one for the gipper


It means for the liars to tell the truth, the ones that live careful to jump off a bridge,
The players to love that one for always.
The runaways to answer that call from home,
The closet kids to run naked in the street,
The lost kids to ask an adult for help.
The lifelong losers to go win one for the Gipper.
The wall flower to ask that that angel to dance.
The talk with a doctor put off to long.
The last time this kid will put up with a Goliath in the 3rd grade.
That dad who shows up for the first time.
The one on the street to still dreaming.
The artist finally putting something on a wall for the whole world to see.
The one who sat next to a loner at recess.
The goodbye you have to say, but might take your heart with it.
Its the right choice, when no one sees how much hell it was for you.

Determination in spit of the tremble in your legs,

and the tears you don’t show.

And no one will ever know how great your trial was, sometimes we don’t know ourselves.

But if you were there and your here, if you’ve been further down then you have it, you walked your line, fought your battle, and win or lose. Its your own bloody version of courage.