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Little Bastard

Every year I ask my 2nd graders to draw a picture of whatever scares them most. We discuss the drawings in class. It helps the kids confront their fears and control them.

Sharks in the 70s. Clowns and nuclear bombs in the 80s. Serial killers in the 90s. Lately, guns and lockdowns. Some fears are silly, and others I can’t even bear to talk about. But since the beginning, one subject has appeared with astonishing regularity, two or three in every class.

Aside from slight variations in perspective and style, it’s always basically the same picture. A boy sits high in the trees that grow on the grounds of the middle school next door, on the opposite side of our playground fence. He’s flinging rocks at terrified children below.

“God help the little bastard I catch throwing rocks,” we teachers would say to each other.
But we never caught anyone. Middle schoolers are quicker than minnows. And the victims were no help, refusing to tattle or return fire. My colleagues believed it was a perverse rite of passage: smaller children endured the abuse until it was their turn to throw rocks at future generations.

In class each year, I’d hold up an assortment of the perennial drawings.
“What are these about?” I’d ask. “Bullies?”
The kids would shake their heads.
“Ghosts,” they’d say.

Here’s the weirdest part. They always drew that boy the same way. Red hat, one eye slightly bigger than the other, brown shoes. How was I supposed to explain that? I couldn’t. All I could do was give those poor kids my speech about bullies, and stuff their drawings into my desk drawer with the rest of them.

Then last summer, the middle school chopped down the trees and built a new gymnasium in their place. All the teachers were thrilled.
“No more rocks,” we said to each other.
No more ghosts, I thought.

So imagine my surprise when more than half my class drew that damn picture again this year. Sure, the trees were replaced by the gymnasium and the ghost boy was gone, but the rest was the same–children crying, bleeding, flinching, crouching in the dirt.

I spread out the drawings on my desk and called up Tanner, a kid I trust to be a straight-shooter.
“What is this?” I asked. “The boy’s gone. He can’t throw rocks at you anymore.”

“Not at us,” said Tanner, pointing at something in each picture. I dug out the drawings from previous years and Tanner went on pointing at those too. “He was aiming at her.”

A little girl. Lemon yellow dress. Hair in pigtails. I hadn’t noticed her before because she’d been cowering with the other children, afraid.
Not anymore. In the newest drawings she was standing tall, chin up. Smiling.

Tanner spoke in a whisper, almost too soft to hear.
“And now there’s nobody to stop her.”

  • Rin: *can't find Haruka in the crowd* Where is he? Well, time for drastic measures...
  • Rin: *cupping hands around mouth* RIN MATSUOKA IS SUCH A JACKASS, NO ONE NEEDS HIM!
  • Haruka: *from across the street* WHO SAID THAT?!
  • Rin: There he-
  • Makoto: Why would you say something like that?!
  • Nagisa: Say that to my face, you jerk!
  • Rei: I've never heard something so rude!
  • Nitori: Senpai is a good person, how could you?!
  • Momo: Shut up, YOU'RE the jackass!
  • Seijuurou: Who's the asshole saying stupid things?!

thank you seah @babieseok for tagging me to post selfie!  this snow filter gives such an ofd vibe i love it so much and ofd is the only thing that gets me thru the week lol @/my bruh i can’t wait to skype tomorrow when we watch ofd  

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Final Apostasy: Ende Der Welt

after two and a half weeks straight of suffering i am finally done with this mess

not quite what i was going for but i like how it turned out


anonymous asked: my “across time and space they will always find each other” pairing
➪ ziley

Nori, a sim by @dddemonhead, drawn by me! That’s nothing special, but I hope it does her justice cause she’s just beautiful.☆ Might do more of these in the future!

I think Zack having odd eyes was just an aesthetic design choice, but there’s an eye condition called anisocoria where the pupil of one eye is bigger than the other, and it can be caused by physical trauma. I like to think Zack once suffered a huge hit to the right side of his face, and now his right pupil is so blown you can hardly see the yellow iris.

anonymous asked:

Hey Gaster! How come one of your eyes is bigger then the other? Are you blind in the bigger one or can you still see through it?

His eyes are technically the same size, but after an incident when he was younger, his right eye socket was deformed and movement became limited. Although the ocular light in that eye is diffused, he can still see out of it (just not as well as with the left eye). The facial cracks were caused by a different occurrence altogether.

I’ve posted a couple drawings of babybones Gaster before but ye this is roughly what he looked like as a young adult before the onset of several face befuckenings~

Ok the movie’s narrative is not so good and the soundtrack was questionable (tho it was energetic and it fix it, on the other hand sometimes it wasn’t that well made or like too generic) I PRAISE Hotel Transylvania for being everything I want the 3D animation industry to be.

The thing i hate about 3D is how… still it looks, you make the models, you make them move, thats it, the exaggeration is almost minimal and everyone seems to be trying to play it safe-disney mixed and make it as “realistic but slightly toony” and it never got that air that animation in 2D has when, if you pick it and you put it with humans, it loses a ton of its charm (even in shows that are more design-close like Avatar or Voltron they lose charm if its not animated). 

