one glass of wine later

Candy, Kisses, & Elevator Sex (John x Reader x Alex)

A/N: Here’s my Valentine’s Day Special! Sorry it took so long, got into my writing zone and just couldn’t stop! Hope you enjoy!

You opened your eyes enjoying the feeling of refreshment that you didn’t usually get from just waking up. You snatched your phone off the bedside charger to check the time.


You overslept! Springing out of bed, you ripped off your pajamas as you bolted to the bathroom to get ready. Half an hour later you were dressed at least semi-well and running to catch the train to work. If you gave it your all you might be able to make it to work on time.

Panting for air, you held your travel cup of bitter black coffee in your hand and a pop tart in your other. They balanced in your grip as the station came into your sights. Just a few blocks away, the heel of one of your pumps caught itself on a crack in sidewalk and made you crash onto the cement. It was food and drink massacre.

The frosting from the pop tart smeared on the sleeve of your coat. The force of the tumble popped the top off your mug and coffee spilled everywhere. Your knees and palms had been scraped and bruised along with your ego.

Getting back on your feet, you found that your heel was finished. Limping the rest of the blocks to the station, you purchased a ticket and struggled up the stairs to the boarding platform before the train arrived.

You slumped in the farthest corner of the train and sighed wondering if the day could get any worse. Then your phone vibrated.

It was a text from your boyfriend, Sam. He must sent you a Happy Valentine’s Day text message. He was so sweet. You unlocked your phone to look at the message, excited that it must be about your plans for tonight. He said he had a surprise for you!

Sammy Sea-bunny:

Salutations (Y/N). I’m sorry to inform you that I have fallen in love with someone else. I’m regret that I couldn’t tell you in person. Hope we can still be friends.

You stared at your phone. The pain in your knees and palms from your fall overshadowed by the pain you were feeling in your heart. You couldn’t believe it. You already made reservations at an exclusive resort in California for your vacation in June. You had planned to London for his birthday. You quickly replied back.


Eat a dick, asshole.

You silenced your phone and shoved it into the deepest part of your purse. It was all too much for you to take especially on a day without your daily coffee and breakfast. One more thing and you’d lose it. You just needed to make it through one work day and later you can cry over a glass of wine and your emergency chocolate stash.

Standing in front of the silver elevator doors in your bare feet, you waited impatiently for the doors to open. About two blocks into your walk from the train station, you decided to forsake your heels and go bare foot because it was better than limping around. Luckily you kept an extra pair of sandals in your desk that would get you through the day. You didn’t have any client meetings and had just treated yourself to a pedicure, so your feet looked fabulous.

The doors finally opened and a bunch of people pushed past you. You stepped in and pressed the button for the fiftieth floor. Behind you came in two younger men. One pushed a cart full of dozens of assorted floral bouquets and Valentine’s baskets. You glanced from one handsome face to the next. Ugh.

They were attractive to say the least. Nice features, full lips, young faces, slender bodies, and it looked like they had some well-defined muscles underneath their clothes. You licked your lips and looked away. Not like you wanted anything to do with the male species ever again, but looking didn’t count right?

The taller one and the one close to you were dressed in jeans and blue t-shirts, his jacket tied around his slender waist. He pushed the button for the sixtieth floor and met your eye. He gave you a small smirk like he knew you were staring. You scowled in reply, looking at the doors in front of you. Screw pretty boys and the rest of their kind.

Out of the corner of your eye you could spot him looking you over. You quickly felt the urge to explain why you were carrying your shoes but pushed it away. You didn’t need to explain yourself to anyone, especially two guys in a elevator.

You sighed and closed your eyes as the elevator began to move up. Soon you’d be in your cubicle, put on your flip-flops, and get some high calorie sugar treat and crappy coffee from the vending machine area. The guys behind you were talking about something, but you were honestly too busy thinking about whether to get a cinnamon bun and powdered donuts when a strange screeching sound came from above. The three of them looked at each other that sound was obviously not normal. Then, came a loud clicking followed by one weird bang and then elevator completely halted.

“What the hell was that?!” said the short guy. He walked over and pressed his floor button a few times.

“I don’t know but it doesn’t sound good,” said his friend. His hands buried in his jean pockets as he leaned into the corner of the elevator, legs crossed nervously. He wore the same blue t-shirt with matching logo on the front. Same as the other guy. You could make out the design more clearly now. Washington Floral Co. That was the local flower shop a few blocks over. You had seen their bouquets in the building before.

“Please don’t tell me we’re stuck in here,” you whispered. You walked over to the control panel. “Of all days, why’d it have to do today?” You pressed the emergency call button.

A voice came over the speaker. “Peggy here.”

“Hello. Um… I think the elevator stopped.”

“Can you tell me which one miss?”

You looked at the two boys but they both shrugged their shoulders.

“Uh… the one not moving. Isn’t there some kind of master panel or something?” You asked, rubbing your forehead. “I think it’s the middle one on the left, maybe. Or it could be the right?”

“Alright, I’ll contact maintenance and get someone on it. Sit tight. We’ll have you out in a jiffy~.”

“I hope they hurry up. We’ve got a ton of deliveries to make today,” said the short guy as he flung his jacket onto the bottom of the cart. He ran a hand through his dark locks and you wondered at how it was possible for it to look even better tousled. “John, better call Mrs.W, tell her what’s going on.”

John dialed up whoever Mrs.W was and turned to face the far wall for privacy. Which wasn’t really that private since they were trapped in an elevator. You caught sight of his firm backside and did a double take. Following along his waist up to his shoulders where his t-shirt was stretched taut by the muscles in his back, curving over his shoulders and hugging the muscles in his arms. He had a nice swimmers body type. Your stomach flipped and you snapped your head away.

You tried to focus on playing on your phone instead, looking at the time. Only five minutes had passed. Everything was being handled right? They’d be out in fifteen minutes tops, right? You took a deep breath and jammed your hands in your pockets hoping the rescue would come fast.

Twenty more minutes went by and Peggy’s voice finally came back. “Hello ma’am?”

You rushed up to talk near the mic. Not that you needed to but it felt awkward just talking into air. “I’m here.”

“It’s going to be a little longer than we thought. Seems there a computer malfunction and we have to get the tech guys. It’ll be awhile.”

“Peggy?” You waited for her to reply but got nothing. “Peggy! How long is awhile?”

