one fanmily

Congratulations TWFanmily for best fan family!

This wasn’t a category given to vote, but we thought this was important for everyone in this wonderful fanmily: you all deserve to win and to our eyes, you are each a winner! You are part of the best fanmily anyone could ask for. It’s difficult to post this because the boys are no longer together, although we want to remind you that this is not the end, and we’ll stay together as a family until they’ll be back! We’ve remarked that a lot of us have left when the break was announced and now has happened, but we do hope that a lot of you stay and we will be together to make it through these more difficult times. You are all amazing and we’re glad that we form the TWFanmily, one that is very important to the eyes of our boys. Thank you for being all so wonderful and making this fanmily one great one! xx

Cosplay idea

Someone goes to a Steam powered Giraffe event dressed as Penny the “One-night stand” blender. She goes up to Rabbit saying “How dare you ditch me for that toaster! You didn’t even last 8 minutes with her! I’m just a one-night stand to you?! I though we had something between us!”

Or another idea is that Penny the Blender and Jenny the Toaster show up and start fighting with each other over Rabbit.

I dunno I’m bored. I think of crazy things when I’m bored.