one frame he has no crown then the next he does

Skittles and Soulmates (Reddie)

I got a request on my other blog that was supposed to go here, but I accidently posted a Reddie request advertisement on there yesterday, Whoops. Anyway, here’s the oneshot.

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Reddie soulmate AU! One where you are unable to lie to your soulmate, but that doesn’t start until you know who your soulmate is. So like maybe they also get matching tattoos that don’t appear until the two soulmates share a significant experience (like facing pennywise). Then when the tattoos appear that is when they are unable to lie to each other? Idk if that males since and you can tweak it if you need to. Thank you!!

Pairing: Reddie

Warnings: Swearing

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Honestly, the argument over Lyanna’s consent could easily be settled by answering only four questions:

  • Was her consent voluntary?

  • Was her consent free?

  • Was her consent informed?

  • Was her consent ongoing?

I’m going to set aside Lyanna’s age for now despite how this alone invalidates any argument for consent since Lyanna was a minor even by Westerosi standards and thus incapable of giving consent. But I know that people will come out from the woodworks claiming that “this was how things were back then” which is factually incorrect, and “we shouldn’t apply our modern world’s rules to medieval period” which…. why shouldn’t I? The text calls Lyanna a “child-woman” and goes a long way in establishing her youngness, powerlessness and impulsiveness. It shows how a somewhat similar “relationship” between Cersei and Lancel - which also includes a fucked up power dynamic and an older “partner” using the younger one’s naivete for their own purposes - was devastating to Lancel’s psyche. We argue about the skewness of Dany\Drogo and what it means for the definition of their relationship, we argue about how Cersei and Lancel’s relationship could not be considered consensual despite Lancel saying yes. So why should I ignore the same considerations when it comes to Lyanna and Rhaegar?

However, let’s put that aside for a little while as we try to answer the above questions. Consent is not just about saying yes: for Lyanna’s consent to be valid and accepted, it had to be voluntary, free, informed and ongoing, otherwise it was not consent. But did these adjectives truly apply to Lyanna’s situation?

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Inside Choices: The Royal Romance, Book 2

Just this spring, The Royal Romance: Book 1 kicked off with a dance in the palace ballroom of Cordonia. The whirlwind romance of the first book ended with a courtly plot against you. Who in the court can you trust? And how will you fight back? All will be answered in Book 2… and The Royal Romance will return at the end of September! To find out more about the upcoming book, check out the interview with The Royal Romance team below:

Soooo… how’s book two of The Royal Romance going? What’s next for our Cordonian crew?

Jeffrey: Well, next I’m probably going to go home, cook some vegetables, listen to a podcast, then socialize with some friends through the interwebs–

Oh, you meant the characters, not us. Well… In Book 2, we want to take the main character’s journey in a more experimental direction where she really discovers who she is and what she wants. First, she was living under the expectations of her role as a waitress in New York, then she escaped into the trappings of high Cordonian society. Now’s her chance to pursue her true self.

Kara: Even though we’re not releasing chapters right now, we actually started Book Two right after we finished Book One! I finished writing the last few lines of the Coronation and then immediately started writing the first chapter of Book Two! We actually had to do most of the planning while we were still working on Book One. We’ve got a lot of fun planned–even though things can get a little dire in the Royal Romance, the fun of being at court and spending time with your friends is still there. We’re going to travel the world, meet new people, build a barn, and probably talk more about hats.

It’s a pretty big understatement to say Book 1 had quite the cliffhanger. Can you tell us a little bit about where this is going?

Kara: I think the most striking thing about the reactions to the end of book 1 are how people interpret what happened differently. It all happens so quickly, and we only gave people a few lines to read into, but it really isn’t very much to go off of. You don’t know exactly how the Prince is feeling, or why he picks who he does. From the writers’ perspective, we jump right into writing Book Two, so there’s not much of a wait. I wish our players didn’t have to wait either, because a few weeks of being in suspense can go a long way! In Book Two, you’ll be able to finally fight back and figure out who framed you and Tariq in Book One.

Jennifer: I don’t want to say exactly where Book Two is going, but questions that were brought up during our brainstorming were: Who sent the blackmail note? Will Olivia come back? Who tried to sell the bachelor party photos?

I need to know. Will we get our happily-ever-after?

Jennifer: I think you can really tell by a writer’s favorite novels what kind of outlook they have on endings. My favorite novel is Pride and Prejudice, so you could extrapolate how The Royal Romance will end from that. On the other hand, Kara likes Wuthering Heights, and Jeffrey really likes Hamlet, so… take from that what you will.

Hm… interesting. Now given Olivia’s ancestry and other factors, Cordonia is essentially the modern day version of Stormholt from The Crown & The Flame, which had quite a bit of worldbuilding. What does worldbuilding look like for The Royal Romance?

Jeffrey: Worldbuilding is a delicate and intricate process. First, I like to devise an economic system because economics answers a few questions on how we organize ourselves. For The Royal Romance, we developed an export market for the Cordonian apple sector by defining the exchange rate between the Cordonian currency versus the Euro. We have spreadsheets, graphs, and everything. It’s very professional. In fact, if you look closely, you can see a subplot where Cordonians attempt to tackle the housing crisis and rising inequality.

Once you have an economic framework which people organize themselves around, you can move on to the stories engrained in the national identity. What do they believe and how do their surroundings and past traditions influence them? What are the dissenting points of view?

With these two pieces in place, you can finally embark on a 10-volume historical record following the rulers of Cordonia, which will prompt a body of work on Cordonian history from the perspective of the common people. When you can recite the third edition of the Encyclopedia Cordonia, the writing can begin.

Jennifer: Jeffrey will be publishing his next novel, “Cordonia: An In-Depth Look At A Glorious Peoples” in Spring of 2028.

Very funny. (Just so we’re clear, Jeffrey is joking. Sort of.) Out of curiosity, who’s your favorite character to write in The Royal Romance?

Kara: I love writing Maxwell. In the first draft of The Royal Romance Chapter 1, he actually didn’t exist, and Bertrand was your only host. But that world felt too flat and un-fun. I realized we needed someone more playful to be opposite of Bertrand, so that’s how Maxwell was born! (He was originally just “Nobleman 2”). Right away, everything in the group felt like it finally clicked, and everything got a lot more fun to write. Even though we had to do a lot of last minute changes to the plot, I think it was worth it. Now he’s such a major part of the book that it’s hard to imagine a world without him! I also love writing Hana and Maxwell together because they’re both very sweet and playful but in very opposite ways. Hana also kind of reminds me of Jennifer and Jessica in some ways… XD

Actually, it’s very striking to me how each of the three Royal Romance writers for Book One has influenced the world and cast. Jennifer gives everything a touch of formality and courtly grace, and Jeffrey brings in a lot of wacky humor about horses and hats and poodles. If I’ve added anything, it’s probably making Bertrand meaner, throwing in more silly group moments with your crew, and probably having Drake drink too much whiskey. (I don’t even like whiskey.) But overall, it’s really thrilling to see the world and the characters that come out of this combination.

Jeffrey: Madeleine. It’s fun to write someone who’s constantly trying to spin a situation to their benefit, and making power plays along the way. I’ve actually been writing for Madeleine since her appearance in Rules of Engagement: Book 2, so we’re practically besties.

