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What do you get when you merge Giant Pants Guy and Dan’s Instagram outfit? You get a bad idea. A very bad idea.

  • Griffin: sorry Justin I don't mean to impose on Taako's character development by introducing Lup, this completely new character, to his backstory, and potentially ruining the existing characterization and development you have planned for him I hope this won't be an issue.
  • Justin, wearing an "I Love Lup" t-shirt, on one hand a giant foam finger saying "Lup #1", in the other, a flag that says "GO LUP" and on the table in front of him, a ten page essay detailing Taako and Lup's relationship: what
Butterfly Wings


Lance was not happy.
Allura had woken them up two hours earlier then normal to tell them that two of them had a mission.
Once the terror of being woken up by a loud blaring alarm passed, everyone settled in as the Princess explained she was sending Keith and Lance to a jungle like planet and needed the others awake as to help monitor the mission.

Twenty minutes later the two were flying down in red to the planets surface, with Lance pouting the whole time.
“I don’t see why we couldn’t of done this later.”
Keith rolled his eyes not even bothering to look back at the blue paladin.
“Because there’s only a small window where the storm clouds are safe to pass through.”
Lance blinked in surprise. If there were storm clouds then would there be rain?
Lance suddenly found his legs bouncing up and down as nervous energy eradicated any lingering tiredness in his system.
The landed on a sandy outcrop just on the edge of a large jungle.
The plan was to go in and find this supposed miracle plant that could be used to heal a person almost as well as the pods.
After more then one close call Allura had decided it would be best for the Paladins to be equipped with something for out in the field.
Lance practically ran out of Red, taking his helmet off just so he could breath in the familiar scent of ozone that only came before a storm.
“What’s got you so excited all of a sudden?” Keith asked joining him on the sand.
“Smells like home.” Lance grinned while Keith watched him.
He didn’t really understand what Lance was talking about, but he looked too happy to question it.
“Ok… come on we have work to do.”
Lance gave him a mocking salute “sir yes sir.” He smirked back at Keith as he walked into the forest.
Walking through the thick foliage was difficult on the two of them.
The fact that the air was stiflingly hot too didn’t help.
They barley made it a mile before they were both drenched in sweat and out of breath.
When Keith had stumbled for the third time into Lance, he had enough.
“Let’s take a break.” Keith decided.
“What’s the matter got shot? Can’t handle a little walk?” Lance tried to sound cocky, but the fact he was practically gasping for breath afterwards suggested he needed a break just as much as Keith.
“Humour me.” Keith shrugged as he sat down on a large purple moss covered tree branch.
After a moment Lance joined him, the two heavily breathing and sitting in comfortable silence.
Then the rain started.
It came on so hard and suddenly that it was like someone above them had turned on a faucet.
Keith had groaned thinking about how much harder their mission was going to be with the poor visibility. When he looked over at Lance to complain he found the words die in his mouth.
Lance was staring straight up with the biggest smile of his face.
His hair was plastered to his head and Keith decided to pretend that the tears running down his cheeks were just rain drops.
For a single moment, the world seemed quite as Lance watched the rain and Keith watched Lance with equal fascination.
Then the branch The were sitting on woke up.

