one hansen


i wanna make some more friends (cause my social life is nonexistent) so if you watch/stan jacksepticeye (sean mcloughlin), danisnotonfire (dan howell), amazingphil (phil lester), and/or wiishu (signe hansen) then hit me up if you watch/stan one of these peeps, or all of them, or if you’re way too much inventsted into septiishu & phan than my own life

then i’m your dude/dudette

no but seriously i wanna find more people who’s also in the amazingwiishuisnotasepticeye™ club


i wanna be known as the person in the deh fandom who draws connor too much

every time i drew connor murphy in my two sketchbooks, in order! 


i love him so much

@primadia see i can only draw connor well

style study creds!!! (I love their art!!!!) @ask-ocs-ask-eddsworld

sorry for the quality of the last few, had to quickly transfer the photos to my laptop so they’re mostly screenshots pft

Recommend me some musicals/talk to me about new musicals?

Ones I’ve know/love:

  • Kinky Boots 
  • Falsettos 
  • Book of Mormon 
  • Hamilton 
  • Newsies 
  • Matilda 
  • Dear Evan Hansen 
  • Chicago 

Ones I’ve kind of listened to and want to watch but don’t know much about: 

  • Next to Normal 
  • Something Rotten! 
  • In the Heights 
  • Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  • Wicked
  • Legally Blonde
  • Heathers (Haven’t listened to it but still kinda interested?)

hi there so after the OVERWHELMINGLY positive response to my last video (thank you for that by the way, it made me so happy), i decided to do another dear evan hansen song! so here’s a lil snippet of me singing and playing all the parts to “You Will Be Found” :) i hope ya like it

ps the app makes it sound better with headphones

broadway songs that could bring me back from the dead/my favorite broadway songs

defying gravity

for good

what is this feeling

as long as you’re mine

no good deed

one day more

do you hear the people sing?

the abc café/red and black

the schuyler sisters


guns and ships


you’ll be back

she’s in love

the great comet prologue

you won’t succeed on broadway

always look on the bright side of life


agony (reprise)

into the woods prologue

i believe

any dream will do

close every door

joseph’s coat (the coat of many colors)

poor, poor pharaoh/song of the king

benjamin calypso


the phantom of the opera

all i ask of you

waving through a window

carrying the banner

king of new york

watch what happens

seize the day

forget about the boy

gimme gimme

i’m alive

superboy and the invisible girl

cell block tango

all that jazz

candy store

seventeen (reprise)

rhythm of the tambourine


top of the world

summer nights

you’re the one that i want

hard-knock life