And who’s your favorite love interest? *wink* *nudge*

Kara: I love them all! I probably end up writing the most Drake, but I often get to write some of the Prince’s speeches to you, and I love how considerate and loving he is. There’s nothing selfish or mean about him. He’s the kind of person that you’d want to be around in real life.

Jennifer: In my personal game, my love interest is definitely Drake, and I totally make Kara write him just so I can read his scenes and enjoy the romance. =) Writing-wise, I enjoy Hana the most because I feel like we have a lot in common, and some of her struggles with trying to please while simultaneously trying to figure out what will make her the most happy in the long-run really resonate with me.

Is there anything you’d like to tell the fans before Book 2’s release?

Jennifer: We hope you’ll enjoy the twists and turns we have planned for Book Two!

😱 🤔 Well, that’s something to look forward to! To everyone reading along… Check back at the end of September for the start of The Royal Romance: Book 2! And as always, we’ve got more on the way…



for @alrightpotter who didn’t expect this but got it anyway

“Objection! The witness just perjured himself.”

Lily wanted to hit him so badly she physically had to hold herself back from doing so. “Judge, the witness is stating his name, I don’t understand how that is willingly perpetrating a lie in this court.”

Potter, already standing, smirked at the jury like they were his friends. A majority smiled back. “It says on the witness statement here” at this he waved the bit of paper at the jury, like they already didn’t have a copy, “that the witnesses name is ‘Peter Adam Pettigrew’ and not ‘Peter Pettigrew’ like the witness just claimed. Presumably the witness knows his own name, and this is clear grounds for expulsion.”

“Judge he clearly misspoke-“

“Oh so now you’re assuming on behalf of the witness, forgive me, Miss Evans but I thought you were representing the crown and not Mr Pettigrew’s interests-“

“The job of a lawyer is to respond to objections Mr Potter, and you’d know that if you ever paid attention-“

“Objection!” Potter called again, pointing at her like a child, “Miss Evans just questioned my credentials-“

Lily gripped the pen she was holding so hard she snapped it. “Oh, I’m sorry, did I miss the part where I questioned you were a lawyer? Was I not present in the event of that coming out of my actual mout-“


“Counselors!” Lupin didn’t even bang his gavel, “Mr Potter will you please sit down, it is not necessary for you to stand up every time you say something. Miss Evans, would you care to face your witness? The court does not have this sort of time for you two to dispute over every point. Mr Potter your objection is overruled.

Potter collapsed back into his chair, still staring at her, eyebrows slightly raised. Next to him Black, leaning on the back legs of his chair and with a wonky tie, was grinning, as if he wasn’t on trial for embezzlement and fraud and god knows what else. Potter was still staring at her like a dare, like he was waiting to go in again, and she wanted to hit something.

She turned back around. “Mr Pettigrew if you could state your age for the court.”

“Uh.” Pettigrew was sweating, face glossy, and leaned in to close to the microphone. “twenty-one.”

“Objection! The witness is actually twenty-one and seventy-two days and has failed to make this clear to the court.”

Lily felt all blood rush to her head, because it was month three of this bullshit, and it was to fucking hot, and there was ink on her pants, and he was so clearly trying to put on a show to entertain the jury, and it was so clearly working. “How would anyone be expected to know-“

“I know my exact age is twenty-three years and one hundred and eleven days so it’s not my fault Miss Evans that you don’t keep up to date with your personal-“

“Not all of us have so much time on our hands Potter you fucking assh-


“Oh I make time so don’t blame me-“


“Fucking God you’re being ridicul-“


“Mr Potter! Miss Evans!” and suddenly, Lily was aware of Lupin yelling, and that Potter had gotten up from his desk, and they were inches from each other, and that the jury had seen all of it. Good god, he was close, she could see each of his eyelashes. There was a slight scar across his left cheekbone.

“This is a courtroom!” dimly, Lupin was yelling, but it was as if she was hearing it underwater, and she was looking at Potter, and he was looking at her, and she fucking hated him. He knew exactly how old Pettigrew was down to the day. Probably because he knew Pettigrew’s birthday. He probably knew a lot of things about Pettigrew she didn’t. That’s what comes with being best mates with someone since you were eleven.

Sirius didn’t do it you know. He’d said that day in the woman’s bathroom, and she’d jumped and sworn and flicked sink water at him. He really didn’t. He’s being framed.

He’s your client. She’d said, washing her hands and looking at him though the mirror, that’s what you’re supposed to say.

Trust me, if Sirius wanted to commit embezzlement he wouldn’t get caught. He’d responded, leaning against the door, hair just touching the frame, arms folded.

He’s your best friend. She’d said, simply, You’re defending him pro-bono. You’re supposed to think he’s innocent.


She was thinking of how he’d said nothing, how she’d turned around and he was gone, like a dream or a ghost. Later, when he never mentioned it in court or the halls or the office where they both argued about who could use the printer, she wondered if she dreamt it. Him, the bathroom, how he’d looked at her. Almost sadly. Like he knew something she didn’t. Like he wished she knew it to.

And now of course, standing there, getting a lecture on court behavior from an exasperated Lupin, she couldn’t help but look at him again. Thinking of Black’s wonky tie and Pettigrew sweating buckets on the stand and the five-thousand dollar suit he was wearing, despite claiming to be on benefits.

Lupin was still tlking anf-for once- Potter was completely silent. Lily couldn’t stop thinking about any of it, the case, the shady camera footage, how Pettigrew said his story the same way every time like he practiced it. And oh God, Potter’s face when he’d said He didn’t do it, you know. Like he really did know. Like he had never known anything so certainly in his life. And Oh God, it was times like this, and at four in the morning when she was lying awake, where she believed him. It was times like this when she was almost sure that she was making a terrible, terrible mistake.


pairing: Finn Balor | original character

summary: You just want attention. I knew from the start. You’re just making sure I’m never gettin’ over you.

tags:@neversatisfiedgirl @motleymoose @kyoukohorimiya @wrestlingnoob @ambrosegirlforever @deseraysmiththings

He jokes with me once we’re backstage, “You should come to the WWE, be with me.” Haughty. Sure of himself. Even he if is kidding, I know he means it at least a little bit.

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“My clothes look good on you.”


It starts with her favorite sweater.

The material is soft and it’s twice her size, and she always feel so warm and safe when she wears it. It’s a gorgeous cream color, and her mom has a yellow one to match. On a rainy Sunday, when everyone is locked away in the dorm rooms studying, Evie goes digging for it. She knows she hung it up last Thursday, and she knows this because she had color coordinated her closet. But after three minutes of searching, she figures that somehow she’s just misplaced it. That is until Mal comes barging in the room without knocking, and Evie stops short at the sight of her. Her tiny girlfriend, in all her scowling glory, is swallowed by her sweater and her purple locks are twisted into a messy bun.

“Are you organizing your closet again?” Mal yawns.

Evie glances at her with a tilt of her head, “Where have you been all day?”

“Well, I was listening to Lonnie and Audrey argue about some chemistry question and it lulled me to sleep.” Mal replies as she drops onto Evie’s bed and stretches her limbs out. “So, what’s the closest theme this week?”

“There isn’t a theme.” Evie replies with a small grin as she crosses the room. “I was looking for a very comfortable sweater, my favorite sweater.”

“And what does this sweater look like?” Mal asks.

Evie hums as she swings a leg over Mal’s lap so she can straddle her, “Well, first of all, it’s about two sizes too big.”

