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Leia: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a member of the Imperial Senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan.


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has this been done yet?

  • Grindelwald: So setting a pack of these creatures loose here was just another accident. Is that right?
  • Newt: Why would I do it deliberately?
  • Grindelwald: To expose wizard-kind. To provoke war between the magical and non-magical worlds.
  • Newt: Mass slaughter for the greater good, you mean.
  • Grindelwald: *thrilled, throws his hands up in the air* Now this guy *gets* it!
Oh god

“I swear, doesn’t it sometimes feel like we’re babysitting?”

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Hi!! Can I request a hc for Eren, Mikasa, and Armin for a blind s/o? They can be either in the military or not, but i can just picture them coming back home and their s/o feels their presence and instantly goes to hug them and cry because they missed them so much?? Thank you so much!! i have a half blind friend and she likes me reading a couple of stuff to her like this. (one eye can't see and the other one is slowly loosing it's sight :c)

Aw, what a lovely friend you are. I hope this does justice and that you and your friend like it! <3


  • He is at the front of the line, desperate to get back in the walls to see his s/o because he needs to know they’re okay just as much as they need to know he is okay. 
  • His eyes are everywhere, scanning the crowd waiting to greet them, looking for that familiar color of hair and sweet face he knows all too well.
  • As soon as his gaze settles on their form he instantly feels his body relax and a smile grow on his lips. 
  • He’s not expecting them to even know which set of feet are his but as soon as he’s within earshot his s/o is turning to face him, tears brimming in their eyes and a smile tugging their lips upward.
  • They’re throwing their arms around his body before he even has a change to say hello, but he welcomes it eagerly, burying his face in their hair as they do the same to his neck.
  • “I missed you,” he’d whisper against the shell of their ear, feeling so grateful to be alive for one more day, one more opportunity to do exactly this.


  • Mikasa is pretty eager to see her s/o, but she’s not letting it be seen as outwardly as Eren would. She is as nonchalant as ever as she enters the walls, but her eyes are definitely sifting across the various faces as she seeks the one she knows so well.
  • When she finds them, she doesn’t plan on an elaborate surprise. She’s near-silent and rather unenthused as she approaches them, figuring that she’s going to accidentally scare them with how quiet she’s being.
  • That’s not the case, though. As soon as she’s standing behind them she watches their body tense, every muscle freezing as they begin to realize the presence of the person they love most.
  • “So you made it back safe,” they would whisper, and Mikasa wouldn’t miss the sound of tears about to be shed. 
  • Mikasa would only give way to a simple affirming hum, slowly unwrapping her scarf from around her neck only to drape it casually around her s/o’s shoulders.
  • “You looked cold,” Mikasa would explain, before slowly sliding her hand down to take her s/o’s, pleased by the smile she’s elicited and glad to be back home.


  • His s/o is practically all Armin can talk about on the ride back to the inner wall, sharing story after story with his teammates who are all too eager to hear about his s/o who has always been nothing but kind and sweet. He grins like an idiot as he thinks of them, as he speaks of them, practically bouncing on his seat like an excited child.
  • He manages to control himself as the wall grows nearer, but as soon as they’re inside he loses it again, jumping off his horse to begin running through the crowd in a desperate attempt to find them.
  • He’s short and it’s way more difficult than he thought but just when he’s about to give up a hand shoots out and grabs his arm, tugging him toward an abandoned alley. He’s about to freak out until his s/o is wrapping themselves around him, burying their face in his chest.
  • “I knew it was you,” they’d whisper, taking Armin’s hand in their own. “I could just tell.”
  • Armin doesn’t know how they’ve gained the extra sense, but he’s grateful nonetheless as he wraps his arms around them and inhales their familiar scent, realizing just how much he truly missed them.
  • “It’s nice to be home,” Armin speaks quietly, tightening his hold for just a minute, scared that if he lets go, the moment will end.

