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types of musical theatre fans
  • type 1: hamilton, dear evan hansen, in the heights
  • type 2: avenue q, book of mormon, falsettos, something rotten, charlie and the chocolate factory, great comet, bandstand, groundhog day, the 25th annual putnam country spelling bee, come from away
  • type 3: spongebob the musical, shrek the musical
  • type 4: cats, jesus christ superstar, school of rock
  • type 5: the sound of music, the king and i, chicago, cabaret, fiddler on the roof, anything goes, mamma mia, a chorus line, pippin, the colour purple
  • type 6: legally blonde, newsies, jersey boys, wicked, grease, hairspray, finding neverland
  • type 7: heathers, spring awakening, waitress, rent
  • type 8: west side story, into the woods, sweeney todd
  • type 9: cinderella, aladdin, the lion king, anastasia, beauty and the beast, matilda, mary poppins, annie, singin' in the rain
  • type 10: phantom of the opera, les misérables, miss saigon

Bering & Wells: Split Screen #62

anonymous asked:

I sound like such a dummy right now but can you give some kind of explanation for the alpha/omaga au? I understand the basics like omega's can get pregnent etc but wtf is those scent stuff? and knot, red heat, all that stuff

Hey anon! I would very much recommend you read the [fanlore page] on alpha/beta/omega dynamics! It’s a better explanation than I could provide! There’s also a very thorough [deviantART] post!



roosterteeth meme: [3/10] minecraft let’s plays → episode 100 + clues

“What are we doing on this nice sunday afternoon, Geoff?”
“We’re spending hours upon hours upon hours building a world in minecraft for one second prank.” (x)

Hey sweeties!

Quick question to ease some of my current anxiety a little.

My country’s government is increasingly cracking down on the freedom on Internet use; we will have something akin to the Great Firewall of China in place by 2020, for filtering out illegal materials (either only in schools, which is what I am keeping fingers crossed for; or nationwide, which would suck more). And some of the social networks that I use may be blocked even sooner than that, Tumblr especially, because there is a lot of pornography here, which is considered illegal in Russia (and the porn blogs were already the reason why the entirety of Tumblr is not officially available in, say, Kazakhstan). Several separate pages of Tumblr and DeviantArt are already part of the government registry of blocked sites and therefore unaccessible here because they contain illegal content (child porn, hardcore hentai, list of ways of committing suicide, Nazi ideology, etc.), and there is always the risk of the whole website going down for some reason or other. The use of VPN for accessing blocked sites will also be made illegal starting from November this year.

The inverse measures are also entirely possible, given the current political climate (for example, a user on the ESO forums once suggested that Zenimax ban all Russian users for the sheer reason of their country of origin, referring to them as ‘cancer cells’; and in a more serious vein, my professors tell me that as of now some journals from Western Europe and America automatically reject all articles submitted by Russian scholars, so it is not entirely implausible that a website like DeviantArt would decide to exclude Russian artists from the community).

So, as I would really hate to lose my creative outlets and the friends I’ve made online, my question is:

Would you consider staying in touch with me via alternative means (email, messengers like Discord, some of the more under-the-radar websites like Ao3, which, unlike Tumblr and DeviantArt, is not yet on the official registry, or maybe a personal website that I might create via WordPress or something)?

It is all in the remote future, of course, and so far, I am not going anywhere, as DeviantArt and Tumblr are still accessible on my end *knocks on wood*. But I like having a sense of security, and the thought that, at any time, I might be cut off from my friends really makes me anxious. I would rather assuage it.

After all, it’s not the websites that matter, but the people who use them. It’s the people I want to be part of my life. My mom had a foreign pen pal during the Cold War; I am sure I can manage just as well, if you are with me!

Picked up the keys to my new flat in London today and omg I was honestly in love! It’s brand new and me and my flatmate have views of The Shard from our bedrooms and it’s got underfloor heating and a brand new kitchen! Best part is that it comes with 3 months of free super speed 1 GB/s fibre optic internet like I legit almost cried when I found out cuz I was told it would take 3 weeks of zero internet before I got wifi.


SouMako AU; Coach!Makoto & Student!Sousuke.

I’m blaming miss-m-muses and our RP for this idea.

I’m not sure I understand the “ugly Christmas sweater” thing that everyone seems to be talking about. Being vain is a sin but I never thought gentile would try to be ugly..

I hate being reminded
of people and 
I hate chasing them away.
I wish there were ways
to bring back the dead, 
not only bodies
but relationships
that went too soon;
just because you cut it off
doesn’t mean
it won’t grow back the same. 
I love everyone
like I loved you,
with too much intensity
and not enough tact. 
I’m afraid again. 
I’m running from us
but it’s not really you, 
it’s someone else.