Some OneChar for Valhalla Enchanted week, which I didn’t even know was happening until yesterday! 

Dedicated to @hotsauce418, who was the first to introduce me to that ship and some glorious glorious smut

As always, zoom in for details because tumblr blurs my art a lot 

Valhalla Enchanted

“…I don’t care if you can’t speak, One Eye. I simply hope you understand how grateful I am you’ve saved my life, and that I am yours from this point on.”

Prince Charmont had trusted his hired guards to aide his transport to another part of the lands for the new season. This, his Uncle assigned and assured to be safe. This was proven a mistake…or a trap…when they robbed and threw him overboard halfway into their sea expedition. One-Eye, years after dealing with his own personal expected betrayals and mishaps, discovers the young man washed ashore his island. Enchanted by the stranger, he saves him and hesitantly brings the prince into his world away from the dangers of royalty.