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Echo and Fives reacting to their s/o being touch starved like she kinda flinches at physical contact but then leans into it and kind of tears up please?

Echo had been away from you for too long. Two months to be exact. He knew you hated being with out him. Being an Arc trooper meant being juggled around wherever needed, even if that meant being away from the 501st and you. He also knew that besides Fives, himself, and occasionally Rex, your job as an engineer didn’t have you in contact with many people- Especially with Fives and Echo gone. 

He knew you got lonely when he was gone, but he never expected it to be this bad. When he first arrived, he couldn’t even find you and it took him awhile to do so. When he finally found you, it was in last place he looked: the same hangar he arrived in. He soaked in the sight of you.

He watched as you dejectedly wrenched a bolt into place, going slower than usual. You looked tired, as if every turn of the wrench took all your energy. He watched you for a little longer before realizing it looked like you had lost weight. He decided it was time to stop staring at you and time to go see you. 

“(Y/N)!” He called, jogging across the hangar. Your head slowly rose at your name and you locked eyes with Echo. He could see a light spark in your eyes as you realized it was him. You popped up from your position and ran to him, only stopping when you were right in front of him. Up close, he could see the bags under your eyes, and he worried more than ever.

“Echo, you’re really here.” You breathed out, eye roaming his face, a hand almost touching the hand print on his chest plate. he only nodded before leaning down to place a kiss on your lips, hands lightly grasping your biceps. He was quick to notice your gasp, and how you tensed up- almost shaking. Then all at once, you melted into his arms, retracting from the kiss and burying your face in his neck. Worried, he wrapped his arms all the way around you before he felt wet marks on his neck. 

“(Y/N)? Ner kar’ta? What’s wrong?” He whispered, holding you close as you near silently cried into his neck. 

“Missed you. Didn’t think you’d come back.” You choked out, shaking in his arms.

“Love, I’m always gonna come back.” He whispered, hugging you tighter. Heart breaking with every tear that rolled down your face 


It took four weeks, one month, for them to find you. Fives knew that if the group you were in didn’t possess precious information, you probably wouldn’t have been rescued. When he saw you, so many emotions ran through him as you shakily made your way towards him. You looked so small and meek, not making eye contact with anyone as your arms crossed tightly across your chest. Finally, you were only inches away from him. He reached out a hand to cup your cheek, but your entire being flinched away from his hand. But before he retracted you leaned forward into his touch, letting him first cup you cheek before resting his forehead against yours. 

“Cyar’ika…” he started, pulling you into his chest. You were still overly tense, and Fives did’t know how to help. Suddenly, an epiphany struck him, “Should I let go? Would that help?” 

“N-no. Please don’t let go.” You stuttered, he nodded, hugging you tighter. His heart shattered when you started intensely sobbing into his chest, fingernails clawing at his armor trying to grasp at him. With sobs wracking your body, all Fives could do was support your weight and press kisses to your temple. 

“(Y/N), try to breathe, I’m not leaving.” He whispered among other promised.

“I thought they’d leave me there. Oh god, I thought I was gonna die there.” You confessed, still bawling into his chest. 

“You’re here now, and I’m never, ever letting go.” 

[Somebody Else] - Chpt. 2

Jason x Sofia 

[Summary: Jason considers whether or not to continue with the investigation after seeing Sofia]

A/N: Thank you so much for all your comments & feedback! I really really appreciate it xx here’s more Jason for you guys :) ** also Tumblr is kind of stupid, I did tag those who asked but if you didn’t get tagged I’m so sorry :( 

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May 7, 2009

At 3:34 A.M., Grant Godard passed away due to complications of a heart attack. While there have been speculations about his health, the announcement still came as a shock. For everyone whose been wondering about the distribution of the company’s assets, it seems that twenty-seven year old Alexander Godard will be taking over his father’s company. 

Grant’s eldest son and only daughter have both stepped away from the family business.

