one foot on the clouds

Aries - Painting the town Blood Red

The exuberant life force that erupts from the Aries is spirited, radiant, wild, and free. Startling self assertion, crackling intuition, and a fireball of energy streak through life and lead with a fire dance of colour, creativity, and peril. Blood red is the colour of Aries and ruling planet Mars governs the bloodstream and fevers. The Aries temperament is aggressive in its quest for new experiences, reckless in its abandon for discovery, excitable, and flammable. The individual’s unique and daring style is flashy and embarks through territories where angels fear tread. A restless and novel expression is the spark that sets alight the whole cosmic inferno. There is little life could throw at the Aries that intimidates or confronts. The individual faces her demons head on and rarely indulges in emotional concerns of martyrdom.

Aries burn all their bridges, but these become torches that light new ways. Steven Forrest refers to Aries as the ‘life force’, the will to exist. And the Aries is built of will, it’s a coursing indwelling vital energy that drives fear and demons away. The individual relishes in provoking the environment for a destructive response and pushing the dominoes down the stairs to reap havoc. Life is flighty, fun, and relished in the midst of chaos for Aries. The individual is a formidable trailblazer who develops new insights and pockets of revelation. Aries is the expression of the purist humanistic instinct, the primitive reactions of man, a groundbreaker who reads more maps than books. Her inner and outer landscape is wide and filled with memories of discovery and innovation. There is combustion in her body, a flame that sizzles on the tip of twirlers, she is a fireball that spins through the sky, her mind and body operate a million miles an hour.

Aries people typically ignore the wisdom and plights of their elders in her blissful worldly search. She wants to indulge in every spice and experience the thrill of every freefall, trampoline, and sky jump. It’s like she is standing on a cloud top with one foot teetering off the edge, ready to drop into a new wicked wonderland at any impulsive moment. The love of her life and most incandescent romance is that with herself, the fight for her identity, and the charge to realise how much of life she can saturate herself with. Aries teaches the zodiacs to raise their cosmic swords in battle, a warrior goddess with a heart of iron as we conquest our darkest fears and most vicious terrors. The world is never the same after the Aries flame has erupted and splayed blood red paint on every flickering lantern.


I Taste You in My Glass

Anon asks:

Hello! May I have a Chandler Riggs imagine? Possibly one whereas he’s dating Brianna but has feelings for the reader—happy ending, please!

(Hi! I changed Brianna to an OC out of respect towards Brianna, hope you don’t mind. Thanks! Also I’m the slowest writer in history, sorry!!)

I Taste You in My Glass

3:14 AM

We fought again

3:15 AM

She blamed it on you, bullshit

3:20 AM

I’m going to talk to her

4:37 AM

Maybe we shouldn’t talk anymore.

The buzzing of my phone woke me up, my room blinking up by flashes of light.  I groggily threw a hand to the direction of it, thinking it was my alarm that I so loathed. Yet, when I saw the messages on my lock screen I wished for it to be my alarm. I was wide awake, my heart thumping and my mind was racing a hundred a second. My back fell back onto my matrass, I looked up to the dark ceiling and felt myself covering my eyelids with shaking hands. Palms digging into them. Chandler Riggs was so good at making the world stop.

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That's Mine. (Sodapop x Reader)

(Sorry for any typos, did this on my phone.)

You grinned and leaned against the wall, holding a cigarette between your fingers and looking at Steve who was sitting across from you on a car hood. “Waitin’ on Soda?” He asked, flicking out his cancer-stick and putting one foot up.

Nodding, you puffed out a cloud of smoke and pursed your lips. “I guess, have ya’ seen em’ ‘round?” You asked and looked back at the garage for him.

Steve shook his head. “No, he hasn’t-” before Steve could continue to tell you where he last saw your boyfriend, Sodapop walked up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed up your neck. Steve rolled his eyes. “Found em’.”

You laughed a little and put a hand behind you to gently caress his cheek. “Hi baby,” you commented while. Sodapop smiled at Steve, who was uncomfortably shifting his posture.

