one giant nope

the iron giant came out when i was 3 years old?? ajkdghf i remember when i was like. in kindergarten there was Either some sort of iron giant marathon or someone left it in the vhs player and it just kept repeating cause i was 6 and didnt know how to work the tv so it just kept Going and Going for Hours 

my hatred for elena just got revamped today over the thought of elena trying to redo her relationship with stefan when he lost his memories.

like she was actually trying to play innocent like she didn’t stab him in the back 900 times and crush his heart and soul. she was going to take advantage of his memory loss and use it for her benefit.

not to tell him the truth, or to set things straight and apologize, not to tell him all about his family and his 200 yrs of life– but to reset her mistakes because she knew he wouldn’t be any the wiser.

she was there the second he woke up. she was like some creepy vulture coming in for the kill on innocent pray.

literally elena gilbert & how she treats/views her “friends” summarized in one instance.