one hand slide

Making out with Daryl Dixon would include :

(Wooo more prompts! Wooo Daryl :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him being shy about it most of the time and hinting you with his eyes where you should go to join him

-Him usually waiting for you to kiss and hold him first before he gets to courage to do the same to you

-Him starting slow along with you, cupping your face on one hand, only to slide down to grip you tighter and get rougher with his kisses

-Him liking to do it while you’re both standing up, so he can reach for your thigh to pull up to his waist and suddenly picking you up

-Him putting all of his emotions and feelings into it so you can know how much he loves you

-Him usually laying you down on your back after a long while with you on his lap so he could get on top of you

-Him getting confident and greedy so he starts to take off your shirt and marking you with hickeys on your neck

-Him loving to feel your hands all over him and just getting even more turned on when you start to undo his shirt

-Him loving to tug your hair to kiss you even more and actually liking it when you would do the same to him

-The two of you getting caught by the others and him getting really flustered and just hiding you in his arms

10; badboy!jungkook

tangled (10) // this one’s for @yoongihime 🐻
p: one sliding their hand into the other’s hair slowly

jungkook would take going to your place over other places in the world any day. it was an easy choice when you asked him wanna come over? because he answers by grabbing onto your hand and started walking in the direction of where you lived, all with a gummy smile on his face at the thought of being alone with you.

sure, jungkook loved being around people he was comfortable with. but he could never describe how it felt like to have you all to himself for that certain period of moment. however, what you two would be doing was an open question left unanswered, a selection of choices to be picked until you two agree on something that was pleasant on both ends. it ranged from movies to reruns to studying (debatable with jungkook’s persuasion and your skills to steer jungkook back to what you want) to enjoying one another’s presence as it is.

today, it was the last one.

from what seemed to be lovely to just laze around and talk on the sofa, moved down onto the floor where jungkook’s back is pressed to the lower half of the seat, legs outstretched for yours to overlay atop. he folds his legs up after that, mid conversation because he truly loves how it brings you closer to him. he listens intently as you go on about your day, but when you hand over the invisible microphone for him to start talking because man, his voice sounds beautiful, all he does is places a hand on your thigh.

you’re about to question if there’s anything wrong but you surely know there can’t be when jungkook waits for you to place your hand over his. he flips his hand over and smiles when the spaces between your fingers are filled with his own. that’s when he’s blinking up to you, at you, closer, closer, and closer until he presses his lips to yours after murmuring that he just wanna kiss you.

you oblige with a soft chuckle and he relishes on the sounds you make that left him fascinated to how it can be adorable in one second and downright sinful in the next. he groans and attempts pulls you closer with his free hand finding purchase over your cheek. his fingers rest there for a bit as he pulls away to sigh, eyes gazing into yours where it builds up the flame from within before he dives back in for more. his hand starts to travel up and over your ear, threading through your hair and like a switch, it grants your arms to come around his shoulder, hugging him close. one more drag of his fingertips over your scalp and that gets you to moan with a smirk you feel against your lips.

drawing himself back, he licks his lips and runs his fingers through your hair once more before he asks, “bed or sofa?”

you hook yourself on him, legs folded by his thighs to case him in, “how about here?”

he chuckles with an approving nod, hands smoothening over your thighs with the small tilt of his head and the cockiest eyebrow move, “i can work with that.”

Newt Scamander Christmas Fluff

Pairing: Newton Artemis Fido Scamander x Reader;

Prompt: “5, 7 and 17 for a Newt Scamander and a female please?” from this prompt list and with the mention of the writing not having any gender;

Word count: 2198;

Originally posted by pottersource

“Love, I’m home!” Your voice gets carried away by the cozy festive air and you are met with the familiar sight of Christmas decorations and a few little random Wizarding items here and there. You take your bag and coat off, placing them in the hanger as your companion walks your way, greeting you with a loving smile.

“Hello, there, love.” He replies as he comes over and cups your face. Then, he gently tugs your chin towards him as his head dips down to capture your beautiful lips in-between his rosy ones, sliding his hand to caress your cheek. You smile into the kiss, your hand involuntarily tangling itself in his reddish brown curls- you’re obviously more than pleased with his choice of greeting.

When he pulls away, his eyelids fluttering, you wrap your hand into his and intertwine your fingers, pecking him on the cheek.

“Missed you, too.” You speak, offering your lover a warm smile.

“Are you going to tell me, today?” Newt asks in an excited voice, his hands now gently holding your waist, keeping you close to him.

There was a certain novelty to the way he held you- and it’s something you’ve noticed right from the start of your relationship. He does it in a very unique fashion. He’s careful, tender- as if he’d worry about scaring you away by being too straight-forward or too brusque. Newt is holding you as he would a fragile creature and he manages to do it the right way- he doesn’t come off as overprotective or possessive, he comes off as caring and loving.

As if you couldn’t be more enraptured by the wonderful magizoologist that is Newton Artemis Fido Scamander as it is.

Before answering, you take a moment to breathe the familiar scent in, relishing in the intimate feeling your closeness provides. He looks down to you and his heart swells at the sight of his loved one in his arms. Newt finds himself in the impossibility of holding a smile back as your shiny orbs peer into his and a shy shiver of contentment travels his spine.

“We’ve talked about this.” You answer and rest your hands on his chest, your fingers absentmindedly tracing and breaking patterns in their wake. “You can wait another 24 hours to open presents.” You add in a hushed voice, rising on your tippy toes to meet his plump lips, once more.

He smiles into the kiss, breathing a giggle against your lips before breaking apart and kissing you on the top of your head.

“You can be quite a tease.” He remarks as you let go of his hand and go wash your own in the bathroom just at the end of the hallway.

“And you can be quite the tosser.” You retort, making eye contact via the mirror and taking in his amused, faux-hurt look.

“Joking.” You add before he’d get the chance to say anything. ”You know I love you, you utter nerd.” You say, maintaining eye contact with the pair of green eyes you’ve grown to get lost in.

“Oh, I would have thought so.” He replies, a lop-sided smirk teasing at his lips. He leans on the doorframe, a boyish look adorning his handsome frame as he glances from the floor tiles to your reflection.