The two were suddenly flung from their seats hitting the floor roughly.
Keith hit a tree having the air knocked from his lungs.
He couldn’t figure out what had happened until he saw what resembled a giant green gorilla with a long thick tail and razor sharp claws standing over him.
He grabbed his bayard and quickly turning it into its sword for right as the creature swiped at him.
Keith managed to roll out of the way, avoiding being sliced in half like the tree directly behind him.
The creature tried to grab him but a cut to the hand made it back off, but not for long.
It swung its giant tail like a battening ram, moving much faster then anything that size should be able to.
Keith couldn’t help but wonder why Lance wasn’t helping him.
He dodged under the tail and got his answer.
Lance was sitting on the ground looking confused.
There was blood running down his face from a head wound.
Keith cursed under his breath, he looked pretty out of it.
The second he spent distracted was all the time the creature needed, grabbing Keith with one of its giant hand, pinning his arms by his side.
“Lance!” Keith yelled struggling helplessly as the creature brought him closer to his face.
Keith closed his eyes sure he was about to become a giant monkeys dinner, when he hears the familiar sound of Lance’s gun being fired.
Keith was suddenly dropped and the creature was holding its eye in pain.
It blindly swipes at Lance hitting it’s mark and sending him flying.
Keith didn’t waste his chance.
He drove his sword through its neck and jumped off as it fell to the ground dead.
“Lance?” Keith asked looking in the direction the blue paladin lay.
He crept over to him gasping at the sight.
A single deep claw mark was slashed across Lance’s torso stretching from his right shoulder down to his left hip.
Keith dropped his sword and surged forwards to the lump paladin.
“Lance? Buddy come on I need you to wake up. I need you to look at me, insult me, anything!”
Keith yelled shaking him.
“Allura? Shiro?”
He only got static from his helmet.
Keith felt the panic begin to rise in his chest.
There was so much blood and Lance just wasn’t moving.
“Lance please… I need you.” Keith sniffed as he felt tears prick his eyes.
“Mullet?… you…ok?”
Keith would of thrown his arms around him if he weren’t hurt so badly.
“You jerk! I thought you were dead.”
Lance smiled, but the pain was still obvious on his face. “Can’t leave you… who else… would keep… you…alive?”
“Shut up.” Keith laughed wiping his eyes.
“How bad is it?”
Keith held his breath, he had hoped Lance wouldn’t ask.
“It’s not good.”
“Really cause this feels fantastic.”
Keith rolled his eyes but felt a small spark of hope at the banter.
“I can’t get through to the castle… I don’t know what to do Lance.”
The fear on Keith voice made Lance’s eyes widen.
“H-hey it’s ok… it’s ok. Your annoyingly smart… right… so use.. that brain of yours… and-”
Keith’s head snapped up “the flowers!”
Lance smiled “there you go.”
Keith stood scanning the area, he couldn’t see far thanks to the rain and couldn’t see a single flower that matched Allura’s description.
“Go.” Lance said so quickly Keith almost missed him.
“I said… go… I can’t keep up… with you… find the… flower… come back.”
Keith felt a flash of anger “I’m not going to just leave you here!”
“You don’t have… much of a choice!” Lance yelled but started coughing, blood sprayed from his mouth.
Keith couldn’t do anything while he coughed but soon as he finished wiped the blood from his face along with a strange brown substance.
Keith looked at it for a moment before he noticed the pale patches just visible on Lance’s skin.
He decided now wasn’t the time to ask.
Lance was running out of time.
“Don’t you dare die before I come back.” Keith warned kissing Lance on the forehead before he took off running.
Every second Keith spent looking was another second closer to Lance bleeding out.
His chest was heaving and he could barely breath as he ran, but Keith didn’t slow down for a second.
His foot caught a tree root and sent him tumbling down a hill.
His ankle was throbbing with pain.
If he couldn’t stand how could he save Lance?
Just as suddenly the rain had started it stopped.
Without the thick curtain of rain Keith could see he fell into what looked like a meadow filled with various coloured flowers.
Then Keith saw it.
A patch of small blue flowers that almost seemed to glow.
He crawled towards it and nearly cried with joy.
He had found it.
He grabbed a handful, putting one in his mouth and chewed.
The effects weren’t instant, but the pain was dulled enough for Keith to stand and limp back to Lance.
Getting back took longer then it had before.
His ankle hurt but Keith kept pushing until he spotted blue armour stained with red.
He ran ignoring the protests from his body.
Keith dropped to his knees in a pool of blood that stained the ground beneath Lance.
His skin was a sickly grey colour and his breathing was slow and laboured.
His eyes were open but Keith doubted he actually knew what was going on around him.
Keith got to work, he took his water from his belt and ground up a few of the flowers before adding them in.
As gently as possible, Keith tilted Lance’s head up and slowing brought the flask to his lips.
For a moment nothing happened.
Then Lance began to drink.
By time he had finished the bleeding had slowed down and the pained crease in his forehead had eased slightly.
“Hang on Buddy I’m gonna get you home.”
If Red hadn’t come to meet them, Keith really wasn’t sure how he was going to get Lance back short of carrying him.
Soon as Red burst through the castle hangar doors Keith had come running out of the Lions mouth struggling with Lance in his arms and screaming for help.
Shiro was there in an instant, not even asking what happened he took Lance from Keith and ran towards the infirmary trailing blood behind him.
Hunk and Pidge began bombarding Keith with questions but Keith couldn’t hear them.
All he could do was stare after Lance.
Two weeks Lance was in the pod.
The creature had managed to clip his lung.
According to Allura, if Keith hadn’t of gotten him the flower when he had, Lance would of died.
Keith barley ate or slept.
He never left Lance’s side once.
He was surprised to see that his skin was covered in the pale patches, but it seemed like the others weren’t.
Keith figured they must already know, or just didn’t care.
It was late when the pod finally opened and Lance fell into Keith’s waiting arms.
“Lance! You feeling ok?”
Lance rubbed his eyes tiredly “yeah… I’m good just kinda tired.” He shrugged.
Keith smiled helping walk over to one of the beds.
Lance sat on the edge and patted the space next to him.
Keith didn’t hesitate to join him.
“Thanks… you know for saving me.”
Keith laughed “you did save me first, can’t have you one up me.”
Lance smiled as he rested his head on Keith shoulder.
Keith tenses for a moment before relaxing and wrapping him arm around Lance’s waste.
“Thanks for the kiss too.”
Keith blushed “anytime.”
“I’ll hold you to that.” Lance smirked up at him making Keith’s heart skip a beat.
“Lance… about your skin.”
Lance but his lip “yeah? It’s erm just Vitiligo… do you think it’s ugly?”
Keith shook his head “no I think your beautiful? that it’s beautiful… like butterfly wings.”
Lance smiled “yeah o think so too. I think I’ll stop covering it up.”
Keith smiled pulling Lance closer to him “I’d like that.”

