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My Entry for Fictober

First of i-don’t-know-how-many fictober prompts. Probably won’t get to a fic per day but i thought i would go ahead and try something new! Will try to link each new story with the one before it, though i don’t intend for them to be connected. I do mostly fluff when i write so if you’re looking for smut i’m not your gal! 

First prompt is from the list provided by stoickovic (i hope i’m linking these correctly) for the Xtober prompts. 


“Mulder it’s been twenty minutes. How long do you intend to be out here for?”


“Gas? You know we’re not made of money.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Gas, Mulder. You’re three lines above empty,” Her soft tone and hand on his thigh brought him from his glazed stare directed at the road. She glanced at the time, 3:07am; stifled a yawn which transferred to him. She grinned in his direction, added, “I think he’s asleep.”

A glance in the rear view mirror showed him tiny hands stilled on a stuffed alligator. In the strips of light between street lamps, he observed no movement. “He’s asleep.”

At the next stop light he took his hands off the wheel to rub at his worn face.

“What’s the matter? Impromptu trips at ungodly hours used to get you all fired up,” she smirked his way, hand reaching to the back of his neck as he leaned his forehead on the steering wheel. Unable to resist the adorable way fatigue tugged at the corner of his eyes, even as her own cheek lay heavily on the headrest of the passenger seat.

From behind hands covering his face, “Mm, yeah. Somehow diaper changes and resistance to sleep resulting in late night lefts and rights is different,” he inhaled and let out a breath. “Sue me, Scully.”

“Well, welcome to my world,” she told him. A flash of color outside caught her attention. “Green.”

He sat up and made for home.

When they got to her apartment he was out of the car, heading for her side where he opened first her door then the backseat. He peeked inside, and gestured for Scully to do the same. She bit her lip to hide a smile, something like complete mother’s love in her eye, and he looked on as she was careful to unbuckle the seatbelt that held the cradle of their son in place, standing up as she gingerly hung the carrier off her arm, bouncing against her hip as she walked.

Mulder locked the car before following her inside and up, up, up to her apartment door. Once inside the darkened living room they both breathed out a grateful breath, exchanging tired yet appreciative looks of the other.

“Works every time,” Mulder shrugged, tossing the keys on the couch where they jangled then stopped against the cushions.

Scully reached out and thwacked his arm.

“Ow!” He gasped, whisper-yelling at her.

She raised a finger in warning at him, “If he wakes up, you’re back in the car with him by yourself.”

He surrendered with his hands in the air, hand rubbing his wound in pretend hurt.

As she bent to strategically unbuckle their son, she noticed his feet were bare. He caught her eye from his spot in the hallway, flicking on the plug-in nightlight, sticking his tongue out at her raised eyebrow.

Somehow, she thought, it was such a Dad thing to do.

When she had him cradled in her arms, she walked her son to where Mulder stood in the nursery doorway, noting again from nearly an hour before his rumpled hair and two-day-old scruff, pajamas and barefoot and affectionate and here to experience this with her.

I love you like this, she thought. Out loud she said, “Is Will’s blanket in there?” Mulder nodded, leaning to kiss his small forehead softly before she bent to set him in the crib. On her way up she noticed-

“Could you-?”

“On it.”

He was back in a flash with the alligator stufftie and set it down next to his sons giant head. Slipping an arm around her waist, he kissed her temple once, twice, to which she responded by leaning heavily into his side.

“Nice teamwork,” his hand was in the air and she connected it with hers in a silent high five.

“After an hour of trying to get him to sleep in the first place,” she whispered, her tone bitter, spent.

“You got him in the car seat.”

Scully huffed out a laugh. Turning with one last look at their precious miracle, she tugged her partner, in work and in life, behind her. Back to bed, back to sleep.

“And you did the driving.”


for herotypes - emma/killian + french affair

Light and people dance through the ballroom,elegant swirls of silk and starshine splashing across the golden walls. Outside in the streets of Paris, the evening grows chilly, and Emma leans over the balcony of the ballroom, watching the city of love sparkle beneath her. Cliché, perhaps, she thinks to herself, but beautiful all the same.