Your mouth spreads in a smile at his attempt to nonchalantly flirt before you turn the tap off and dry your hands. You turn to Newt, walk over and raise a hand to tug his chin, prompting the two of you to make eye contact. Your eyes hastily travel from his incredible orbs to his beautifully carved lips as you tilt your nose closer to his and the two of you meet in a tender eskimo kiss.

His eyelids flutter shut and his mouth goes agape in contentment as the tip of his nose brushes across yours. Taking advantage of the situation, you entangle your arms behind his neck, bringing him just a little closer- exactly the required amount of inches for your lips to meet. As the kiss gets a little heated, he slips his hands in the back pocket of your jeans and traces his tongue at your lower lip, gently demanding permission.

You smirk and pull away, your hands moving to hold the edges of his shirt’s collar. Newt’s gaze falls upon you, the sight of his slightly diluted pupils sending a shiver down your spine. You rise on your tippy toes to kiss the very corner of his lips, which part in a surprised gasp as he tries to tilt his head in order to properly kiss you.

As you take a step back, he gingerly removes his hands from your back pockets, slowly pulling himself from the doorframe.

“I have to tend to the Dittany. You know how pretentious it can be.” You excuse yourself, heading to the balcony. The cold air hits you like a train and you scold yourself for not bringing your coat. However, you still decide to complete your tasks without returning for warm clothing.

As you care for the magical plant, bringing to mind every bit of information you have on it, you allow your mind to momentarily dwell on the incredible wizard currently lounging in your living room. You have no idea as to how you stumbled across him- you don’t even remember it, to be completely honest. But you know it was one of the best things to have ever happened in your life.

As your hands are busying themselves with their day to day chores- tending the plants, watering them and such- your eyes catch a glimpse of Newt coming your way, well equipped with two mugs of tea.

“You know me so well, love.” You say, taking the mug, giving him a chaste kiss and going to return to the apartment. “Thankfully, I was just headed in, too.” You add, opening the door and entering the room.

“Blimey, is it cold outside.” You shiver, relishing in the way it cursed through your entire body.

“That’s where the tea comes into play, (Y/N).” Newt sassily remarks, rubbing his hand on your upper arm, obviously attempting to provide some kind of body heat.

“I don’t think that’ll do it.” You tease. “You’ll have to try harder.”

“Oh, won’t it? Well, what will, then?” Newt asks, mushing the last sentence together in a confusing jumble of words. Getting the sense of the question, however, you proceed with the answer.

“Maybe you could- say, hug me so I can get warm, or- well, I really wouldn’t know, you’re the magizoologist here. You’re the one who knows how to tend to afflicted magical creatures. What’s the diagnosis?” You ask before taking a cautious sip from the smouldering drink in your hands. As you place the mug on a nearby table, Newt pretends to mull the question over. After taking his sweet time, he looks at you with a mischievous glint in his orbs.

In a fluid movement, Newt lunges down and picks you up. You give a small surprised shriek and he starts laughing as he carries you to the couch in front of the fireplace. You jokingly trash and move your feet around before he sets you down, which only gets you more giggles and laughter from his side. Newt flops on top of you, his legs tangled with yours as he speaks.

“Well, since it’s not any particularly challenging illness, I was thinking of the go-to remedy for us, magizoologists.” He finally answers your question, gently dipping his head down to pepper kisses on your neck and collarbones.

“Oh, r-” You stop as he moves a bit up, your back arching as he continues pressing tender kisses on your jawline. “- really? And what would that be?” You breathe a smile, your hands moving to gently cup his neck.

In that moment, he stops and rises on his forearms to look at you, his now dark orbs taking a great, familiar delight in the sight of your beautiful form in his arms. You use the few seconds pause in-between your words and his to dwell on the way the light from the fireplace lit up his features. Or the way his chest rose with every shaky breath he took. Or the way he seemed to tremble with excitement.

You realize, somewhat unexpectedly, that you’re smitten quite bad with this wonderful wizard that travels the world in his leather bound case. And that you wouldn’t have it any other way.

You gingerly brush your hand on his sunken cheeks, caressing his beautifully sculpted cheekbones. You take a moment to savour the crackling of the wood and notice how it helped to perfectly set the mood of this cosy night in. Snogging in front of the fireplace must be the most cliché Christmas thing for couples, but it’s definitely a must.

Love.” When he answers, you find that what was just seconds ago a loving tone is now a significantly huskier one.

Newt barely gets to finish his one-word reply before you crash your mouth on his, not taking any time before tracing your tongue on his lower lip. He breathes a laugh, allows you entrance and then you find yourselves into quite the battle for dominance.

The kiss turns hungry as the both of you get lost into the other, separating only when the need for air is too dire. Your heartbeats turn to one as your legs involuntarily move to encircle his waist. Newt brushes his hands up your thighs, taking his sweet time in caressing your legs. He places his hands on your lower back and- without breaking the kiss- hoists the both of you up in sitting positions.

When you do, eventually, break the kiss, you linger on his bottom lip, gently biting it before pulling away. Your curled fingers are lost somewhere on his chest, stopped midway from counting the many appealing freckles that trace down to forbidden regions.

“I’m sorry; I thought you were the only magizoologist in the Wizarding World?” You speak, as soon as you find your voice. You’re honestly surprised that you remembered the topic you were previously making conversation on. A fleeting smile is draped on your lips as you’re wondering about the answer your lover will dig up for the tease.

“Not for much longer, love.” He says, encasing your hand with his. “In just a little while, witches and wizards all over the earth will know that beasts are not to be feared. Not to be prosecuted and not to be killed. They are to be loved, cherished and valued.” He adds, brushing a few stray hairs from your face.

“I know, Newt. I know.” You reply, fiddling with his hands.

“And I know you do.” He mentions, his lips spreading in his trademark lopsided smile as his voice slightly wavers.

“Read to me.” You shyly perk up, your voice but a whisper to unaware ears.

“What?” Newt asks; he thinks that maybe, he misheard.

“I said read to me. Please?” You repeat with more confidence.

“Anything for you. What shall it be?” He replies, kissing your cheek.

“Can you- can you read Le Rouge Et Le Noir?” You ask, a loving smile lighting your expression up at the reminder of how much you adore his French.