Back Massages

Pairing: Dylan x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 2393

Warnings: unprotected sex, explicit language

Authors Note: I’m really excited about this one! There will also be a part two that I’ll have to start working on! I want to thank @thelittlestkitsune for mentioning to me for this to be sinful and giving me a few pointers! A HUGE thanks goes to @smutandahalf for reading this over plenty of times and helping me express what I was saying better and helping on a few parts I didn’t know how to explain. 

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*cracks wrists* The second Hämärä cover is finished. (It’s crazy what you can do with a bit of salt and a computer mouse)

This cover is allll Jessekix, and rightfully so, since it’s in the fic. A lot. In fact, aside from Rexobi pining, Sith Qui being all “You like Obi-Wan, too? Gosh, so do I. I like you now as well, Captain), and Dogma’s VERY poorly placed crush on Krell, it’s the only ship in the fic. So it deserves a cover.

Hämärä is gonna be part of my Frisson AU, so keep your eyes peeled for it whenever.

*drops mouse like a mic* Take that, depression.

Your Face Between My Thighs

Summary/Prompt: After a long night out, both Tyler and I had longed to touch each other. To grope onto places that were in fact inappropriate to grope in public. The only feeling I wanted that night was feeling Tyler’s scruff on my inner thighs.
Length: 2354 words
Warnings: smut af, language, nsfw, oral sex, drinking
Pairings: Tyler Seguin x Reader

Authors Note: So its been about a year and a half since i last posted an imagine on here, so I thought why not now. Hopefully you guys enjoy this. Feedback and requests are also highly encouraged.

Originally posted by flyersphiladelphia

Was this really about to happen? I was fully aware of what exactly was going on around me, yet my mind wasn’t fully processing who was in front of me at this very moment.

As he spoke to me about something that had happened to him earlier, I couldn’t help but stare into his eyes. They were enthralling, like sparkling kaleidoscopes of colour. His brown-mahogany orbs scintillated with a mischievous glint that could be noticed next to the umber that rimmed his iris. They glow with humor and playfulness that never seem to escape his eyes. And for some reason, they looked like they had seen a lifetime, when in reality they had only seen a fraction.

