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whenever i can’t draw i always default to these losers in a shoujo-manga au.


Hi @taylorswift​ yesterday was an incredible day!! My mom was finally able to take me to look at Prom dresses for my 25th Birthday Party!! I know she enjoyed it so much because she never got to go prom dress shopping with me in high school. The smile on her face as I was trying on the dresses, I almost wanted to cry because she just wants me to be happy and have the best!! I love her so much!! I tried on so many but I kept coming back to this dress and I decided this is the one!!! I felt so beautiful and happy in it!! As I was wearing the dress, I thought to myself “I think Taylor would wear something like this!” It is the dress I would have probably worn to prom if I could have gone. Now I get to wear it at my birthday prom!! I can’t wait!! @taylorswift I hope you will be able to make it to my Birthday Prom on Sat, June 24th 2017 @ 7pm!!! I know my mom would be so happy knowing her little girl had one of her biggest dreams to come true!!! It’s going to be the prom I have always dreamed of, where I feel confident in how I look and stronger than I have ever been!! You helped me become who I am today with your encouraging words and loving actions!! I would love to be able to dance the night away with you in my beautiful dress at my party!!! Thank you for all you have done and I hope I will be able to thank you in person soon!! I will never let that dream go because I know one day it could be possible!!! That day will be a great day!!! Love you Tay :)

Btw Taylor this dress has pockets!! I think you would appreciate that extra awesomeness to the dress ;)

~ Suzy W 

People From The Past (Happy x Reader)

A/N: This came out way longer than I planned but enjoy. Please send in requests.

You turned the corner quicker than you thought and ran into a woman. You both fell to the concrete ground hard, as the pain shot up into your arm you chose to ignore it and kept on going. You heard the women shout as you ran passed but you didn’t bother to care. You needed to get away and find Happy quicky he was your only hope to get out of this mess you found yourself in. You haven’t spoke in years but the faded crow tattoo was a constant reminder of the time you guys shared. Knowing that this was where he was located you came straight here to somehow find him. Before you knew what was happening your arm was being grabbed back, you went to shrugged it off but they place both hands on your shoulders turning you towards them. It was a women you recognize as the one you hit.

“I’m so sorry but please you need to let me go” You stated as you look behind her, making sure that they haven’t caught up since you last lost them. It was clear for now but it was never safe.

“You must have no idea who I am” She said with a laugh which made you cringe. You didn’t need any more trouble than what you had. Knowing she wasn’t one of them gave you some sort of comfort.

“Please let me go” This time it wasn’t a plea it was a demand and you didn’t want to hurt her but you would if it meant getting away from people lines of slight.

“I’ll have you know that my hu-” She started but was cut off as a women came into slight behind her calling her name.

“Tara. Tara Stop let’s go” The women stopped in her tracks as she took in your appearance. You knew who she was. You haven’t seen her face in years, you knew it would come to this but not this fast. Tara looked at the two of you sensing that you guys have met before which made her curious.

“Well what do I see here. If it isn’t a lost Old Lady” Gemma said as she placed her hands on her hips giving you a killer smirk.

“Old Lady?” Tara questioned, you knew she must’ve been one as well.

“I’m not a Old Lady anymore Gemma you and I both know that” You force out through your teeth as much as you miss her, she never truly understood what went on with you and Happy. But right now you didn’t care you needed her help.

“What brings you to Charming Y/N?” Gemma asked as she stepped closer to you taking in your appearance once again, she couldn’t help but notice the crow tattoo peaking out on your side.

“Happy” You admitted as you made another look to make sure it was still all good. The action didn’t go unnoticed by Gemma.

“You are in trouble aren’t you?” You nodded as she asked, there was no point in lying to Gemma. She knew you before which meant she knew you didn’t come back to start up some old fling.

“I need him Gemma, he’s the only one” She looked at you and smiled as best as she could. You still being here was a shock even more that you needed help.