“I’d say at least an hour or two. However, traffic is pretty bad today. Could be three.”

“Three hours!”

“Sorry ma’am. You got company or are you by yourself?”

You looked at the two boys. “There’s two other people in here with me. But don’t you have cameras?”

“Yep, but they’ve been out of order for weeks now. Some parts on back order. Always something isn’t it?” she laughed.

You on the other hand didn’t feel like laughing one bit. You backed up to the elevator’s wall and dropped to the floor, looking at the small square you were trapped in. The walls were closing in, seeming to get thinner. Three hours. You would have to sit here for three whole hours at the least. The events of the day hitting you like a ton of bricks.

You buried your face in your hands and that’s when the flood gates broke. A slow trickle at first, until both eyes gushed salty tears and you sat there sobbing into your hurt hands.

“Hey now. Being in an elevator with the two of us isn’t all that bad, is it?” said a voice from the other side of the room.

You gave sniffle, peeking between the strands of hair that cascaded in front of your eyes. The tall one in the corner had sat down as well and was scooting up closer to you. Oh my gosh!

You had finally reached rock bottom, crying your eyes out in a elevator in front of two hot guys. Squeezing your eyes tight and hiding your face more, wishing you could just disappear.

“Are you okay,” he asked, gently touching your leg and quickly looked up. You saw his deep brown eyes and freckles staring at you, through those sweet dark lashes, worried. “We won’t be in here forever you know.”

You shook your head. “It’s not that.”

You pulled up the text from Sam, holding it out for the stranger to see.

“Holy shit.” He gave your leg a firm squeeze. “I’m so sorry. That sucks and today of all days.”

“What sucks?” Alex knelt down next to them and freckles showed him the phone. “Woah. That’s a crappy way to start the day, huh?”

“You have no idea,” you said, telling them about the rest of your morning.

“So that’s the reason you weren’t wearing shoes. I’m Alex by the way and this big lug is John. We deliver for the florist not too far from here to help out with college expenses.”

“(Y/N). I work in the building. Shouldn’t you have classes now?”

“Yeah, but we’re skipping because we make a shit-ton of cash on Valentine’s Day.”

You couldn’t help but smile. “I bet.”

Alex’s eyebrows creased. “Listen, don’t worry about that Sam-I-Am guy. You got it goin’ on and deserve way better than that ass.”

You blushed, never could take a compliment.

“I couldn’t take my eyes off you when you first walked in and I was so nervous when you caught me.”

“Stop it,” You giggled. “But thanks.”

“I have an idea,” said John, his eyes sparkling with playfulness.

“This guy has the best ideas.”

“Let’s see what Miss floor 60 has in one of her baskets?”

“No way! We can’t do that!” You protested.

“Don’t worry about it,” said John, waving you off.

“She has most of the cart. Besides our boss will give the guy a refund. Say it was a delivery problem because of an elevator problem. Which is technically right.” He smiled, sporting two dimples on either side of his smile. He must of got a lot of tips with that smile.

“She must be a pret-ty busy woman,” said John with a huge grin.

You looked at the cart full of sweets and swallowed. Then you looked at the two men across from you, heat traveling down your body. You decided to ignore it by fiddling with your skirt.

Alex jumped up and walked over to the cart, scanning over the gifts that Miss 60 received. “This one.” He held up a basket. There was nothing special or fancy about the packaging. It appears to be the simplest one. “No card and nothing special about it, she’ll never notice it’s gone.”

The two guys ripped open the basket packaging like kids on Christmas. You shook your head as they pulled out some of the stuff inside.

John picked up a bottle of champagne from the basket. “Looks like we have something to drink!” He tore off the gold wrapping and popped the cork with ease. The basket didn’t include glasses, so the three of you had to make do without. John held out the bottle to you. “Ladies first, of course.”

You took it and raised it up. “Cheers and Happy Valentine’s Day to us.”

Putting the bottle to your mouth and letting the liquid glide down your throat. You passed it off to John, brushing fingertips in the exchange. Pleasure tingled between your legs. Your eyes met and a slow smile curved his lips making your nipples tighten. What was happening? You had gotten dumped, then two guys come along, and you were all in an extremely enclosed space.

John took three swigs, licking his lips as he looked at you, and then handed the bottle to Alex, who pulled out a box of chocolates. “Anyone up for some free chocolate?”

“Yes please.” You raised your hand. Finally you’d get some food in you.

Alex was about to pass the box to you but John put a hand in front to stop him. He leaned over and whispered something in Alex’s ear. You couldn’t hear but Alex nodded and grinned as they whispered to each other, then they turned to you.

“Sooo, you can have a chocolate, but you have to close your eyes.” Alex stated with a waggle of his brows. Suddenly the temperature seemed to spike as your mouth went dry.

“What the—? No way I’m closing my eyes.” You crossed your arms and leaned back against wall, trying hard to ignore the waves of excitement that flooded your body.

“Come on. Live a little.” John dangled piece of chocolate in front of your face.

“You. Are. So. Bad.” You bit your lip. “Give me that champagne.”

You held out your palm and Alex passed the bottle to you. Wrapping your lips around the bottle and gulping down two more mouthfuls.

“What’s wrong with being bad?” asked John innocently, popping a chocolate into his mouth. “Makes games more fun and if you don’t like our game, you can stop. Cross my heart and hope to die.”

John crossed the left side of his chest, making you wonder what his chest looked like under that fitted t-shirt and your heart sped up.

“But I must give you a word of warning, we’ve never met anyone that hasn’t appreciated any one of our games~”

You could feel the wetness between your legs grow. Head swimming with all your ideas of what kind of games these two wanted to play? “So you two often play games together?”

A smile spread across John’s freckled face, knowing what was running through your mind. “Only with the special ones.”

You followed the length of John’s body as he stretched out in front of you, admiring the way his shirt curved over his arms and clung to the tight body, how the denim of his jeans placed low on his waist and your eyes nearly popped out at the bulge straining in his pants. A rush of electricity surged through you as your eyes darted back to his cute face. “A-And you’re considering me special?”

“Today, we want to treat you like a Queen,” said Alex as he sat up on his heels.

Too excited, you couldn’t resist anymore. “So, what do I have to do?”

