one hand catch

@ sm im still waiting on an ot17 nct life where tf is it like i appreciate all these small ones but i want all the boys together preferably all with natural hair bc that gets me real emo real quick so yeah how ‘bout it boi

Guess who just got murdered~

Some sketches for my favorite dorito shaped demon, rest in pieces lol


favorite sh moments 3/?lightwoods and their seraph blades 

people who think Eren noticed Mikasa was trying to kiss him and got up because he was rejecting it really underestimate how oblivious Eren is lol

Hogwarts Houses Aesthetics

Hufflepuff: Large yawns early in the morning. Scuffed floors. A question left unanswered. Honey. One hand catching another. The lies that old clocks tell. Tea that is swallowed for its warmth, not the taste. Footprints in the mud. Faded patterns on well-loved t-shirts. A spoon scraping the bottom of a mug. Splinters. Dew beading on flower petals. The imprints tight socks leave behind.  Wanderlust’s yearning pull.

Ravenclaw: Lightning. Fingertips stained with ink. Shattered glass. The whoosh as an umbrella springs open. A night where the clouds hide the moon. Chipped nail polish. A chord of music that breaks the silence. Blood smeared like paint upon skinned knees. Rosemary. A pause for the sake of pausing. Unopened envelopes. A dancer when no one is watching. The taste of melancholy.

Gryffindor: The soft breathy sound of a whisper. Paperclips. A cat rubbing against your legs. The flickering of dying light. Cinnamon. A laugh that is started by one but shared by many. The crunch of crumpling paper. Autumn leaves. A map with coffee-stained edges. Cookies that are two minutes over-baked. Hair woven in a careful braid. Shoes dragging against pavement. That ache that only loneliness knows.

Slytherin: Chapped lips. A puddle dimpled by falling rain. Peppermint. Old journals pushed far back on the shelves. A sky dressed in gray as it waits for rain. Mittens. Warm soup on a December day. A list of things you used to love. Fingerprints in the windowsill dust. An unlocked door. The call of a rooster as it welcomes the day. Rain. The chill of an empty fireplace. Nostalgia’s voice cutting through the silence.

Headcanon: The Inner Circle go to Wimbledon
  • Feysand in royal box (obviously) with everyone in the crowd watching them admiring the High Lord & Lady of Night - who are looking fire™ ofc as they feed each other strawberries and cream
  • Amren just fixating on a particularly cute ball boy who is now sure his death awaits him as every time he looks up theres Amren with that look
  • Cassian being so beautiful that the camera keeps panning to him - he and Azriel are like Bradley Cooper and Gerard Butler that year ultimate bros
  • Nesta glaring at that one female player™ (along with half the audience) who keeps eyeing Cassian - staking her claim over him more and more until she’s literally sat in his lap
  • Mor dressing like an absolute queen and then eyeing and flirting with the players - cue Nadal deciding NOW is the time to change shirts…whilst staring at her
  • Cassian being immature about the players grunting/moaning and Nesta being angry at him - she decides the only way to get her own back is to make those noises quietly in his ear, teasing him whilst slowly trailing her hand up his thigh…
  • Azriel just casually - with one hand without even looking - catching a stray ball one of the players hits into the crowd
  • Mor goes down to get the players to sign stuff at the end but just returns with all their numbers
  • Nesta choosing to support the opposite player to Cassian just because and then being uncovered for her true allegiance by accidentally standing up and cheering when Cassian’s player wins a point
  • Just the whole inner circle getting drunk on pimms and champagne

Flamingo is the debut solo studio album by American singer-songwriter and The Killers lead singer Brandon Flowers, released on September 3, 2010.

Cookies at 3 am

Okay, can I just say I love @coralreefskim​ ??? She’s like the sweetest, caring, kind, amazing, tiny, precious bean ever, like, she might sound like a emo (”I’m Kim and I’m soooooo ~ emo”) and a ‘I don’t know feelings, ma’ type of character, but I swear, I swear she’s a precious bean and I’m just so blessed to even know her. 

So, yes, I wrote this for her because, quoting myself “Like, u are like those anime characters that act all tough and emo but they are also the ones who cook cookies at three am bc a friend of them woke up with a nightmare and they wanted to cheer them up.” So, ta-daaaaah! This fic was born. 

Words: 1137 (Just a drabble, I said. No more than 500 words I said. I regret nothing I say.)


Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

It only takes a soft touch on his forehead for Lance to wake up.

He stares confused at the ceiling for a few seconds, half of his brain trying to control his own breathing and the other part focusing on the cold and yet welcoming touch on his forehead to keep him grounded.

He waits until he no longer hears his own panting when he dares to look to his right side and something inside him flips pleasantly when he meets Keith’s eyes.

His teammate is staring at him, his dark eyes never wavering in the least and only narrowing them with even more concern than before when Lance doesn’t reply to his calling.

His calling. Oh wait, his mouth is moving, right, words, what –

“Lance –?”

“I’m okay.” Lance blurts out, mouth twitching when Keith’s eyes widen in surprise at the sudden answer, “I’m- I’m okay, Mullet. It was just a nightmare.”