“Oh? Sounds comfy.” Mal smirks as she drags her hands up Evie’s thighs. “Tell me more.”

“It has a small hole in the left shoulder because I caught it on a nail when I was running through my house.” Evie continues as she tucks a loose strand of hair behind Mal’s ear.

Mal snorts and rolls her eyes “I love that to you, your castle is just your house. So, what color is this favorite sweater of yours?”

“Cream.” Evie chirps. “Have you seen it?”

“Maybe?” Mal offers before she dramatically glances down and looks back at Evie with a familiar glint in her eye. “Well, would you look at that, I guess it somehow accidentally ended up in my closet. Do you want it back, princess?”

“I do.” Evie pouts.

Mal smirks as she arches her head up to capture Evie’s lips with her own, “Then take it.”

Evie giggles and does just as she is ordered.


The next thing to go is one of her beanies.

Technically, the beanie isn’t hers. She stole it from Jay two years ago and he had never bothered to get it back. But now, as she trails Mal through the campus, she begs for the ratty old beanie back. It holds a lot of memories, including one of her and Ben pranking Jay and Chad so badly that they had cried. Unfortunately, Mal is as stubborn as they come and she merely ignores her girlfriend as she continues to walk through the quad with an indifferent expression. Eventually, Evie catches her hand and pulls her to a stop before she turns to face her and greets her with a frown.

“Mal, give it back!” Evie whines as she reaches for the black beanie, but her girlfriend is quick to duck away. “Come on, babe.”

Mal catches Evie’s hand as it darts towards her once again, “Nope. It’s mine. Finders keepers, losers weepers.”

“But it’s mine.” Evie points out.

“Was. It was yours. Now, it’s mine. Look how hot I look in this.” Mal teases as she tilts her head, and Evie can’t help but soften subtly. “As your arm candy, I have to look my best.”

“Mal, there isn’t a single day that you don’t look your best.” Evie giggles as she frames Mal’s face and tilts her head up for a soft kiss. “But I seriously want my beanie back. I love that thing.”

“Hm…” Mal frowns. “Nah.”

Evie gives a playful growl as she sweeps Mal off her feet, and she can’t help but laugh at the very un-Mal like squeal that fills the air. In the middle of the quad, the couple pay no mind to the people that pass them glances as Mal struggles her way free and tries to run off only to be grabbed around the waist. Evie smiles into the crook of Mal’s neck as a hand creeps up before she successfully rips the hat off purple locks. Mal squeaks in surprise as she turns in Evie’s arms and watches as her girlfriend shoves the black beanie onto her blue locks.

“Mine.” Evie beams.

Mal narrows her eyes playfully, “No fair.”

“All is fair in love and war.” Evie sings as she ducks her head.

“Ha.” Mal snorts as she grabs a hold of the sides of the beanie and pulls it down so it covers Evie’s eyes and nose. “No kisses for you!”

Evie struggles to get the beanie back on her head, and she lifts it just in time to watch her girlfriend race off. It doesn’t surprise her two days later when she sees Mal laughing with Jane while wearing that familiar black beanie, and this time she simply lets her keep it.


The final straw is her letterman.

The final game of the Tourney season explodes into dramatic throws and impressive rolls all the while Evie stands off to the side and happily cheers for her brother. Ben is fearless on the field, and he even body checks a player from the opposite team when he pauses in the middle of the game to wink at Audrey. By the time the game ends, Auradon is crowned the winner and the excitement builds around the students as they all happily pile onto the field. Part of it is a little bittersweet for Evie, this is going to be the last game of Tourney she cheers for but the other part of her can’t wait to have more free time. The happiness around her causes her to go breathless and she can’t help but scan the crowd for her girlfriend.

It takes her a few minutes to look through the entire sea of yellow and blue, and then she glances towards the bleachers and swallows hard. Mal is the only one left, she is leaned back with her weight balanced on her elbow and wearing a dark pair of sunglasses. But what catches her attention the most is the familiar letterman, Evie’s letterman. Evie blinks herself from her daze as she fights her way through the groups of students and bounces her way up the bleacher stairs.

“Hi.” Evie grins.

Mal smirks as she reaches for an abandoned bag of popcorn and shovels a handful into her mouth, “You looked good out there, princess.”

“Thanks.” Evie chirps before her lips turn up into a smile that she knows drives Mal crazy. “My clothes look really good on you.”

“What?” Mal chokes as she bangs a fist against her chest and coughs out a kernel of popcorn. “Are you trying to kill me?”

“No,” Evie drawls. “Just stating the obvious.”

“Well, I know lettermen jackets are used to stamp claims on people,” Mal begins as she stands and moves her sunglasses to the top of her head. “But I wear this one to let everyone know that you are taken.”

“Interesting version of role reversal.” Evie nods.

“I’m just brilliant like that.” Mal shrugs as she glances over Evie’s shoulder. “So, how about I treat you to some dinner?”

“Lemme guess what’s on the menu,” Evie purrs as she tucks a finger in the belt loop of Mal’s jeans and pulls her close. “First course is a salad, light dressing. Second course is a lobster meal…well, lobster for me and chicken nuggets for you. And for dessert?”

“Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.” Mal replies as she tilts her head. “Got any requests though?”

Evie laughs softly against Mal’s lips as she pulls her closer, “As long as dessert includes that letterman somewhere on the floor, I’m good with anything.”

“Well, then you are very much going to enjoy your dessert.” Mal assures her as she pulls away to intertwine their fingers. “Come on, we gotta hurry before all the chicken nuggets go.”

With a beam, Evie allows herself to be dragged along and she really doesn’t mind the view; on the back of the letterman is her last name, her little stake of claim on Mal. Yeah, she knows she can definitely get used to sharing her clothes.

Circumstance (Part 12)

This chapter is equal parts sad and devastating. Good luck.

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Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY @tiny1hallie !!!! I hope this chapter doesn’t make you cry too much… oops. 

Rowaelin Daughter x Feysand Son au

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Eventually, Ember flew home. She’d done a couple laps around the mountains that surrounded Orynth, savoring the feeling of the wind beneath her wings once more after two weeks of being without them. It didn’t feel the same as it had with Cade though. Flying with her mate - even without him knowing that he’s her mate - made Ember feel complete in the sky. The way they had danced in the air had made her feel giddy and free for the first time in a long while. Without him, Ember found herself drifting, losing the air current, ultimately unenthusiastic about her flight. Her phoenix could still fly just fine, as well as she always could, but now that she knew the possibility of more, it felt… boring.

She can still feel those black claws hooked onto her mind, Ember thinks that there will never be a time when she won’t be able to feel it. The princess also feels a thread on her heart, which had been slack and almost unnoticeable, but is now tightly straining, pulling her in an unknown direction. She decides to add it to the list of things connecting her to her mate - to Cade.

She goes back to the castle reluctantly, because she knows that Gusty can only cover for her for so long, and because she knows that her parents will have questions. Ember flies down into the courtyard, where Elide, Lorcan, and Wren are resting peacefully in the grass. When they see her phoenix, Lorcan immediately hands the baby to his wife, and stands to greet her. With a flash, she shifts back into her fae form and nods to him stiffly.

“Where were you?” He asks. Ember can hear the slight worry in his tone and briefly feels guilty for making even stoic Lorcan nervous.