“Get the car Tara we need to go see our boys”

  Stepping out onto the car parking lot brought back so many memories. Even with only being here once before any Sons club at this point was too much. You felt a wave of anxiety wash over you. It’s been so long since you seen Happy you didn’t know what he was going to do. Would he still help you? You had nowhere else to go that would be safe.When you enter the clubhouse you noticed it still smell like old times, a mixed of cigars, whiskey and sex takin over the breathing air that you consumed. Sitting by the bar was all of the boys they looked up to see who was entering and when they took in the sight of you guys some of them stopped and stared while others look confused. Happy step away from his seat fixing his cut as he made his way over towards you

“What are you doing here little girl?” He said while looking at you with his famous killer look. A look that would sacred many but not you. It sounded like hatred in his voice and everyone could feel the tension in the room.

“I need help Happy” You told him as you looked into his eyes “I’m in trouble and you’re the only person that I know to come to” The feelings were overwhelming, you haven’t been someone Old Lady in so long and being back here was all you wanted. He looked down at you examining your now bruised arm from earlier and then demanded


“I got into some trouble with another Brotherhood called Hell’s Helpers. You know how good I am Hap at dealing. I had nothing else to do for years to keep me going but when I went back it was amazing Happy” You continue to say as everyone watched you two “They think I was ripping them off with one of my suppliers when I wanted out but it was too much for me to handle”

“You always found a way to be in over your head girl” Happy added with a smile coming across his face. The members that you didn’t know look shocked at the way Happy was acting they never seen him before so soft.

“It was one my peaks you loved. Don’t even try to denied it. You loved to be my knight in shining armor all of the time Happy.” You teased.

“Church” Clay announced as he got up from his spot placing his beer on the counter. The boys followed him entering one by one.  

“We’ll help you little girl” Happy told as he kissed your forehead, then followed his club. They were going to vote on the matter and you knew it would go through. You were an ex-Old Lady in trouble but not just any ex-Old Lady you were the one that still held Happy’s heart in your hand. You both would give your last dying breath to each other with or without the club help.

“Come let’s have drinks girl” Gemma said as the doors shut walking to the bar. “I think we need to fill Tara in” With that you laugh and started to walk over because you knew that this would be your safe family once again.

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u already know i dont watch that show but gimme some good ol joleyne my dude

i haven’t been able to read stone ocean yet but she’s already one of my favorites 

I'm​ Love Her.

What They Do That Is Cute


As you would expect Chibs doesn’t act cute very often so when he does you try and savour the moment as best you can. Their is one thing however which is cute and that he does quite regularly and that something is tickling you when ever he gets the chance. You could be talking to all of the guys or pouring a drink, he would come up behind you and squeeze your sides which would result in the boys laughing at you or you spilling the drink that you where poring. Despite the annoyance it causes you you can never help the smile which comes to your face straight after he does this especially when Chibs runs away with a happy little smirk on his face.

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Tiggy acts cute on a day to day basis. One minute he could be fiddling with your fingers absentmindedly or trailing his finger tips up and down your back and the next minute he could be making a stupid face at you to make you laugh. Every time he sees your happy ( and slightly giddy ) reactions to whatever it is that he does it only encourages him to do it more often.

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Their haven’t every been a time when Juan Ortiz was not being cute. Everything he does it cute and when you say everything you mean everything. He could be brushing his teeth or simply talking to you and you would think that he was being cute. Although the thing which you think is the cutest thin about him is his smile and the dimples he gets when he smiles.

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The only time when Hap acts cute is when he’s around kids. They seem to bring out the best in him and you can’t help but love it. He’s naturally great with them and doesn’t pass up the opportunity to spend time with them, especially Jax’s son Abel. He doesn’t realise but when he plays with the kids he is a completely different person to what he is anywhere else he’s love, considerate and best of all plays whatever the kids want him too play. No one will ever be able to forget the day Happy wore a tiara and make-up for one of the little girls the club was looking after for a few hours.

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I want to give a shoutout to this special lady. Most of you that know her, know the ups and downs that we’ve had over the past 10 months. She’s been a rockstar though. She’s always there to make up for what I lack and brings out the best in me. She’s a wonderful mother to not only our little one, but our twin girls. Happy Mother’s Day @queenofthecroutons, I love you!

