 

-"good morning, jagiya~" 

-When he’s being too quiet you know something’s wrong 

-and you won’t say anything 

-but you’ll pull him into a hug and it calms him down so much 

-the thought of knowing that you’re there taking care of him, warms his heart 

-nose kisses 

-hand kisses 

-neck kisses~ 

-and out of nowhere too 

-he’ll just be feeling so affectionate 

-dates with him are so calming 

-you two are relaxed and comfortable in each other’s presence 

-he’ll hold the door for you like a gentleman 

-he genuinely loves to take care of you 

-but you love to take care of him 

-he’ll hold you close when he’s nervous or scared 

-for his first live performance 

-he took you everywhere with him 

-to the dressing room 

-to the lobby area 

-in the waiting room 


-even the bathroom 

-which was really embarrassing 

-but you just complete him

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I Am Not Superhuman

Often, people “can’t believe” how I am able to operate on such little sleep and with such a busy schedule. The truth is that I’m not always able to do it. I am not superhuman.

I’ve been sick this past week which means that I haven’t been staying up until 2 AM to write every night, which means that I haven’t finished a post in a while.

The reason I’m sick is because I was staying up until 2 AM every night to write and waking up at 7 AM every day for work. Factor in the occasional extra-late weekend night or overnight bus to Boston and what you have is a sore throat, a crippled voice, and a persistent cough.

I’m not really sure what the solution is here, but I can tell you this: I am overextending myself.

It takes a lot for me to admit failure, but I’m currently failing.

Such behavior wasn’t really a problem in college when schedules fluctuated and breaks were built in on a regular basis. I was able to stay healthy and on top of things because I had pockets of time to catch up. When I look at my schedule now, I don’t have that time. And the breaks, or vacations in this case, are few and further between.

I made myself sick back in July from exactly the same thing and it didn’t fully disappear until I went on vacation in September. My next vacation is for Christmas. I really hope I’m not coughing until then.

Something in my schedule needs to change dramatically, but I don’t really see that happening until January, so I guess I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for now.

I might fail along the way, but quitting isn’t an option.


Is this song actually relevant? I don’t claim to have listened to all the lyrics. You get the point though.


On this day in music history: January 13, 1990 - “Rhythm Nation” by Janet Jackson hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 1 week, also peaking at #2 for 2 weeks on the Hot 100 on January 6, 1990. Written by Janet Jackson, James Harris III, and Terry Lewis, it is the seventh R&B chart topper for the youngest member of the Jackson family. Released as the second single and title track from Jackson’s fourth album, it is based around a sample of Sly & The Family Stone’s funk classic “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)”. The song lyrics express a positive message of racial unity and harmony and a cry against social injustice with the promise of a better world. The song is the centerpiece of a thirty minute long form concept music video shot in black and white (also featuring  the songs “Miss You Much”, “Black Cat”, and “The Knowledge”), and directed by frequent collaborator Dominic Sena. The film also features actor Tyrin Turner (“Menace II Society”) as “Kickdrum”, an aspiring young musician trying to escape the negative pull of the streets, after his best friend is killed. Filmed at an actual electrical power plant in Pasadena, CA and on The Chaplin Soundstage at A&M Records in Hollywood, the grueling film shoot will cause Jackson to collapse from physical exhaustion, requiring her to be hospitalized.  Premiering on MTV in its entirety on  September 16, 1989. The visually striking film will become an immediate hit with fans. Released commercially on VHS tape and laserdisc, the video will become a best seller, winning the Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video in 1990. Seven weeks after the single tops the R&B chart, Janet will embark on her first concert tour (“The Rhythm Nation 1814 Tour”), playing one hundred dates in North America, twelve in Japan, and seven on the European continent. “Rhythm Nation” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

I get mixed responses when I tell people that I’m going on two dates a week for a year. Most people say that it sounds like a lot, while the occasional person tells me that two really isn’t so much. I would totally agree with that if I had moved to a city where I didn’t have a large social circle and if I had no hobbies. FORTUNATELY, I have many great friends in NYC and I spend most of my free time doing improv.

My schedule is pretty packed even without One Hundred Dates. My former roommates can attest to this. I just wanted everyone to see what a typical month looks like for me. Don’t forget my 8:30-18:00 desk job that I go to every day.

Looks like I have three nights off all month.

So when do I write? Great question…I’m still trying to figure that out.

Matchmake Me: Thanksgiving

The wonderful family holiday that is Thanksgiving is approaching, and I’ll be stuck in NYC, away from all of my family up in Vermont. I have to work on that Friday so I’ll be staying local. This is a blessing in disguise though! It’s the perfect opportunity for Meet The Parents Date!!!


If you have a friend you’ve been dying to set me up with (I’m sure you do) and they grew up in the greater New York City area, this would be a great chance for them to bring me to their house and have me hang out with their family. Maybe YOU want me to shake your dad’s hand and tell your mother how delicious her turkey is, all while regaling your nephews with stories about my glory days on the baseball diamond.

For real though, this is going to be one of my hardest dates to land and I could really, really use some help in finding it.


1. I can get to and from their (your) home in one day, via public transit.

2. She (you) honestly want(s) to go on a date with me.

3. You honestly think I want to go on a date with her (you).

4. At least one parent is present.


1. Parents think I’m great.

2. I am very polite around old people; children, less so.

3. I appreciate a good apple and/or berry pie.

4. I’ve attended over 20 Thanksgivings in my life (25, to be exact).

5. Dark meat is better. Now you know.

Drop me a line if you have any leads and, seriously, thank you!

*My uncle Mark and I at a real family Thanksgiving!

I just talked to my ex-girlfriend on the phone for an hour. It was actually a good conversation. I’m a millions times better than I would have been a year ago. And while I got off the call and felt good about everything (our rapport; her new boyfriend), I found myself sitting in my kitchen listening to the clock tick, and trying to process everything.

I knew I was good, but something deep down there was still unsure. Some part of me almost doesn’t want to be okay with it. Old feelings started to bubble up and and I felt vacant and still.

I don’t know, it felt profound, so I taped the last bit of it.

Now I’m fine again and ready for bed. This project really has helped me and I’m thankful for it. I don’t think I’d have handled that conversation the same way without it.

Baby steps.

Speed Bump: Where My Dates At?

My hopeful date for Friday fell through and last night my Saturday date had to cancel on me (for reasons unrelated to my looks), SO I’m left scrambling a bit.

The biggest frustration with scheduling dates comes when I don’t have someone’s phone number. When my only way to get in touch is email, FB message, or OkCupid, the response time from these women is a total wildcard and things often don’t fall into place as fast as I would hope.

Anyway - I’m optimistic that this weekend will work out, but it’s going to involve some flexibility and quick planning.