The princess shrugs. “I needed to blow off some steam,” she mutters, “today did not go as planned.”

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I Didn’t Know (Peter x Reader)

Summary: Y/N Wilson, daughter of the Falcon awaits her fathers’ return in the Stark Towers with only the letters Tony can receive for her til then. One night, for old times sake, she runs down to an old Thai place and sees a familiar face.

Featuring: dad!sam ; weirduncle!tony ; aunt may!

A/N: Okay, so I’m fairly positive Steve breaks everyone out of the prison somehow at the end of Civil War, but let’s pretend he didn’t so this fic makes sense !

Warnings: sad post civil war times, friends; separated families (??); is this angst I can’t tell

Word Count: 1.7k

Originally posted by parkrpeters

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Fate Or Just A Mistake [Part 1]

Originally posted by jiminstrash

[Part 2]

Doctor Jimin requested by: Anonymous
(I know you were more specific than that, but your request sparked this idea. I hope you like it!)

Seokjin shuffled to every corner of your apartment, mumbling a mantra of the last few items he needed to remember to bring. He picked another shirt from his closet to pack into his luggage, patting his back pocket to make sure that he had his phone for the umpteenth time. Without a word, he gently tossed the button down shirt to you, letting it fall into a clump in your lap.

“I think you have more than enough, Jin.” You said quietly, folding the shirt regardless and giving it a final smoothing with your palm before settling it on the pile of folded clothes in his suitcase.

He halted his steps, standing still in the middle of the room. His hand curled and unfurled at his side, and you knew he wanted to run a frustrated hand through his hair, but he couldn’t. He wouldn’t dare mess up his perfectly styled hair.

“Are you sure I have everything?” Seokjin asked, his voice breathy from a combination of nerves and having had jogged around your apartment for the last two hours.

You rolled your eyes, pushing yourself up off if the edge of the bed, “Yes I’m sure.”

He walked towards you, flipping the top of the suitcase over and zipping it shut. “And even if you don’t,” You began, taking a single step closer to him and gently caressing his cheek with a hand, “It’s not like you’re going to a deserted island, it’s Singapore. If you forgot anything, you can just get it there.”

Seokjin nodded slowly, turning his head to place a kiss to your palm, “You’re right.”

“Constantly.” You added in a teasing tone, propping yourself up on the balls of your feet to place a chaste kiss to his lips.

He chuckled, hoisting the suitcase off of the bed and setting it onto the hardwood floor. He fully extended the handle, grasping your hand with his free one, “Alright, Ms. Right. Let’s go.”

Your feet fell effortlessly in time with his as the two of you walked through the apartment. You lifted your left hand, wiggling your fingers so that the large, princess cut diamond on your ring finger could catch the light, “That’s Almost-Mrs. Right to you, big guy.”

Seokjin admired the diamond, his cheeks balling as a large grin overtook his face. His eyes moved to your face as he opened the door, holding it so you could duck beneath his arm to get through, “You really like it?”

You waited until he had pulled the door closed, turned the key to lock it, and replaced his keychain into the pocket of his dress pants with a small, tinkling sound. You cupped his chin in your hand, bringing his face close to yours and brushing a passionate kiss over his lips, “I love it almost as much as I love you.”

Seokjin kept his fingers laced with yours as the two of you waited for the elevator to arrive, his thumb idly swiping back and forth along the back of your hand. There was a sudden ding, signalling the arrive of the elevator and the doors slowly parted open. There was only one person in the elevator car; a man dressed just as immaculately as Seokjin was leaning against the handrail that lined the three walls. He had hair that looked properly tousled, as if he’d run his hands through it several times that morning, and it was a vibrant sunny orange that would have looked obnoxious on most, but on him it just worked. Dark, coffee-coloured eyes watched you as a smile pulled up the corners of his mouth, “Good morning.”

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The Champions+ Link and Zelda meeting Midna, and Link being adorable and hugging/following his new friend.

You were expecting Blue to write something cute and fluffy BUT SURPRISE. IT WAS ME, LONELY VOE!

“Well I suppose it’s not outside the realm of possibility,” Zelda mused. “There are records and legends of numerous parallel worlds that border our own, as well as Hyrule’s interactions with them. many in fact become swept up in the Cycle of Calamity.”

Midna nodded. “The Twilight Realm does indeed have a fair amount of history with your kingdom, beginning with the exile of my ancestors to live there and most recently with the invasion of the Usurper King, Zant. Fortunately we were able to bring a stop to him.”

A snort came from the corner and Urbosa stepped forward. “You speak of the Twilight Invasion as if you were actually there. The records may be old but they all place the event at over 15,000 years ago. That would make you impossibly old and yet you look barely older than our Princess here.”

“When I last left this world I severed the connection between your world and mine,” Midna explained. “My researchers have suggested that in doing so our time streams were knocked out of sync. While ages have come and gone for Hyrule…” Her voice quivered slightly, a flash of grief crossing her expression before fading quickly back into regal calm. “Time in my own world has moved far slower. From my perspective it’s only been about five years since I last walked the World of Light.”

Smiling, Zelda leaned forward and clasped Midna’s hands in her own. “Well we are happy to have you. Come with us, I’m sure the other Champions are eager to meet you.”

“Do we have any idea what this about?” Revali grumbled. He was seated in Zelda’s antechamber along with Link, Mipha and Daruk. Tired of waiting he had taken to idly toying with the silverware at the small table in front of him. 

“I believe we have a visitor, somebody new to our kingdom.” Mipha said. As always she stood near Link. Most of the champions knew of her feelings for the hero but nobody spoke of it. “Somebody important.”

Daruk sighed. “Hell of a time for them to show up. The signs are there, the Calamity may return soon.”

“Which makes this even more a waste of our time.” Revali stood and strode to the window, spreading his wings to fly. “I should be training with Vah Medoh. You all can fill me in later.”

Link’s ears twitched and he looked up from his solemn vigil. “They’re coming.” Nobody questioned how he knew, most of them just chalked it up to his instincts as a bodyguard and a warrior.

The doors to Zelda’s inner chambers swung open on oiled hinges and the Princess stepped out with Urbosa, each moving to either side of the entryway. With a grin, Zelda announced their guest. “Please allow me to introduce Princess Midna of the Twilight Realm.”

From the room beyond stepped a figure utterly alien in her beauty. Long orange hair framed a face the color of the southern sea from which two sunset eyes glowed. She was clothed in black cloth, both concealing and revealing at the same time as one could hardly tell where the clothing ended and the black patterns swirling across her chest and abdomen began. Ancient symbols, etched in pale blue, illuminated her arms and legs with a soft light.

Dipping her head in a respectful nod, she spread her hands. “I am honored by the warm hospitality of Hyrule and her peoples. May the darkness never take you and the light never forsake you.” Rising from her bow, Midna’s eyes swept across the room as she took in the remaining champions. When her eyes landed on him her breath caught in her throat. He looked almost exactly as he did when she last saw him, though now he wore blue instead of green. In her mind she knew it couldn’t possibly be him but in her heart she yearned for it to be true. He had the same hair and those same, piercing blue eyes. A gaze at once fierce and gentle. It was’t until she felt her hand taken and shaken vigorously that she realized she was being spoken to.

“… and as Champion of the Goron I bid you welcome. Please feel free to visit our village whenever you like. Just uh… make sure you prepare for the heat.” 

