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We Got Married || Kim Taehyung

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Word Count: 1.5k

Genre: Fluff

Filming had only been a couple, and it was sad when it came to an end. You had enjoyed it though, it was one of the most exciting times of your life. Sure everything was already planned from the start, but as you looked at Taehyung, shaking hands with the director and other staff, you couldn’t help but think there was something genuine about him.

You were used to having people act nice around you, it was your daily life. As an idol, you had become accustomed to the way people would smile at you, or laugh at your jokes because the only thing they wanted to do was make you happy. Their fear was that you wouldn’t like them, and it caused them to be someone they weren’t.

But with Taehyung it was different. There was never a point on the show where you felt like Taehyung had not been either completely serious with you or himself with you. Sure, he was following along, but there were parts that he didn’t do or said completely off script that only furthered your ideas.

You looked at him now, as he talked with the staff and your heart fluttered. It seemed silly to you that it only took a couple weeks for you to fall completely and utterly in love with him. And you were sure he felt the same, but there was a little voice in the back of your head that made you think otherwise.

Sure you were an idol as well, and you had a lot of fan who supported what you did, but there were some who weren’t happy with this season of We Got Married. There were fans who said you and Taehyung were disgusting together, people who said you either weren’t good enough for him or he wasn’t good enough for you.

And that was why you never said anything to him.

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Last month I was visiting my aunt in the low security wing of Arkham, and I came across a tiny little light switch labeled "SECURITY" that was turned to "OFF." No one was watching, so I turned it to "ON," and immediately heard a buzz as the gates became electrified, the doors locked, and the cameras came to life. No one has escaped since. #OnlyInGotham #You'reWelcome

the absolute funniest video on the internet is the one where a mandrill escapes its zoo enclosure.

the camera pans frantically across the moat surrounding the enclosure. suddenly a sopping wet monkey has broken the surface of the water. it climbs onto the railing and stands up completely straight.

people are screaming, running. the camera is shaking violently. the monkey remains standing, silently observing the scene. the monkey is dripping.

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In the Lense Eye, before they hit the galaxy with this mind blowing news about the war, what are some other scenes they've shot? Maybe some that you thought of but couldn't expand/fit for the main story?

It was the view of a hanger, the camera obviously filming from afar as it focused in on three Jedi over a speeder motor and from the looks of it, they were arguing.

Aayla Secura, Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The latter was waving a multitool at the other two before gesturing at the motor with what looked like a huffy face while the other two shook their heads at him.

From what the camera could pick up, Secura’s lekku’s were quivering even as Kenobi leaned back down.

There was a pause as the two knights exchanged looks and then the camera view jerked to the ceiling for a few moments as a boom went off before the camera focused once again on the Jedi, Kenobi now covered in black oil with smoke steaming from the machine.

The two knights were laughing.


Two clones, twined around each other on what was obviously a ship and they were basically mauling each others face.

There was a quiet ‘oh stars!’ as a moan escaped one of the clones before the camera cut out.


“So this label of baby stealing wizards that the Jedi have gained through the years, if you were to guess where it came from, what would be your guess Knight Eerin?” Cana questioned the mon calamari who was carefully healing a quiet padawan beneath her hands.

The twi’lek padawan sent Cana a shy look but quickly looked away when he noticed the camera pointed at him, cheeks turning vaguely purple that clashed a bit with his blue skin.

The knight hummed a bit as she sealed a wound and put a bacta patch on. “My guess would be those families who have children they abuse who the Jedi rescue. They have good reason to be malicious about us and how else to explain that their babies have gone missing? The Jedi stole them.” She shrugged and gave the padawan a lolly before sending them off and turning back to the camera with a half smile. “And the Jedi do not only have friends in the galaxy, children are precious, why not compound on an already existing rumor. Or that’s my take on it.” She shrugged.


