one glass of wine later

Simsrena: the first date!

Welcome to another day of Simsrena madness. 

So I decided that our lovely ladies (and the Berena fandom) needed to spend their day off together. And what better way than a trip to the park? 

Serena scheduled a date with Bernie and I realised that this was actually their first official date!!! :O So Serena and I decided that she should have some pampering before she met up with Bernie. A mud bath was the perfect idea! It boosts your confidence you know! Not that she really needs it, right Serena? You got this babe!

Then it turns out Serena must have been nervous because she poured herself a big glass of Shiraz… I shit you not! She poured it herself. You don’t need Dutch courage Serena! It is pretty tasty though. Maybe I’ll have one too…..

A glass of wine later we found Bernie in the gazebo in the park and the moment Serena saw we were hooked! 

It all started innocently enough with some hand holding and kissing and flirting. We were sailing our way through all the tasks and were well on our way to completely a Great Date. We got this Serena!

Then this happened….

Seriously?! A massage?! Are you guys trying to kill me? Are you trying to kill the fandom? Is there some kind of mysterious force that’s taken over my computer that’s just trying to mess with me? Gaahhhhh!!! 


Moving on.

They took a walk around the grounds, stopping every now and again for smooches. 

Go on lass! Show her a good time :)

Thankfully there was no one else around. I don’t think Bernie would have enjoyed being this smoochy in public if there had been people watching…. I don’t count. None of us count. We’re allowed to spy on them. Cause we’re creeps. Just sayin’. 

They finished their first date with a selfie and joked about it before they kissed goodbye and headed their separate ways. 

When the date ended, Sims 4 tells me that Bernie had a Great Date! I mean, obviously! 

We won an award for it everything. Serena and I are apparently amazing daters - high five sister! Not that we needed Sims 4 to tell us that. We’re pretty fun.

And I’ve started talking about (and to) my sims as if they’re real people. I need help. 

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