Alexander has released the following statement: “My father has been grooming all his children for this job, but wanted to give us a choice. My brother and sister have chosen to follow their path in life, but I’ve always known that mine was right here with this company…

“What the hell do you mean you won’t do this investigation?” Eli slammed his fist down on Alicia’s desk.

“It means, I won’t do the investigation” Jason repeated quite matter of factly.

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choose: your sister or your brother? LOL

make me choose between 2 characters and i’ll draw the winner

no contest anon since i only have sisters hahahaha. now dont you dare make me choose between them because i cannot

I really love it when SHINee doesn’t wear too much make up and I can really see the cute lil moles on their faces. It gives me life 💛

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Hi! I've loved playing Mystic Messenger so much, but I've been a little bothered bc they imply MC isn't doing anything with her life and isnt doing much after they marry. So I was wondering about the MCs life with the RFA +V if MC became a powerful official (like secretary of state or something) after a few years of being together, and MC is always busy and in the news and everything she does is consequential. (I'm excited for Jumin's part) Thanks!!


  • dEAD
  • he’s a college student. he considers getting out of bed and brushing his teeth a successful morning
  • and MC is a VERY Important Person
  • hhhhwhat do what do WHAT DO
  • he’s so stressed because like… he has to be a better person. MC deserves better than him 
  • also since MC is always busy he craves physical contact a lot
  • he really treasures those rare moments when MC can stay at home and cuddle
  • also he always tries to tune in to watch MC in the news
  • does he understand anything they say?? no
  • does he care?? no. he’s seeing his lover on TV and he’s telling all his friends to watch bc that’s his lover on TV


  • MC you’re what
  • shook
  • like… MC how could we have done this
  • the RFA saddled MC with organizing the party guests and nothing more and Jaehee thought that had kept MC too busy
  • and now she sees MC zooming all around with paperwork and conferences and probably her workload but twice as intense
  • note to self: MC can handle more crap than expected
  • honestly Jaehee is also the queen of being Constantly busy and when MC comes home she always prepares something
  • Jaehee knows MC just had three conferences and two TV appearances in international news all while completing their usual work but she’ll be damned if MC doesn’t eat a proper meal
  • constantly shocked to think she’s in love with someone so important. more in shock to think they love her back


  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • he’s amazed by how capable MC is. 
  • seriously they start working and Zen can’t believe how busy MC becomes
  • he thought he had seen busy people but MC just. brings that to a whole new level
  • there’s days when MC wakes up looking like a corpse that came back from the death due to exhaustion
  • but then two hours later he turns on the TV and MC is in a conference and they look fresh and smiling and how do they do that
  • he starts stocking the fridge with actual food because he fears MC will come tired and hungry one day at like 12:03 a.m. and only find two week old leftover spaghetti and beers in the fridge
  • also all the media is having a BLAST like. MC is super important serious business and also dating popular heartthrob actor Zen


  • The Media Cannot Get Enough Of This Couple
  • seriously in every interview he and MC have ever there’s always that one question about their relationship
  • always
  • Jumin knows MC is deathly busy every waking moment of the day and so he tries to stay awake to wait for them by also working overtime until they come home
  • even though he doesn’t see MC as much as he wishes he did it doesn’t really matter when almost daily you read a newspaper and MC’s name and picture are there somewhere
  • the same goes for MC because they have a stack of magazines in their office for that office-y aesthetic and there’s always that one magazine with Jumin’s face plastered all over the cover
  • both of them find this mildly amusing


  • UM
  • if there was ever a moment for him to redeem himself and hack himself into the national registry to appear as a normal citizen it’s NOW
  • he does not want scandals with MC
  • he knows it probably won’t happen but what if someone sees him and MC together and looks him up and finds nothing??
  • he also keeps an eye out for MC bc he knows the more important MC becomes, the more targeted they might be by the underbelly of the city
  • he also never feels alone because he knows by hard the times in which MC comes in on the news and such and always tunes in 
  • he adores the weekends when MC has some free time because that means it’s cuddle and kiss time