“While your eyes are closed, you have to guess the right flavor inside of the chocolate,” replied John nonchalantly.

“What do I get if I’m right?”

“Heh… if you’re right, Alex or I, depending on who you got the chocolate from, will have to take off an article of clothing. But… if you’re wrong… you do.” John smiled again like before, like he knew just how hard you wanted him. By chance, he moved his hand to adjust himself and your eyes carefully eying his body and movements.

Alex leaned over, closer to you and grabbing the champagne bottle that sat in your lap and took a gulp. The air suddenly became heated as the three of you sat there and looked from one to another. You couldn’t believe you were doing this!

You were about to play strip chocolate game with probably the most attractive guys you’d ever been in a room with. Your vanilla sex life was about to end.

You took a deep breath to try and calm yourself. “Okay, I’ll play.”

“Sweet,” Alex exclaimed and sat up straight.

“Me first,” said John, grabbing a chocolate and crawling over to you on his knees holding the piece of chocolate in one hand. “Now, close your eyes.”

You couldn’t hide your blush, closing your eyes tightly and waiting to feel the chocolate on your lips. You felt the pressure of something smooth along your lips and opened your mouth, tasting the minty richness of chocolate on your taste buds as the small piece entered your mouth followed by the touch of soft warm lips on yours. John’s lips. He had bitten off half of the chocolate and given you the other half. The chocolate began to melt in your mouth as his lips lingered on yours and his body hovered over you. Your body trembling from just one teeny kiss.

You opened your eyes as John backed away, his eyes half-libbed and swimming with desire. “So, what flavor?”

“…what?…” Oh, right, you had to guess the flavor. You chewed and swallowed the rest of tasty treat. “Easy one. Mint.”

John grinned. “That’s right.”

He wasted no time pulling off his t-shirt. You lost all ability to function. He was slender but his abdominal muscle clearly defined. You just wanted to reach out and brush your fingertips along in his slim frame.

You watched as his eyes flickered down to your chest and back to your face. That’s when you realized the show you were giving the two of them the entire time. Your nipples were tiny mountains against the soft fabric of your thin bra since you rejected the one with padding this morning and they had made their presence know under your red silk blouse.

You snatched the champagne away from Alex. You had a desire to just pour it over John’s chest and lick off every yummy drop but pushed that idea away.

“Time for my shot,” sung Alex already in front of you, the chocolate between his teeth.

“You are nonstop,” You said, wiping some champagne from the side of your mouth.

He pulled the chocolate out of his mouth with his fingers. “Yep, I’ve been told that a few times. Now, close your eyes.”

You closed your eyes again but secretly peeked a bit, watching as Alex crawled up to you and raised his face up to yours, delicately sliding his hands up the back of your head and tangling his fingers in your hair. He was floating so close that you could feel the heat radiating off his body on yours. Shit, he was so sexy. You felt like you were losing your mind. You were so turned on that you just wanted to jump the two boys and eat them up like chocolate.

Alex finally pressed his lips to yours, sliding the chocolate into your mouth. Soft. Creamy. Delicate. Alex plunged his tongue in afterward and crushed a kiss against your mouth, leaving you hot and breathless. He pulled away, his eyes darkened with lust.

“What did you think?”

Your cheeks were still burning from the kiss, but you managed to respond. “Delectable. Cherry is one of my favorite flavors. You lose.”

John laughed. “She got you, man.”

Alex chuckled, looking you directly in the eyes as he pulled off his shirt without breaking contact. You caught a sniff of his body spray as he threw his shirt into the other corner. The scent filled your nose and you wanted it all over your body, covering you, him covering you. The throbbing between your legs intensified and the magnetic pull you felt from each man as they went back and forth was dizzying.

“Alright, alright, time for the second round and it’s going to get a lot harder.” John shook the box of chocolates in hand mixing them up.

Harder? That’s exactly what you wanted. “Prepare to lose.”

Alex grinned, peering into the box since John already chose his piece. “Confident, are you? Then how about this. Round two is double or nothing.”

The boys looked at you for approval.

“Why not,” you said with a shrug. “I’ve still got all my clothes on.”

“Okay, but I just want to make sure you’re good with this,” he said, his face and voice serious.

“Fellas, I am so good with this right now you couldn’t comprehend it.”

Alex beamed. “Double or nothing then.”

John placed the chocolate between his pearly whites and began to crawl toward you except this time you decided to meet him halfway. You faced each other on your knees, leaning up and biting off half of the chocolate in his mouth. You sucked the piece into your mouth and let it melt on your tongue. John was right, it was harder. Peanut? Macadamia? Almond? Walnut? You weren’t really a fan of nuts, so you had no idea.

John leaned over to place a gentle kiss over your lips. Welcoming him, you threw your arms over his shoulders. Your tongues exploring each other’s mouths as his hands traveled down your back and pulled you close.

He pressed his hips into yours and the feel of his cock against you almost cost you the game. The friction between your thighs was so much that you’d need release soon but they weren’t actually going to finish you off in the elevator, right?

John pulled away from the kiss but still kept his lips on yours.

“Flavor?” he asked, his lips against yours, his breath hot on your face. Your mind was to mushy to register for a second, feeling drunk on chocolate and kisses.


He cocked his half-smile again. “Nope. You. Lose.”

You went completely red. John didn’t back away and Alex didn’t look away. “A deal’s a deal, I guess.”

You couldn’t believe your were going to take your shirt off in an elevator. One by one you undid the simple buttons on your blouse, sliding it off your shoulders and letting it fall away. You were relieved that you wore a newer bra.

“That’s one piece,” you panted. John put his hands behind his back, looking like he couldn’t stop from touching you.

Now you could do the teasing. Unzipping your skirt, pushing it down your hips, pass your thighs, and to your knees. You looked at both of them noticing how they were intensely staring.

Standing back upright you faced John. “I still have another turn.”

Wordless, John moved to the side to let you pass. You looked at Alex who had placed the chocolate between his lips and patted his stomach, motioning you to straddle him. You rubbed your sweaty palms on your thighs, making them burn more. You situated yourself onto him and bit down on the chocolate. Leaning more onto Alex, pressing chest to chest, face to face, the boner beneath his jeans hard and protruding.

“Cinnamon,” you mumbled.


With you still on top, Alex slid off his pants and then his boxers. The only thing between you was the thin fabric of your panties that you were pretty sure are soaked by now due to the last round.

