one hell


Twelve Days of Twelve, Day 7: Favorite Scene [1/2]

“Are you looking for her?”
”I’m trying.”
“She could be anyone, right? You don’t know who you’re looking for. I mean, she could be me, for all you know.”
“There’s one thing I know about her. Just one thing. If I met her again… I would absolutely know.”

haven’t drawn a night sky in a while so now the boys are stargazing


Musical AU where everything is the same except the ink demon is just regular bendy and everyone has to do an big musical number before each time they try to kill henry 

(lyrics are of course from “Can I Get An Amen” by CG5!)


“Dekh, Sejal. Ek time aayega jab tujhe jaana hoga. Mud kar nahi dekhna hai peeche.”

So my Xbox One turns on out of nowhere (I have it set so I doesn’t turn on by itself)

Okay, weird right? So I say alright fuck it I’ll go check and see if there’s any updates. No software updates to be seen so I check for the games.

Okay all good there’s an update for Doom.


Which I didn’t notice until I looked up at the size.

May I remind you this game already takes up 70 gbs

Shit my wife has said to our cat part 2

- Hello my angel, my very most special piece of shit.

- I have several questions: Where the fuck did you come from? Why the fuck are you here? And, that’s it. 

- I cannot love you in the way you want, you spooning bastard.

- Is your flesh made of pain? If that’s true, why do you demand to inflict it??

- You could be the mother of darkness. You open your mouth and scream and that is what ushers in the darkness.

- If we had a saintly cat in this household, she wouldn’t fit in.

- I pet another cat. It was amazing, Miss Kitty. It was untouched by your evil.

- (Cat: gets sick) I never thought you mortal enough for a cold, Miss Kitty. I thought you ethereal, but not in a heavenly sort of way.

- (Cat: sneezes) Get the bad spirits out, Miss Kitty. Those are just the demons.

- You know what you are Miss Kitty? A nuisance. And a pixie. Who eats newborns. That’s how you get your gold. Where’s your gold, you little shit? 

-Lay down! Collapse your legs and put your body on the bed, you little monster!

- I’m arguing with you because you don’t have a brain. You have a festering cesspool of intentions. And I love you so goddamned much.

- You’ve got whiskers like livewire, hot stuff.

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