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Preference #1: when you're mad/arguing

A/n- this is my first preference, if you cannot tell by the title. Zayn’s turned out to be longer btw and I’m not sure how that happened haha! Also, I don’t want to make you guys suffer by reading my writing if its terrible. So, tell me if you like it, if you don’t and what I could possibly do to make it better. No hard feelings. Love you!Xxx


Louis: When you are mad, he knows because you stop replying to him with snarky remarks, but with short, clipped, and serious ones instead. Louis being Louis, won’t apologize right away; his sassy ego getting the best of him, but eventually he’ll miss the old you. So, to try and break the ice, he’ll ask you what you want to watch on tv. You reply to him with ” I’m just going to go to bed.”. Louis isn’t content with your answer so, he’ll come up behind you and wrap his arms around your waist and say “babe, can we just forget about this stupid fight?” When you nod your head yes, he will smirk and whisper in your ear “Even though its not all my fault.”

Niall: When you’re mad at Niall, you’re not one to be quiet about it. That’s right, when you’re mad you yell, scream, and say things you don’t mean and he says them right back. After a while, you two have started saying things that you most certainly cannot take back. Then there will be a moment of silence, where you guys are just staring at each other, contemplating what has just been said. Niall will slowly walk up to you, wiping away the tear that has just begun to fall from your eye and say “Princess, I didn’t mean any of that”. Then you’ll wrap your arms around him and mumble something about how you love him and you didn’t mean any of it either.

Harry: When you’re mad at Harry, you are completely silent. Harry much rather you yell at him, but that’s just not the case. He’ll get your point and come to the conclusion that ‘two can play this game’, but after about five minutes he’ll realize that you’re better at this and he will just want you to talk to him. Harry will try apologizing to you and practically begging you to speak to him. He cannot bear the silence. Finally, he has a solution that he believes will work. Harry will walk into your shared bedroom and tell you the stupidest ‘knock knock’  joke you have ever heard. You attempt to hold back a giggle at how goofy your boyfriend is, but he sees it. “Look! I got a smile out of you!” he’ll say. You look at him and say ” Yeah, yeah, yeah, come to bed, babe”. Harry will hop into bed, give you that infamous dimple filled smile and say “I knew you couldn’t stay mad at me forever”. As you snuggle up to him, you smirk and say “I will let this go for tonight, but you’re kidding yourself if you think this is over, Styles”.

Liam: You and Liam can be complete opposites, especially when it comes to the topic of arguing. You will stand there and yell at him like there’s no tomorrow, while he’s just standing there silently, waiting for you to finish. After you’ve completed your latest strand of hurtful words, Liam decides that enough is enough. He comes closer to you and asks you “Have you quite finished?”. You nod your head yes, realizing how upset he is by his white knuckles and his death grip on the kitchen chair. He explains his side of the situation to you in the most mellow way possible, but you can tell he’s holding back his anger. This causes you to feel remorseful for the hurtful things you said to him in the heat of the moment. You slowly walk closer to him and you, very solemnly, apologize to him for the mean things that you said to him and you let him know that you didn’t mean any of it. Liam will pull you into a warm embrace and tell you that its okay, that he knows you love him, and didn’t mean it. “No, it wasn’t okay for me to say the things I did, without thinking about your feelings. I was rude and I’m sorry”. He will kiss the top of your head and reassure you that its no big deal.

Zayn: When you and Zayn are arguing, things got so intense that you grabbed your keys and started to walk out the front door of your shared flat. Zayn caught ahold of your wrist just as you were about to leave and angrily said “Where are you going?”. You yank your wrist back and reply with a short and to-the-point answer, “Out” is what you’ll say. Then, as you’re making your way out to your car, you hear him say “Fine, but I won’t be here when you get back.”. That hurt you a little bit, but you continued the task at hand. A few hours pass by and you’ve built enough courage to go back to your flat. The whole drive back from the mall, you’re sitting there, thinking, ’ what will I do if he really left me’. You continuously think about how he is the best thing that ever happened you and how you don’t want to loose him. You breathe a sigh of relief when you see that his car is still in the driveway. Tentatively, you get out of your car and walk up to the door. You tell your self that ’ Everything’s going to be okay’ and you finally open the door. Zayn is sitting on the couch in front of a blank tv and he breathes his own sigh of relief when he sees that you are okay. “I called you, and I also texted you more times then I can count”. You then pull your phone out of your pocket to see that he, in fact, did call and text you multiple times. “Oh, I guess I didn’t hear it ring” you say awkwardly. “Where the Hell were you?” Zayn said with worry laced in his voice. “At the mall” you ruefully reply, feeling badly that you worried him. “I thought that you had left me forever or that something bad happened to you. I was so scared, baby. Please don’t ever just walk out on me again.”. He says as if he’s truly afraid that he’ll loose you. “I’ll never leave you Zaynie and sorry for worrying you” “Its okay c’mere”. You walk over to the couch and you two spend the rest of the night cuddling and watching movies, whatever you were arguing about is already forgotten.