“So…um… who won?”

Alex got up to his knees and knelt in front of you. His hard cock, brushing against your thigh. You couldn’t help yourself, dropping your eyes to peek down, wanting to know what he’d been hiding. His slim physique did not do him justice!

So long and thick, you just wanted to reach out and stroke it, lick across the smooth skin and make him beg for more.

“Is there ever really a loser in stripping games?” John asked.

You laughed, shaking your head. Biting your lip, asking the question that weighed desperately on your mind.

“So… how far can the game go?”

Alex lifted your chin with an index finger. “As far as you want Queen (Y/N).”

"Why didn’t you say that in the first place! Game over!” You exclaimed, wrapping a hand around Alex’s cock and the other around his neck, plunging him into a deep kiss. He passionately kissed back, enveloping your mouth, tangling with your tongue. Then you felt the hands of someone else behind you.

John knelt behind you, kissing the tender area of your ear, sending currents of pleasure down your body.

“Which of us do you prefer? Have a favorite?” he asked.

You looked at him from over your shoulder. “I don’t know. It’s like asking me to choose between apple pie or cinnamon rolls. I just can’t. Do I have to pick?”

John pressed a kissed to your lips in reply. Feeling behind you, scrambling with trying to unbutton his jeans, anxious to get them off. Meanwhile, Alex quickly busied himself with your breasts. Taking off your bra, rolling your nipples between his fingers, licking at the hard buds, making sure to give them equal attention.

John finally removed his jeans and boxers, his cock sprung from the fabric prison and slid along your backside causing little waves of heat to follow. Reaching his hand around, he slipped two fingers into you.

“You are so wet.”

Your pussy felt like it was on fire. You moaned as John made little circles with his finger on your clit. Alex moved his head to take one of your breasts into his mouth, sucking and rolling it with his tongue. You arched against John as he stroked your slit and Alex played with your breasts.

“Fuck,” you grunted, grasping Alex’s shoulders for support, your pelvis bouncing on John’s hand.

John came out from behind you, placing his shirt on the floor and laying you on it.

“Have you ever been with two men before,” he asked lustfully.

“No,” you panted. Alex gently slid his jacket under your head and kissed the top of your nose as John placed himself between your legs. You shivered in anticipation.

He spread your legs wide and gave you a smile before burying his tongue in your fold. Fixing his mouth around your mound and plunging deep inside. You gasped and squirmed at the intense pleasure that blew through your body. Alex sucked on your bottom lip while John played with your pussy.

Moaning at how Alex devoured your mouth, while John plunged and greedily licked your folds and thrust his fingers inside you, slowly, achingly pumping in and out.

Spreading your legs more and arching your pelvis, you grabbed Alex by the neck and pulled his face to yours, twisting your hands in his dark locks. You were so close!

You felt the tension build up in your groin, desperately wanting relief. Pulling away from Alex’s mouth you moaned thirstily.


John popped his head up. “Trade places!”

Before you knew it John had spun you by the legs toward Alex. You quickly felt the warmth of Alex’s two smaller hands as he raised your hips up and pulled you against his skillful mouth. He vigorously devoured you again.

He moved faster and wilder than John, alternating between finger and tongue, between circles and broad strokes, up and down.

“Alex!” You bucked and screamed his name.

Your hips thrust up and you went for his head but John blocked with a passionate kiss, encasing you in his arms. You fell back trapped in John’s embrace. White haze appearing behind your eyelids as the tension built up in your stomach. Your body wiggling and breath completely out in short pants.

“Ahhh…” You moaned into John’s kiss.

John broke away. “Hold up. Not yet.”

Alex gave one more hard lick to your entrance before lifting his head. Panting you could only lay there and mewl.

“What?… No… don’t stop.”

John knelt in front of you, that familiar grin back on his face, his eyes drilling into you. “I saw you licking your lips earlier.”

His eyes flashed to his cock then back up to you.

Finally! Readily crawling closer to him on all fours, grasping his cock with both hands. You licked the salty cum from the tip, taking more into your mouth. His cock was big, one of the biggest ones you’ve ever had the pleasure of blowing so you couldn’t hold yourself back from working all the way down his length till he reached the back of your throat.

John’s head fell back, his eyes shut tight as he gave a carnal hiss. You mentally smiled to yourself. John tangled a hand in your hair and held your shoulder with the other as Alex placed himself next to you, his warm palms massaging your bare butt.

He positioned his cock at your entrance, gripping your waist, and thrusting inside you, finally filling you. You squealed around John’s cock, tongue circling the cock. Alex pumped in and out, rocking you back and forth on John’s cock. Alex picked up the pace and you sucked harder. Getting off on how you could give pleasure and get pleasure at the same time.

Alex hit that spot deep within you that sent a huge tremor of pleasure through you and made stars appear in your vision. To make it better Alex reached around and stroked your clit while he pounded into you. His hand moved rapidly and wildly. The three of you built up a thread of stress that was about to snap. HARD!

Airy grunts, gasps, and the sound of skin slapping on skin echoing in the cramped elevator. You were lost in the pleasure and passion of the moment.

John hardened his grip on your shoulder. “I’m going to come.”

You reached up and played with his balls, making his entire body shudder with a few more thrusts before discharging the salty warmth of his orgasm into your mouth. You still kept sucking eagerly on his cock, wanting to prolong the moment.

John pulled your hands up to his shoulders as Alex continued to finger your clit and fuck you from behind. The feeling getting stronger than any you had ever experienced before. Digging your fingers into John’s shoulders. You were going to come!

“Oh, hell yes!”

“I love to hear you say that,” Alex breathed heavily as he continued his motions. Your body began to tremble and tighten around his cock as he came inside you. Your body exploded like little tiny riffles that blew through your body, exploding in different directions, and everything else melting away.

When you came back, the three of you collapsed in a tangle of naked arms and legs and bodies.

John kissed your forehead and Alex kissed your neck.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” They said together.

You smiled and cuddled closer to them. “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

John planted another kiss on your lips as Alex lightly smacked your ass.

You froze when static erupted from the speaker on the button panel.

“Hello Ma’am?”

You quickly got up. “Y—Yes?”

“Sorry for the wait. There was trouble fixing it. Luckily the fire department is on their way to get you guys out of there and will be there in a few.”