(The thing about never really having a home is you end up falling in love with every glittering city you come across.)

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He Asks You to be His Girlfriend

“Hey, y/n. It’s Ashton. Call me back when you get this.” It was the first message she saw when she woke up, having been texting Ashton constantly now after their trip to Boston Common almost two weeks ago, she was slowly letting the drummer ease his way into her life. They had only met for small coffee dates since then, all resulting in two or more hours spent just mindlessly talking to each other about nothing and everything at the same time.

She swung her legs off the bed into warm slippers, pulling the phone to her ear as she made her way to the kitchen to make a brew before starting an omelette, wanting to be off the phone first to put her full concentration on her breakfast.

“Good morning sleeping beauty,” she heard over the receiver causing her to laugh slightly, her tea seeping into the hot water as she pulled out some honey and lemon.

“Good morning, babe,” she said in almost a whisper, letting the pet name roll off her tongue almost effortlessly. “What was with the crazed voicemail this morning? It sounded important.”

“It is very important. First, how would you feel about taking a trip to Los Angeles with me for a week, next week? It would be Sunday to Sunday,” he questioned almost causing her to drop the thirty dollar mug she bought herself from Starbucks in shock.

“Excuse me? Like California?”

“Mmm,” he responded not giving away his reaction to her own reaction. “They need me for a few meetings with management.”

“Isn’t that a coupley kind of thing to do? I mean…we haven’t really established what we are, Ash…” He cleared his throat, y/n knowing he was growing a bit nervous now since he only seemed to do that when he was, unless he absolutely needed to.

“That kind of brings me to my next thing…and it’s not ideal for me to do this over the phone, but I’m in New York right now and I didn’t want to not ask you about Cali, but, umm…, I kind of want it to be a coupley kind of thing, y/n. You know…us being exclusive and taking a little trip together.” Thank god she had left her mug on the counter because if he had asked her the second question then, she surely would’ve lost the pretty decorative mug. “Y/n? Baby?”

“Give me a second to process this, Ash,” she said back pinching at the bridge of her nose. She wasn’t close to being awake enough to deal with this at the moment. “Ash, that’s a lot in one conversation.”

“I know, but I didn’t want to ask you to be my girlfriend before leaving for LA for a week when I know how you feel about our situation already…and you’ve been talking a lot about wanting to take a break and go on holiday, so why not?”

“Babe, I don’t have the money for a spontaneous plane ticket to LA…it’s Friday?”

“Baby, the ticket’s already paid for…you’ve just been so stressed with school lately, and i know dating a celebrity isn’t your ideal situation, but I want to show you how much I want this and how much I want us. The past month of just getting to know you was probably the best time I’ve had in a long time. I want this to work out,” he pleaded, she could just picture his golden eyes boring into her with their sad, needy hint, his bottom lip jutted out in a pout, quivering slightly as he tried to milk it as best he could.

“…alright, boyfriend, when do I need to be packed by?”

“Oh, look who it is, Poncho,” y/n giggled watching Calum get out of the taxi, bag in hand. It had been two months since she’d seen him, not that she hadn’t talked to the boy every moment she could, but it was different seeing him. The lock clicked only moments later sending Poncho into a barking frenzy, yet refusing to move from his seat on y/n’s lap on the couch.

“Really, Poncho? Haven’t seen me for two months and can’t come say hi?” Calum grumbled dropping his bag, making his way over to the girl on the couch, not even bothering to mutter a hello before pressing their lips together roughly, lightly nipping at her bottom lip causing her to giggle in his mouth.

“Hello to you too, Hood,” she giggled before pressing their lips together again. “How was Asia?”

“Amazing. It’s always so cool going there and seeing how different their culture is than ours,” he stated sitting next to her, wrapping an arm over her shoulder pulling her towards him as Poncho finally made his way into his owner’s lap. “I’m mad at you Poncho.”

