one for each book

”You could rattle the stars,
You could do anything 
If you only dared.”

-Sarah J. Maas @sjmaas
Throne of Glass

After I read the first novel from the “Throne of Glass” Series I simply had to draw this. The main characters - protagonists and antagonists - in poster format as I imagine them!

I’m going to draw one poster for each book I read from that series, because I simply love them. 
All characters belong to the fantastic Sarah J. Maas!

The design is also available on my redbubble account! Here

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Some Batdad Headcanons

- When Dick first came to live with him, Bruce purchased a bunch of parent help books. He buys new ones with each kid he adopts, and no matter how much he studies he’s always unprepared for his psychotic children and their antics. 

- Everyone assumes Stephanie is his daughter and every time someone mentions it he and Steph are both thoroughly grossed out by the thought. 

- Damian shows Bruce his drawings sometimes, and every time, much to Damian’s embarrassment, Bruce insists on hanging them on the fridge. 

- The cabinets at Wayne Manor are filled to the brim with World’s Best Dad mugs. 

- Jason owns a Dad’s Little Stinker t-shirt. 

- When they were younger, Bruce used to let his Robins ride on his back if they got tired on patrol. 

- Tim falls asleep in random places when he’s particularly sleep-deprived, and each time Bruce will sigh tiredly before picking him up and carrying him up to his room, planning on drugging his coffee to get him to sleep more often.   

- Once he had to tie Damian to a post when he was misbehaving on patrol. 

- The first time Jason called him “Dad”, (on accident, mind you), he legit cried and hugged him for ten minutes straight. 

- He rarely has a bed to himself because his kids always invade his room at night and insist on sleeping with him. 

- He brags about Tim all the time to his coworkers, and it only got worse after Tim actually started working at Wayne Enterprises. At least once a day Bruce will go to Tim’s office and ask how his “little slugger” is doing. 

- He lets Cass paint his nails and isn’t afraid to leave the nail polish on because he’s so proud of how good of a job she did. Everyone is too intimidated to make fun of him for it.

- Even though he’s in his twenties and has an apartment of his own, Dick will still drive all the way to Gotham and sleep in Bruce’s bed when he has nightmares. 

- Bruce attends every single one of his kids’ graduations and award ceremonies, even the pointless ones that nobody really cares about. He will be there cheering in the front row every time.  

- Bruce was surprised that Barbara gave a Father’s Day gift to him in addition to her own father. 

- He carries around a bunch of pictures of his children in his batbelt and likes showing them to the criminals he arrests. Poison Ivy makes sure he keeps her up to date on how Nightwing is doing, and Two Face loves hearing about Red Robin’s whereabouts.     


My lookbook zine is up for sale! It is a collection of 31 outfit illustrations in one 5.5 x 8.5 book. In this first run, each individual book is handmade with a lot of love.

Please check it out here!

Edit: first print of zines has sold out! Thanks so much for the support. I am working on a second print as soon as I can

Diversity Bingo 2017

My reading goal for 2017 is to read more diversely. I decided that Diversity Bingo would be a perfect place to start.

The goal is to read one book for each of the 36 squares over the course of 2017. 

I am so excited for this. It will be a great opportunity to learn. If you have any suggestions for any of the prompts please please share them with me. Any recommendations are immensely appreciated.

If any of you guys are planning on participating as well please let me know!

I know we could love each other in another life, under difference circumstances.

I know because I see the way you look at me when I talk about things I’m passionate about. And I know you see how my eyes light up when I’m laughing at your jokes. I’ve always noticed the way you kissed the top of my head when you hugged me goodbye. And I know you’ve noticed how I hang on for as long as I can. I can’t ignore the way you look away when I talk about someone else. And I know you can’t miss the insincerity behind my smile when you mention her.

I know we could love each other in another life.

It’s a shame we only get one.