“A few!” The three of you jumped up. “Thanks a lot!”

Racing to put on your clothes already able hear the noises coming from above. Getting the last button on your shirt just as the scraping of metal on metal came from above.

The door in the elevator ceiling was being removed and a head poked itself through. You quickly checked yourself, making sure nothing looked off.

John and Alex were clothed but a little flushed and sweaty. Did you look as sweaty as them? John inched his way over to you and fixed the back of your skirt with that mischievous grin of his. You bit the inside of your cheek, desperately hoping that the fireman wouldn’t figure you out.

“Ladies go first. We’ll send down the ladder and you two help her on up, okay?”

“Yes sir,” they answered in unison.

The ladder came down and you looked to the both of them. No time to give them a proper good bye.

“You’re one special woman. That Sam guy is an absolute idiot,” said Alex raking a hand through his hair.

“Hope the rest of your day is fit for a Queen,” said John, swallowing and looking like he could go another ten rounds. You bit your lip, the tingling between your legs and grew damp again.

You kissed each of their hands and put one to each of their mouths.

“Thank you,” you mumbled. Turning and stepping on the first rung of the wiggly ladder. Alex and John placed hands on your hips to balance you as ascended. Making it up a few rungs before halting.

“Sorry!” You held up a finger. “I need minute,” You called up to the waiting fireman.

You hopped down and faced Alex and John. “I was just wondering if you two had any plans for the first week of June?”

The guys looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders, looking back at you curiously.

“Any chance you’re both interested in a summer vacation to Cali? I already have reservations for two…but since some asshole won’t be going anymore… I’m sure I can add one more. Maybe make up another game or two over there?”

“I’ll start packing,” said John. Excitement dancing in his beautiful brown eyes, knowing he was already starting to create new games in his mind.

“I prefer the right side of the bed,” commented Alex, a snarky grin sealing the deal.

“Perfect.” Sticking your business card in each of their back pockets, giving them both a slap on the ass while you were back there, and then made your way back up the ladder.

When you got out of the elevator shaft your boss was waiting for you to give you the rest of the day off. She must have felt bad for you and you weren’t going to refuse a day off. You headed back to the train station with a skip in your step, but not without stopping by a small cafe where you got the richest highest calorie counting coffee and pastry on the menu. You sat at table still shoeless, sipping and eating. Suddenly your phone went off.

You got a text from John and Alex, asking if you’d be interested in getting some drinks later tonight and meet some of their ‘friends’. Looks like your Valentine’s Day was just getting started.

warmnebula  asked:

"Did you think I forgot?" Lupcretia >:3c

(five word prompt ask meme)

Lucretia is bent over her journal, detailing the exact way the animals in this world construct their huts, when a bottle of red wine is plonked down in front of her.

The hand holding it has vivid red nails, and her eyes trail up a tan arm and a red sleeve to see a beautiful, proud face.

“Happy birthday, Lucy!” Lup crows, and a burst of confetti erupts from her palm and showers down around them.

Lucretia raises an eyebrow, batting confetti away from her face. “Don’t call me Lucy,” she says automatically. “And how did you know it’s my birthday?”

Lup perches on the edge of her desk, her feet dangling by Lucretia’s knees, leaning back on her hands. Lucretia remembers her sitting like this at the Institute, the sleeves of her blouse rolled up as she lectured to rapt graduate students. Lucretia had sat in the back of the hall, sitting in so she could get a feeling for her biographical subjects, and understood why everybody in the country clamored to get into her classes.

Lup grins, looking proud of herself. “I had a peek at the personnel files back before we took off.”

“You’re not supposed to do that.”

“Wild card!” Lup clicks finger guns at her, and then pulls two wine glasses from seemingly nowhere. “And anyway, you knew everything about us. I wanted to know a little about you.”

Lucretia sighs, trying to shove down the flutter of delight that causes a commotion in her chest. No sense in getting her hopes up. “Well, I can’t imagine it was very interesting,” she says, uncorking the bottle of wine. “I’m honestly surprised you remembered something like my birthday, what with all that’s happened.”

Lup frowns, and pauses. “Did you think I’d forget?”

At Lucretia’s silence (mildly stunned, but humiliating in its too-obvious meaning of who hasn’t?), Lup sets down her wine glass and places her hand on Lucretia’s cheek.

“You’re part of this crew too, Lucretia,” she says assuredly, pinning Lucretia in place with her golden eyes, and Lucretia feels like she’s melting, dissolving. “Make sure you put yourself down in those journals too, so everyone who’ll read them will remember how great you are.”

Lucretia can’t think of anything to say - can barely think, except some thankfulness that her blushes don’t show - but oh no Lup must be able to feel the heat of her cheeks at the moment - but then Lup’s eyes widen and she coughs and - Lucretia must be imagining the flush on the tips of her ears, she must be.

Lup picks up her wine glass again and takes a sip, and then makes a face. “Ugh.”

Lucretia pours herself a glass, because that’s what she knows to do right now. “Is it not good? Wait. How did you even get this? Did you smuggle it on the ship?”

“I wish I had remembered to,” Lup sighs, lip curling as she examines the bottle. “Nah, I got Taako to transmute this for me. He got me some two buck Chuck. Asshole.”

Then her face flies into distress. “I mean! - I didn’t tell him it was for your birthday, he was just being a dick to me, it’s nothing to do with you, he likes you just fine! We all do!”

Lucretia can’t help it: she chuckles, and then takes a sip of the horrid wine. “Ah - oh fuck, that is awful.”

Lup rolls her eyes. “Right? Oh! Oh wait, fuck! We gotta clink!”

“Do you mean toast?”

“Toast means bread. We are clinking glasses.”

Then they clink glasses, and Lucretia has the biggest smile she can remember having in at least a year, maybe more.


A hundred and five years later, Lucretia pours one glass of red wine. She drinks it very slowly. She stands by the window of her office, looking down at this world below.

She does her best not to cry.

She can’t let herself forget.

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What about a friends with benefits blurb? Like in the movie friends with benefits which I happen to be watching right now lol. Harry and or her realize they actually do have feelings for each other

Friends with benefits anon here again…I feel like a harry is a little emotionally repressed so I can totally see him taking on a situation like that. Also with his work he might feel like it’s too hard to keep a proper relationship up so that’s a good alternative.