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snowhites  asked:

Hi, I absolutely love your writing, I don't know if you take requests, but if you do, could you write a Sterek secret admirer AU?

This isn’t exactly an AU, but here you go. ♥

The first postcard came on a Friday.

It was a Friday just like any other; boring, uneventful, good. It had been like that for the past couple of years, ever since he’d left Beacon Hills behind for good, and Derek liked it this way. There was no one coming to kill him, no one manipulating or using him, it was just a normal life. For the first time, his life was normal and good and without evil looming over him every step he took.

Every weekday at nine am, he went to classes for the history degree he never got to finish before Laura got taken from him and everything back in Beacon Hills happened. Every day around noon, he went out with his two close friends (Ryan and Barbara, both fellow werewolves but neither of them pack) for lunch. Every day at four pm, he’d return home to his apartment building and rest and do whatever he wanted, because he could do that now.

That Friday was like every other. Except this time, as he checked his mailbox after coming home, Derek froze at the sight of a postcard stacked on top of the small pile of mail.

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Amy and the Seven Egos

(Big props to @gwennyr for helping me in the development of this idea and for being an all-around wonderful human bean!)

Imagine Amy as Snow White, and the evil Edgelord Darkiplier wants her promised throne. He’s jealous of her immense beauty and kindness that captures the hearts and minds of all her subjects, both great and small.

Imagine Mark, a prince from a faraway land, meeting Amy by chance on one of her many adventures on the great, blue seas surrounding her grand kingdom. Amy saves the dashing prince from a band of marauding pirates, and the two fall deeply in love. Mark asks for her hand in marriage, and Amy gladly accepts the floofy-haired prince. Mark promises that once he has told his father the great news, he will return and marry Princess Amy right away.

One day the evil Darkiplier asks his All Seeing Magic Mirror, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?” fully expecting the answer to be, “Oh, you, the Great and Terrible Darkiplier.” A solemn face appears in the misty surface of the mirror, his eyes masked in swirls of purple smoke with a single streak of golden hair, and speaks, as always, in rhyme, “The fairest in the land is a sweet, Golden lass who is far more fair and kind than your emo a—,” Dark cuts off the mirror with a loud roar of anger, and he stomps off to find a way to kill the princess.

Imagine Amy fleeing from Dark’s Huntsman, the feared Yandereplier, but just as the Huntsman captures his prey, he is baffled by her kind words and strong spirit. So, he tells her to run, run far into the woods where she can hide from the evil Edgelord and his vicious plot to murder her. The huntsman, in turn, will present Dark with the heart of a pig instead.

Imagine an exhausted Princess Amy stumbling across what looks like an abandoned cottage deep within the woods and falling asleep in a little bed upstairs. While she slumbers, seven whistling Egos march home from working in the diamond mines all day long. Lo and behold they find the princess sleeping in one of their beds. Grumpy, his glowing blue eyes flaring with anger, insists that they wake her up and throw her out! What business does she have being here?

The pink mustached Happy claps his hands together and declare that they’ll simply have to wake her up and get her to clean and cook for them! Doc, the most reasonable of the seven, smacks Happy on the back of his head and informs him that this is, in fact, the princess of the entire land and that she is most likely in grave danger. “I’m sorry,” he says, “she may be dying.”

It’s about that time that Sneezy sneezes into one of his giant, gloved hands so loudly that it could’ve awaken the dead, let alone a sleeping princess.

Imagine Bashful, nervously hugging one of his potted plants to his chest and gasping when Amy’s eyes blink open to see seven four-foot tall little men, who look strangely like her charming prince, standing around her bed. After the initial surprise, Princess Amy quickly explains her situation to the little men and begs that they give her a place to stay. “I’ll even cook and clean for you, if I must. But please!”

Happy wiggles his mustache and smiles. “See? I told you.” Sleepy tips his cowboy hat to her and requests politely that she exit his bed so he can go to sleep.

