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do u think you could ever make a walkthrough on how u do portraits? if not that's totally fine too it's just that i'm absolutely fascinated and stunned by your style

This gave me something to do this morning, thanks. This isn’t super in depth cause I don’t even really know how to explain without just saying “learn how to paint in photoshop” but this is just the method that works best for me idk. :) I pretty much exclusively use a hard round brush turning transfer on and off when i need different opacity levels.

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produce 101’s 95-line

‘A new religion has arisen in the trenches, a faith much more akin to Mahomet than to Christ. It is a fatalism of action. The soldier finds his salvation in the belief that nothing will happen to him until his hour comes, the idea being that it does no good to worry — is his rock of ages. It is a curious thing to see poilus — peasants, artisans, scholars — completely in the grip of this philosophy. The real religion of the front is the philosophy of Mahomet. Death has been decided by Fate, and the Boches are the unbelievers. After all, Islam in its great days was a virile faith, the faith of a race of soldiers.’

WW1 American ambulance driver’s notes near the front, in France - History of the American Field Service in France, ʻFriends of France", 1914-1917; The ambulance sections – Field service haunts and friends


seventeen’s promoted tracks : “mansae”

d-4 to seventeen’s 2nd year anniversary

do i wanna know (daddy issues ch. 6)

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naomi meets jackson. isaac finally tells naomi how he feels, but things don’t work out the way he expects. 

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Okay. Really. I love Ryuji as much as the next guy, but y'all really like to hyperbolize when it comes to him (or anything on this site, really). I completely understand wanting to see more done with him or thinking he deserved better. But some of these things are way over the top. I see so much about how great a guy he is, but people seem to act like he has no flaws. Like any and all the negative treatment towards him is unwarranted when that isn’t the case. Like, he fucking outs the team to Makoto (because he can’t keep his damn mouth shut) and does he apologize? No! He brushes it off with a quick “My bad guys” and moves on. Or when he drives Morgana away? Nothing but a halfhearted apology and more insults. Granted, Mona shoots alot of shit towards Ryuji but it never affects Ryuji in any major way, while Mona is clearly distraught about his usefulness on the team and Ryuji isn’t helping by peppering in “Oh BTW you’re useless you dumb cat”. I could keep going but point being: Ryuji is a good dude, but he fucks up and acts inconsiderately a lot. He’s not perfect and he definitely deserves some of the shit other characters give him.