one handed tool

“why do you use crayola colored pencils and copy paper”

“why do you use ms paint and”

“why do you draw with a mouse and not a tablet”

“why don’t you use a good digital camera and not your laptop/camera phone”

“stop showing me a picture of an empty wallet”

nekoma ANBU


Things we lost to the flames
Things we’ll never see again
All that we’ve amassed
Sits before us, shattered into ash

We have to live a life of no regrets.


Sophie Devereaux: I’m a grifter. For better or worse

I think one of the things that destroys me and infuriates me most right now is that the person who could likely be most counted on to care about the horrific violation visited on Thea Queen by Malcolm is Sara Lance.

Here is the final shot of the 9 story wall Elliot Francis Stewart and I painted in Port Adelaide during the Wonder Walls Festival. It was a trying but exciting experience and we are both so stoked to have had this opportunity.

The wall is an ode to the history of the area and we tried our very best to include many things. Firstly the text reads: “Ngadluku Kaurna Miyurna Kaurna Yarta tampinthi. Marni niina pudni Kaurna yarta-ana pudni. Pukipirra tarrkarri mankutitya'dlu tirkanthi.” Translated into English that means “Let’s recognise Kaurna People and Kaurna Land. It’s good that you came to Kaurna land. Learn from the past so that we can grasp the future.”

Considering the past of the region and how affected Kaurna and other
indigenous people have been, I think this is such an incredible sentiment to have and feel honoured to have been given the task of painting these words. Ironically (and as always there’s a serendipitous aspect to every large wall I paint) we completed this on Australia Day.

The figure Elliot painted is looking back into the past with her arm extended out clutching some of the earth. Within the soil is some of the objects we found on the ground around our site, mainly birds eggs, feathers and skulls. The entire cycle of birdlife was visibly represented at our feet and we felt that was poetic. She has a hammer in one hand and a tool belt, this is an ode to Port Adelaide’s more recent past as an industrial centre but also represents
the rejuvenation the area is going through currently. She has one foot in the past, that knee is ripped and one foot forward, the tear on that knee has been patched up with the Indigenous flag.

We would like to extend a huge thanks to Uncle Lewis O’Brien for preparing the text for us, Jack Buckskin (who is doing so much work to define Kaurna as a written & spoken language) for making sure the spelling was current, Joel
Moore and Jane Marr for co-ordinating and making this mural happen. Also Digby and Sam for operating the lifts and keeping us company for a week. Thank you.

Today Dream Believers - Week 1 : Bestest

My colleague brought a daughter to work today and I just had to … use it for a fluffy story ;)

Fits todaydreambelievers Prompt 1 :  Kurt and/or Blaine as young children (preferably under 5).  For example, could possibly be a family story or the two of them meeting as young children.

As far as he knows, Kurt has never seen Blaine before that day on the staircase.

Blaine isn’t so sure, but it doesn’t go beyond seeing him from afar.

But the day Georges Anderson meets Burt Hummel and they recognize each other, both their sons discover something new.

“What do you mean, we became best friends for a day?”

Georges and Burt share a similar smirk that sends shivers down their sons’ backs.

“Once upon a time,” Burt starts, and Kurt already wants to cover his ears in a way he has not needed in a long time …


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The Risks of Assisting Evolution
Modifying genes can help species adapt, but could also destroy them.
By Elizabeth Alter

The Op-Ed pieces introduces us to some of the newer technology being used by researchers to fiddle with the genes of living creatures. The technology being used, including one called Crispr-Cas9, give humans the ability to engineer evolution. Will we use these technologies for “the good?” Or will we, intentionally or not, spark an ecological catastrophe?


These new tools are much more precise and easy to use than past versions. Researchers can cut and paste DNA into just about any animal, plant or fungus. Whereas modified genes were once likely to be stamped out if by chance they made it into the wild, today’s technologies can supercharge a genetic chain reaction: A technique called “gene drive” ensures a modified gene will be inherited with nearly 100 percent success. This is valuable in making sure that a desirable new gene, like one resistant to the malaria parasite, spreads once introduced into a mosquito population. It also means a mistake can’t easily be taken back.