Enjoy, sweetness. ;)

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First Date with Jefferson

Originally posted by miyku

  • Mark’s career means he has quite a bit of money, and there’s nothing he likes more than to wine and dine somebody
  • He’s also known for having a bit of a sugar daddy trait when it comes to dating
  • So your first date is at a fancy restaurant a little bit out of town
  • He drove the two of you there and you listened to some classic rock, laughed about some idiot in class that day and he rested his hand on your thigh
  • He obviously pulls the chair out for you
  • You get the window seat
  • “The view looks nice,” you say
  • “It does,” he agrees as he glances towards you, but of course you don’t notice the subtle compliment
  • You’re the couple in the restaurant that everybody occasionally glances at because you’re laughing too loudly
  • Three course meal except every course is you choosing the cheapest thing because you don’t want to spend all his money
  • Staying until it’s way too dark and when you both realise what time it is you’re surprised how long you’ve both been there for
  • Long stares when the other isn’t looking
  • Lip biting and licking when either of you do something super cute
  • Nervous silences 
  • Also a lot of bitching about teachers and students. Neither of you can hold back laughter as the other one goes in for the roast
  • Quite a few glasses of wine later and it looks like neither of you can drive back
  • “Sorry, sir, there won’t be another taxi available for a couple of hours in this part of town.”
  • When you’re slightly tipsy you interchange between calling him Mark and Mr. Jefferson
  • And occasionally sir, which turns him on ever so slightly
  • It ends up taking too long for a cab and the two of you walk back to Blackwell hand in hand
  • Somehow, after tonight’s events, this is the part that makes him most nervous and you can definitely tell
  • There’s moonlight from a full moon and somehow it makes the whole thing even more romantic because it’s like something out of a movie
  • He makes sure to kiss your hand and bow when you both say goodbye, which leaves you in fits of giggles
  • “My princess,” he grins as the two of you part

- Scar

On Top of the World

According to my nonexistent watch it’s When-You-Least-Expect-It o’clock! Miraculous Winter Sonata AU.

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Thousands of feet above the Atlantic, Marinette sat perfectly still, back straight, hands resting on her lap. To her right was a small desk area fixed with a reading lamp, magazines scattered across its surface. Beside that was an identical desk, and to the right of that, Felix Agreste sat staring at his laptop screen.

“What can I get you to drink?” a cheerful flight attendant asked her.

Marinette ordered the wine.


They had spoken to each other, of course. 

She thanked him for helping her with her carry on and expressed surprise at their being on the same flight. She answered his questions: yes, she was excited to be going home; no, his laptop use didn’t bother her, but she’d be sure to let him know if the keyboard clacking got annoying.

And then she’d gone silent. She stared at the small screen on the wall in front of her, which showed a map pinpointing the plane’s location and the time left on the flight (over six hours), and willed herself to calm down. But how could she be calm when every time Felix stopped typing to think, he absently rubbed the finger where his Miraculous should have been?

She ordered more wine.

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I might never get over the Sans and Toriel answer in the Q&A.  A (long but incomplete) list of why that is:


2. They probably live together?????  aaaaaah!

3. Well either that or Toriel does all their grocery shopping, which I’d believe but I feel like Papyrus would volunteer to do all the grocery shopping if it was just him and Sans.


5. Lunchables are disgusting but so is ketchup, Sans’ terrible taste in food confirmed 100% canon.  (RIP Papyrus’ love of spaghetti, though.)

6. but can we get back to Toriel’s face when she is calling Sans a goblin.


8. Her throwing tiny pizzas at him tipsily, omg.

9. Like, I can just see her being like “If you are not going to make the pizzas, Sans, why did you ask for them?” “i just wanted a pizza the action.” “Your jokes just get cheesier and cheesier.  Here, let me make the pizzas!” “ok.” “Ugh, I dough not know how anyone uses this tiny sauce-spreading stick.  Let me find something else for this.”

10. ONE PACK OF LUNCHABLES AND THREE GLASSES OF WINE LATER, does Sans even bother trying to catch the tiny pizzas in his mouth?

11. Nah, he probably just makes sauce jokes.

Breathless Part 11

Pair : Single!Jensen x Reader

Music : Unkiss Me by Maroon 5 

A/N : I cant believe how well this series is doing!! This was suppose to be nothing more than just a simple imagine, and now here we are. 11 Parts later! Thank you all so much!! Hope you enjoy.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11

“Danneel! Hey thanks for coming.” Jared croaked. 

You couldn’t breathe. You couldn’t blink. Why was she holding his hand? Your head was spinning and you weren’t quite sure what to do. 

“Of course. You know I wouldn’t miss this.“ 

Jensen cleared his throat and forced a smile as he pulled Jared into a hug.
"Congrats brother. Happy for you. Happy for you both.”  He tried so hard not to look back at you, but it was useless. He couldn’t help it. 

“How are you? Was it hard?” Danneel asked, as she sat beside Gen. 

You tried to shut them out, shut everyone out and focus on the baby. Pretend everything was okay. And that you hadn’t just seen the man you love, walk in with another woman. 

“H-hi.” A familiar voice rang. 

Your stomach was in knots, and your body was still. 

You met his gaze, and felt the room spin. Everything was closing in.
“How are you?” He muttered. His heart racing as he stood in front of you. 

“I-im good.” You forced out.

He clenched his jaw shut, silence thickening as the tension built. All he wanted was to hold you again. To feel you pushed up against him. 

“J! Did you hear me?” Danneel yelped, capturing both yours and Jensen’s attention. 

She made her way to his side. “You okay there buddy?” She chuckled, as she linked her arm around his. 

She met your gaze, making the heat escape your body. She was beautiful, and so lively. Something about her was intriguing. Which made sense as to why Jensen was with her. 

“Hi I’m Danneel.” She flashed a smile. 

You smirked and nodded. “Y/N." 

"Nice to meet you.” She looked down at the baby and squealed. “Oh my god! He’s so perfect! Can I carry him?” She asked. 

You nodded and carefully handed the baby over. 

“His name is Thomas.” Jared stammered. 

You could feel Jensen’s gaze lingering and it was making everything worse.
You cleared your throat and forced a smile. “It was nice to see you.” You muttered.

Walking over to Gen, you pressed your lips to her forehead. “Well I have to go. But I will come visit again soon!" 

