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and i’ll light the fuse, and i’ll never lose
and i choose to s̴̗̮̮̲ͅͅų͓r̭̳̤̹͚͍͔v̰̬̥͎̜̻ͅi̝̗v̖e̶̪̩̲͕̩ 

gugalanna velasquez, SHSL luchadora

  1. Alas De Fuego // Tierra Santa
  2. Bitter Rivals // Sleigh Bells
  3. Believer // Imagine Dragons
  4. Physical Education // Animals As Leaders
  5. En la Nada // Agora
  6. Favorite Transgressions // Sleigh Bells
  7. Si Amaneciera // Saratoga
  8. Survival // Muse
  9. Deja de Llorar // Stravaganzza
  10. Quiero Oírte // Warcry
  11. Dig Down // Muse
  12. Victima // Agora
  13. The Bull of Heaven // Tony Garone



thescorcher  asked:

☯ Tell us all about your favorite muse you’ve ever written and why they meant so much to you.

RP Positivity Meme

Oh man, so it’s got to be Solas, tbh. I was never that great at writing him, and certainly never consistent, and I absolutely have no idea of about 50% of the lore which makes rping in DARP nearly impossible, but christ is he a fun character. I love writing complex characters with ambiguous morals and a web of secrets and hidden, deluded motivations, and boy howdy does he tick every one of those boxes. I tend to take characters to as dark and shady a place as possible while still trying to maintain their goodness (see: I made Remus Lupin into the shadiest, untrustyworthiest mofo I could), so I’m pretty sure I shat all over Solas’ characterization. No regrets, though. It’s fun as shit and I love the idea of a deluded, almost all-powerful, and very nearly ‘bad guy’ godlike creature. To this day, some 4 years later almost, I’ll still hop over there when the mood strikes because he’s so damn fun, even if my interpretation of him is whack.

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the idea of it is hilarious just bc harry goes around boasting about how not manly he is every 2 secs playing arguably one of the most manliest fictional characters in movie history. lol

imagine harry getting the role of bond and turning him into a beautiful and sensitive gentle feminine soft boy. ‘i’ll have an organic kale smoothie. shaken not stirred. please if you dont mind if thats not too much trouble for you :)’

  • A male character: "has a character flaw/does a mistake"
  • The fandom: UwU our son isn't perfect but it's okay! He has time to learn and improve himself!
  • A female character: "has a character flaw/does a mistake"
  • The fandom: ugh... when will she stop being so stupid and irritating? can she just disappear?!

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pure sunshine cookie cat gem boy + angry cotton candy ube cake angst boy = giving each other strength

Me replaying a game: Alrightee, time to begin a new journey with a different character. 

Also me: Picks same hair style, same hair color, same eyebrows, same eye color, same nose, same makeup, same romance, same dialogue options, same combat skills, same fucking everything. 


fangirl challenge: [6/10] female characters   Penelope Álvarez

There are persecuted people all around the world who would love the opportunity to come here, but they can’t. Because the rules are different for different people. So some of them break the law and they do what they have to do to fight for better lives for themselves and their families.
And you know what? I get it.


Sara Lance taking over typical heterosexual endings (1x08/2x12)


a set for each inquisition companion ⤔ Dorian Pavus

“You let it keep hurting because you think hurting is who you are. Why would you do that?””

  • Person: which percy jackson character do you hate most?
  • Me: eeny meeny miney no one

Fantasy Iwaoi


i made this in ten minutes