“Stendhal? Well, alright, then. Let me grab my-” He goes to get up and presumably look for his wand, but you stop him mid-movement.

“I hardly think that will be necessary.” You respond. You raise your hand and, with the proper incantation and hand movement, the book is now in your hands.

“Ah, right. All those months at Uagadou must have paid off.” Newt deduces.

“They did.” You reply, poking the tip of his nose. You get off of him. “Let’s get comfy.”

Newt sprawls himself all over the couch and you manage to fit right in between the cushions and him. That’s your usual set up. You put your hand on his chest and tangle your feet to his as he picks the book up and starts reading.

“La petite ville de Verrières peut passer pour l’une des plus jolies de la Franche-Comté. Ses maisons blanches avec leurs toits…”

As you stay there, listening to the voice of the person you know is meant for you, the only thought that runs through your mind relates to how truly blessed you are. In these dangerous times, the Wizarding World has to lay low, terrified and scattered by Grindelwald’s army. However, you and Newt were able to find a safe haven in each other.

You and Newt are able to run away in a suitcase whenever times get tough. The rough reality is that not that many a wizards have such a chance.

As you stay there, listening to the crackling fire logs, you realize that it is your duty to try to help. It’s your duty, as a privileged witch, to try and help the ones in need.

Grindelwald asked for a fight?

He’ll get it.

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before show routines

“Hey Ty, can I try something?” Josh asked, walking into Tyler’s dressing room. Tyler was just putting on his tie and didn’t have his red jacket on yet, his shirt was pulled out and pants were unbuttoned. He turned around to his friend’s voice.

“Sure, what…” Tyler was cut off when Josh placed a hand over his mouth and spun him to where his back was pressed flush against him. Ty could clearly feel that Josh was hard and figured he must’ve been contemplating this for a while. The thought caused him to whimper into Josh’s hand, trembling with lust and maybe a little bit of fear. Josh could feel it and laughed gently, murmuring into Tyler’s ear while sliding one hand down his chest and stomach. 

“We talked about how one day this would happen. How I would catch you in your room and do bad things to you before a show…” Josh’s voice turned him on even more, causing his breath to hitch. Josh pressed a soft kiss to Tyler’s neck, which slowly turned into leaving purplish, red marks. Good thing he still wears his black make-up. 

Tyler felt the front of his pants growing tighter the more Josh teased him. His fingers stopped just at the waistband and he paused his skin-bruising kisses for a moment.

“Sure you want this?” Josh asked. Tyler nodded, squirming in frustration and vocalizing a quick “mhm”. Josh slid his hand around Tyler’s throat, feeling his adam’s apple squirm beneath his palm as he swallowed and whimpered. Josh slowly dipped his fingers below Tyler’s waistband before sliding them under the second layer, running them over his trimmed pubes. He always loved the noise of surprise and arousal Tyler made when he wrapped his hand around his hard member for the first time. He slowly stroked him inside his briefs several times, swiping his thumb over the wet tip which drove Tyler crazy. His head lolled back against Josh’s shoulder and the most beautiful moans ripped from his throat. He bucked into his hand while panting heavily, trying to get more friction. 

“Alright baby, on the couch.” Josh commanded, pulling his hand out abruptly and causing Tyler to whine. Josh nudged him towards the couch just a few feet away. Tyler was already beginning to pull his pants down. 

“So needy for me, aren’t you babe? Let me do that.” Josh said, stepping towards him and replacing Tyler’s hands with his own. He yanked them down, along with his briefs leaving Tyler completely bare from the hips down. Josh tilted Tyler’s face up and began kissing him deeply. 

“What do you want me to do to you?” Josh asked, pulling away gasping and staring into Tyler’s eyes. Tyler stared back intently, almost with a look of defiance as he licked his lips. This display caused Josh’s cock to twitch and he considered shoving Tyler to his knees and fucking his throat. 

“I want you to fuck me, Josh.” Tyler said calmly and with as much purpose as he could muster. Josh’s eyes darkened, he smirked slightly and grabbed Tyler by the waist, pulling him close. He slid his hands down his back before resting on his ass. 

“You want me to fuck this cute little ass?” Josh said playfully, working his fingers between his cheeks. Tyler’s eyes closed, losing his resolve as Josh pressed one against his entrance.

“Josh, holy fuck, please…” he whimpered pathetically as Josh continued fingering him while biting more marks into his neck like it was his job. Tyler was unconsciously rubbing himself against Josh’s thigh, and Josh stopped him, holding his hips still. 

“You don’t get to do that, I’m in control Ty.” Josh reminded, “Now turn around and get on your knees.” Tyler’s eyes widened from Josh’s forcefulness, but did as he was told. Josh put his hand on his back to push him forward slightly. 

“Beautiful, and all mine.” Josh said, wrapping his hands around his hips. Tyler held still, keening into the cushion. Soon he felt something warm, wet, and soft pressing at his hole. It was Josh’s tongue. Tyler’s head swam and body trembled with pleasure, and he soon felt something stiffer joining it. Before he realized it, Josh had two fingers inside him, scissoring and stretching him open. Due to Tyler’s pleading and needy little moans, Josh couldn’t help but wrap a hand around himself and begin pumping a few times - which turned into several. Then Tyler heard it. The wet sounds of jerking off, and Josh fucking moaned while eating him out, and he almost lost it. 

“JoshJoshJosh no please, I’m gonna cum. I need you inside me.” Tyler begged incoherently, moving away from Josh’s tongue. Josh grinned wildly and gave his ass a love-smack, causing him to cry out. 

“So sexy, Ty. Want you to cum with my cock inside you and I’m gonna fill you up so good, baby.” 

As Josh lined himself up Tyler could feel himself on edge, still blushing from his words. The initial pain of his head pushing past helped distract him, but that didn’t last long once Josh was fully inside him and the pain melted away. Tyler squeezed his eyes shut, groaning from feeling so full. Josh held onto his hips, admiring the view and feel of Tyler stretched tightly around him. He slowly pulled out and slid back in, and by that time Tyler had fully adjusted. 