For any of you other mothers out there that follow me, happy Mother’s Day to you as well. I hope you all have a great day!

a good summary of my blog is honestly ‘when ur tired of a goddess being nothing besides the weak little flower girl to people’

Strictly Professional

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A/N: YES I KNOW ITS BEEN EONS BUT IM FINALLY UPDATING!!! I’m sorry if this is kinda boring but it will get interesting soon, I hope:) The other fic should be uploaded soon, but I have lots to think about for that one. This fic is 100% mine and written by me! No I do not own JDM, sadly. Also, let me know if you want to be tagged! Enjoy! 

Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan AU X Reader

Warnings: None that I know of (please let me know if there are) 

Word Count: 1,416 

Tags: @a-queen-and-her-throne 

Chapter Two: 

The bell rang, signaling the end of the first day. You stood at the door and instructed the kids to form a quiet single file line. After they all were lined up, you all walked to the cafeteria so that the kids could sit and wait for their parents. Another teacher took everyone who had to ride the bus outside so that you could stay and make sure that all of your kids get picked up. You weren’t as scared and dreadful of talking to the parents this time, since the morning of the first day is usually when it’s the most hectic. Most parents didn’t even talk to you when they picked up their child, since most of the time they were both eager to go home. But fortunately, Amelia had really become fond of you, and didn’t mind talking to you about how much she loved school already. Even though you didn’t like to choose favorites, Amelia was definitely one of them. She was always so kind and well-mannered, and loved to play well with others. And her happy spirit seemed to spread to whoever she was talking to at the moment. “Ms. Y/L/N, you’re the best teacher ever!”, Amelia said to you. You laughed at her and said, “I’m your first teacher, Amelia! And I’m your only teacher this year, you can’t say that yet!”. “I know but you’re still the best!”. She had the best and funniest ways of lifting your spirits. “Oh look, my dad’s here!”, she said before running to him. Your eyes followed and met with his in an intense stare. Why did he have to be so gorgeous? You smiled at them as he picked her up and spun her around in a tight hug. You could tell she was telling him about her first day by the way her face lit up and how excited she was. 

Once he set her down, he pointed to one of her friends and she ran to them, and then he started walking towards you. Ohgodohgodohgodohgod. “Hey Y/N! So, how was your second first day?”, he said, close enough to you that you could see every detail of his perfect face. “Hello Jeffrey! It actually went pretty well, everyone today seemed to love school so far”. “Well I’m sure that having you as a teacher helped lift their spirits”, he said with a sparkling wink. Is this man trying to make you faint? “So, how was Amelia today? I hope she was on her best behavior, sometimes she gets a little too hyper and it can be difficult to calm her down”. “Oh don’t worry, she was fine. Actually, she was more than fine. She is one of my best students. She is the most well-behaved and kind child I have ever seen. And she is certainly the happiest!”, Jeffrey broke into the brightest smile at your words. “Thank you so much, you have no idea what hearing that means to me. Being a single dad is tough and you’ve just reassured me that I’m doing everything right, so thank you!”, he smiled at you and held your hands again. Good grief, how could someone’s hands be so soft and rough at the same time. You started to think of possibilities of his hands going elsewhere before you scolded yourself to be professional. “Stop worrying Jeffrey, you’ve raised a wonderful daughter”. He smiled and stared down at you with his intense eyes, creating a little bit of tension between you two. You weren’t even sure exactly what kind of tension it was. Just then, Amelia ran up to you both, breaking the spell as she said, “Hey daddy, Anna left and gave me this flower she drew, see it?”. “Oh wow, that’s a very pretty flower! Did you thank her for it?”. “Of course I did!”, she laughed at Jeffrey, as if it was even a question. “Can we go home now? I want to eat my soup!”. Jeffrey laughed back at her and said, “Yes we can go, say goodbye to Ms. Y/L/N first though”. She ran up to you and hugged you tight and said, “Goodbye Ms.Y/L/N, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!”. You hugged her back and told her, “And I can’t wait to see you either!”. Jeffrey smiled at the two of you in a hug, “Aw, look at my two favorite girls”. You blushed at his statement and Amelia pulled away to say, “As long as I’m your most favorite, right daddy?”. “Mmm, I don’t know, Ms.Y/L/N might have you beat”, he teased at Amelia. You and Jeffrey both laughed as she just stood there and pouted. “Oh come on Amelia, you know you’ll always be my favorite girl”. She smiled and ran into Jeffrey’s arms, making him laugh and almost fall over. “Well, we’ll see you tomorrow Y/N!”, he said while picking up Amelia. “Goodbye guys, have a good day!”, you waved at Amelia as she waved to you, Jeffrey winking at you before he left. Good God, how were you supposed to survive an entire year with him? 