Midna’s eyes snapped back into focus and she gave the Goron a polite smile, resolving to try and glean his name from conversation later. “I would love to visit, especially if the hot springs are as wonderful as I remember.”

Revali stepped forward next, performing a sweeping and extravagant bow. “I am Revali, Champion of the Rito. If you find the dry heat of Daruk’s mountain to be too much for you handle I would humbly suggest you visit our village, cooled by the mountain winds. Rito hospitality is among the finest in the land and has a tradition stretching back thousands of years. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?”

Laughing, Midna shook her head. “Forgive me sir, but this is the first I’ve heard of a race such as yours. When I last visited Hyrule the bird people I encountered where short of stature with peculiar heads like a shaved man’s. But such creatures could not possibly be related to a race such as yours that features such beautiful plumage.”

Grateful that he had feathers to hide his blush, Revali murmured a word of thanks before retreating to his windowsill.

Midna turned to Mipha. “You are a Zora, yes? I must admit your race has changed much since I last visited. Almost enough to make me think that perhaps the Rito did evolve from those tiny bird… things.”

Revali let out an outraged squawk from the window but was quickly silenced by a glare from Urbosa.

“I am indeed a Zora.” Mipha responded and curtsied. “My name is Mipha, daughter of King Dorephan and Crown Princess of Zora’s Domain. Should you require anything at all, please do not hesitate to ask.”

“And this,” Zelda interrupted, grabbing Link by the arm and dragging him in front of the Twilight Princess, “is Link, my appointed knight and Chosen Champion of Hyrule.”

“You even have his name…” Midna half whispered.

“Hmm? What was that?” Zelda asked.

“N-nothing. It is a pleasure to meet you, Link.” Midna forced herself to avert her eyes lest her face betray her heartache. “I am sure that Hyrule will prosper under your capable guard.”

Introductions complete, the Champions fell into their usual routine of conversing and camaraderie. They told the Princess of their many adventures and escapades, their duties as Champions and of the impending Calamity.

As the night wore on, Midna excused herself from the merriment and left to get some air on the balcony. She was surprised when Mipha joined her a short time later.

“You know,” Mipha began. “Zora have very good hearing.”

Midna looked at her confused for a moment before realization dawned on her. She turned away to hide the blush.

“He reminds you of someone?”


“Someone you cared about?”


The two stood in silence as the stars rolled slowly across the sky.

“I realized it a few weeks later.” Midna began. “That I had made a terrible mistake.”

Mipha said nothing, instead placing a comforting hand on Midna’s arm.

“It all seemed so obvious at the time. My people were banished from this world because of the havoc they had caused and the first thing that happened upon our return was yet more chaos and strife. Of course our people could not coexist.”

“That wasn’t your fault, or your people’s,” Mipha interrupted. “The Calamity Ganon visits Hyrule in every age and in many forms. Just because it chose one of your people as its vessel does not put your people at fault.”

Midna smiled woefully. “If only that insight had reached me before I returned home. Unfortunately by the time I had realized this it was too late. The way was shut. I immediately set my researchers upon finding a way to reconstruct the gate. Progress was slow, due in no small part to the fact that in the past the gate had always been opened from the World of Light. Trying to find a way to open it from our world was like a man trying to force his way out of a steel cage with a blunt spoon. But I had to see him again. I had to be with him.

“When my sages finally found a way, I was overjoyed. While the mirror had been shattered, a shadow of it still remained. After years of searching and planning I finally had the chance to return to him. Of course when the gateway opened and I stumbled out into what used to be the Arbiter’s Grounds I knew something was off. There was no way a tomb and structure of that size could be buried and forgotten by the desert in a mere five years. That’s when my sages found out about the time differential and when I gave up hope of seeing him again. If Urbosa’s soldiers hadn’t found me I may have just wandered off into the desert there and then.”

Mipha squeezed Midna’s arm. “For what it’s worth, I’m glad to have met you.”

“Thank you,” Midna replied. Turning, she looked back towards the room where the rest of the Champions laughed and talked. “But then I come here and there he is. I know it isn’t him. I know it can’t be him. And yet he looks exactly as he did. The hair is a little different but his face and eyes are the same as they were when I left him standing on the pedestal at the Arbiter’s Grounds, too afraid to admit my feelings to myself let alone to him with the knowledge that I would be severing our two worlds for what I believed to be forever. By the Goddesses he even has his name. The only thing he lacks is the memory of me. There is no recognition in his eyes when he looks at me.” 

Blinking away tears, Mipha pulled Midna into a tight hug. “I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.” She choked back a sob. “You’ve been through so much, I can’t even imagine…”

“Do you have feelings for someone too?”

Mipha pulled away at Midna’s question. “Y-yes.” Her gaze drifted to where Link was sitting back in the room. “I don’t think I could bear for him to look at me as you described. To see me without knowing me.” 

Midna brought the Zora’s gaze back to match her own. “Whatever happens, don’t repeat my mistakes. You hold on to him as tightly and as fiercely as you can. The last thing you want in love is regret for things left unsaid and undone.”

Just then Zelda came running out onto the Balcony, pulling Link out with her. “We just had the most wonderful idea. Why don’t you have Link show you around the Kingdom for a while? I’m sure much has changed in the 15,000 years since your last visit.”

Quickly regaining her composure, Midna smiled. “That sounds like a wonde-”

“Don’t let the young Princess fool you, my lady.” Urbosa called from the door. “She’s just trying to get the boy out of her hair for a while.


The Gerudo shrugged. “Honestly, how can he possibly protect you if you’re trying to duck away from him at every turn.”

“Another time, perhaps.” Midna stepped back toward the room. “I’m afraid that I have many duties to attend to in my own kingdom. I wouldn’t be a very effective monarch if I ignored the needs of my people in favor of a tour.”

“You’ll come back though, won’t you?” Zelda asked. “Perhaps after we’ve put this whole Calamity matter to bed?”

“Of course,” Midna replied. “Our time streams should be back in sync now that the connection is restored. I look forward to a bright future for our two kingdoms.”

With that, the Princess of Twilight bid the Champions a good night and retired to her guest chambers, preparing to set out for home the following morning.

[Mod Lonely Voe]

This little scenario has been bubbling in my brain for a little while. Whilst I am a believer in the Undercover Lover Jon theory, I’m not too sure about Tyrion’s involvement - but found it an interesting thought none-the-less.

This is just me messing around with this theory and having fun - so don’t take this seriously please.

Only mild hints at jonsa….

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last waltz

23: Reunion cuddle

29: Last cuddle.

Please be warned: this is the saddest thing I’ve ever written. It does NOT have a happy ending.

20 years later, Nursey looks at the Haus bed and remembers.

It was the night before graduation. They’d survived a year together – and somewhere along the way it went from surviving to enjoying, then treasuring. Nursey still got under Dex’s skin. Dex still gave Nursey that look of barely restrained fury. But there was a dance to it, and when they got into the rhythm, it started to feel like a dizzying waltz, the two of them spinning around until they were drained of outrage and left breathless. Nursey remembered countless moments when Dex’s scowl disappeared, and the corners of his mouth tugged persistently up until he burst into laughter. And then they’d both be laughing, and it would turn from a squabble to a memory.

So the night before graduation, Nursey sat on his bed and thought about how he wasn’t gonna have any more memories.