“Fuck Ty, you feel so good. You want this don’t you baby.” Josh emphasized by digging his fingers into Tyler’s skin, rocking his hips against him a bit faster. Tyler was panting heavily and blushing from the praise and affection Josh was showing him. He had no idea Josh had it in him to talk like that. Precum was leaking from his swollen pink tip, but he dared not touch it, wanting to get off from Josh fucking him. So he focused on Josh’s rhythm, his fingers digging into his hips, and…oh god…he changed his angle, and now Josh was roughly grinding into his prostate with every thrust.

Eventually, Josh wrapped a hand around Tyler’s cock, jerking him in time with is thrusting. Tyler gasped, bucking into his hand and pushing back against him like his life depended on it. Josh worked his cock so expertly as he moved inside him, Tyler’s stomach did flips, and soon he felt the beginning of his orgasm. 

“Jo…osh can I- can I cum pleeeease?” Tyler moaned, overtaken with pleasure as his orgasm was peaking. No matter what the answer, it was going to happen. 

“Yes, cum for me babe, you deserve it.” Josh giving permission made it so much better, and Tyler knew nothing but Josh and the mind-numbing orgasm he associated him with. Josh worked him through, stroking Tyler with his own cum as he milked every last bit out. Once he was finished, it only took Josh a few more seconds of relentless pounding before his hips slowed and he gave up control, releasing into Tyler. They remained like that for a moment, suspended in after glow and allowing the sensitivity to die down. He pulled out with a satisfied grunt, using a random towel to clean them up before helping Tyler get dressed and put his black paint on.  

“Alright boys, time to head out on stage!” A stage manager called from outside the door. 

The boys stepped outside the door and put on their balaclavas, giving each other one last quick peck on the lips. Before they parted ways, Josh gave Tyler a playful slap on the ass. Then they were onstage, playing in front of thousands of screaming, unknowing fans.  


going to jail anyway, so why not? :-) 


Magnus stands behind Alec just watching as he bends over the table to take his shot getting lost in a little fantasy for a moment before shaking his head to clear his thoughts and sliding up behind Alec. He places his hands on the taller man’s hips before leaning over him. One hand sliding up the long spine until ringed fingers tangle into messy curls of dark hair whilst the other slips between them to caress at Alec’s toned ass.

“Hmmmm Alexander, I do believe I quite enjoy this view of you, maybe we should get a pool table in my loft?” Magnus whispers against Alec’s ear.

The shadowhunter moans quietly and completely misses his shot, the cue ball jumping off the table and onto the bar floor.

“Having trouble concentrating babe? ” Magnus smirks at Alec but catches a slightly playful glint in those hazel eyes as the two men swap places so Magnus can take his next shot.

Alec’s not sure if it’s the three beers he’s consumed on this date giving him more courage or just the way Magnus makes him feel more confident and self assured but he copies Magnus’ earlier move leaning over the smaller man and pulling gently at his ear cuff with his teeth before playfully licking the shell of his ear, rolling his hips against Magnus’ behind so he can feel how Alec’s jeans are suddenly tighter.

“We definitely need a pool table back at yours because right now, seeing you bent over this one I’m getting ideas about slipping my hand down the back of your pants, opening you up on my fingers and then sliding into you, fucking you hard until you cum screaming my name!” Alec whispers, his voice low and rough with arousal.

Magnus never does make that shot, too shocked at how his shy, stuttering shadowhunter seems to have a hidden talent for dirty talk. For once Magnus is the one stuttering and at a loss for words before finally pulling himself together enough to suggest they finish this date somewhere more private.

By the time they step out of the potal back at the loft there is a pool table right in the middle of the room and Alec just laughs before giving Magnus a heated look and dragging him towards it.

Also on AO3 Shooting Pool (385 words) by Magical_Magnus_Lightwood_Bane
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Shadowhunters (TV)
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Relationships: Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood
Characters: Magnus Bane, Alec Lightwood
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Magnus and Alec go on their date and a simple game of pool gets them a little wound up.

The way Benedict acted that scene, LORD, the shock as Sherlock watches John break down for the very first time, as he takes in the fact that he’s forgiven and that John is being open with him, the hesitance as he absorbs the idea that John needs him, needs to be held, might actually want to be held and oh, God, can he do it? Can he hold John that way, knowing how much tenderness John will feel in his hands? Knowing John might rest his head on Sherlock’s chest and feel how fast his heart is beating? But then how can he not? John needs him.

And then he goes to him, and he slowly, carefully takes him and draws him nearer, slides one hand up John’s neck in memory of the one hug he was ever given, at John’s wedding, and rests his face on John’s hair, just barely, and then pulls it away again a little and blinks, and blinks, and breathes.

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Imagine Loki resting his head on your chest as the two of you cuddle on a couch. He buries his face in your shirt, enjoying the closeness as he wraps his arms around you and holds you close. You gently slide one hand through his hair, the other lazily stroking his back as you both relax after the long and hectic day. Though Loki dwarfs you in size, practically crushing you beneath him, you’re happy to be there and a source of comfort for him, particularly after such a day.

Body Heat

Part 4

As promised, part 4 of the Feysand modern AU I’m writing. Like i said before I should name the whole thing but coming up with chapter names is fun! 

I would love feedback for this, so don’t be shy. I promise I’m a friendly human!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 5Part 6, Part 7, Part 8.

Word Count: 1,938


All words were ripped away from me, my heart was already pounding in my chest. Rhysand’s lips were as soft as his hair. Distantly one of his hands slide around my waist as the while he brought the other to my cheek. His calloused fingers were gentle against my skin as he kissed me slowly.

The way he held me said more than he needed to. The way his fingers flexed around my waist made it feel like he thought I would disappear if he let go.

He tugged me closer, our bodies now flush together.

I was basically laying on him. His body was a hard wall of muscle. He was a force of nature. I honestly would hate to be the guy who egged him into a fight.

We tested the water, our kiss soft and gentle.

When he finally pulled away and I looked down at him, his cheeks were flushed—not that mine weren’t.

He just looked up at me as I looked down at him. His thumb ran over the pane of my cheek, his other fingers milling in my hair in attempt to keep it out of my face.

He was the one who initiated the next kiss.

His lips clashed with mine in a heat of desire. But he reined himself in, not pushing it. That is until my tongue traced the seam of his lips and he completely opened up for me. His body went loose and tense at the same time. It was only then that I let my hands wander slightly: running through his hair, down and across his chest, over his powerful arms.

