one hell of a snog

Snog Me Senseless 2

A/N:  Snog Me Senseless was supposed to be a one shot, but then I got more requests for a part 2.  So I combined SMS part 2 with this request.  I can picture parts 3 and 4 already, but only if people really want them.  Let me know what you think please!  I’m not going to mark this as NSFW, but it is sweetly smutty in its own way.  

As always, a HUGE thank you to my betas, @little-black-dress-24,  @niallandharrymakemestrong and @emulateharry.  I consider myself blessed every day to have landed in this supportive community of writers. Next time for sure, @melissas173!!!

You sigh as Harry’s lips gently part yours, and your hands reach to wrap around his neck, pulling his mouth closer to yours as you slide your tongue along his. He’s wrapped his left arm around your waist, and he’s leaning into you, using his slight height advantage to bend your head back as he deepens the kiss. Your emotions are swirling.  

It had only been a week since the frat party where you first learned to snog, and you had been practicing every day since with Harry.  Whereas his tongue had felt foreign inside your mouth the first time, you now relished the times when he kissed you like this, breathing through your respective noses to prolong the amount of time you could stay attached to each other.  It was nearly lunchtime, and Harry’s stomach was growling.  You hear the rumble and giggle a bit as you manage to move the gum he’s been chewing into your mouth as you end the kiss.  

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James gets a girlfriend so Lily starts pretending to go out with Remus to make him jealous but they end up making Sirius jealous instead (Because James heard them talking about the plan and is maybe a little bit smitten and amused.), for anon.

“Lily, I don’t think-”

“Shhh. Make it look sexy.”

Lily peered at the group of boys sitting the the opposite tree from where her and Remus were. James and Sirius were staring at them. She smirked and looked back down at a worried Remus.

“Have you ever reverse-kissed a girl before, Mr Prefect?” She asked teasingly.

“Lils, i’ve never kissed a girl at all before. You know i don’t swing that way.”

“Well, Remus John Lupin, I shall give you your first straight kiss.”

She bent down to Remus’ surprise and pressed his lips against his. Remus made a protesting noise but he didn’t pull back, already regretting his promise. Lily opened her eyes and looked up at the rest of the Marauders. Her heart sped up as she saw them walk towards their spot, Sirius rushing forward for some reasons. She pulled back and winked at Remus, running her hand through his hair in an loving manner.

“Oi, Evans! Show some respect, this is a public parc!” Sirius barked.

She looked up, raising an eyebrow as Remus sat up, feeling a bit dizzy.

“Why do you care, Black?” She said, although her eyes were fixed on a grinning James. She frowned, confused. It seemed like their mind had been swapped. Usualy James was the one glaring and Sirius was the one smirking…

“The hell I care ! You’re snogging our Moony in front of half of Hogwarts!” He spat. Remus blushed.

“You shagged half of Hogwarts, what’s your point?” She said distractedly, and leaned to kiss Remus on the cheek, her eyes still fixed on James.

His face darkened for a moment, but soon he was grinning again. Sirius made a puking noise.

“So, you and Remus, huh? Blimey, I would have never thought that.” He gave a pointed look at Remus, who shrugged.

“Yeah, well, Remmy and I are as happy as can be together.” She said in not so convincing tone, giving James a challenging look.

“I see…” He said indifferently, but he was no longer smiling. “How about a double date then, mh? Evie would love that.” His lips crooked to the side again.

“What?! Prongs what the hell !!” Sirius shouted.

“Yeah, i bet she would.” Lily scoffed, ignoring Sirius. “but no, thanks. I’d rather let you live happily ever after with your girlfriend.” She spat, standing up to leave.

James grabbed her hand and made her spin around to face him. To her surprise, he was beaming.

“What an actress, Evans. Not as good as me, though.” He grinned.

“What are you talking about?” She asked quickly.

“I heard you ask Moony to pretend to go out with you at the library the other day.” He smirked. “You’re trying to make me as jealous as you are.”

 "Wait, what?“ Sirius asked, looking between Lily and Remus with an offended expression.

"I’m not jealous…” Lily said, her cheeks heating up.

“I broke up with Evie a couple of days ago, after I heard you guys’ little chat in the library.” He smiled. “But i’d lie if I said that your plan didn’t work. Well done, Evans.”

Despite herself, Lily’s lips stretched into a wide smile. Behind them, Remus was watching Sirius with raised eyebrows.

“So you guys fooled Pads. I was so upset, and it turns out all of this was made up for Prongs. You should be ashamed, Evans. I’m deeply hurt.” He pressed a hand on his left rib, looking wounded.

“You’ll get over it, eventually.” James winked at him as he took Lily’s hand and walked away with her.

“You were upset?”

Sirius froze at Remus’ question. He spun around and found him on his feet, a little smile playing on his lips. He swallowed.

“Uh, well you’re my best mate, and so is Prongs and I didn’t want him to beat you up or something…” he lied.

“But James didn’t seem to want to beat me up.” Remus’ smile grew wider.

“Well, yeah, yeah… I guess…”

“Sirius Orion Black, look into my eyes and solemnly swear you weren’t jealous.”

Sirius’ cheek heat up as he looked at a beaming Remus. After a moment of hesitation, he spoke.

“I solemnly swear that I was jealous.”