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“What A Catch,Donnie”

Pairing: Pregnant!Reader x Daddy!Draco

WARNINGS: low self-esteemed,hormonal,pregnant reader. Mentions of depression. 

A/N- You’re pregnant again with a girl. This is a long one-shot.

You lie awake in your’s and Draco’s shamrock green, Queen-sized bed. Tears prick your eyes and your throat begins to swell. You stroke the large bump on your stomach softly while Draco’s large hands rub soothing circles into your hip and caress the bump. Resting your head on Draco’s chest, you let his steady heartbeat calm your thoughts. 

(y/n), love?” Draco asks quietly. “Please tell me why you’ve been distant lately. I’m here for you, sweetheart. I hate seeing you like this. Please.” he begs.

You suck in a shaky breath. Trying fruitlessly to hold in the tears. It ruins you bottling up all your feelings. One thick, hot tear leaves your eye and soaks into Draco’s black t-shirt. Your hands begin to shake uncontrollably and a strangled sob escapes your lips. “You can cry, sweetheart.” Draco says softly before kissing your temple.

You let it out. All the stress and self-doubt you’ve been trapping, you let escape.  Countless tears cascade down your cheeks and you fist Draco’s shirt tightly.  “It’s ok baby. I’m here.” Draco coos, and holds your fisted hands in his. Draco presses gentle kisses on your cheeks and gently runs his fingers through your (h/c) hair. 

“I c-can’t Draco.” you sob. You try to quieten; not wanting to wake up Scorpius who’s asleep in the next room. 

“Tell me what’s wrong, love.” he whispers softly.

“I’m not good enough, Draco.” you whisper. Your voice has levelled out, yet the waterfall of tears refuse to seize. “I’ll never be good enough.”

“What makes you think that, darling? To me and Scorpius you’re perfect. You saved me. I wouldn’t be here without you. You’re so kind. So beautiful, loving, caring, smart, strong, PERFECT. Don’t ever think otherwise.” he says staring into your (e/c) eyes the whole time. Sincerity and honesty reflecting in his cobalt eyes.

You sit in silence watching him. The love you feel for your family makes your heart warm. “I-I don’t want our daughter to be anything like me. What if she becomes like me? I won’t know what to do, Draco.” you confess. Your lip trembling.

“If our daughter was anything like you I would be the proudest father alive. Hell, I already am. I pray everyday that our children will become more like you. You are so important to us and our daughter will feel the exact same.” he says resting his forehead against yours.

“And…Scorpius loves and cares for you so much more.” you mutter quietly. Draco laughs softly in reply.

“You don’t think he loves you as much he does me? He’s been doing nothing but trying to ‘be a grown up’ to help look after you and get your attention these past few weeks. It’s hard on both of us to see you like this, love. We want to help you.”

You didn’t realise it. You’ve been so isolated and trapped in your thoughts that you didn’t acknowledge the important things around you. You wrap your arms around Draco’s neck and pull him into a hug where you cry into his shoulder. You hate yourself so much for abandoning them like that. Draco rubs up and down your back; while muttering sweet things into your ear. You pull back only to capture his lips in yours. 

The sound of the door creaking open causes you and Draco to break apart. You look towards the door to see a thouroughly dishevelled looking Scorpius. Rubbing his eyes tiredly and yawning adorably. “Mummy?” he says sleepily. “Are you ok….? Is-is baby ok?!” he says suddenly wide awake. You watch in shock as his little figure runs towards your side of the bed.

Scorpius stares at you wide-eyed and concerned. His bed hair sticking up in all directions like a crown. You turn towards Draco too see him grinning proudly at him.

 “I-I~” you’re speechless. 

Scorpius’ tiny body makes a few attempts at climbing on the bed but is unable to reach. You’re about to reach for him but stop after you see him look away. His bottom lip trembling. “S-Scorp…?” you ask uncertainly. 

“I won’t be able to look after you and sis, Mummy.” he mumbles, on the verge of tears. “I-i’m not big enough.” you feel your heart break. You feel so crap about yourself for ignoring him this whole time. 

You reach over the bed and lift him and lay him in between you and Draco. Grabbing his small frame, you hug Scorpius as closely as your seven month bump will allow. Carefully and slowly he wraps his arms around your middle and hugs you back. You’re in tears again. They run down your nose and cheeks. Looking up through your tears you see Draco’s handsome face holding a soft smile. You’re feeling so unbelievably loved and there’s such a fulfilling love for your family that you feel in your heart. Which previously felt so heavy with, guilt and self-doubt but is now filled with the light expanses of love and care for all of them.

“D-did I hurt you?! I’m sorry Mummy! I didn’t mean it!” Scorpius exclaims. Shuffling back into Draco once he sees the tears on your face. A look of pure horror resting on his pale face.

“No, baby, no. I’m just happy, is all. I love you so much Scorp. I’m so proud of you.” you say cupping his cheek softly.

He smiles proudly. Looking to Draco in delight. Draco ruffles Scorpius’ soft blonde hair. The exact same as his own.

“Can I sleep with you and daddy, mummy? I miss you.” Scorpius pouts softly. A tired yawn leaving his lips and causing his eyes to water. 

“Of course, darling. I’ve missed you too sweetheart.” you say while brushing the hair out of his face.

You move him again so he’s on the left of you and you’re next to Draco again. Draco kisses your lips and grins widely at you. Which you return whole heartedly.

Turning around you cuddle Scorpius’ small body. Planting a soft kiss onto his cheek. Watching as his eyes droop slowly. You feel Draco’s gentle and tentative arms wrap around you. He snuggles into your back. Resting his chin on your shoulder. One of Draco’s arms rests on Scorpius’ hip. 

Glancing back at him, your (e/c) eyes meet his icy blue ones. A happy smile rests on both your faces. “I told you.” he mumbles smugly. 

“Hm.” your smile drops slowly. Remembering the reason for not noticing in the first place. 

Self hate has always been something you’ve had a problem with. You can’t remember when it started or when you realised it but it’s always been there. You called them your ‘demons’ as a teenager. They were there for you when honestly, no one else was. Almost like the arms that catch you when you fall. Only to let you go. To laugh and taunt, trap you under their feet, as you try so hard to get yourself up off the ground without any motivation to do so. Along with all the other people in your life who hurt you. But then he saved you. Draco beared and kept away your demons as you did his. Protected each other from others yes, but also ourselves. 

(Y/N), love. Are you ok?“ Draco asks softly while kissing your cheek. His vunerable, cobalt irises reflect his perpetual love for you like a mirror.

“I love you. I love you all so much. I’m sorry for being the way I am.” you mutter quietly. Your tears are thick raindrops in a torrential storm; leaking from the blustery heavens which are your tear ducts and soaking the parched Earth that is your pillow. 

“We love you FOR being you. Never think otherwise. We’ll always be here for you.” Draco states candidly.

“I know.” you mumble. 

“Do you want anything? I could make you some warm milk with cinnamon if you’d like?” Draco asks, lifting up the covers.

“I want milk!” Scorpius suddenly wide-awake. Turning around with a hopeful smile and gleaming eyes like sun rays illuminating diamonds. Love filled laughs erupt from both you and Draco.

“That would be nice.” you say tiredly. Tickling Scorpius’ stomach evily. The sweet sounds of his giggles resonate around the room.