As scientists, policy makers and citizens, we need to start debating how much genetic tinkering we should allow in the wild and what regulations need to be in place. On the one hand, these new tools could help us cope with many risks to humans and animals, including climate change. Coral could be buffered against warming ocean water through the introduction of heat-tolerant genes. Genes from successful species could be used to help rescue imperiled ones. The method could be used as a form of molecular CPR, helping species adjust to our changed planet more quickly than they could on their own.

But the ecological risks of these manipulations are real and poorly understood. We can’t fully predict the consequences of releasing self-propagating genes into the wild.

anonymous asked:

In the guide to the crystal gems is listed as a fun fact that pearl can project holograms. Does this mean she's the only who can? Maybe the only one of the crystal gems? Do you think all pearls are able to do it? I kinda of think it's because her gem is in her head, I'm having a hard time imagining a pearl doing it with her gem on her back or something....

Well, both Garnet and Peridot have projected light from their gems flashlight-style, just as Pearl has, which I think is kind of in the same vein as projection. So I think all Gems are probably capable of projecting, just as all Gems are capable of shapeshifting, but its easier or more natural for some than for others

I’d guess it might be a combination of having a forehead gem and being a pearl which makes projection so natural to Pearl. Like, its so second nature to her that it doesn’t seem entirely voluntary (the act of projection seems to be more like opening a window to the mind rather than actively projecting something, since in “Serious Steven”, “Rose’s Scabbard”, and “Chille Tid” Pearl projects things she was thinking that she clearly didn’t intend to project)

The forehead gem placement makes a lot of sense for projection, since its thought-based. And Gems with forehead gem placements seem more centered around thought/logic/reason, going by both Pearl and Peridot. A projection is a more literal translation of thought, so it fits with them being more thought based (conversely, shapeshifting if more abstract and feeling-based and so more natural for a Gem like Amethyst)

but also I think projection has a more servile function in Homeworld society and is thus an ability most common with Pearls. Like, its like the storing and relating of information to someone, more than having personal use (Pearl does use it for personal use though, but she’s a renegade and all). Peridot hasn’t used projection and, in fact, had tools that took the place of projections (the storing and presenting of information) back on Homeworld. Which gives the impression that projection is something for a tool to do, not a Gem (I mean, all Gems are tools for Homeworld, of course, but there seem to be different class levels. And according to Peridot, Pearls don’t even qualify as "actual” Gems). So while projection is a pretty dang useful ability to have, because its something for Pearls to do, I could see it being devalued just on that basis (if a Pearl can do it, then it must be beneath other “actual” Gems to be doing)

I always kind of liked the analogy that, to Homeworld, Pearls are kind of the equivalent of smartphones (just, y’know, living ones). On-hand tools for pulling up or sharing information, that look nice and can be a symbol of status, store things, and while indispensable for a lot of people are often seen as toys/gadgets/accessories

anyway, tl;dr, I think Gems are all theoretically capable of the same abilities, but have different aptitudes and inclinations for what abilities they can do. I also think certain abilities might be devalued just on the basis of what Gem type is best suited for it.

Back in the beginning, the very first scene Carol and Daryl shared together was an unforgettable moment of liberation for one.. the handing them the tool in which to do so..

His reaction to watching her bury the ax, not one but several times showed him to be maybe the one person to understand, the difficulty and confused emotions of this particular action. 

(gifs by oohshiny)

Freeing yourself from the abusive tyranny of someone who made you live in fear for so long. It might have been something he himself never the opportunity, ability and courage to do. At that moment they had already begun to relate to each other in that special way. 

