one false note

Shiro: Get your head in the game!


silencefellagain  asked:

For both of you: Light pink, reed yellow, lilac, thistle.

Light Pink - Do you have stuffed animals? Done !

Reed Yellow - Do you play an instrument?

Jehan : I play the flute and the piano, and I’d like to take another one, but I don’t know yet

Monty : like I had time to learn something. like that…

Jehan : but you whistle beautifully 

Monty : and not even one false note!

Jehan : my nightingale~

Monty : *actually looks pink*

Lilac - Would you want kids? Done too !

Thistle - If you could become wise, rich, or intelligent, which would you rather?

Monty : like that’s an actual problem. Rich, I already am intelligent, and being wise is overrated…

Jehan : I’d like being wise about everything

Monty : then maybe you’d have an epiphany and realise that glitter does not go with everything…

Jehan : or perhaps you’d realize that it does

Monty : chéri, glitter will never come near my Versace…

Jehan : your Versace will never come near my glitter

Monty “grin” fine ~

Our first issue is out today!!  You can get Unbeatable Squirrel Girl at your local comic book store, you can download a digital copy RIGHT NOW, and/or you can get them in the mail!  DID YOU KNOW: the more copies we sell (whether physical or digital), the better chance we have of getting to make this comic forever and ever??

And on the off chance you don’t want to risk getting this book without some non-me people telling you they think the book is PRETTY OKAY, I have some good news!  Here’s a…



One word: adorbs.

OK, I’ll throw in a few more words. How about super-fun? Or unexpected? Or laugh-out-loud funny?

Some of those are compounds.


Expectations were pretty high for this first issue but THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL exceeds them. North, Henderson, and Renzi have put together something that appeals to both young and old that is an incredible amount of fun, featuring a great, stand-out star…


…fun is no longer such a terrible word.The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is a product of this shift, something steadfast and confident in its construction and delivery, an unapologetic take on the pyjama drama as a source of unfettered joy. 


There are few “perfect issues” in a year of comics and yet here I am, first week of January writing about another one… There is not one missed or false note, it’s a totally cohesive vision. Everyone creating this book knows exactly what they want it to be and exactly how to get it there.


…one of the most fun debuts published by Marvel Comics in a very long time. If you’re looking for a comic that you can share with anyone or that will cheer you up after a major bummer of a day, this is it. At the end of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 there is only one question worth asking: When does #2 come out?

I hope you enjoy the book!  Next month even crazier things happen.  UNTIL THEN I PROPOSE WE ALL:

the 39 clues-inspired sentence starters (part 2)

book two: one false note

‘ are we going to stop in every podunk town in france? ’
‘ i mean, this guy hardly blew his nose without planting a coded message in the kleenex. ’
‘ were you born a dweeb, or did you have to get a diploma? ’
‘ it’s like the whole country’s on a diet. ’
‘ i wish i could fit into a luggage bin. ’
‘ i wouldn’t let my gerbil ride this rattletrap!
‘ driver – follow that car. ’
‘ i still say we should have stayed at the hotel wiener. ’
‘ if the answer’s anywhere, it’s online. ’
‘ you think you can google the solution to all the world’s problems. ’
‘ i’m pretty sure it’s my job to tell you to grow up. ’
‘ i’m standing in line to see a house full of old furniture? ’
‘ don’t cry, buddy. it’ll be over soon. ’
‘ let’s get out of here. i need to breathe some nonboring air. ’
‘ don’t do this to me! the antidote for boring isn’t to find something even boringer!
‘ boys’ brains are wired differently. ’
‘ white asparagus! green wasn’t gross enough. soggy cigars, man. ’
‘ you think you can get rid of me that easily? fat chance. ’
‘ pull up a chair – we’ve got a heist to plan. ’
‘ any truth to the rumor that you’re dating miley cyrus? ’
‘ don’t get me wrong, i’m pretty happening. but doesn’t royalty beat having your own pez dispenser? ’
‘ let’s go. his modesty is turning my stomach. ’
‘ it’s more like a working knowledge. ’
‘ would anything less be good enough for that stuck-up nitwit? ’
‘ this bathroom is bigger than my whole apartment!
‘ kind of makes our place seem like an outhouse. ’
‘ for a straight-a student, you can be pretty dumb. ’
‘ what’s up with these fancy hotels putting twenty layers of drapes over all the windows? ’
‘ of course i work here. do you think i sneak into hotels for the pleasure of scrubbing strangers’ toilets? ’
‘ i have accompanied weapons-grade plutonium through a secret tunnel under the berlin wall. i believe i am capable of looking through the window of a police car. ’
‘ i can’t believe she cheated me – right when i was in the middle of cheating her!
‘ yo, man. how about you describe this stalker chick who loves me so much she broke into my crib. ’
‘ it seems like he’s talking about the time he quit his job. he said he wanted to use his contract as toilet paper. ’
‘ how come the clues are never in the local laser tag place? ’
‘ the place is full of tourists. how dangerous can it be? ’
‘ okay, today you’re a kid playing super mario, but in a couple of months you’ll be lost in a european tunnel with a mad killer– ’
‘ they cursed us out pretty good. i don’t know the language, but some things you don’t have to translate. ’
‘ how’d you like to have to explain to the rental company that their car was trashed by an army of deranged monks? ’
‘ this time, we scored the big enchilada!
‘ good luck. if we set foot in that place again, those men of peace will rip our heads off. ’
‘ i can’t wait to see the address – third cave on the right, go through fifty tunnels, turn left at the stalagmite. in german. ’
‘ don’t you even watch tv? ’
‘ what are you doing? learning italian by osmosis? ’
‘ taking public transit AND walking – both in the same day. if you get any more human, the pez people are going to stop selling your dispenser. ’
‘ face it. you’re lousy at piano. and i can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. we’re about as artistic as a couple of hockey pucks. ’
‘ he doesn’t do retinal scans. his eyes are insured with lloyd’s of london for eleven million dollars. ’
‘ it’s no different from xbox!
‘ do you have to drive like such a maniac? ’
‘ i think i’m getting pretty good. i haven’t hit anything for, like, ten minutes. ’
‘ for someone who’s smarter than a supercomputer, sometimes you’re a real idiot. ’
‘ don’t play dumb, although you ARE a natural. ’
‘ captain! these stowaways need to be put off the ship. ’
‘ a grenade launcher would be nice, too. ’
‘ i didn’t have a lot of choice, little miss perfect!
‘ this isn’t about butts. ’
‘ crazy? you mean, like, stand on your head and spit nickels kind of crazy? ’
‘ cake is cake. isn’t it? ’
‘ blood-sucking money-grubber? ’
‘ all i smell is canal water. man, i might never get it out of my nasal passages. ’
‘ i was sort of tuning her out. ’
‘ put that thing down before you slice your own ears off!

Books and Cupcakes | Book Photo Challenge | June

Day 3 : Summer 

The 39 Clues Series 

 // I remember starting the series nearing the end of the summer of 2010. Definitely in my go-to read list - you have no idea how happy it makes me to finish all eleven books one after the other >< //

One False Note by Gordan Korman

External image

One False Note

The 39 Clues Book Two

Gordan Korman

While I find it absolutely fascinating that this series is both written by a series of (quite well known, it seems) children’s authors and contains various interactive elements, it is said interactive elements that make me think I might not continue reading them. There is just enough emphasis on the world outside the books that, while I think this is a great idea to get and keep kids interested (especially a kid who is not particularly enamored with reading), I’m not really prepared to commit to so much happening outside the books, though I adore the concept.