“Ok then love. Rest, you’ve had a long day. Come on then Scorp.” Draco says cordially. Sauntering around the perimeter of the large bed and scooping up Scopius’ awaiting body; arms outstretched and giggling like children shown a surreal magic trick. 

Giving you a quick peck on the lips, Draco takes Scorpius to the kitchen where you hear frustrated sounds and loud whines emitting from. With a chuckle and a  knowing shake of your head, you carefully crawl out of the luxurious warmth of the bed and down the icy, marble stairs.

Shoulder resting on the jutted door frame, you silently observe the events. Draco furiously stirring the curdling milk while Scorpius obviously took it upon himself to latch onto his leg. Shaking with laughter at the sight you awkwardly stumble, due to the bump, towards the counter. 

“Need any help?” you ask cheekily, watching as they both whirl around and stare at you.

“What’re you doing down here, love? And not at all. Everything’s under control.”

“I can see.” you chuckle softly. 

“Come here Scorp. Let’s go upstairs.” you say. Taking his small hand and leading him up the stairs.

Just as you’re both tucked in Draco comes in with three floating mugs of steaming milk. 

You grab yours gratefully and soake up the new source of heat while helping Scorp drink his. Draco places the empty mugs to the side while you wrap an arm around Scorpius’ body and pull him into your side and snuggle into Draco’s welcoming chest. 

Wriggling into your previous position, you let Draco’s muscular arms encase you. Experiencing the gentle feeling of protection from him. Delicately you run your fingers through Scorpius’ hair as a soothing method.

Draco’s breaths even out and Scorpius begins to drool slightly. Their peaceful, sleeping forms are the bare trees in Winter. Vunerable, stoic and silent like the deathly appearance they take when sleeping. Only the rise and fall of their chests keeping you sane.

Closing your sore eyes, you try and clear your exposed mind. With the presence of the people you love next to you, you fall into a dreamless sleep.

And as the song goes: “I’ve got troubled thoughts and the self-esteem to match. What a catch, what a catch.” 

I wrote this a while ago for someone close to me…It was just floating in my drafts so I decided to post it. 

Originally posted by couplenotes


( PROMPT: In order to blend in with people and gain more knowledge I keep attending different schools under different names and you sit next to me in a lecture. You can hear me muttering that the teacher is wrong and when you ask how I can be so sure, and on reflex, I tell you that I was there oh no )

A/N: Still hoping that I’ll meet Tom Holland when I go off to London. My brother’s in London, and I can’t wait to see his grumpy face!! If anyone has any recommendations on where to go/what to eat, please come scream at me in my inbox!!

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Another new identity, another new school. You’ve lost track of how many there have been over the years. Two hundred? A thousand? Always a large city, a large school, always the same routine. Places where new transfer students hardly draw anyone’s attention. 

Sometimes you wonder what you would have become if you’d stayed on the island with the Mistress – nothing but a lifetime of seducing men and practicing your magic. 

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Glassy Eyed Light of Day

Summary: Jughead is working on his novel in the Blue and Gold office and Veronica comes to him looking for a distraction. With the bribe of a shake and burger, Jughead agrees to tell her a story.

Rating: T

Genre: General, Canon Divergence, Fluff

Pairing: Jughead x Veronica

Timeline: Post Chapter Six: Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!, 1x06

Word count: 2,504

“Tell me a story, Jughead Jones.”

Veronica stood at the doorway of the Blue and Gold offices at the end of a very, very long day. Her mind was in a dire need of distraction and all her friends were busy with their own little demeanours - all but the boy whose hair matched hers.

Her tiny frame leaned against the door, more casually than she felt. There was a tired smile on her lips, more as an attempt to make the situation and her words seem humorous, which they really weren’t.

Jughead’s fingers stopped typing at once. His eyes shot up to hers dazzled with curiosity, not knowing what could make the infamous newcomer visit him, let alone ask him to tell her a story.

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Watch That Fire Burn

Sequal to Don’t Drown My Fire (Let It Strive) for @supremeuppityone who asked. 

Summary: Four times Caroline ran into Klaus through the centuries and the one she went to him.


Caroline learns early in her immortal life that her feet do not like to be shackled in one place for long. The only exception to that was Italy, but papa had been there and so it had been out of the question that she missed a single moment with him while his heart had still been beating.

Humans only lived for a short time, after all.

The sky and wind still called her though, it always had and always would.

Her father draws his last breath when she is only twenty five. It is not easy to ignore the tears streaking her face.

She sends the servants on their ways and closes the door to her home. She will come here again, just not soon. She does not think her heart could bear it, to look at the hallways where she had ran in, with ribbons laced around strands of her hair, and not feel like a knife was twisting and twisting deeper into her bones.

In Venice, Caroline sees the port full of passengers, wonders whether to let her wings lead her or see where the sea wants her to go.

The latter wins and she lands in Japan where the Noh Theater strives and she watches the performances about legends and old times.

Tan dons her body. She loves her kimono more than anything, floral prints decorating the fabric. Her mouth salivates each time she smells the local dishes cooked in the air.

Running into Klaus is a surprise, one where she is not exactly sure if she should be pleased or weary about. The memory of his eyes as he traced over her wings is fresh in her mind.

“Fancy seeing you here, sweetheart,” he says, lips quirking at the edges where a set of dimples appear. She thinks of something sharp to say.

The words die on the tip of her tongue when she realises that they were no longer in her home and she can’t demand things of him like she used to.

How unfortunate.

Caroline doesn’t reply as quickly as she would have liked. Klaus was dangerous, that she didn’t forget.

“Yes, it’s quite the shock,” she says briskly.

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Prompt from the lovely @teacass! college, a group of friends organise Christmas dinner before they all go on Xmas break. There’s a mistletoe somewhere & of course Cas and Dean get caught up under it. This is a slight variation of your prompt and made me really emotional?? 1k. 

There is a high probability Charlie Bradbury is responsible for the mistletoe hanging in the doorway of Dean Winchester’s kitchen.

She has avoided Castiel’s eyes ever since he unknowingly walked underneath it, sending a peal of laughter around the party. Dean walked up next to him, pitching the laughter into an “ooh!” accompanied by a sea of upturned faces. Looking up in kind, Castiel saw the offending plant, heard Dean’s hard swallow – he saw it too.

His regard for Dean is not a party joke. It’s also not common knowledge; he doesn’t know most of the people here. If he makes a big deal out of this, it will only raise suspicion, so he rolls his eyes and plants a kiss square on Dean’s mouth as though it’s nothing. Then he walks away, gets a beer from the fridge, and flicks the bottle cap in the sink, his back to the room.

He’s loved Dean for six years, since Castiel’s family moved to Kansas and Dean nearly stabbed Castiel with a pencil when a transformer blew during homeroom. Dean sat with him at lunch and gave him a ride home to apologize, and became a fixture in Castiel’s day. Castiel ran track; Dean was on the wrestling and baseball teams and copied Cas’s notes when he daydreamed in class. Dean ate dinner at Castiel’s house as often as his own, and they sometimes fell asleep and woke up wrapped around each other. They double-dated for prom. Castiel watched him dance with Lisa over Meg’s shoulder, face hot when Dean caught him staring and didn’t look away. They stayed like that the rest of the song, and Castiel thought, impossibly, that Dean felt the same way about him. 

