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Little known fact- is that Cor accidently named Prompto when he had him as a youngster for a little while. basically by constantly telling him to hurry the hell up. "Little one, with me, Prompto." The other boys find out about this one day- Gladio teases, Noctis laughs and attacks his chocobo have- and Ignis internal screams because, "who in the blazes just names a percious child what they yell at it all the time."




I loved the bit with Ignis on “Who in the blazes’ just names a precious child what they yell at it all the time” ahahahahah!

“Come on, Iggy, what does it matter? It’s a good name.”
“You wouldn’t say the same if it had been you. You’d be named Getoffthetable Amicitia.”
“What did you just-!?”
“Hahaha, he got ya, Big Guy.”
“You don’t laugh, your Highness. You’d have been Eatyourgoddamnveggies Lucis Caelum the CXIV”
“Calm, Noct. Don’t listen to…uh…”
“Ignis what did they yell at you when you were a baby?”
“Nothing. I behaved perfectly fine since I was in the crib.”
“Well, I did constantly yell ‘Gignis’ at you when I was a baby…or so my dad says…”

Needless to say, Gladio has yet not stopped laughing and has spent the previous 10 years calling him Gignis.

I need much more on Papa Cor. This was ADORABLE. I imagine him a bit awkward and shy because he’s got this baby but it’s got no name, and Cor is so angered because “it’s a baby, it’s a human being, he deserves a name.” but no matter how much he breaks his head thinking of something he’s just frozen on it.

So he sticks with this scenario. <3 

Ajdskjfñdlsf, THIS IS SO LOVELY, thank you!!! :3


Happy birthday to the smol and precious birb and Karasuno’s loud No.10, Hinata Shouyou. ^^

June 21, 2017

  • me: [harshly clutches my chest, heartbeat increases]
  • me: [breathing intensifies]
  • me: [begins to cough violently]
  • me: [leans onto a wall to keep my balance, but slides down]
  • friend: are you okay???? what is happening to you?
  • me: I...[coughs]
  • me: I just remembered [coughs more loudly]
  • me: I just remembered BTS exists


He’s the only one that got an invitation like that >:}

Look @angel-with-a-pipette I finally did the thing we talked about forever ago. Hope I did it justice >.<


Matching mood boards for Ehm/Michael and Ny0/Jeremy for my ask blog, @ask-readyplayergaymers!


A very important compilation.