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“Okay, how ‘bout this? One date, just one date, and if you still don’t believe I’m genuinely interested in you, then I’ll leave you alone for good. How does that sound?”

Derek hesitated for another moment, before he sighed and said, “Fine. One date.”

by laws of not so long tradition I’m going through unfinished doodles, wips and all on beggining of new month to share (and give last attempt to finish, in case I forgot about the piece, which happens way too often)

here is (bit polished in photoshop) doodle from my sketchbook. originally i wanted to add Yori standing on top of Quorra’s shoulders but I ran out of page (poor planning on my part :S)

acapellabreeze  asked:

do you have any monster au prompts? (I think they're cool)

•persons A and B have been dating for a while. Both of them are secretly different types of monsters but haven’t told the other yet in fear of ending the relationship. Coincidentally, both decide to tell the other on the same night.
Bonus: the two types of monsters are known to be enemies with each other
•a neighborhood where only monster families live, but one day a human family moves into a house there thinking it’s just a normal neighborhood
•person A (human) goes on a first date with person B (werewolf). B drops off A at their house not realizing it’s a full moon that night and turns werewolf. B feels really embarrassed by their appearance but A invites them in to comfort them and reassures them that it’s okay to be a werewolf by painting their claws with pretty nail polish colors.
•person A is a vampire but uses their speed and flying for good instead of evil, pretending to be a super hero and drinking the blood of animals in private to hide their true nature. Person B (human) dresses as a vampire for Halloween one year and is dared by friends to go into a supposedly haunted forest alone, but stumbles upon A in the woods looking for dinner.
•Person A (human) is on a miserable vacation with their family. They all go to the beach for a day but A is able to slip away while the rest of the family is bickering without anyone noticing. A decides to take a swim, but ends up being pulled out too far and almost drowning. Luckily person B, a mermaid, is in the water and rescues A just in time.
Bonus: B brings A back to shore and A’s little cousin is standing there, having witnessed the entire thing.
•person A (human) meets person B (zombie) and tries to flirt with them. B is able to function as a normal human for the most part but doesn’t communicate as well, so A thinks they have effectively “picked up” B and they start dating, at least in A’s eyes. A is oblivious to all of the obvious signs that B is a zombie (occasional groaning noises, really hungry all the time, etc.) but then one day A finds out the truth.
•person A is part of a group of mannequins in a department store who send out one of their own per month to live as a human. During A’s time as a human they fall in love with person B (human). What happens when A must return to their department store life?

I hope you like these! This account is still fairly new meaning I didn’t already have any so I wrote some! I did come up with them all within the past few hours so they aren’t the best but here ya go!

candybarrnerd  asked:

With regards to hale children /siblings, I always kind of thought there was a human brother between Laura and Derek. I agree with previous statements that Derek is totally a middle child, and I can just see the brother being older and Derek not feeling like he measures up except that he's a wolf while the older brother is human. Just my thoughts though. Also probably one younger sibling (probably before Cora since she seems like she could be the baby to me)

You know, I can’t quite figure out why, but I keep wanting there to be an older Hale brother. Maybe it’s just, as you said, since Derek seems like such a middle child I can’t really justify there being a couple of younger siblings and not any more older ones. Since Derek and Laura are probably, at most, two years apart though, it makes it tricky to imagine fitting another sibling in between them. (There definitely could be, but that would mean Talia would have had to be pregnant for basically three years straight and most families tend to want some sort of break between kids.)

But what if the brother was older than Laura?

We always assume Laura’s the oldest because (we assume) she was destined to be Alpha. …Which is honestly not necessarily true, I don’t think canon ever actually said anything of the sort, that’s just the impression fandom as a whole has about her character (and isn’t that kind of cool that fandom has constructed just such a solid idea of who this character with like three seconds of screentime is? But anyway) Back on topic though, we assume Laura was the oldest but what if she was just the oldest wolf? If the older brother was human like you say (and I enjoy that idea a lot) he could easily be the oldest sibling, fully grown up and just living back at home after college or just working instead of going to school.

In fact, if we take into account the fact that we don’t know Laura was destined to be Alpha, Derek could have had multiple adult siblings, some or all of them wolves… maybe even with spouses and children of their own, and that’s why there were so many Hales in the house during the fire. After all, a young couple just starting out, especially with wolf children who crave a strong sense of pack and community, could easily decide to stay with their Alpha for a few years before getting their own place. Maybe the children who died in the fire weren’t Derek’s younger siblings, but were nieces and nephews.