With 3D, you can pick everything it has and change it with actors, it won’t change much, show’s like the new ninja turtles have played with that a little but its mostly with facial expressions they draw things over, not directly the animation.

Oh but with Hotel Transylvania they FUCKED what I used to think of 3D animation and fucked it hard.

Look at this scene for example, look at the fluidity of the Mummy,  how it moves, how it squish, how uncanny yet fixing it looks, you could NEVER translate this scene 100% in real life and keep that smooth movement, the poses, the stretch. 

And is not that scene in particular, the Mummy has a ton of movements that are just, visual insanity, they are energetic and uncanny, they are perfectly animated.

Here for example, when he hides his face in his shoulders, he doesn’t just squish a little, he goes all the way down, but it works, it works because the design, the animation, the phase and the moment mix all together. It’s animation the way the good Ol’ Tex Avery liked it, kind of whacky looking and constantly shaping but somehow looking like the same character. 

This part, while the gag is kind of old, and i’ve seen it many times, what made me crack in laugher while seeing it was how the werewolf reacted, he is usually tired because one of his main character traits is that he is the father of ton of kiddos. But like, this scene, the change, while predictable, is well done, the little shake on his back when he jumps, the way it everything happens so hard, how one eye looks bigger than the other, how it scraps a little the floor, how it trips with his own feet. 

And like, I see this movie perfectly being hand-drew and being as funny to watch as it is in 3D, and yeah the animation has a ton to do with it, being in some moments so fast-phased, but its also the designs.

The movie has no shame on having the designs INCREDIBLY stylized, instead of anatomically correct, and oh goddess i bless them for that. 

I can see this drew on a paper, the face shapes are different, and while its true that some of the monsters look uncanny, i LOVE that, I love that it doesn’t have to look like “a dog with a human body but with anime/big eyes”, its face is squished, it snout is long, its ears are short, the mommy looks kind of like a gorilla-plushie mix, dracula has yaoi chin, I can move on on that.

This movie, while not perfect, is what made me have faith on the 3D animation as animation alone, and I personally think it deserves a shoutout for that. 

Here he is, I’m doing another one in color

My Impression of the Marilyn Manson Eras

Portrait of an American Family: tiny goth fetus filled with anger and long hair

Smells Like Children: the fucking creepiest Willy Wonka fever dream drug haze shit you’ve ever seen with references to serial killers

Antichrist Superstar: grungy af, lots of gauze and crack house aesthetics, I’m 99% sure he puts shoe polish in his hair, lots of crawling around and rasping and moving hands about

Mechanical Animals: funky and creative, David Bowie 70s alien technicolor, Rose McGowan, red stripey hair, weirdest contacts and eye makeup, sings about drugs and TV, he’s really pretty here and v creative, great facial expressions, way 2 go dad

Holy Wood: more theatric videos, more overdrawn lipstick, wears mostly black and strappy boots and suspenders, draws lines on face, screams about teenagers and Columbine, big military hat

The Golden Age of Grotesque: gruff, metal teeth, matching outfits with Dita, smaller hair, lots of suits, old Hollywood circus/burlesque aesthetic, heavy makeup and especially eyelashes, more matchy, more cohesive, movements are smooth and jerky at the same time how even? some of the stuff with the sleeveless shirts and gloves is awk tho but brace urself tho because it gets ruff after this one

Eat Me, Drink Me: I call this the Sad Vampire phase, there’s just a lot of emo hair and lots of black eyeshadow and crawlin around bein sad idk what else, he looks like he’s been living in a shitty hotel for a long time, I think he shopped at Hot Topic probably, kind softer than before

The High End of Low: aggressive, lots of colored light and less makeup, some good songs but fewer videos than before, Twiggy is back tho so yay

Born Villain: one red/pink eye or one with bigger lashes, face dots, less hair, Personal Jesus and stuff, kinda soft, Johnny Depp is hangin around, less in your face than other ones, most people forget about it

The Pale Emperor: dad is getting older now and he gives fewer fucks, less attention paid to makeup and videos than before, dresses like a goth barber, kinda smeary soft makeup, more weird poses, more metal sound overall, barely looks like the same dude as fetal Manson and mechanical animals Manson but hey that’s this dude for ya


Harvey Ross Ball (July 10, 1921 – April 12, 2001) was born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts. Ball is the creator of the smiley face that has become iconic and well loved over the years. After his service in WWII, he worked for a small advertising firm and a little while afterwards, he created his own firm and called it Harvey Ball Advertising. After receiving reports of low morale among employees, State Mutual Life Assurance Company commissioned Ball to create a graphic in 1963. 

The classic Harvey Ball smiley face can be recognized by the eyes being oval shaped, one eye bigger than the other and one side of the smile thicker than the other. It took less than 10 minutes to create and Ball was paid $45 for the commission. The insurance company plastered the image everywhere: on buttons, stickers, posters, signs, etc. It quickly became a beloved icon and was mass produced. The company began selling them in batches of 10,000 once they realized how popular was becoming.

However, Ball never trademarked the image; nor did the insurance company. Ball’s son, Charles, said that there was no regret in missing out on the fortune that the image could have brought him. Charles said, “He was not a money-driven guy.”