one eyed pug

Meet rescue pug one-eyed Wooster, surrendered to the police station shelter at 6 months with his eye hanging out and scheduled for euthanization. Instead, the shelter boss rushed him to emergency surgery, then a local rescue, where I fostered him until I realized I couldn’t give him up and made it official. A year later, he’s bent on world domination, living the good life in my four-pug grumble. #fosterfailure #petswithoutpartners #cyclopspug #belovedholyterror  submitted by remoracoast

anonymous asked:

what if mako and the other baddies save a one eyed pug near jamie's house and they made it like a very important stealth mission? (i feel like mako would love pugs bc they are snorty but super friendly)

that’s so,,,cute omg