one gave birth and was never seen again

All We Know (Chapter 2)

Summary: After a disastrous date, you hope to never see Bucky Barnes again. But after a horrible accident, you and Bucky are forced to team up to do the unthinkable – raise a child
Characters: Bucky, reader, mentions of Clint and Natasha
Warnings: none yet
Word count: 824
A/N: Here’s part 2. I hope you enjoy it! <3 Let me know what you think!

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You and Bucky sat at a nearby Starbucks, both staring at your untouched hot drinks. Bucky’s face was pale, his brows were furrowed together in thought. You could only imagine you looked the same. You were now guardians to a child, Nat and Clint’s daughter. You loved Emily, she was a bright child, soon to be a year old. You remembered all the barbecues and parties Nat and Clint used to have. People always gathered in the backyard, sitting on funky chairs that Clint built himself, chatting about life, children, work. Typical parent stuff. You never really fit in with the crowd, always being the single one. You’d seen Bucky at most of the parties too, he was best friends with Clint. Unlike you, he always had a different girl around him every time. Both of you were there when Nat gave birth to little Emily. You remember holding her in your arms, Bucky looking over your shoulder. That’s when Nat suggested you two should go out, have some fun. Never again.

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Valuable: Part 2

Kylo Ren x  Reader

Summary: Reader has spent the last few years living among the First Order after being taken along with other women to be used as breeders for a new generation of soldiers. Reader begins to wonder when her time will come to be used to produce children, until she has an interesting encounter with Kylo Ren himself.

Words: 2100 (ish)

Warnings: kidnapping, trauma, unwanted pregnancy, angst 


“Did it work?” General Hux demanded one of the doctors as soon as he burst into the clinic. Hux had been doubtful of this plan, but the prospect of it opened a whole new window in their breeding program.

               “We find out today,” one of the doctors replied. “(Y/N)’s due for a checkup this afternoon, we will know then. Where’s Ren?”

               “He left on a mission with Captain Phasma a few hours ago,” Hux replied in a stale manner, as if the mention of Kylo Ren annoyed him. “As soon as you get the results I want you to send for me. Is that understood?”

               “Yes, sir,” the doctor complied, not looking up from where he was setting up the equipment for that afternoon.

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I'm Busy Mending Pieces Of The Life I Had Before

Warnings: Constant mentions of depression, suicide and self-harm, and use of a common phan song in a slightly unconventional way which idk if works but ayy. Oh and Dan is a carrier, so mentions of m-preg.

A/N: I literally had no idea what c-section scars looked like so I actually looked them up (not expecting to get any results) and wow people actually share pictures of those scars for other mums to see what the fuck even is the internet man. For the phanfic weekly challenge.

Phil hates saying it, but he knows they never should have had the kid.

They never should have gone through with it. And it breaks his heart to even contemplate that thought, but the way that Dan visibly flinches when Phil even suggests that Dan hold their son for just a moment tells him that having this child was probably the worst decision of their life.

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Afternoon Tea

A/n: Here you go =) I hope you like it!! 


Afternoon Tea

It’s friday and you’re sat on the sofa in your pyjamas at 7:30 pm. It’s stupid but it’s a childish act of provocation. You really adore Dan and love him a lot and you love him for all his little quirks as well but as cute and enchanting as his labrador syndrome may be, it can also be quite (quite!) annoying. Yesterday you had told him you’ll come home from work early and bring cake so you can have afternoon tea together and then go out since you haven’t done much of that lately. And now you’ve been home, waiting for him for 3 hours. At first you thought he’d be home any moment so you set up the table and even folded napkins when you got bored and put candles and stuff. But after an hour you got disappointed and then that disappointment soon turned into annoyance. 

Yeah you could text or call him and remind him of what you had planned together yesterday but it happens so often. He ALWAYS forgets stuff if you don’t stress five million times that it’s super important or force him to make a note on his IPhone. So you left the table as it is, cakes on the plate and now cold tea in the cups and went to put on your pyjama. It’s not actually too late to go out if he came home now but you are sulky and if he sees you and feels like he ruined the night, good. 

At 7:45 you hear keys and the door open, you hear shuffling and quite a lot of noise. It sounds like he’s bringing a lot of stuff in, somewhat like boxes being put one the floor and it takes 2 min or so before you hear the door being closed again. Normally you’d go and greet him at the door. But not today. 