It always amazed me how they just seemed to know, or sense it in each other. When Carol came in to thank after he injured himself looking for her daughter, she no doubt saw the evidence of his painful pain on his back. And his reaction to her simply bending to kiss him on the head..

She was someone who recognized these for what they were. She never had to ask him, and he never had to ask her. They just knew. 

Carol understood the conflicting emotions within Daryl about his toxic relationship with his brother. No one else in that group could possibly understand but Caryl did.  What men like Merle are capable of making you think  about yourself, and how easily they can twist you up.

She knew it because of own experiences. Knew that it wasn’t as simple as walking away. And when Merle came back to the prison with Daryl she made sure he knew that she knew what he was capable of. 

She was standing for him, and for herself as well. 

What amazes me  once again is we’d hand’t up until s5 ever seen the two them talk about it or discuss the similarity of expereiences they had. It was never mentioned onscreen to each other up until they stayed at the Domestic Violence Shelter together for the night. A place that was no doubt painful for them both. 

“you stayed her?’ he asked her, his fingers shaking slightly over a book on child abuse. And it wasn’t really a question he expected an answer to. 

Daryl knew what that meant for her, he’d always known. But the reality of it was shown to him. Was shown and understood the courage it must have taken to come there in the first place. When she told him later she only stayed there for one night before ‘running back to Ed’’ and that she ‘went home, got beat up and life went on..’ 

When that book fell out of his bag in front of Carol we had a silent conversation played out ..

She’d already know for a long time, didn’t ask a damn thing. While the look on Daryl’s face was showing fear and shame at this secret discovered, Carol had one of understanding, empathy and even some pride at him acknowledging this aspect of himself that he rarely vocalized. 

They rarely had to talk about it but the understanding was so deep it was almost like telepathy. They just know, they always have. Have always been drawn into each others orbit and have gained strength off each other. They’ve never had to ask. 

Each one knows what it’s like to be afraid of someone, abused and under control and suppressed and managed to give each other the freedom to be themselves again. To be free and even be happy. Especially around each other. 

And to me that’s a beatufiul thing and if it’s wasted and thrown away I would be very disappointed. Because to quote our lovely MMB “no one shares their story but each other.. no else could.” 

So maybe I’m stupid optimist, but I don’t think it will be.. but I will keep my fingers crossed :)

Caryl on everyone <3

barefoot and nude

coral snakes live underfoot
new blue moon’s overhead
on this dwindling horizon route
this endless path of dread

my trusty axe at the one hand
my tool pouch in the other
to buck me up upon demand
‘fi meet with one tough mother

the locals tried to warn me
back home they think i’m looped
deep inside my own guide line
i’m sure i’ll glean a scoop

lopping off the past that hinders
doubt ‘treaded’ underfoot
amping up my treasured wanderlust,
and trusting in my root

the long hard route won’t smite me none
i’ve crawled thru muck and sludge
withheld applause won’t spite me, son
my truculence can’t be budged

barefoot and nude, deluded
into thinking i’m the stuff
upending shirkers, yet denuded
thought they were up to snuff

this is the wounded glory hole
my modern stygian quest
this is the under forty goal
this one’s the cheesiest

i love my mac-n (joking now)
i love my tricky knee
i love my fabled big black cow
and ‘dancing’ vis-a vis

just me vs. the great beyond
unto the cosmic wow
the activation mandate in
a wildlife wedding vow

it’s dam the wall and hold it
it’s take the ball and run
it’s play the hand, don’t fold it
it’s acting like you’ve won

believe me, i’m no shlepper
know when you call my name
you’ll get a testy stepper
who’s ramping up his game

inside this tropic jungle row,
inverted mis-en-scene
cast in a comic bungle, low
out where hyenas run

this is the fall impending
beyond the primal scream
this is the viral trending
onto fate’s trampoline

so shall i cross it over
and leave this dreck behind?
to range the plain as rover
cause i’m the gaming kind?
packing my grandest attitude
tracking the trail - barefoot and nude.