But Dean and Lisa were crowned prom king and queen minutes later. Dean kissed her in front of everyone. Castiel chose an out-of-state college and doesn’t come home except for Christmas.

Dean isn’t in love with him, and the only time Castiel will ever get to kiss him has just happened, a throwaway holiday tradition in front of drunk college seniors.

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anonymous asked:

gwahhh i love your scenarios so much they're amazing !! could you do a scenario with kuroo, tsukki and iwai where their fem s/o is an insomniac? and whenever she can't sleep she does her own hobbies like baking or drawing or she just takes a walk outside etc and one night they stay over at the boys houses and they wake up to see her doing her own thing and try to coax her to go back to bed?

It slipped my mind while writing that they were only supposed to be visiting- I hope you don’t too much that they ended up living together, I’m sorry! Anyhow, this was an incredibly heartwarming prompt to write for, and I hope that you enjoy it, and thank you for your patience. :)

At age twenty five, Kuroo is a far cry from just five, which was when he last believed in monsters underneath his bed. Or perhaps they’re still there, but he’s become far too old and too boring for them to find entertaining anymore, and they’ve moved on to people who sleep more, who have fewer nightmares, who can sleep fine alone.

He hears the noise from downstairs first. It’s a soft clang, but it’s enough to pull him out of half-awakeness and his fingers curl curiously around the edge of his pillow. She’s not there, and her space is cold and empty from the exposed bedsheet.

The clang comes again, followed with a very, very quiet curse that makes the edge of his lips curl with laughter at four in the morning. It’s no clawed thing, but his own little monster he relies on to comfort him each night in their multitudes of blankets at pillows that cradle them into mutual drowsiness. Her pills lie capped on her side of the bedside table, untouched and unmoved, and he knows that this must be a special night. The stars, maybe, or the autumn chill that treads it way softly through the corridors of their small house, trailing eagerly along the warm footsteps of whoever’s awake at this time of night.

Not for the first time, Kuroo regrets not wearing fluffy slippers with bears on them when his feet finally touch the ground. He swings himself off the edge gingerly, aware of how his head fogs with unfinished sleep and the way his muscles seem to creak at him, scolding him, potentially threatening to shut down completely if he doesn’t return this instant. He goes off hunting for slippers instead, and for you, even though he knows beyond familiarity where exactly he’d find those things.

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Carnival Rides

(A/N): I imagined this one cuter in my head but it didn’t quite turn out that way…

Pairings: BuckyXReader

Summary: Bucky loves carnivals but (Y/N) is scared of heights

Warnings: None

Tags: @sxph-t

Originally posted by lightbox

James Buchanan Barnes loved carnivals. He loved the sugary foods, happy children but most of all he loved the rides. He loved the adrenaline and thrill and he always wanted to go on the biggest ones. So, when the team announced they were going, Bucky was ecstatic but he was most excited of going on some rides with (Y/N).

Him and (Y/N) had been dating for a year now and he always expressed how he wanted to take them on a cute carnival date. They always agreed, saying they would love to but never looked too comfortable with the idea. Bucky never asked why but he seemed to brush it off, too excited over the thought it.

He walks over to (Y/N), huge smile in place. “You ready for tonight? I finally get to take you on that carnival date.” They smile nervously but nod their head.

“Yeah, I’m excited, Buck.” Bucky notices discomfort in their voice and studies their face to see if there is something wrong. His mind swirls with different things that could upset them but their smile widens and he smiles back, forgetting what he was thinking. “I’m going to go get ready. I’ll meet your cute butt down here in 10 minutes.” They say before turning around with a smirk on their face. Bucky doesn’t waste another minute as he rushes to his room to get changed for the exciting night.

Bright, colorful lights from venders, arcade games and rides light up the night sky and Bucky could hardly contain his excitement. All he wanted to do was run around, eat food, and get on all the rides. He knows he might be acting childish but he can’t help it. They pay for tickets, and he grabs (Y/N)’s hand and pulls them quickly through the crowd. They stop in front of big rocking boat ride and their eyes widen as they watch the boat swing high, back and forth. They weren’t very fond of any sort of amusement park ride but didn’t want to let Bucky down, especially since he was so excited. They take a deep breath as they enter on the contraption with Bucky.

Needless to say, (Y/N) survived but held onto Bucky’s arm as tight as they could, the whole time. They feel a bit nauseous as they exit but brush it off as he pulls them off to the next ride. It all comes back when faced with a ride called the Zipper. It looked like a death trap and they couldn’t bring themself to get on it. They gently tap Bucky’s shoulder and he turns around with a smile on his face. “I think I’m going to sit this one out, I’ll get Steve to come and do it with you.”

“Are you sure?” (Y/N) nods before giving him a sad smile before turning away to go get Steve.

For most of the night, (Y/N) watches as Bucky goes on all the big rides and they can’t comprehend how he does it. How could someone get in a ride like these ones and feel safe? They felt bad for leaving Bucky to ride all the rides with someone else but they were too embarrassed to tell the reason why.

On the other hand, Bucky didn’t understand why (Y/N) wouldn’t get on any of the rides with him. He couldn’t see how someone could not like the adrenaline that comes but he didn’t want to push them. It was almost time to leave but Bucky had one more ride in mind. He grabs (Y/N)’s hand before walking over to the big Ferris wheel. He wanted to do at least one more ride with them even if it was slow for his taste. 

They both sit down in the small cart, safety bar over them as the Ferris wheel begins to move upward. (Y/N) begins to get antsy as they get higher from the ground but tries to remain calm for Bucky’s sake. After several minutes, they had gone around several times with some small talk in between and (Y/N) has done good in keeping her cool. It was when their cart stopped at the top when they begin to freak out. They were lightly sweating while their breaths increase and they can’t help but shift closer to Bucky, who didn’t seem to sense their distress and only makes it worse. “Wow we’re really high up. I wonder if these carts rock any.” (Y/N) freezes in horror as Bucky begins to rock the cart.

“Bucky… Bucky…” They say slightly panicked, tears in their eyes but he doesn’t hear them, to engaged in trying to make it rock still. (Y/N) is seconds from having a full-blown panic attack and they quickly grab onto Bucky’s arm, tears flowing down from their face. “Bucky, Bucky, stop, please, stop! You’re scaring me!”

Bucky hearing their distress, stops rocking the cart and looks over with worried eyes. They have their face buried deep into his arm and he can feel them shaking out of fright. Guilt washes over him, not realizing they were afraid of heights and he wraps his arms around them. “Hey, hey, I stopped rocking, it’s okay. You’re safe, I got you. Breathe with me, okay?” He whispers sweetly into their ear as he keeps their bodies close. “You’re doing great. Just focus on me, love.”

Before (Y/N) knew it, they were safely on the ground but refused to let go of Bucky, still frightened. “Why didn’t you tell me you were afraid of heights?” He asks gently, still feeling guilty for almost scaring (Y/N) to death. They stay quiet a moment before softly speaking.

“I didn’t want to disappoint you. I know how much you love carnivals.” They say trailing off, looking anywhere but Bucky. He can’t help but feel even worse. They had endured through big scary rides for him, even though they were terrified. He tightens the grip around their frame, pushing (Y/N) into his side.

“Next time tell me. Now, I know, no more carnivals for us.” Bucky says with a soft smile and a kiss on the crown of their head.  (Y/N) blushes before smiling.

“I love you, Buck. Thank you.”