And he did too. I felt everywhere he touched me. From where my chest pressed against his, to where his hand traced the line of my spine, to the hand that dug into my hair, to our lips. Our lips that are locked tight in a passionate embrace.

It was me, high from the endorphins that were pumping through me, that broke the kiss. It was me who brought my lips to the side of his throat and left a trail of feather-light kisses along it.

But it was Rhys who gently pushes me away. He laughs when he sees the pout that was playing on my swollen lips.

“Oh, Feyre darling, as much as I would love to feel your lips all over me, I do not plan on doing this all in one night. I am going to take my time with you. And only when you are mine am I going to have you begging for me.” His voice was gravelly, but his eyes were alert and searching my face

I push off of him with a huff of breath. I lean back against the couch and immediately wish I was wrapped in the warmth of his embrace. “You’re a terrible tease, you know that?”

A deep laugh rippled through him as he leaned over and kissed my cheek with heartbreaking gentleness.

I turn and stick my tongue out at him causing him to laugh again. I shove him and roll my eyes.

“Oh, come on, Feyre darling. I wasn’t sure if you were going to kiss me or not. Forgive me for not expecting you to put out the first time we are alone together.”

I look away from him too quickly. I know he sees the pain that crosses my face. “What you said before, about moving on from something. That something was someone wasn’t it?” Our conversation suddenly took a drastic turn that I don’t think I am prepared for.

I nod, only once refusing to meet his gaze.

As much as I wanted to slap him for teasing me, I was grateful he wasn’t going to push it.

“Did he hurt you?”

Another nod.

I watch as his body leans back against the leather of the couch. There was a cold rage that now radiated off of him.

“Rhys that’s not a story I want to talk about right now. Plus, it’s late, we should get some sleep.” I couldn’t meet his gaze.


My lips still tingled from our kiss. After he had brought up my last relationship with my ex, Tamlin, I wasn’t in the mood to do anything other than curl into a ball and cry. I didn’t do either of those things though.

I got him a pillow and as many blankets as I could find because the apartment got to ridiculous low temperatures during the night.

After that I let him get ready for bed, and I retreated to my room.

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Kitten pt 3

“What do you mean by that?” you ask softly.

“Exactly what it sounds like doll.” He smirks and inches his face closer to yours. He presses his lips against yours, softly at first but gradually gets rougher.

Your eyes widen as he kisses you but you soon give in to him and close your eyes, you part your lips slightly and gaps as his tongue darts into your mouth. Your tongues rub against each other and you moan softly.

His hands slide down your waist to your butt and squeezes. He lifts you up by your ass and you wrap your legs around him.  He starts to walk toward the bed, his lips never leaving yours.

Suddenly there’s a knock at the door, Joker slides one hand up and pulls your hair a bit, tugging your head back. He looks pissed as he turns his head and yells, “What!?” at the door.

A man opens the door, his face void of emotion. “Sir, you have a business meeting soon.” He says.

Joker gives him a look of pure anger. “Alright Frost, that’ll do.” He growls and Frost leaves the room, shutting the door behind him.  

Joker turns his attention back to you and tosses you on the bed. “Okay kitten, Daddy’s got some things to take care of so you have to stay here. Be a good girl while I’m gone or I’ll have to punish you okay.” He glares at you and grabs your jaw when you don’t respond.

“Answer me doll.” He growls.

“Y-Yes sir.” You squeak out and he grins.

He puts on his shoes and grabs a purple leather trench coat then walks out the door. You wait a few minute then check to see if he locked the door. He didn’t.

‘This is my chance! He must have forgotten to lock it when he rushed out. Wait… What if he’s testing me? Or maybe he really did forget.. but if he did forget there’s probably goons everywhere! How will I get past them?’ you ponder.

You open the door slightly and poke your head out. ‘Damn. There’s a guard down the hall, Think (Y/N)! I got it!’

“U-Um.. Excuse me mister?” you stutter. ‘Man I hope this works.’ You bite your lip.

“Hm?” the guard comes over to you. “You’re not supposed to be out here.” He says, annoyed.

“I-I know sir, but um do you know where any feminine hygiene products are..?” you blush and look down, feigning embarrassment.

“That’s gross,” he mutters to himself. “No, I don’t, now go away.” He grumbles.

“Can you ask someone? Please, I don’t think Joker- um Mr. J would be happy if I got blood on his stuff..” you say still looking down.

“And how’s that my problem?” he scoffs.

“Because he’ll be mad, and I’ll tell him I asked you and you didn’t help me.” You grin slightly, still looking down so he can’t see your face.

He rolls his eyes and scowls at you then walks down the hall and up the stairs.

‘Wow. I can’t believe that actually worked,’ you smile to yourself. You run down the hall and down the stairs, peeking around the corner before continuing on. You see two guards talking to each other with their backs facing you. You sneak past them and open the back door quietly but you don’t go out it.

Instead you go hide in the coat closet for a minute.

“Fuck! Boss is going to kill me. She’s escaped! Find her!” you hear yelling from the other side of the door. “This way! She ran out the back!” you hold your breath as you hear men running out the door. Once you can’t hear anymore footsteps you open the closet door and run out the front door. You keep running until you find a main road. Your bare feet hurt so badly but you can’t stop. ‘You’ve made it so far (Y/N), don’t quit now.’ You tell yourself.

You keep running until you get to a familiar part of town. You walk into a coffee shop that you go to regularly and get a few dirty looks as you do so. You know you’re a mess but you don’t care, you go up to the counter.

“Please miss can I use the phone? It’s an emergency!” you tell the woman at the register.

“Of course dear. Are you alright?” the woman asks concerned.

“I’ll be okay. Thank you.” You say as she hands you the phone.

You dial your dad’s number and wait.

“Hello?” he answers. He sounds tired.

You’re so overwhelmed with emotions that you start sobbing when you hear his voice.

“Daddy!” you choke out.

“(Y/N)! Where are you!? Are you okay?!” he yells into the phone, he sounds relieved. “I’m coming to get you! Stay put.”

“Okay..” you don’t bother telling him where you are before he hangs up, you know he already tracked the call.