"Aw okay. Well thank you for coming. I’ll call you later okay?" 

You nodded and pulled Jared in for a hug. "Take care of her, got it?” You chuckled. 

“Yes ma'am." 

Jensen watched you leave the room. As the door closed, he finally let out a long breath, not realizing he was holding it in. 

"Who was that?” Danneel whispered. 

He pursed his lips and sighed. “No one, just an old friend." 


(A few weeks later) 

"You want a beer?” Gen muttered. 

“Sure.” You stammered as you held Tom in your Arms. 

He was sleeping peacefully, and you loved to look at him. Holding him and smelling him. He was beautiful. 

“Here you go.” She flashed a smile. 

Gen plopped down next to you, as you carefully laid Tom down onto the swing.
“How are you?” She asked, taking a sip of her wine. 

You shrugged. “Eh I’m okay. Been extremely busy with work." 

"That’s right! You’re the Editor in Chief now. How’s that going?" 

"It’s great. I mean, it’s a lot more work but I love it." 

She flashed a smile as she heard you go on about your job. 

"Well I am glad you are happy. I really missed you. It hasn’t been the same without you." 

You looked down at the bottle in your hand, and took in a deep breath. You were going to regret what you were going to say next, but you needed to know.
"Are they together?” You whispered. 

Gen pursed her lips and nodded. “Seems like it." 

"W-where did they-I mean h-how-”

“They met on set for a movie. Well technically they’ve been friends, but he asked her out after the movie." 

Of course. You’ve heard of her before. But never put a face on the name. This was exactly what you were scared of. But then again, you practically pushed him into her arms. 

"Is he happy?” You muttered. 

“I guess so. I mean there are times you can just tell something is missing, but for the most part, he seems happy.” Gen wasn’t the one to bullshit and keep things from you. She was blunt and that was one of the things you loved about her. She was honest. 

“Well if he’s happy, then I’m happy.” You took a big gulp of your beer. 

“Hey, you know no matter what, you will always be apart of my life. You’re family and I love you like a sister. I hope you know that. And plus, Tom needs you in his life. We all do." 

Her words stitched to you, making you start to tear. "I love you Gen.” You chuckled. 

“I know. I love you too Y/N.” She pulled you in for a quick hug. “Okay, enough of that. Ready to catch up on the Bachelor? Who do you think he’s going to give the rose to? I swear if it’s Jennifer, I am going to hurt him.”  

You nodded in agreement and shifted your eyes to the screen. “Exactly! He will be stupid if he doesn’t give the Rose to Amy. She is so perfect for him." 

You both continued as you watched the show. It was one of the things that you two loved. Every Monday, was your night. With a glass of wine. You enjoyed spending time with her.


(One year later)  

You held the box in your hand as you rang the doorbell. Excited to see everyone, especially see Tom. 

It was his birthday. Finally turning one and you were thrilled! 

The door swung open, and there was Gen with Tom on her hip. 

"Hey sweetie!” You squealed as you tickled his little tummy. “Happy birthday bug." 

He reached his arm out to you. "Y/N!" 

You pulled him to you, and smiled. 

"Hey, come on, everyone is out in the back.”

You followed her through the house as Tom played with your hair.
“The boys are barbecuing.”

“Awesome! Can’t wait to eat. I’m starving.” You chuckled. 

As you both made your way to the yard, you saw familiar faces. Some you haven’t seen in while.
“Hey!” Jared yelped, giving you a side hug. 

“Hey Moose. Having fun?" 

"Yeah a lot. It’s nice to have a small little break from shooting and being with my family.” He smiled. “Want a beer?" 

You nodded and put Tom down. 

"I thought it was you." 

You snapped your gaze back. "Jensen.” You whispered. 

He flashed a giant smile, the one you loved for so many years.  His arms reached out and pulled you in for a hug. His scent being the only thing you breathed. 

It’s been a year and yet, you still missed him more than anything. And being in his arms, it still made you feel safe, secure. 

“How ya been?” He stammered. 

“I’ve been good! Just working a lot. You know how that could be.” You chuckled. “What about you? How’s life Mr. ackles?" 

"It’s great! Just been shooting and stuff." 

You knew he’s been spending more and more time with Danneel. Obviously it was getting pretty serious. 

"So where’s the girlfriend?” You asked, taking a sip of your beer.  

He took in a deep breath shrugged his shoulders. “She couldn’t make it. She’s filming in LA right now." 

Jensen may had a buzz, but he was still mesmerized by you. Even though he hasn’t seen you in so long, he couldn’t help but fluster when he was near you. And seeing you smile the way you did, made his day. 

Gen caught your attention as she pulled you over to the girls. "Come on. You have to hear this story.” She muttered. “Misha is hilarious." 

You followed her, yet your gaze was still on Jensen. His lips slowly curved up as he never looked away. 

‘This is going to be a long day.’ You thought to yourself. 

As the night rolled in, and the majority of the people had left, leaving only you, Jensen, Jared, Misha, Gen, and Vicki. 

You all sat around the fire, laughing while the boys cracked jokes. Something you have missed. 

"Well Misha and I have to be going now. West has a doctors appointment tomorrow morning.” Vicki stated. 

“Of course! We will walk you out.” Both Jews and Gen got up. Misha pulled you in. You loved his hugs, they were always so tight. 


They walked inside, leaving you and Jensen alone. 

This would be something you would freak out about, but you had alcohol streaming in your blood, and your mind hazed. It was no bother what so ever.
He kept his gaze on you, focusing. 

"What?” You chuckled. 

He shook his head. “Youre beautiful." 

Those words echoed in your head, making you stomach flutter. 

"And you’re drunk.” You cackled. 

You got up, and started for the door. Jensen followed closely behind until he reached for your hand, and turned you around. 

Your breath hitched to the back of your throat, as he was only inches away from your face. 

His eyes looked down at your lips, then back up to your eyes, searching for something. 

The fire crackled, and you swore you could hear your heart beating.  

No words were spoken, nothing but gazing into one another.

You wanted nothing more than to kiss him. To taste him again and feel his lips on yours. You were starting to lean in towards him until the door crept open, making you both jump and pull away. 

“Hey. You two okay?” Jared smiled. 