Imagine them living happily for a few blessed weeks until the evil Edgelord Darkiplier discovers that the heart he was given is a fake. He forces his Huntsman to tell him where Princess Amy was last seen, and Dark transforms himself into a simple beggar armed with a particularly dangerous apple.

Imagine the other Egos being away while only Amy and Dopey, practicing his skateboard tricks, are at home. Dopey sees the old man shamble up, and Amy happily invites the beggar inside. “Would you like some food and water, kind sir?” The princess seems to notice something odd about the old man, but she pushes that thought aside as she caters to his every need.

“Oh, sweet young lady, all I have to repay your wonderful kindness is this apple,” the beggar croaks, pulling the deadly fruit from his coat pocket. Amy accepts it, but she is hesitant to take a bite. “Please, dear. Won’t you humor a poor, old man?” Not wanting to insult him or his gift, Princess Amy takes a bite.

Imagine Dopey watching the old man flee the house cackling. Wondering what has happened, he goes inside to check on Amy only to find her under a horrible sleeping-curse. Dopey, distraught and afraid, runs to find the other Egos and tells them the terrible, terrible news.

Imagine the Egos, saddened at the fate of their friend, crafting a beautiful bejeweled coffin for their lovely Princess with a glass top in hopes that one day, her prince will return to wake her with true love’s kiss. Word spreads of the Princess’s curse, and Prince Mark, finally returning after the sudden death of his father, searches the forest for his lost fiancé.

Imagine Dark hearing of the prince’s return and stalking into the woods to kill him. The two of them meet, and the battle is a bloody one. Finally, however, Prince Mark stands triumphant. Beaten and battered, he finds the little cottage in the woods and the resting place of his princess in a grove of weeping willows.

Imagine the Egos gathering around as the prince removes the lid of the coffin and places a gentle kiss upon his princess’s lips. Amy takes a sudden, deep breath, her eyes fluttering open. She embraces her prince, peppering his face with butterfly kisses.

And together with the Egos, the two lovers return to the castle where Amy is crowned Queen before all of her adoring subjects.

And they all lived happily ever after…

Sugar Me Sweet

Okay, so I used my plane ride time very wisely, and actually managed to finish this. Had to borrow my husband’s laptop to post it, but I didn’t want to wait until I get home Sunday ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @louisvuittontrashbags , hope I did your man justice :P 

UPDATE: AO3 link here!

Gladio/Reader, NSFW

 Chapter One 

When you’d agreed to a date with Gladiolus Amicitia, you hadn’t been quite sure what to expect. Like everyone who worked within the inner circles of the Citadel, you were expected to know how to defend yourself, and you’d been briefly introduced to him in the training rooms; however, all you really knew about him so far was that he was intelligent, as strong as he looked, and really really ridiculously good looking. You weren’t exactly looking for a relationship after every hint you’d dropped to Ignis had seemed to go unrecognized, but you were definitely not averse to a fling, let alone one with a guy this hot. 

You’d asked Ignis about him a while back, knowing they knew each other through their positions with the royal family, and he’d spoken highly of Gladio. “I’ve seen him with a book in hand before- he seems to share your rather terrible taste in novels,” he’d teased you. So that made four things you knew about Gladio, you supposed, and all of them positive. What more could you ask for? 

You’d made plans to meet for coffee at a little shop not far from your apartment that Saturday, but just as you’d opened the shop’s door, your phone had started buzzing. In several apologetic texts sent in quick succession, Gladio asked if you could meet him in the bookshop down the street, explaining that what had started as a quick errand had him unavoidably detained. You walked in to find him waiting in line for what had clearly been some time, balancing his phone in one hand and a stack of books in the other. A harried young cashier seemed to be struggling with getting the only register running, and the customers in front of Gladio didn’t seem to share his patience. “I’m sorry I got held up- I was just gonna grab a couple things I’d ordered, and then my sister called asking me to grab some book she wanted, and then the register went down. Thanks for meeting me here.” He grinned sheepishly, and you had to fight the urge to swoon at the sight. Needing a distraction, you took a look at the stack of books in his arms, intrigued at the variety, as well as an author you loved. 