Not even ten minutes go by when you see your dads car parked outside, you run out of the coffee shop and into your father’s arms. He hugs you tightly and tells you everything is okay as you cry into his chest.

You get into the car and start dosing off, your body is exhausted. Bruce picks you up out of the car when you two get home and carries you inside. You open your eyes when you hear your dad talking to someone.

He sets you down on your feet and you look around.

“Oh thank heavens you’re alright Lady (Y/N)!” Alfred says. “You nearly gave us a heart attack when you went missing.” He sighs.

You run up to him and hug him. He pats your head.

“(Y/N) I’m so glad you’re home.” Your father says, “Go upstairs baby, I’m sure you’re tired. We can talk about what happened when you’re feeling better.”

You go upstairs and strip out of the clothes Joker gave you. You walk into the bathroom and turn on the shower. You take off your bra and panties and get in, letting the hot water cascade over you. It’s been almost forty-five minutes when you finally emerge from the shower. You dry off and put on your favorite fluffy pajamas before flopping down on your bed. You close your eyes and soon drift off into sleep.

This is a new beginning. I will dream once again.
I will step out of this door and meet  the new world outside of me.
 And I will not let go of the star I kept in my heart.

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Frank and number 12 (making out) from the 30 days OTP thingy pretty please 😍

You don’t actually want to think about your position over him because you know that it won’t take much effort for him to change this but you think he likes having you straddle his lap.

There isn’t much hair for you to grab onto but you don’t mind that. He looks good with his short hair. Instead you grab onto the back of his neck as his lips move against yours. His lips are chapped from constantly licking and the heat of a constant stream of coffee. You can even taste the bitterness of the black coffee on his lips. You need to convince him to cut back on the beverage.

He would object that of course.

If he keeps tugging your hair so soft like that, almost like he’s stroking it, then you’ll let the excessive amount of coffee slide.

One hand slips from your hair, sliding down slowly and ends up grabbing at the curve of you ass. Frank’s large hand tries to drag you closer and something just rubs you oh so good, making you buck your hip against his lap.

“Eager, huh?” Frank says with a hoarse voice as he drags his lips away from yours. He glances down at your own and he can’t help but smirk. You’re a wreck. Lips red and hair completely undone from the very professional up-do you had for work.

“Mm, very,” you whisper in his ear, lips grazing softly across his earlobe, “Don’t let me down on this one, Frankie.”

On set


Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Word Count: 1426

Rated: PG-13

Preview: Life on set behind the scenes of Teen Wolf. A bunch of the cast mates are hanging out and you and Dylan are just cute and fluffy. 

Dylan’s arm slid up your thigh as his lips continued to dance on your neck. One hand sliding back and forth on your thigh as the other was underneath your shirt resting on the skin of your lower back. You place your hand on the back of his neck and carefully urge his lips back to yours. Once he realizes what you are doing he smiles and meets your craving by connecting your lips. Your lips move insane until he swipes his tongue on your bottom lip, asking for entrance. You then open your mouth and allow your tongues to dance together. You move your hands to the bottom of his neck at his hair line to the hair on the top of his head. Your hands roam his hair, making him moan, as his hands slowly travel up his back and his thumbs draw circles on your skin. You move a pillow out of the way so you can close the space between the two of you. Your hands travel back to his hair as he starts to kiss your jawline. 

You and Dylan are making out of the couch of Dylan’s trailer on set. You are wearing a pair of leggings and a sweater as Dylan is wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. It’s not really like the two of you to be making out at work. You usually wait until you get back to Dylan’s apartment.

You have been dating for two years and your characters are actually dating not he show too. It’s not really like the two of you to show off your relationship at work. You are conserved when it comes to your friends. Sure you sit next to each other when you are hanging out and you always have your own conversation going on but you aren’t really into flaunting your relationship with your friends, let alone in public.

Dylan continues to kiss down from your jawline to your collarbone. He leaves open mouth kisses along your collarbone and you lean your head back. The only sound in the room is the sound of Dylan’s swollen lips moving along your skin. He starts to make his way toward your breasts as the door swings open. You both jolt up and look toward the door beside you. Dylan drops his head onto your chest as he sighs. You laugh and run your fingers through his hair once more as Tyler Posey and Shelley Hennig stand awkwardly at the door.

“We thought you guys were sleeping.” Shelley says awkwardly as she shifts toward the door.

“We can come back later if you want.” Tyler says as he winks at Dylan. He acts as if he didn’t think you saw it but you totally did.

“No man stay.” Dylan says while sitting up and moving next to you. He then mumbles, “You ruined the moment anyway.”

You hear this and laugh while resting your head on Dylan’s shoulder quickly. “Hey Shelley, could you grab me a water?” You ask and Shelley nods and reaches into the fridge and grabs two water bottles. 

She throws one to you and one to Dylan while saying, “Thought you might need this Dylan. Looks like your breathing kind of heavy over there." 

Dylan laughs and takes a sip of his water bottle. He looks over to you while doing this. You meet eyes and laugh because he is giving you a look as if to say I can’t believe they just interrupted that.

"Where are Sprayberry and Rhambo?” You ask.

“They are shooting together.” Posey says.

“Oh shit! What time is it?” You ask looking for your phone that you must have lost in the couch.

“It’s 10:45. Why?” Shelley asks.

“I have to go to hair and makeup at 11:15. Dylan and I are shooting at 12:00.” You say. You finally find your phone underneath Dylan’s butt.

“Dly can you move for a second?” You say urging him or move so you can get your phone and check in with the people at makeup to make sure that you still have half an hour.

Tonight is a night shoot. This means that you and the rest of the cast on call tonight are going to be there for 12 hours. This time the time is from six at night to six in the morning. Then you can go home and sleep. Sometimes these shoots are fun when you and the rest of the class have lots of coffee in you system. Other times it gets a little boring and you are all tired from sitting around. Tonight’s scenes should be fun to shoot becuase you and Dylan have some uplifting shots. Those don’t really occur very often especially this season.
You all joke around for a while until Dylan Sprayberry came in and sat in-between you and Dylan. You are the closest with Sprayberry on set, except for your Dylan of course.