“I’m gonna’ go lock up.” Steve nodded and walked off to the garage, flinging out a set of keys from his pocket.

You sighed and twirled to face Sodapop. “Why do you always do that?”

“Do what?” Sodapop pouted.

“Make people uncomfortable.”

“Do you not want me to kiss you?”

“No.” You said, looking up at him lovingly. “I just don’t- SODA!” You reached for your rear end to find his hands shoved into your back pocket’s and harshly squeezing your ass.

“People get uncomfortable, that doesn’t stop me from marking what’s mine.” He whispered in a deep and raspy monotone voice into your ear. It wasn’t often he acted like this, but it was true.

You were his.

i’m making resolutions every day. erase and rewrite. erase and rewrite.

i’m in love with the act of changing. the middle of a transformation. the simple breeze when summer waves hello to fall. first winter frost glazing the windshield. sweet sour seconds between gone and here. 

i’ll stay half changed. half woman, half girl. half moon, half star. one foot in the sea, one arm in a cloud. always wishing. always becoming. trapped in a corridor of in between. alice running toward a shrinking door she can never open. time to change.

ceata88  asked:

okay but... 28 in Deaf!Manolo AU with Manolo and Joaquín before María gets back...

I swear I would have finished this sooner, but I kept getting distracted by tumblr and pretending to study for my midterm tomorrow. Which I should probably actually do a little of at some point.

You Can’t Hear It

The sun is halfway to set when Joaquín sees Manolo sitting alone in the town center. His guitar is on the ground next to him, ignored in favor of a crumpled up letter. Manolo doesn’t seem to notice when Joaquín comes up a few feet behind him. He’s too focused on reading the letter, but that works just fine for him. It makes things more fun if Manolo doesn’t see him first. He bends over at the waist, both of his index fingers up to his head—it’s a poor imitation of a bull, but the best he can do, human as he is. He stomps one foot against the sand, kicks up a cloud of dust and dirt in the same way a bull would in preparation of charging after its target. Manolo still hasn’t noticed him so Joaquín grins and yells:

“Hey, matador de toros, prepare!”

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When all that is left is crossing your fingers and hoping to dear God that he notices you, walk up to him. Tell him that clouds can sometimes contain millions of tons of water so sometimes you wonder how they still manage to keep their cool up in the sky. Some days that is you, your heart almost bursting at the seams but somehow you manage to keep it all contained behind that pillowy smile. Don’t be afraid to laugh loudly at his jokes, he will think about it at 1am and think maybe you aren’t that crazy. If you were everything your mother taught you, you wouldn’t hold back the way you do. You wouldn’t throw on rubber boots before jumping in puddles because you are reckless and daring and that is how you will throw yourself at him. He is the fog that you’ve always wanted to wrap yourself in. He is mysterious and incredible. And while you hop from one foot to another like you belong in the sky, know this, even if cloud sometimes contain millions of tons of water, sooner or later they have let it out. Go ahead, tell him how you feel.
—  mavaline
Harsh Consonants
Harsh Consonants

Cerce - Harsh Consonants (Feat. Cameron Boucher from Old Gray)

I still get terrified of who I have become
I still don’t sleep most nights because my dream is that I don’t wake up
there are ghosts inside my lungs, there are devils in my head
here are pieces of me that are better left dead.
I’ll keep my head in the clouds and one foot in the grave
in hopes that someday I might change.
I’d be the brightest light that you have ever seen,
but I’ve grown too dark, I’m just a shadow of myself.

Outbreak: Part 1/4 (Kataang, Katara-Centric)

A deadly, unknown disease has spread across Republic City. Even the best healers in the world, at the best medical center established by man, are losing the battle in healing the sick. When one of Katara’s own children becomes infected, however, she becomes pressed for time to solve a medical mystery that begins to turn into a criminal case.
Rated: T
WC:  8,100 (Part I)

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