“She’s my favorite!“ You tapped the thick historical novel in the middle of the stack. “Have you read any of her other books? The ones set during the Rogue Queen’s reign are amazing.” His eyes lit up, and he replied with equal enthusiasm, bringing up the merits of the latest book in the series. It was only after a disgruntled patron behind you tapped your shoulder that you both realized that the line in front of you had cleared; you’d gotten entirely lost in the conversation. You both walked out of the shop into the sunshine, with you furiously tapping out a list of books to pick out next time you were here as fast as he could recommend them. You were thrilled to find out how much you two had in common, and the conversation flowed easily, both of you feeling the connection. His hand was warm on the small of your back, and you hesitated as you meandered back towards the coffee shop, not wanting the moment to end. When you reached the shop, only to find a sign on the locked door with ‘back in an hour’ scrawled on it, you seized the opportunity. 

"Do you want to just come to my place instead? I can make us some coffee, or lunch if you want,“ you offered, doing your best to affect a casual tone. He turned to look at you. The warm light in his eyes and the smirk that spread across his face told you he saw right through your feigned nonchalance. “Yeah, I’d love that.” The walk back to your house had never been so slow and so short at the same time. Your stomach was fluttering in anticipation as you remembered what he looked like sweaty and shirtless the last time you’d seen him sparring, and the memory had your steps speeding up unconsciously. You forced yourself to slow back to your normal pace, but let your hips sway just a bit more deliberately than usual; you fought back a grin as a quick glance back told you Gladio seemed to be enjoying the view. 

You barely had time to close the door behind you before he was on you. His hands cupped your face, and the kiss he gave you was no less passionate for the restraint he was clearly showing. But you weren’t interested in a Gladio that was holding back, so you looped your arms around his neck and pulled yourself up his giant frame, wrapping your legs around his waist and trusting him to hold you up. You nipped at his lower lip. “Gladio… Don’t hold back.“ 

His grin was almost feral. “You sure about that, babe?” He ground his hips against yours, as if for emphasis, and your eyes widened at the feel of what he was packing. Your brain had a rapid fire debate with itself, wondering if you were in fact capable. Well, if I can’t, at least I’ll die a very happy girl. 

You smirked back at him. “You’re not gonna make me beg, are you?” That did it. Your back hit the wall, one of his giant hands cushioning your head and the other yanking the front of your dress down. You dug your nails into his shoulders, and he bit the side of your neck in retaliation. It wasn’t quite hard enough to leave a lasting mark, but the force of it promised more to come. You could feel the outlines of all his gorgeous muscles through his thin tank top, and you dragged your nails down his back as far as you could reach. He was kissing you so hard you thought you’d end up with bruised lips, and your world narrowed to the sight and sound and feel of him pinning you to the wall. 

It was clear you wouldn’t be able to strip each other further without changing your position, and he loosened his grip on you, clearly coming to the same conclusion. Instead of the slight drop you were expecting, however, your world flipped for a dizzying moment as he simply hoisted you over his shoulder, one arm pinning your legs against his torso. He swung around, as effortlessly as if you’d been the massive greatsword you’d seen him train with. “Which way to the bedroom?” His tone was hilariously casual, as if you were standing in front of him on the sidewalk giving him directions instead of half naked and upside down over his shoulder. 

"First door on the right- oh, fuck!“ You’d squirmed around, trying to reorient yourself, and gotten a firm smack on the ass for your trouble. "Six, Gladio, do that again.” He happily obliged, and you felt him laughing under you as his stride quickened. Before you knew it, you were on your bed, your wrists pinned above your head with one of his hands while the other made short work of your clothes. His lips found your neck, and you shivered with pleasure as he moved slowly downward, leaving a trail of marks and kisses as he went. You could feel his stubble grazing the sensitive skin on your breasts, but his tongue quickly soothed any reddened spots he found. He let go of your wrists, and you seized the opportunity to wrap your arms and legs around him, desperately needing to press yourself up against every inch of him that you could reach. You were soaking wet, but even as desperate as you were, the sight of him as he shed the last of his clothing made your eyes go wide; you honestly weren’t sure if you’d be able to take his entire length, but you had never been one to back down from a challenge.