Keith purses his lips at the nickname, fully knowing that Lance was trying to shrug off the concerns with jokes and teasing. Lance knows it’s a long shot to convince him otherwise; they have been getting closer the past few months, what it started as a forced companionship turned into a close friendship, maybe even more than that if he allowed himself to explore his own feelings.

Not right now, Lance’s heart. Buzz off.

“Keith, seriously, I’m fine, dude.” Lance chuckles, tired and small but still with a faint smile. “Thank you for checking up on me, though.”

Keith only hums and it’s only then when Keith drops his hand that Lance realizes he hadn’t removed his hand from his forehead the entire time.

Damn, Lance misses the touch now.

He doesn’t show it though. Instead, he pushes himself up on the bed, nudging Keith’s shoulder playfully. Keith scoffs at the action but shoves back at him, smirking with a gleam of challenge before his eyes soften and lean closer to Lance’s side.

“Home?” He questions quietly, eyes scanning every corner of Lance’s face.

Lance opens his mouth to deny it but then he let his shoulders drop, letting out a sigh and shrugging helplessly, smiling in defeat at his friend.

‘What can you do, right?’ he says with his eyes, and Keith’s frown only deepens more.

‘Watch me.’ Keith’s eyes reply with the same determination and fire Lance only see in them during battles. Lance can only stare confused at Keith before the black haired teen stands up and leaves the room without a word.

Lance pouts as the door closes and his room is left in darkness once again.

“Sure, leave my heart on my throat with your soft touches and caring gaze.” Lance mumbles, puffing his cheeks in annoyance before grabbing his comforter and pulling it over his head, still glaring at the door Keith had disappeared to. “Dumb Emo Mullet.”

He resigns himself to scroll down his tablet, fully knowing he wasn’t going back to bed anytime soon and he only had a few more hours left before their morning training session begun. No point of sleeping now.

Lance’s halfway through Chapter 5 of Altean’s version of Romeo and Juliet when the door of his room slides wide open and Keith enters casually, holding a small bowl with one of his hands while closing the door behind him with his free one.

Lance arches an eyebrow at him in question but Keith ignores him until he’s back taking his original place on Lance’s bed.

Keith shoves the bowl into Lance’s hands without a warning, his eyes looking away from the brunet and rubbing his arm almost nervously. Lance’s confusion only grows at the sight before he looks down at the bowl and gaps in surprise.

“You made cookies.” Lance deadpans, eyes never leaving the small green circles inside the bowl before a small happy laugh leaves his mouth, “You made cookies!”

Keith grumbles, pulling his legs up to sit cross legged on the bed, rocking himself back and forth. “Well, yeah.” He mumbles, puffing his cheeks, eyes looking anywhere but Lance’s way.

Lance’s smile only widens. “You…You made cookies for me?”

The brunet’s heart melts when Keith groans and presses his hands over his face, embarrassed. Lance wishes he could see the blush that it’s definitely on Keith’s face right now.

“Yes, I did.” Keith murmurs lowly before sighing and removing one of his hands to catch Lance’s eye.

“You made cookies for me at three am.” Lance repeats slowly, eyebrows furrowed in confusion but his smile never wavering, “Why?”

Keith shrugs nonchalantly. “You…You were sad. I wanted to make you less sad, I don’t know…”

Lance doesn’t even try to hide his coos.

“Keithy-boy! Mullet! Angry ball of fur!” Lance gasps, one of his hands clutching his chest, “You…I can’t believe you…This is…How did you –?”

Keith rubs the back of his neck sheepishly as he answers. “Hunk helped me one time to make cookies for Shiro. He was feeling under the weather and I talked to Hunk and he told me he used to bake you cookies when you were feeling sad, and I know they are not the same as Hunk’s but maybe for now they will do, and I just…well yeah, just – you know, wanted to help.”

‘Be still my heart.’ Lance chants in his head as he stares fondly at the shifty teen in front of him.

The brunet chuckles under his breath, his eyes getting a little misty with emotion but he swipe them quickly, waving Keith’s concern off as soon as he catches the action.

“I’m fine, I just…thank you, Keith.” Lance whispers, eyes fond and honest as he grabs Keith’s hand and squeezes, “Seriously, thank you. You didn’t have to and yet…”

“Of course I did.” Keith replies easily, smiling back at the brunet, “You…You are the one who taught me about family, you know. Of course I’m going to do anything in my power to help.”

Lance lets out a wet laugh. “It was just a silly nightmare.”

Keith shakes his head stubbornly. “No, it wasn’t. Not for you, not for me. I’m here for you, you know.”

Lance’s smile waters and then he nods, dropping his head on Keith’s shoulder and sniffling loudly.

“I do.” He chokes out, “I do know. Thank you.”

Keith hums, hands automatically on Lance’s frame to pull him closer. They stay like that for a few minutes before Keith breaks the silence.

“Okay, just fyi, if there’s a pink hair in some of those cookies, I confess that one of the mice fell on the mix by accident. Totally not my fault.”

It’s Lance’s booming laughter that wakes the entire team up for their morning training instead of the alarm. No one complains for once.