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A South Korean man accused of committing America’s deadliest school shooting rampage since the 2007 Virginia Tech attack has pleaded not guilty to murder charges. AP correspondent Matt Small reports.

This was a calculated, cold-blooded execution in the classroom. … This happened within minutes. We don’t think the victims had any opportunity to resist, any opportunity to surrender.
—  Oakland, Calif. Police Chief Howard Jordan • Discussing yesterday’s shooting at Oikos University, a private Christian college, which killed seven and wounded three others. Jordan says the suspect, 43-year-old One Goh, didn’t show remorse for his actions, which appear to have been the result of Goh’s expulsion from the school. Investigators believe that Goh intended to target a specific female administrator, but she wasn’t at the school at the time. Goh was also believed to be upset that people made fun of his English skills. Despite being accused of a violent act, Goh has been cooperative since his arrest.

My Terry Pratchett story: In 2003 the World Science Fiction Convention was held in Toronto. Unfortunately for the organizers this was also the summer of SARS, and attendance was lighter than anticipated. But that was good news for those of us attending because one of the GoH was Terry Pratchett (not yet a sir) among others. As a huge fan, I had drawn a caricature of him as a gift, plus one for myself to get autographed, if opportunity presented itself.

I was hanging my assortment of art and cartoons in the artshow before things opened, talking with my friend Blade, who was assisting and saying how excited I was to hope to meet him. Suddenly her eyes kinda bulge looking past me and she begins nodding her head in that direction with a wordless emphasis. I turn to see Mr Pratchett and his convention liason walking the show before it opens, perusing my work as I hang it up.

He was very gracious as I stammered in my fanboy nervousness and accepted the caricature as well as signing the copy for me. However in the midst of things he thurst out his hand pointing past me at the cartoon linked here to exclaim “Now *that* is funny!”

I made Terry Pratchett laugh. A small return on all the laughter he’s given me. RIP Sir Terry.

A Guide to Convention Volunteering for Artists

So someone suggested I write up a post for people who are currently, or want to, volunteer for a convention’s art department. As someone who’s worked for a number of conventions, I’d like to consider myself at least something of a veteran- and as someone jokingly put it, I’ve also gotten to be a veteran of being kicked around. So here’s a post with advice so that hopefully at least some of you can avoid that! Yay!

Don’t get me wrong- being a convention artist can be totally fun, but it’s a lot of work- much like any other convention volunteer job. It can be totally worth it and you could gain some decent experience and connections! It can be an amazing experience to see your artwork being enjoyed by a lot of attendees.

So, let’s begin!

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