And not to mention, Derek being one of the youngest children, rather than the second born, would explain why he had no training as Alpha and is completely unprepared for the role. You’d think the second born would usually be given some leadership training even during peaceful times, just in case of an accident or something. I can’t see Talia and Deaton not considering that possibility and taking precautions, considering the huge responsibility if anything happened to their eldest at some point. Also, Laura not actually being the intended Alpha could explain why her response to the fire was to just “run run run as far as possible and hide” instead of seeking out any of the more local packs that apparently existed at the time *side-eyes Satomi* or seeking out Deaton. She might not have had all the information about local resources and alliances, because she’d been given less training at that point than her elder sibling, who everyone expected to become Alpha.

…Man, there are so many possibilities here, honestly.

Character Idea

The new neighbor was strange, from their name to their looks to the way they acted. It was like something gained a new human form and wasn’t sure how to use it yet. Most people in the neighborhood tried to be accommodating and even some of those neighbors didn’t see anything off, but surely, there was. Their child, on the other hand, was the most normal in that household. 

ONS Characters Relationships

Recently, I’ve started to think about how much the relationships between the Owari No Seraph characters have changed from the beginning of this manga [regardless the light novels] till recently because everything has changed to the way that I couldn’t even get clearly. So, let’s have a look through the flow of the story

At the very beginning, the relationship had been like this

So easy to get [Yup  ( ̄▽ ̄) ]



After a while, it has started to change till it has seemed to be like this

Complex, but still easy to get ╮(︶▽︶)╭



After that, it has started to be more complex in the way that cannot be easily understood ( ̄_ ̄)・・・, but the last chapter has started to show us a clear image. So, according to it, we can say that the relationships have become like this chart

This means that the whole parties share the same target, which is finding the one behind everything.

[Why haven’t I mentioned Saito?

Because I don’t wanna go through a maze after I’ve started to get something (ーー;) ]


Note: Guren’s & Ferid’s team contains many different creatures. This could lead us towards the essential value of Owari No Seraph, which is the real meaning of family.

What do I mean (•ิ_•ิ)?

Go back to the last chart and focus on it. What can you get?



Let me explain it for you

There are three separate groups that strive for the same target. The first group which I’ve named it Kureto’s represents the humans. The second one is the vampires and the last one is a union of different creatures.

What is the relation between that and the value that Kagami sensei is working to deliver [the value of the family]?

I think he wants to show us the exact meaning of family, which can be truly represented by the last group. The real family is the whole creatures live on the earth. They need to work together to get rid of the darkness. This thing cannot be achieved by humans only nor another specific kind of creatures, too.


OMG..That was very hard to explain (◎ ◎)ゞ

Hope you could get what I have exactly meant (ᵔ.ᵔ)

Finally, as always, you can add to, discuss or even correct my thoughts ♡  

What’s Bred in the Bone: Part II

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Jaal x Sara Ryder

A 600 year nap and a 2.5 million light-year journey to find out the answer: are humans and angara genetically compatible?

Rated M for strong language, some sexuality and violence. Alien-human pregnancy fic.

Spoilers for Jaal’s romance and loyalty mission, and end of game.

Part II of ??? Part I - Part III - Part IV

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  • Also Liberals: Borders don't matter! Humanity is one family! Let them in you Nazi bigot!

Holy Family - Alex Grey

“The golden child points upward toward the One Light illuminating all wisdom traditions. A halo of enlightened vision surrounding the child’s head, brings together symbols of world religions. Although danger lurks below, parents adore the child with the earth as it’s heart, carrying hope for the future of humanity.”

Me watching the Supergirl pilot a few months ago: wow that’s some cringy feminism but this is still real cute I’m gonna love it


OnS as a Family {Human Ver.}
  • {Adults}
  • Guren: The lazy-ass strict dad
  • Shinya: The caring mother that cares about his children and is secretly a black-mailer
  • Goishi: The fun-loving uncle who is Shinya's sidekick
  • Mito: The tsundere aunt
  • Sayuri: Guren's childhood friend who lost him twice to other people
  • Shigure: The calm one
  • Mahiru: She dead, and hunts her lover and ex-fiance
  • Kureto: The uncle who has secret malicious intents
  • {Children}
  • Yuuchiro: The rebellious son who is secretly in love with the neighbour's son
  • Yoichi: The only non-troublemaker in this family
  • Kimizuki: The smart son who always mocks Yuu and is always arguing with him; often ending up with bruises
  • Shinoa: The pervy cousin of Yuu and is a possible fujoishi fan
  • Mitsuba: The neglected child that argues with shinoa for attention
  • The Narumi Squad: The kids that live opposite from the children and are great acquaintances