You both shared a glance. “Yea. We’re great" 

"Cool. Well Gen and I are going to hit the sack. It’s been a long day. You can sleep in the guest house. There’s 3 rooms." 

"Okay. Thanks Moose. Goodnight.” You stammered. 


He made his way back inside, and you started for the guest house.
"Y/N.” Jensen muttered. 

As you turned on your heels, Jensen stood behind you, his arms crossed over his chest. 

“I just want to say sorry, for you know.” He muttered. 

“There’s no reason to be sorry. Nothing happened.” You reassured him.
“I do. I wasn’t there for you. I don’t blame you for leaving." 

"J, we are too drunk for this conversation. Come on, let’s go sleep.” You stammered. 

“No.” He exhaled, inching toward you. “I need to get this off my chest now." 

You sighed and dropped your head. "Fine.” You whispered. “This isn’t your fault J. I didn’t leave you because you were gone. I left because I know just how much you want a family. To have kids, and I don’t think I can give that to you. The doctor said-" 

"Fuck what the doctor said Y/N. I wanted you!” He croaked. “Yeah it sucks and I was so upset, but it wasn’t because of you losing the baby, it was because you were going through this alone. Y/N, I loved you. And I wanted to spend the rest of my life, with YOU." 

Tears started to stream down your cheeks. His words made you cringe and feel as if you couldn’t breathe from the lump in your throat. 

"J, I’m sorry.” You croaked. Slowly taking steps toward him. His eyes welled with tears. 

He met your gaze, making your stomach flutter. Maybe it was the alcohol, but you felt brave. 

You closed the distance between the two of you, and crashed your lips to his.
His hands tangled into your hair, pulling you in closer. 

His lips felt so smooth against yours. Tasting of beer. You missed him so much. Missed kissing him more than anything. 

Soft groans escaped you both, as you continued to taste him. 

He pulled his lips away, resting his head against yours. “Y/N.” He exhaled. “We can’t do this." 

Those words made you cringe. As if a spiders crawled up and down your spine. 

Slowly taking a step back, he looked up at you. "I asked Danneel to marry me.” He whispered. 

Your heart stopped. The world felt as if it had froze.
“She said yes.”

Bella Notte (6/?)

A/N: Happy Once Day! Something to tide you over this last hour before we lose our minds? ;)) Thanks as always for you messages and reblogs and likes and headcanons about this fic. It’s as much mine as it is yours :))

I’m dedicating this chapter to eatencrow, whose love of this story just about rivals my own. XO

[Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6]


She stares blankly at her computer screen, thoughts far away as she leans back in her chair and sighs. There’s a huge stack of paperwork on her desk (largely ignored for the better part of the last few hours) and a mug of coffee next to it (untouched and now cold from this morning — ugh) and a bright yellow buttercup beside her keyboard. She’s distracted by it, by the images of blue eyes and dimpled smiles that it keeps conjuring in her mind — images that have been haunting her all morning.

If she’s going to be honest, it had surprised her how easy it had been to do that with him — dinner, conversation, laughing. He’d been charming and incredibly funny and once the business dealings had been finished, made it a point not to bring them up again. He’d made smalltalk, asked her about her day, the construction on the restaurant, and then not so subtly wondered about how long she’d been in town.

Storybrooke’s not that big, it’s so strange how Westley and I haven’t run into you before.

She’d given him that look, the one that told him she knew exactly what he was doing, the one that made his eyes dance and the corners of his mouth tip up in that infuriatingly attractive smirk. Surprisingly, she’d told him the truth anyway, that she’d just moved into town, but when he’d pressed a little more on the subject she’d retreated just a bit and had turned it around on him instead (steering him very far away from her and Henry and everything before).

You don’t exactly sound like a Storybrooke native yourself, how’d you find yourself in Maine?

He’d chuckled at her behind his glass of wine, watching her over the rim while he’d sipped.

Seems like I’m getting that date after all.

She’d rolled her eyes. Please, this can hardly be called a date. We’re having a business dinner.

I don’t know, Swan. Dinner, wine, music, candlelight, ‘get-to-know-you’ conversation…those seem like date elements to me.

She’d told him he was impossible, of course, which she’d already said before but a little repetition never hurt anybody, and if she were lucky, it would solidify her point of not finding him dashing or interesting because she wasn’t interested — God no, definitely not interested. He had reminded her, quite delightedly, that she hadn’t disagreed with his sentiment. She could only shake her head at him and companionably clink their glasses together when he’d held his out to her. (Fuck. Maybe a little interested.)

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Simsrena: the first date!

Welcome to another day of Simsrena madness. 

So I decided that our lovely ladies (and the Berena fandom) needed to spend their day off together. And what better way than a trip to the park? 

Serena scheduled a date with Bernie and I realised that this was actually their first official date!!! :O So Serena and I decided that she should have some pampering before she met up with Bernie. A mud bath was the perfect idea! It boosts your confidence you know! Not that she really needs it, right Serena? You got this babe!

Then it turns out Serena must have been nervous because she poured herself a big glass of Shiraz… I shit you not! She poured it herself. You don’t need Dutch courage Serena! It is pretty tasty though. Maybe I’ll have one too…..

A glass of wine later we found Bernie in the gazebo in the park and the moment Serena saw we were hooked! 

It all started innocently enough with some hand holding and kissing and flirting. We were sailing our way through all the tasks and were well on our way to completely a Great Date. We got this Serena!

Then this happened….

Seriously?! A massage?! Are you guys trying to kill me? Are you trying to kill the fandom? Is there some kind of mysterious force that’s taken over my computer that’s just trying to mess with me? Gaahhhhh!!! 


Moving on.

They took a walk around the grounds, stopping every now and again for smooches. 

Go on lass! Show her a good time :)

Thankfully there was no one else around. I don’t think Bernie would have enjoyed being this smoochy in public if there had been people watching…. I don’t count. None of us count. We’re allowed to spy on them. Cause we’re creeps. Just sayin’. 

They finished their first date with a selfie and joked about it before they kissed goodbye and headed their separate ways. 

When the date ended, Sims 4 tells me that Bernie had a Great Date! I mean, obviously! 

We won an award for it everything. Serena and I are apparently amazing daters - high five sister! Not that we needed Sims 4 to tell us that. We’re pretty fun.

And I’ve started talking about (and to) my sims as if they’re real people. I need help. 

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