“Oh, leave him be,” she responded teasing him as he pressed a kiss to her temple.

“I got you something,” he said reaching towards his bag before pulling out a small box, y/n’s face completely confused.

“You didn’t need to get me anything,” she responded watching as he played with it nervously.

“So I saw this when shopping with Michael one day because he wanted to get something for the new girl he’s seeing, and we stumbled upon this cute jewelry store. So we’re looking and looking for something for his girl and I saw these two bands that fit into each other like puzzle pieces, but when you pull it apart, an image shows, you know? So I asked the lady when they where and she goes ‘it’s a couple’s band. When you are in a relationship and want to show others that you’re taken, you usually wear one of these and your partner gets one as well’. and I’m just thinking to myself that this is pretty damn cool…and then I see this one with a crown on it,” he states opening the box showing the two rings with crowns on them, clearly showing one as a silhouette and the other as the image, “and I thought you would love this, because you’re always talking about Disney princesses and how you want to find a prince…so, I was thinking that maybe I could be your prince.” She looked at the two bands and how they fit perfectly with each other.

“You’re a cheesy bastard, Calum Hood,” she muttered, turning her head to kiss his cheek before nuzzling her face in his neck. “I’d want nothing more than for you to be my prince.”

“I wish I didn’t have to come with you every time something involved y/n,” Jack said as they made their way into town to buy one dozen roses before making their way to the beach for Luke to ask y/n to be his girlfriend. “I swear, sometimes you’re helpless.”

“Listen, fucktard, I’ve never been great with girls. My last girlfriend was a lying, gold digging ho that couldn’t give a shit about me, so sorry for wanting to make this work with a girl that actually seems pretty chill,” Luke responded as they walked into the flower shop, the woman at the desk laughing at the words that fell out of Luke’s mouth.

“How can I help you boys?”

“One dozen roses, please,” Luke said sounding smart for once, until more questions came from the woman’s mouth.

“Did you have a preference on the type of rose or what color? Or the length?” Luke’s face fell just hoping she would get the hint and cut a bouquet of a dozen roses.

“I…uhh,” he stuttered as the door opened behind him causing the bell to sound, the woman behind the counter laughing at him once again.

“I’ll give you a minute to think about it, hon,” she said pulling out her notepad to take the next order. “Hello Ms. y/l/n.” Luke turned his head, flushing slightly at the sight of y/n standing next to him in the flower shop.

“What are the odds?”

“Luke? I thought that was you,” she giggled before turning to the lady behind the counter, her tag reading Marie. “Just a bouquet please?”

“What’s the occasion?” he asked curiously.

“Sunday family dinner…what about you?” she asked causing an idea to pop into his head.

“I wanted to give the girl I like something special…and now she’s buying flowers for herself,” he stated, chuckling slightly causing her to blush as he pulled out his debit card. “Just one dozen red roses for her, please.” Marie took the plastic from him as he took one of the note cards from next to the register, scribbling a little handwritten note in it before handing it to the woman while taking his card back.

I really hope this gesture is enough for you to consider being my girlfriend. I’m shit when it comes to this.

Y/n woke up wrapped in Michael’s arms to the sound of a phone vibrating uncontrollably on her night stand, the blonde already on it, picking up his phone bring it to his ear.

“Hi, Luke,” he muttered into the phone, his voice still groggy from having just woken up only moments before. You could picture the blonde vocalist speaking into the phone panicked as to where his guitarist currently was knowing today wasn’t a day off and that if they didn’t have interviews that morning, they’d at least have sound check in the early afternoon. “I’ll be there before two. What time is it now, anyways?” he questioned, y/n sitting up slightly from her place next to Michael, straddling one thigh as his hand came to rest on her hip, hodded eyes watching the female as she rubbed her tired eyes, yawning slightly, her oversized tee covering her lower half that was only clothed with underwear. “Alright. I’ll see you.” He hung up the phone placing it back on the nightstand before bringing his other hand to her hip. “Morning, baby girl.”

