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It’s such a simple word. How does a three letter word make you think of three thousand different things? His smile, his laugh, his voice. The tingles that are sent up your spine when he touches you. Your heart skipping a beat when he looks at you. Him, the boy who makes you happy, even when you don’t want to be.
—  Don’t lose him
(19) Ignis’ pick up lines.

Noctis: It was funny at first, but it’s getting out of hand, Gladio. You should probably stop walking around shirtless.
Gladio: Why? I’m fresh and comfy like this.
Prompto: I mean, not that I agree with Noct, but…it’s Altissia and people stare.
Gladio: There’s no shirt that’s worthy of my body.
Noctis: There’s none you like?
Gladio: None that looks greater on me than my body does on its own.
Ignis: …
Ignis: You know what do would look great on you, though?
Noctis: Ignis, no.
Ignis: Me.
Gladio: Ignis yes.

An open letter to the boy who broke his own heart loving me.
I need you to know I never meant to hurt you. But we were so different I was complete and total chaos and you were serenity. I was so in love with you. It wasn’t just something I said to you every night before bed, I meant it every time those words slipped from my Lips. It was so real and so raw. Real love isn’t red roses and candle lit dinners. It’s not like the movies, not at all. It’s what we had. It’s telling each other things we never told anyone else at 3 am. Its the late night video calls, talking about anything and everything. It’s seeing each other for who we really were and accepting it. We wanted it to work so badly but you don’t always get what you want. After you left, I couldn’t deal with it. So I drowned my heart in shots of vodka and shattered my lungs from the smoke of cigarettes. There is nothing fucking poetic about the things I did to forget you. I’m sorry for all the drunk phone calls, but nothing worked. I just really fell apart, but I forgot that you were hurting too. Every time I saw you, you looked like you were doing great. I know now it was just an act, we were both acting. I forgot about your feelings after we ended, good people don’t do that to people they love. The feeling of your finger tips were still burning my skin weeks after you left. I couldn’t handle it, I couldn’t take missing you all day every day. I felt so alone. So, I let another boy touch me, kiss me, and love me. I did whatever I could to forget you. But honestly, I wanted it to but you the whole time. I wanted his blue eyes to be your green ones. And I wanted his lips to be yours. I could never say this to you, but I really do still love you. We don’t talk anymore, but I hope you think about me once in awhile. I made so many mistakes. You will never know how sorry I am, you meant so much to me. You were my first love, and you always will be.
—  Love,
The girl who took your heart out of your chest and put it back in upside down

Inktober 19: Birthday Nagekis!!

I still feel so bad for not drawing anything last year, haha! I mean, I started 3 draws for his last birthday, I just never…finished them…embarrassing

Your Eyes

Character: Castiel

Warning: None

Word Count: 3,024

Tagging: @amy-de-l-abc


    First came the tingly feeling.

    It settled in the pit of your stomach and wouldn’t go away. It wasn’t a nauseous tingly, a butterflies-in-the-stomach tingly, or a my-foot-fell-asleep sensation. Rather, it felt like a premonition. What it was prophesying, you weren’t sure, but one idea kept running through your mind. You ignored it, convinced yourself it was preposterous, but the tingling remained.

    Then there were the mood swings.

    They came without warning, ruining your reputation for being levelheaded. One moment you were laughing at some stupid joke Dean made, and the next you were flipping out because Sam forgot to add your socks to the laundry, or you were in frustrated tears because you couldn’t sketch the other eye on a doodle. Often, these mood swings were accompanied by a headache, and Cass, your boyfriend, or one of the Winchesters made you take an aspirin and sit down for a minute or two.

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My OTP: Cartier Love Bracelet 😍

Liam: Brits 2016, Feb 24 ‘16
Zayn: AMAS 2016, Nov 20 ‘16

Zayn and Liam debuting their respective Cartier Love Bracelets on a major awards show gives me major Ziam feels. I see you Ziam

I’ve basically turned into a cold hearted bitch whose standards are way higher than the chances of finding someone who fits them.
—  Me