“Hi Sprayberry.” You coo, bringing him into a hug. You jump when you see the large smudge of blood across the side of his neck. “Oh my god what happened?” You ask. Everyone in the room laughs as you sit confused. 

“Again (Y/N)?” Dylan says in-between laughs. You still sit confused.

“The blood is from the scene!” Tyler says. You immediately feel ashamed. A wash of pink rises to your cheeks as you still sit embarrassed.

“It’s okay pumpkin.” Sprayberry says jokingly as this time it is his turn to cradle you.

“Whatever. I don’t have to get blood all over me like you guys do.” You state plainly with a hint of jealousy.

“I wish we didn’t have blood all over us.” Shelley says, you can tell she is sick of scrubbing fake blood off of her every night.

“I wish I got to do the fun stuff that you guys get to do!” You say, “All I get to do is kiss Stiles!”

“Is that not pleasing to you anymore?” Dylan asks jokingly. 

“No you know I love your kisses!” You say as you lean to kiss Dylan’s cheek. 

“I think we all know you love his kisses.” Tyler says, everyone laughs and you smile and shake your head. You interlock hands with Dylan and lean a little farther into his side. 

“In all seriousness guys I’m bored. I’m bored of being the damsel in distress. I always just cry that my friends are hurt and then go cry to Stiles. I need a fun arc to do or something.” You say. You feel strongly about this and you actually have talked to Jeff about it. 

“You have an amazing emotional arc though!” Dylan begins, “Your character faked her own death this past season. Only half of the people actually know she is alive! I think thats pretty amazing.”

“I guess so.” You say as Dylan moves his arm around you. You then snuggle even deeper into his side. Your alarm on your phone rings and you sit up. When you stand up from the couch Dylan whines and you turn around and smile. You shoot him a quick wink and say, “Alright, I have to go to hair and makeup. I’ll see you guys later. 

You then head to hair and makeup. You tell the girls to keep it simple because although you aren’t a badass chick on the show, you do like to send the message that you don’t need to wear a lot of makeup to be beautiful. While you get ready you like to run your lines with one of the ladies doing your hair. 

When you are finished you head to the set. You sit for a few minutes and chat with the director and Jeff about their views on the scene. While you are waiting and running through your lines you see Dylan walking in. He is simply wearing a gray t-shirt and a pair of jeans. It is so simple and he looks so attractive. His hair is still messy and all you want to do is ruffle your fingers through it. 

“Ready babe?” He asks as he places his hand on your lower back and leads you into place.

“Ready!” You say cheerfully after you have your coffee in your system. 

The director then says, “Alright… ACTION!”

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Oh now you made me curious! ( sorry btw for requesting something that was done already!) what would dating matt + frank in a poly relationship be like?

(don’t worry about it, lots of people don’t see things so it’s totally okay!)

Being in a poly amorous relationship with Matt Murdock and Frank Castle would include;

  • Having them both be so bloody protective over you oh my god
  • They’d both understand you so well and would take amazing care of you
  • Oh my god, the sex
  • They’d compete to see who could make you moan the loudest
  • Having them do whatever it took to make you happy
  • Long kisses with one while the others hands slide around your body
  • Never feeling self conscious around either because they’re both so enthralled by you

I have slide down into a deep and dirty well of smut and its all @reylo-sin-anthology and @corariley‘s fault. I’ve just spent a morning writing about masturbation for this sin. 

“It’s just sex,” she purred, sliding one hand over her breast, massaging it before continuing her journey south. “And I’ve been wet for you the day I saw you at the treaty, Ben Solo,” her fingers dipped into her slit and began stroking herself. Ben’s mouth went dry. “You’ve got such broad shoulders and big hands. I’ve been dreaming about you. Your cock in my mouth,” she moaned loudly, one hand kneading her breast, the other slipping a finger into her pussy. Ben tried to swallow but swore he was only gaping.

Jedi Ben/Empress Rey first time kink. 

What have I become? 

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*smirks widely and slides one hand down other's thigh* (If you want me to stop just tell me)

“N-no..!” -tries to push him away- ((It’s fine! I want a certain someone intervene~))

Mick Jagger’s (reported) sexual history
➜ Marianne Faithfull (1966-1970) 2/4000+

Marianne met Mick when she was 17 and still attending a convent school. Rumor has it that Mick introduced himself by spilling a glass of wine down her shirt and then using his bare hands to wipe off her breasts. Though friends reported the sophisticated Marianne found Mick and his bandmates to be “ugly, dirty, pimply people,” she got to know them better after signing with their manager and singing a song they wrote for her: ‘As Tears Go By.’
Marianne became pregnant, married the baby’s father, and began an affair with Mick soon after giving birth. She became an avid user of cocaine and was infamously found wearing only a fur rug when police raided Keith Richards’s home in search of drugs. Mick ended up only spending one night in jail after the bust, but misfortune struck the couple again in 1968 when Marianne miscarried their child, who she had already named Corrina. Suffering from depression, Marianne attempted suicide by taking 150 sleeping pills. Mick called Marianne an ambulance, rode with her to the hospital, and did not leave her side until she was in the clear.
Damaged by drug problems and Mick’s blossoming affair with Marsha Hunt, the two began to drift apart. Mick wrote ‘Wild Horses’ about her as an attempt to keep them together, but Marianne ended things in 1970.
It would not be until 2006 - 35 years since they had even spoken to each other - that Marianne received a call in her hospital room after undergoing surgery for breast cancer. “‘Ello, Marian darling,” the voice said. “How are you?” Mick had phoned agents and friends for hours trying to track down the number of the clinic where she was being treated - just so he could check on her. “If you love someone, you love them forever,” she said. “It never stops.”


Saizo pushes you down onto the bed and climbs up the mattress to straddle you.  His cups your face with one hand and gently kisses you, in stark contrast to his actions moments before.  He deepens the kisses and runs his hands through your hair, freeing it from its confines as you grab his waist and try to pull him tighter against you.  He resists, maintaining an artificial distance between your chests before he slides one hand under your black kimono and you gasp at the feeling of his hands over your smooth skin.  Saizo pulls back and starts kissing your neck as you run both hands up his back to wind into his shiny, silvery hair.  Dissatisfied at the loss of his lips, you use your hands to urge his head upwards, bringing his lips to yours.