There was a food fight in the commissary…

It had started in the junior padawan section but seemed to have crossed borders and now even masters were involved and whoever was controlling the camera was laughing so hard it was shaking as they whirred around trying to catch everything and oh my stars was that Master Yoda discreetly aiming a spoonful of mash at the back of Master Windu’s head?!

As a wookie Jedi sailed by on a puddle of what could be pudding or gravy, the troll’s ammo landed perfectly and the mash slid down the back of the Korun’s head into his robes and the last shot of said man was him flailing around yelping, abandoning his attempt to bring order to the hall as he was busy getting mash out of his tunics.

The last shot of the fight was Yoda, cackling as he crawled under a table with a few initiates and accepting a bowl of jello from said initiates.


Kit Fisto and Aayla Secura were chatting together, the nautolan threading water as he rested his head on his folded arms while the twi’lek sat beside the pond in the thousand fountains that the man had picked to swim in.

They seemed to be very involved in their conversation and hadn’t noticed they were being watched and as the camera zoomed in a bit, Kit slowly reached out until the two’s pinkies twined gently around each others.

For others it may not seem much, for Jedi it was everything.


An unsteady shot peeking into a half open door where creche master Dolan was speaking quietly to Knight Skywalker, both carrying a baby each that they were rocking carefully.

They both looked content but there was something close to awe in the blonds face as he cuddled the whimpering baby close to his chest while rubbing the swaddled child’s stomach with his mech hand, as comforting as anyone could be.

Dolan paced a bit with his own bundle, checking on the quieter cribs before noticing the camera crew and shifting one hand free to lift a hand to put a finger to his lips, a smile on his face as he nodded towards Skywalker.

title: rolling dance and glitter
rating: g
word count: 1200
summary: when in spain, why not put glitter on your face and go 70’s disco rollerblading?

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whoops get ready for glittery fluff.

By all accounts, he really shouldn’t be having this much fun. The music is loud, the bass pulsing heavy and deep. He can feel it in his bones. The neon lights are pinky purple and spotlights dance across the wooden floor. There are people absolutely everywhere, most of them with vlogging cameras and a tendency to overshare the images and videos they capture. His calf muscles burn from the exertion of pushing them forward and working them in ways he would never willingly choose to do. It’s literally his worst nightmare.

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maybe connorxjaredxevan youtube au? jared's channel is bathbombs, and he eats one on camera



“This is dumb.” Connor stated. “You’re a fucking idiot.” Connor shook his head as he watched Jared set up a table. On it was a singular bathbomb that his dumbass boyfriend was going to eat.

“Jared, why are you doing this?” Evan questioned. Weren’t bathbombs poisonous? Was it going to hurt Jared? Evan was worried about his boyfriends health.

“For the cronch.” Jared answered as he sat down in front of the camera. He singled for Connor to turn it on. Said boy did so while rolling his eyes.

“What’s up gaymers it’s Jared and today I’ll be testing the sex bomb.” Jared smirked. “That’s right, today we are cronching a bathbomb!”

Connor shook his head, he was trying his best to keep himself from snorting. While Evan was biting his nails, worried about what that bathbomb would do to Jared’s body.

Connor cringed as he watched Jared bite into the bathbomb. 

“Jared please stop!” Evan cried covering his eyes. This was too horrible for words.

“EVAN YOU RUINED IT!” Jared yelled through a mouthful of bathbomb. “Anyways gaymers, this is a 10/10 bathbomb would recommend it to cronch.”


Wtf did I just write, this is so bad XD FORGIVE ME I FORGOT HOW TO WRITE


Pairing: FakeAH!Michael x Reader

Word Count: 1,823

Warnings: Violence, swearing

Part One (Two) (Three)

You woke up disoriented, head spinning, stomach churning, and surrounded by a complete darkness. At first, you thought maybe this was a nasty hangover, and the duvet was tangled around your body; but then you went to throw it off, and you realized you couldn’t move your arm. Why couldn’t you move? You began struggling, pulling and tugging, only to find you couldn’t move any of your limbs. You were tied down, rope burning your skin.

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