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Transformation Tuesday – only you can make it happen!! You can either decide to go for it and work for it, or sit there and wish for it! 💥💥💥💥💥 For 28 years of my life i didn’t really care, I was happy and couldn’t care what size i was…. then 3 years ago that all changed, i started to worry about my health and ultimately my size contributing to that, and so i decided that was the day i was going to change my life in Feb 2014! 💪🏽💪🏽 I got up and took action, with no help from anyone, you don’t need to know where to start – just start! Put one foot in front of the other and get moving, educate yourself on foods that are good for you, and most of all take responsibility for your life! 💯💯I started out at 127kgs (280lbs) at the age of 28 years old and every day i stuck to it, with no personal trainer, no fads or crazy diets, no surgery or weight loss pills – just good old fashioned exercise and good healthy foods! Time is going to pass by anyway, so instead of rushing it and trying gimmicks and short cuts that don’t work – do it the long way – the only way that truly works for the long term! 🙌🏽🙌🏽 I dropped 140lbs in 2 years and continuing to learn about my body and keeping it off! Be realistic and rational about your goals – this will not happen overnight, hell it won’t even happen in a month – good permanent results take time! So use your time wisely, and do it the right way for your overall health and wellbeing! 😄😄

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sentinel au pt 2!


I’d love to see more of that Sentinel AU you started.

“First things first,” Viktor says, “let’s get you warm and dry, Yuuri.” With a grip that belies his charming smile, he pulls Yuuri to his feet and takes him to the edge of the rink, then beyond to the lobby. Yuuri can hardly get a word in while Viktor bustles him about, sets him on a bench, and proceeds to untie his skates, all while steering him with soft orders and gentle hands.

“Oh, wow, your poor feet!” Viktor laments when Yuuri’s bruised toes come into view. Yuuri winces and tries to hide them under the bench, but Viktor has already taken one cold foot in his gloved hand and is running gentle fingers over the biggest contusion, his large blue eyes woeful. “I used to get these too, when I skated… I know just how you feel.”

“Oh,” Yuuri whispers. He really isn’t sure how he got into this position, Viktor Nikiforov kneeling at his feet and touching him. He wonders if he is dreaming, or if he is still in a zone.

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RoyalChaos||Morning, Sunshine [short fluff]

The morning sun crept between the cracks of the blinds and hovered above two sleeping figures that were curled up in a mess beneath the sheets. 

Some brown curls spread out and peeked above the hem of the sheet, golden and warmed by the sneaking sunlight. The man these curls belonged to began to stir and turned over, the sheets falling from his face and around his shoulder, one foot sticking out where the sheet had been dragged and stretched around. But still, the man didn’t wake.

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Name: Ivy
Nicknames: Apparently I’m Teenie Bra to the Sin Tin<sup>TM</sup>. I’m still not entirely sure how that happened.
Zodiac sign: the fish one
Height: 5 foot even
Orientation: aro/ace
Nationality: American
Favorite fruit: oranges?
Favorite season: fall
Favorite book: Harry Potter, Young Wizards, Septimus Heap, Good Omens…
Favorite flower: [insert shrug emoji here]
Favorite scent: old books
Favorite colour: purple and blue
Favorite animal: koalas and river otters
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: I love coffee but coffee does not love me
Average sleep hours: 7-8 ish
Cat or dog person: KITTEHS!
Favorite fictional character: too many
Number of blankets you sleep with: 2
Dream trip: New Zealand sounds nice
Blog created: this one was just a few months ago, but my other one I’ve had for years
Number of followers: 71

I tag: anyone and everyone who wants to do it :)

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What's the dumbest way you've ever injured yourself?

The cynical answer is ‘red lyrium’, but here is a funnier story:

So back when I was just a baby Templar, still wide-eyed and less bitter about everything, the other newly-minted Kirkwall Templars and myself had a fun game we liked to play called Balance. It involved climbing onto one of the railings of the Gallows and balancing on one foot for as long as you could in full armor. (You have to make your own fun while you’re on duty.)

One day, I was perched on a railing overlooking the cesspool that is Kirkwall’s harbor, defending my title. I lost my balance and fell straight into the water. No idea whether I would have drowned or not; I was in armor, but they do teach us a couple tricks about getting out of the armor quickly in an emergency. Fortunately, I didn’t have to find out, because a passing mage used her magic to fish me out of the water. Unfortunately, her main area of study was Force Magic, and they don’t emphasize delicacy. So I was yanked out of the water and slammed onto the paving stones with about as much speed as being thrown off a running horse, while still wearing all of my armor.

I can’t remember what we told Knight-Commander Guylian to explain why I looked like I’d been used as a Qunari’s punching bag.

there are few places to be that are more dangerous than between me and fresh pizza

so i drew equius putting vriska’s robo-arm together and figured i needed to do tav too! so here he is. (i got a little carried away lmao)


#klaus the caroline stan: #always dreaming up AUs