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ouma is not a bad person nor someone who loves the killing game. he is a child who tried to solve it the best he could and took it too far. its easier to see where hes coming from if you look deeper into what hes saying. he has a hard time after hurting people seeing himself as any better then the mastermind. he wanted to rip away all the motives. he did it. he told them that hes the mastermind, that there is no world to return to. just to make sure no one killed anyone to escape. he hates death, he hates violence. he always has. even when hes talking about the killing game he refers to it as “cruel brutal disgusting repulsive” and other names, along with the people who like it. he calls himself that because he believes anyone who likes the killing game is evil, and repulsive. ouma is a clown, he likes jokes. he makes jokes out of everyone AND himself. he pokes fun at EVERYTHING. hes a prankster. hes an attention hog, and hates being ignored. he loves all the attention he gets. he loves saihara, one of the only people who tries to understand him past the whole “hes evil hes loving this game” facade everyone believes. he loves amami, a person with the same views as him, he has a great back and forth with amami. he loved kaede, someone who tried taking action in killing the killing game. he wanted to “win” the killing game, and in his, and amamis own words, to win the killing game isnt to survive, its to end the killing game. and he almost did. sure, he did give everyone a depression streak, but it ended the killing game, it gave him time to figure out how to get everyone out and end the game once and for all, which he dies before he can. ouma loves kiibo, and wants to be his friend, same with gonta. if he didnt like kiibo,or didnt consider him as a person, he wouldve used any of the inventions on kiibo at any moment. ouma is scared, hes scared of being killed. hes scared of being killed. hes scared of not being able to end the game before he dies. hes parannoid of being hurt, he refuses to open up in that fear. ouma is selfish, hed rather someone else die then him. but thats because he believes hes the only one who can stop the killing game, because hes the only one who wants to. ouma is asocial, because he cant trust anymore. everyone, expecially momota, scares him. because they constantly talk about getting along, and bonding. but whenever bonding happens, they die. so he doesnt bond, he doesnt get along. with the motive videos scenario, he talks about not getting along, about not bonding or cooperating. but after the killing starts again, they realize him having them watch all of the motive videos WAS him trying to cooperate. saiahra and kaito make this realization. and its a huge realization that hits you with the fact that ouma is not a bad person, but a witty and smart person who is running on what must be fumes and paranoia at this point. 

me: *have very important finals coming up, trying to study* “Ok, now that im FINALLY over mark’s video, i can absolutely, fully concentrate-

Jack: Anti wasn’t referring to Dark in the Pax intro, he was referring to Jack


Leia: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a member of the Imperial Senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan.


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  • What she said: "I'm fine."
  • What she really meant: "my favorite band was near me and I could've went but I didn't get tickets in time and plus they are so expensive and no one will go with me so now I'm at home watching videos of them thinking that I could have seen them preform this live but no really I'm fine I'm not crying what are you talking about and this isn't a run on sentence it's a Fall Out Boy title by Panic! At the Disco."

FMA Villains Week ‘17 - Theme H: Weakness

Behold the woman who surpassed the Ultimate Eye. Behold the woman who slapped Wrath upon their first meeting.

Either Mrs. Bradley has some latent super powers OR a young Bradley allowed a puny human he had only just met slap him. Both scenarios are too awesome to imagine.

Anyway! How would FMA have ended if instead of hiding Mrs Bradley, they unleashed her and were like: HEY WE FOUND YOUR HUSBAND LET US TAKE U TO HIM!! And Mrs. Bradley proceeds to lay the smackdown on Wrath (and Pride) and demand they explain themselves this instant!