After cleaning the classroom and talking to Mrs.Sanchez for a while, you couldn’t wait to finally get home and relax. Once you got home, you put on your most comfortable pajamas, poured yourself a glass of wine, and lay on the couch to catch up on some TV shows you loved to watch. You heard your phone ring and picked it up to see it was your best friend, Lilly. “Hey Lilly, what’s up?”. “So, how was the first day?”, she questioned, seeming to be a little too excited. “Well hello to you too! And it was pretty good, I didn’t have a mental breakdown or anything, so it was definitely better than last year”. “Good! And how are the kids? None of them are too bratty, are they?”. It amazed you how much Lilly just absolutely loved children. “No Lilly, the children are just fine. Most of them are the sweetest little things ever! Especially this one little girl I have, she’s just so happy all the time that it makes me happy!”. “Well I’m glad you’re having fun, we picked up three more cats today, which means three times more sneezing for me. Why did I even want to work in an animal shelter?”. “Because you love animals and have a big heart. Come on, you’re around animals all day. How is your job not the best?”. “Why don’t you come down here and clean up the kennels yourself?”, she let out laugh, “No, I’m only joking. I do love working here. Especially since this hot guy just started working here, he really makes it even better!”. “Hmm, I don’t think your boyfriend would enjoy hearing that very much”, you teased. “I only said he was hot, I didn’t say I would date him! And what about you? Have you seen any hot dads yet?”. Instantly, you could feel the heat in your body rush to your cheeks. She hadn’t even said his name, yet his face wouldn’t leave your mind. You didn’t want to tell her and give her the satisfaction though. “No, I haven’t seen any”, but once the sentence left you, you could tell that she wouldn’t buy it. “Y/N, are you lying to me? You know I can see, or hear, right through you, right?”. “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”. “You are! Oh my God, you must have a huge crush on him then. Please take a picture of him and send it to me! Wait, tell me his name so I can look him up”. “No! I am not taking a picture of him or giving you his name!”. “Fine, then I guess I’ll have to come to your school and find him myself!”. “Alright, just remember that there will be tons of children here”. “Oh, that’s right. My evil plan has failed. Oh Dave just bought some Chinese food home, I gotta go. Bye Y/N!”. “Bye!”, you laughed, she sure loved herself some Chinese food. After going through some of your TV shows, you looked at the time and realized it was 11:00pm. You turned the TV off and headed to the kitchen to eat a quick dinner. Once you finished eating, you went straight to your bedroom where you could finally drift off into a nice, peaceful sleep.

All these Little Things

[A/N: since it is JDM’s birthday today I decided I had to write a small drabble to celebrate all that is Daddy Winchester]

Warnings: daddy!kink, this is so unbearably fluffy I may puke XP

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You had woken even earlier than usual for your daddy’s birthday even after the late night you had enjoyed. You had wanted to make it as special as possible so every so often you would sneak out of bed to work on the gifts for your daddy. This morning was to be extra special so as you made your daddy his coffee and favourite breakfast, setting it down on the bedside table. You climbed back into bed and began trailing soft kisses down his chest, smiling as you gently sucked on his head while massaging his abs.

“Y/N?” you heard him groan as he lifted the covers to see you, a grin broke out as you sucked gently. John Winchester’s eyes lit up before he moaned, “Happy Birthday to me huh?” he groaned, tangling his hand in your hair.

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