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Unless you can talk and read Korean perfectly, please do not mock idols when they speak English. Often they learn the language to better communicate with you and it is rather disrespectful when you make fun of them for making a effort. It is annoying to see intl fans being desparate for subtitles when idols make tv appearances but then when idols do speak English, unless it is perfect, it is not good enough. If you want to enjoy parts of Korean culture, please show respect to the people who make the content you consume.

HAPPILY EVER AFTERMATH (Part 10- Happily ever aftermath)

Series Summary: You, Frank, and Mary have been through a lot.  But what happens in the happily ever aftermath?

A/N: Last one, hope you like it!

Frank Adler x reader

Word count: 600-ish

Summary: a miserable day does not equal a miserable life.

Warnings: a generally bad day, severe lack of editing

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One Season Three Gifset Per Character → Hunk

I don’t want to leave the Yellow Lion, okay? I mean it’s big, it’s got this super armor, it’s safe.

So I was looking at YOI screenshots today...

And I made quite an interesting revelation. 

Here we have Viktor Nikiforov. Russian. Pale skin. White as the freshest snow on the highest mountains of Russia. Nipples are a shade or two darker than his skin tone.

Clearly, this man never sees sunlight. 

That’s okay though. We love you and your pale, perky ass anyway, Viktor.

Ok. Now… adversely… 

Christophe Giacometti. Suisse. Fabulous as f-. Skin glowing golden as a ray of fucking sunshine. 


His nipples, what color are they? 

Pale? Pink? Peach?! I don’t know. All I do know is that clearly, Christophe’s nipples are way way lighter than his skin tone. 


My revelation? 

Christophe Giacometti gets spray/fake tans. 

And I mean, it makes sense. Look at how fabulous this man is. Clearly he would be the type to sip champagne on a Sunday afternoon laid out on a beach chair while air drying a fresh spray tan by the poolside. 

Now… You may be asking yourself: Is this information important? 

No. It absolutely is not. 

But I came to this conclusion while half awake this morning and felt compelled to share it with all you lovely people in the fandom. 

Do with this information what you will. 


#That face you make when the love of your life is rambling aka Alec Lightwood’s smitten face


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They were taken so quickly that Lance and Keith couldn’t even put up a real fight. They succeed in defeating their Galra captors, but their victory comes at the cost of crashing onto a planet populated by violent, remorseless criminals. Or, the wretched beginning of Lance and Keith, Space Cowboy Mercenaries, and the possible end of the Red and Blue Paladins of Voltron.

from  THIS FANTASTIC voltron fic by the amazing @thisgirlhastales

it is the klance space cowboy AU that we all deserve and it is b e a u t i f u l



Azurrin week | DAY6: AU

dance AU in which azura and corrin are gfs and dance partners for @azurrinweek

azura is much more assertive and flirty with corrin when they dance and corrin loves it

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