You bite his lower lip and he moans in surprise and pleasure.  Saizo rises above you, and you gasp in disappointment.  No matter how much you try to bring his lips back to yours, he refuses to budge, a small smirk on his lips.  “You’ll pay for that, Dear.”

He returns to his ministrations at your neck, kissing down to your cleavage. You moan softly in anticipation as his hand opens your kimono, leaving nothing between your flesh and his hungry gaze.  No matter how often he sees you naked body, he always admires it as though he cannot get enough.

He quickly rids himself of his kimono, and leans back down to cover your body. You enjoy the sensation of his sculpted chest against yours and moan, “S-saizo… ”  He grips your chin in one hand, the other pinning both of your wrists above your head. Slowly he drags his lips along your jaw, and then he bites your throat.  He kisses the same spot softly to soothe it, before answering, “Yes, Dear?”

Saizo takes his time, moving to kiss your shoulder, along your clavicle, and he lazily down into your cleavage. “Ah… Saizo,” you whine.  You arch and twist your body, trying to guide him to one side or the other for more, but instead he sits up removing his talented lips from your body to tease you further.

“Hmmnn what, Love,” he asks, knowing full well what you want.  He lightly traces his fingertips over your stomach and up and between your cleavage, light ticklish traces that only taunt further.  

You beg, “Pl-please d-don’t tease me.”  And he relents, gently tracing then cupping your supple breasts. He leans down and takes one nipple gently into his mouth, sucking lightly.  Saizo’s hand palms and plays with your other nipple.  He plays with you slowly and teasingly at first, but your increasingly frustrated moans spur him on as he sucks, licks, and bites first one breast, then the other hungrily .Your head goes back in pleasure, and you wish that you could touch him.  You try to wrap your legs around his waist, but are only successful by getting his body between your thighs.  Not able to handle this teasing more you start to beg again “Mmnn S-saizo please…. ” 

He pulls away from your chest to look up at your face.  As though sensing what you want, he puts more strength into holding your wrists.  You close your eyes in defeat.  “Please what dear?” Saizo whispers seductively in your ear.  

Frustrated you say, “Pleaseee I can’t take it any more… .please stop this teasing and fuck me already. ”

“My, someone’s being bold,” Saizo quips back. You open your eyes and pout at him pushing out your lower lip. He relents and kisses you, slowly, deeply, sucking on your tongue.  Totally engaged in his kiss, you suddenly feel his fingers brush along your wetness. Spurred on by desire your kisses become furious. He slides one finger between your lips, then two.  Your breath catches and you widen your legs, silently asking for more.  He draws back from your kisses and smirks before releasing your wrists and kneeling between your legs.  He gently kisses the inside of each thigh, getting closer to your desperate wet pussy.

You arch your hips and bury your hands in his hair, needing him. He gives your clit a gentle kiss, then lightly traces it with his tongue.  Your hands tighten to fists in his hair as he sucks on your clit, flicking it with his tongue.  The sight of his head between your legs is too much as you squeeze your eyes shut.  He circles your clit with the tip of his tongue then spreads your lips and slides his tongue between them. A low moan escapes your lips “Uh… Saizoo…”  He laps at your wetness before returning to your aching clit, licking and sucking.

Your head thrashes back and forth as begin to reach that shining precipice. “Ah, Saizo please! Mmnn I-I’m going to cummm…”  He denies you, slowly pulling back, lapping at you soothingly one, twice, before kissing above each of your hip bones.  Although you plead with him, he shakes his head, trailing kisses across your stomach and up your body.

“Didn’t I tell you that you would pay for that?”  He grins into the crook of your neck.  His soothing kisses allow you to regain some mental faculties, and you take your revenge by squeezing his cock.  He allows you to position it between your legs, sliding the tip into your needy pussy.  You wrap your legs around his waist, trying to hurry him, but he won’t be rushed.

He slowly sinks his cock into you, gasping as your warm pussy envelops his entire length.  He groans, “uuuhh FUCK… you’re sooo wet and hot _____.”  He pauses to let you adjust to his full size before slowly starting to thrust in and out.  You moan out his name like mantra.  The slow friction driving you crazy with need for more.  You bury your hands in his hair pulling him down for frantic kisses while bucking and arching your hips.  But he maintains his slow and steady pace building your pleasure higher and higher.

Finally, he speeds up, thrusting harder and faster into you now.  Your breath becomes ragged with pleasure as electricity shoots through you. You gasp and arch your hips as he thrusts mercilessly over and over. You wriggle underneath him angling your hips to give him full access to your depths and your hands claw and grab at his back as he fucks you. You both moan as it feels like he’s driving even deeper pussy.

Your breasts bounce with the force of his thrusts as he draws back to bite your neck and play with your nipples, pinching them. You moan his name again and again his name as though it is the only word in this world. You grind against each other, lost in the pleasure of the moment, until finally he reaches between you to touch your clit.  A damn of pleasure breaks within you. With a shudder, you gasp “Oh my God, Saizo!”  Your body starts to quake and shiver.  Saizo groans as he feels you start to cum and your pussy pulses and contracts around his cock. The noises of your pleasure send him over the edge and he cums deep inside you.

He continues thrusting as long as he can, prolonging both of your pleasure, until he pulls out and collapses beside you.  “That,” he says panting, “is what you should always call me.”  You want to smack him, but you can’t even move yet.  Saizo draws you into his arms and kisses the top of your head.

You smile at him and say, “I love you, Saizo.”

He gently kisses your forehead, then your lips.  You close your eyes and smile softly, and hear, “I know.  Little miss, now rest for a bit because you’re not going to get any sleep tonight.” You blush at his reply and bury your face against his muscular chest. And with that both of you rest for a “bit.”

[ aaaaah…. So here it is guys…. My first fanfic 😆 sorry i know there’re a lot of mistakes in it 😞 please forgive my mistakes 🙏 again sorry for my bad english ]

A Bad Day [[Continue]]

Mason just moves to sit, pulling Marvin into his lap. He continued to press soft kisses along his boyfriend’s neck, one hand sliding under Marvin’s shirt. “I just need this..” He mumbled, hand feeling across the blond’s stomach, feeling his soft skin. @prxcixus-cinnxmxn-rxll