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #96 // We’re so right for each other, but our lives so aren’t

ok we all know and love demisexual neil but what if in addition he’s aromantic

he’s never experienced romantic love at all and maybe that’s what he wanted to find kissing that girl but all he felt was lipstick and fear, so he accepts what his mother told him and it’s not for him

so when he meets andrew he never considers relationships because it’s dangerous, because he doesn’t do that, he doesn’t swing but that doesn’t matter. 

andrew becomes (over time, mostly post-tkm) comfort, he holds neil up always and he’s always a secure place, a safe bet. they love each other very much, but there’s no romantic love tying neil to andrew; he doesn’t need that, he just needs andrew to be there.

I love you is background noise in their lives: a failed attempt to translate too many emotions into a spoken phrase, a Valentine’s gimmick, a Hallmark card. romantic love isn’t necessary for andreil and it’s perhaps even more special because they chose each other for nothing so random such as romantic love, but because of everything else they are to each other.

(andrew probably isn’t aro but rejects the notion of love from far too much trauma and lack of trust and generally shitty people. through months and years of neil’s yes and understanding and trust, he comes to terms with what he feels for neil, but it doesn’t change the nature of their relationship because there’s so much else in the relationship that it’s not necessary to change the terms. neil knows, anyway. he knows the way andrew looks at him and he knows that it’s more love than he’s ever had before and he’s grateful every time.)

Imagine taking weird and derpy photos of yourself and bestfriend!Woozi and using them as reaction pictures when you text each other or other people.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate Sarah J. Maas.

I mean come on people she’s writing two series at the same time AND releasing one book from each every year! plus both series have huge and intricate worlds and complex characters, which must take alot of planning. Plus she’s always writing bonus content, and doing long book tours, and also has many future projects lined up for the future (Like catwoman, the potential tv series and movie etc).
i mean, just bravo Mme Maas. 

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According to the theory of multiple universes, there is an universe where Harry Styles and Louis met at The Script’s gig, and one where Louis’ car broke in that little village he’d decided to visit just because and he noticed this tiny bakery with a cute as hell curly employee and why not?, and one where they both went to Manchester University, one where they accidentally ran into each other because they had booked in the same hotel in Ibiza, one where they happened to be broke flatmates in a shitty flat in London, and one where they are 21 and 23, Harry is a Photography student, he asked Louis if he could take some pics of him the day he first met him in Hyde Park, and they fell in love behind the camera instead of in front of it. Etcetera. Or something like that.



Hi, guys, we’re looking for artists for Overwatch fanzine. This fanzine will be two-sided and include McHanzo and Pharmercy artworks.

Organized by @teallinum, @greenbrains and @iron-dude, the goal is to release a full color, A5 paper size, all-new original art, fan-made book. Each contributor should provide at least one full colored artwork, limited to 2 artworks per pairing (4 in total). Finished artworks should be sent by Febraruary 21st.

Once finished the book will be up for pre-order. Organizators will sell the fanzine at Conventions as well. Money will be shared among contributors.


These are artist who are already involved.







We’re looking for 5 more artists.


Send an e-mail to with the subject “Overwatch zine”.

Information we need:

1. name or nickname

2. link to your portfolio/tumblr art tag/deviantart folder

3. what pairing are you going to draw (or both)

Artist applications will be open until February 1st.  We will review all applications and reply back by February 2nd.

Levels of a bookworm
  • Level 1: alphabetically orders all of their favorite books and neatly aligns them. Has read them all
  • Level 2: Places books randomly in the shelves, absolutely no order, read each and every one maybe once or twice, knows each one by heart
  • Level 3: bookshelf contains at least every book that has ever caught their eye EveR, has only read each one about 50 times, categorizes them, knows their scent, has two columns of books that haven't been read, stares at them longingly, reads a different book everyday and cries

A chart of all the Star Wars Rebels episodes from Season 3 so far! 

I based this thing off the design of the page of contents of one of Malaysian comic artist Kaoru’s books; each episode is accompanied by a picture of something related to the episode :D Some are quite obvious, while some are taken from plot points in the episodes, pretty sure most of you can figure out why!

There’ll be a second chart for the second half of the season. Yesh.