You dragged your nails down his back, and he shuddered with the effort of holding himself back from ravaging you. Holding himself up on one sculpted forearm, he slid the head of his cock through your wet folds, stopping just short of entering you. He looked up from his teasing to take in your face, noticing how you’d captured your full lower lip in your teeth. “You sure you can take all this, baby girl?” His voice was even lower than usual, and you could tell how much effort it was taking for him to hold back. 

In lieu of a response, you locked your ankles around his waist, forcing him into you in one long stroke that took your breath away. Literally. Fucking Six, you were pretty sure could feel him in your lungs. As his hips met yours, you felt stretched to your absolute limit, and you moaned, trying to adjust to his massive size. It was overwhelming- just by being fully inside you, he was hitting every sensitive spot you had. He pulled back achingly slowly, and the sensation was almost too much to bear. As much as you appreciated how gentle Gladio was being, you wanted more, and you couldn’t take another second of him not fucking you. So you sunk your teeth into his neck, sucking hard enough to leave him a bruise to match the ones he’d left all over you. 

The effect that feeling your teeth in his flesh had on him was instantaneous. With a low moan, his hips snapped forward, and he slammed into you like he meant to fuck you straight through the mattress. You could barely collect yourself enough to do more than writhe and moan underneath him. The feel of his warm bulk on top of you, his forearms caging you in, and his massive length pushing you to your limits assaulted your senses until all you could do was helplessly cry out his name. He was pounding into you, the sound of his ragged breathing competing with the lewd noise of him filling you over and over. Every time his hips came down on yours, the bed rocked, hitting the wall behind it; you’d have been grateful that it wasn’t against a shared wall, had you been able to form a single coherent thought. It was clear that any shred of restraint he’d been clinging to was gone. You linked your ankles at the small of his back, your hips rising to meet his on every thrust, desperate for more, harder, please Gladio fuck. 

Your pleading did the trick. He reared back, but as he slammed down into you, the bed frame gave an alarming CRACK before giving in entirely, dropping you both to the floor with one terrifying jolt. You made eye contact, and you had no idea whether to laugh at the absurdity or scream at the interruption. “Gladio, I-”
“I’ll buy you a new one,” he panted, looking as frantic as you felt at the idea of stopping now. You couldn’t hold back your grin, but it was quickly overtaken by a scream of pleasure as he started moving again, grinding his hips against you every time he bottomed out. He shifted his weight, supporting himself on one arm without any interruption to his rhythm. His now-free hand found your clit, and while the gentleness of his fingers seemed a bit incongruous to how hard and fast his cock was plunging into you, you were rapidly cresting towards orgasm. 

Gladio seemed to know exactly how close he had you. “Come for me, Y/N,” he growled, his lips brushing your ear. You sound of his voice pushed you over the edge; your back arched, pushing your breasts against his muscled chest and further overwhelming you as you climaxed around him. As the waves of pleasure you felt began to ebb, he cursed and pulled out of you. You nearly keened at the sudden loss of contact, but the view of him as he covered your tits in thick ropes of come more than made up for it. 

His warm amber eyes met yours. His hair was mussed, and those gorgeous muscles were covered in a thin sheen of sweat. You were half glad that he looked as wrecked as you felt, and half irritated that he somehow looked even more attractive than usual like this. He grinned sheepishly. “Sorry about the bed. I really will buy you a new one- if you want to go pick one out, we can.”

Astrals, his charm was infectious. You shrugged. “Somehow, I can’t bring myself to be mad about it, considering I was begging you to fuck me harder at the time.” You sat up, realizing how thoroughly he’d coated your chest. “Shower first, then figuring out the bed situation.”

He paused in his retrieval of his clothing. As he took in your disheveled state, his grin turned distinctly wolfish. “Shower have room for two?”
It wasn’t like you’d had anything else planned this weekend. You’d show him where it was, as soon as you could trust your legs to function again.