one holy night

Remember when E’dawn gave Hui a ring that said “I love dawn” on it

I mean they’re literally a married couple so uh

Me: I’m going to watch one clip of Skam before going to bed

Me to me: Watch all of season 3

college au where yoongi’s friend hoseok finally asks out his crush seokjin, but on their date night seokjin has to babysit his younger brother, high school student jimin. and since yoongi’s such a good friend (and not because hoseok offered to pay) he offers to look after him for one night. but holy shit jin’s little brother is actually pretty cute, and jimin seems to like yoongi too because he spends the whole night trying to hit on and impress yoongi (which he pretends he doesn’t love). he ends up taking such a liking to jimin that he ends up secretly funding hoseok’s dates with seokjin just so that he’ll be able to spend more time with him—"well hyung, if you need somebody to look after your brother i guess i can cancel some plans…“

The Library

Bruce steepled his fingers pensively, watching Jason from inside his warm study. Last night had seen a record snowfall in Gotham, making patrol difficult for Bruce, but even he had to admit that it made Wayne Manor look very festive, especially with Christmas coming up. 

The boy had his hands shoved deep into his pockets, his nose tucked into the thick, red scarf that Alfred had insisted he wear on his wintery walk. 

Lest you catch the cold, Master Jason.

The butler had apprehended him sneaking off after dinner with only a light jacket, which had greatly upset the former and caused him to fuss over the boy for a good few minutes, finally managing to pull an warmer jacket over his shoulders and wrap the scarf around his neck before Jason had stormed out muttering about how he wasn’t a baby, and could look after himself

As he trudged slowly back up to the manor, he kicked at the powdery snow distractedly, glaring up at the place he was now meant to call home. The door slammed behind him, causing icicles to fall from their roosts and shatter on the front porch, breaking the still quiet in defiance.

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Happy 34th Birthday Sebastian Stan! (August 13th,1982)

Films are an incredible medium where you get to talk to people. I have these great fans, they write me everyday, telling me about their lives getting better from watching my movies. To me that’s more important than anything else. And as a man in the world, you have to leave something behind, if not, what the hell am I doing while I’m here?

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Mishima, my guy... Give me relationship advice. I like a person, but I don't know if they'd like me! They're my friend, but I don't wanna ruin said relationship because of a stupid thing like a crush on them. I'm scared of getting rejected by them, but... I can't help it. Can you help me?

Mishima is the absolute worst person someone could be asking for relationship advice. The worst. He’s never so much as successfully asked someone out aside form in dating sim games. And even then that’s not always a success for him. In a game. He freezes up at the question, looking rather shocked and a touch panicked at the fact of such a delicate situation being thrown into his lap.

In all honesty, he has no clue what to do. Knowing himself in that sort of situation, he’d probably never manage to gather the courage to say anything, but this person isnt him. He has to at least try to give them comfort.

So he thinks of every sappy novel he’s ever read. He thinks on every dating sim and otome game he’s ever played. There has to be something useful in these things that he can pass on that might give some sort of resolution to them making a decision.

“T-Trust in them,” he’s trying to sound confident, but he’s really quite anxious about being a playing factor in the possibility of ruining a friendship between two individuals. “I-I mean… if you confess to them it might make it awkward for a bit, but if they’re really your friend… and even if they reject you… um… then they…” Shit, he had something and he was losing it. He’s scrambling for words now, but it seems to piece together all right. “Even if they reject you, you at least tried, and if they care, they’ll let you down gently. I-It’s not the end of a friendship if you confess.”


I saw this screen on Miiverse from Ford’s Holy Night Festival (married, without kid yet) so I just had to read the full text and eventually translated it due to…reasons 

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