‘Y/n?’ Dan calls but you don’t react. ‘Y/n?’ he calls again sounding closer now. ‘Here you are.’ he says when he finally finds you in the living room. ‘Hey, why are you in your… Oh fuck, the tea. How long have you been waiting?’ ‘4 hours’ you grumble, exaggerating slightly and not looking up at him. ‘I totally forgot..’ he starts ‘well not really, look I bought cake too.’ he explains holding up a bag ‘Well, that was unnecessary. I said I’ll bring cake.’ you snap and feel stupid for being so bitchy but at the same time can’t help it. ‘I know, but I bought lemon tart as I passed that little french bakery you always rave about and I know you love that. I only bought two tiny tartlets.’ he says meekly. Oh god you’re such a horrible person. He’s so sweet and you know he doesn’t forget things on purpose. ‘How come you weren’t here in time then?’ you ask a little less harsh but still not in a normal tone either. ‘I bumped into an old class mate who also lives here now and had a chat with him and he’s in a bit of trouble and I went back to his place and then kind of forgot … ‘ 

You just sigh. You can’t even really be mad at him but it’s not fair that he just forgets you either. He could have called so you wouldn’t sit here and wait for him for hours. ‘I was all excited to get home and tell you how I helped him out but now I’m not sure if I did the right thing ..’ he says looking really sheepish and slightly disappointed. And now you feel REALLY bad for being so bitchy. ‘I’m sorry.’ you tell him and finally get up and go over to give him a little welcome kiss. ‘please do tell me how you helped and please be excited about it.’ you say warmly. He still looks unsure. ‘Come on.’ you press him and wrap your arms around his waist.

‘So my friend has this cat.. and .. he let’s her out the window with a basket from time to time. It’s really cute. He has this basket on a rope and there’s a back yard where the cat can’t escape but there’s grass and all and it’s amazing and whenever he lets the basket down again the cat will just climb back in … I never knew cats could be so clever..’ ‘DAN!’ you interrupt him rolling your eyes at his rambling. ‘right… so other people in the house have seen and copied that so now there are three cats playing in the yard and unfortunately my friend didn’t consider that one of the others might be male… turns out it was and now his cat got knocked up and gave birth to 3 kitten a couple of weeks ago. He managed to find homes for 2 but no one wants to have the 3rd one…’ ‘So?’ you ask ‘so I kind of said we’ll take it?’

He looks at you part questioningly part expectantly. ‘What?’ you finally say, not quite able to process this. ‘But we aren’t allowed a cat.’ ‘I called the landlord. He says a cat’s fine.’ Dan say. ‘But you don’t  like cats, you are a dog person.’ you are so confused. ‘Yeah but I can’t have a dog in a flat in London. And besides, what kind of person doesn’t like cats? I fell in love with it at first sight.’ he smiles and you finally get that he actually wants to have a cat with you. ‘I’ll get a cat?’ you ask and as it sinks in a massive grin slowly spreads on your face. Dan nods smiling broader now too, relieved. ‘When?’ you ask excited and a little jealous because Dan has seen it and you haven’t.

‘I kind of hoped you wouldn’t say no.’ he says and leans out the living room door to grab something. What he holds up to you now is a basket with a teeny tiny ball of ginger fur. ‘He’s been sleeping all the way home. Not even the traffic noise woke him. We’ve got a lot in common.’ Dan says sounding like a proud parent. ‘It’s a he?’ you ask looking at the little thing lovingly and carefully stroking him behind the ear, at which he starts to purr surprisingly loudly considering the size of it. ‘Yep. I didn’t chose a name yet, I thought you could do that.’ ‘What’s there to chose? He’s ginger, Dan. I thought there’s an unwritten law to name any male ginger cat Garfield?!’ ‘Then Garfield it is.’ Dan says chuckling. 

Dan puts Garfield’s basket down and gently takes him into his hands. ‘Here, get to know each other.’ Dan says and hands him to you. ‘You guys cuddle while I’ll get the stuff.’ ‘What stuff?’ you ask as you clutch Garfield to your chest. ‘Well, I needed a basket to carry him home and then obviously a toilet and some food and bowls to eat it from and then I saw this really cool scratcher it’s black and goes up to the ceiling and there was a matching cat sofa and I just had to buy that too and the tunnel that completes the series. Oh and some toys… ‘ ‘Is that all?’ you ask incredulously ‘the scratcher doesn’t come with extensions like Suki’s cage, does it? You aren’t going to spend all our money on fancy cat stuff?’ you snigger and nussle your nose into Garfield who has closed his eyes again and purrs away in your arms. ‘I’ll try.’ Dan says over his shoulder as he gets all the boxes. He spends all night putting up everything while you and Garfield watch him.