“Mornin’ Mikey,” she muttered watching as he pushed himself up so he was seated, putting a finger under her chin, tilting it slightly to press his lips to hers. “How’d you sleep?”

“Fan-fucking-tastic,” he muttered back, smiling before kissing her again. “I don’t want to leave today.”

“I don’t want you to leave,” she said back pouting, the reality of the situation hitting her like a bus. “You’re leaving…”

“Hey, hey, baby girl. Look at me.” He held her face in front of him, waiting for her eyes to flicker back to his before speaking again. “If you couldn’t tell, I like you, y/n. These past two days have been everything I could’ve asked for. It was so chill, and nice, and you didn’t treat me like I was Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer…I was Michael Clifford the video game nerd who got to eat as much pizza as he wanted and not worry about life.” He pressed his lips to hers again before pulling back, keeping his forehead pressed against hers. “I don’t want to let you go…i want you to be my girlfriend.” She froze, looking at him completely shocked not expecting for any of that to leave his mouth because, hey, it’s Michael Fucking Clifford.

“You do?” she questioned, a smile making its way onto his face as he nodded. “Your girlfriend?”

“My girlfriend…I know we literally met two days ago, but I know this is something I’ll regret if I don’t do it…so, what do you say?” she nodded her head, a huge smile making its way onto her lips as he kissed her again. “Now that that’s settled, where can we go get some breakfast?”

Pairing: Destiel

Tags: AU, Dad!Cas, fluff 

Based on the prompt I sent to @princesscas :)

so dean owns a bakery, & he sells these little mini princess cupcakes with purple batter & pink frosting. there’s a little crown on each cupcake & they are so cute & decorated with edible glitter. & cas walks in bc claire really wants one but she wants to act tough & not ask herself bc omg dad thats so lame. so cas asks for a princess cupcake and deans like oh for your daughter? and cas is like no its for me. so every time cas comes in after that dean calls him princess and cas blushes so hard

“Claire, why can’t you just come into the store with me?” Cas asks, tired from his long day at work, “It’s just the bakery, no one you know is going to-”

“Dad,” Claire stops him, crossing her arms, “It’s so lame, and it’s my birthday so you have to do it. Plus, if anyone sees me I’ll end up being the loser again.”

Cas sighs and looks at his daughters face, shaking his head, he gives in, “Fine, but only because it’s your birthday.” he grumbles as she hugs him with a huge smile. 

It wasn’t that Cas didn’t want to go into the bakery and order the cupcake, he was man enough to order a purple cupcake with sparkly pink frosting; it was that there just so happened to be the most handsome man he’d ever seen in his life working there. The first time Cas had to go in and pick up a few doughnuts for work, he’d barely gotten out of there without drooling over the tall, green eyed man. 

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Happy New Year!

A/N: Happy New Year! I wrote this today and I’m sorry it’s so short and unbeta-ed (there are probably mistakes!!). I wanted to post at least something for you guys. I’m not really happy with the result, but maybe you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.

I hope everyone gets to spend tonight with people they love, whether that’s friends or family. I also hope this new year brings good things for all of you because you deserve it.


“Will you get out of here already?” Daisy clucks, checking Percy with her hip as she folds her apron neatly over her forearm. Her cheeks spread wide into the same toothy grin that Percy remembers since he started working for her over five years ago, and she points her chin toward the door.

Percy looks at the clock. 8:50pm. Only about three hours left until the new year. And although he normally doesn’t mind spending time at work, this is the one night he’s not that enthusiastic about wiping down tables and serving baked goods.

He frowns, feeling guilty about his lackluster performance all night. He must have been edgy enough for Daisy to take notice of his noninterest in work, which makes him feel bad. She’s always so good to him.

“No, no, it’s okay, I have tables to wipe down and dishes in the back,” he replies, gritting his teeth and resolving to get the job done before his shift ends at 9:00. He refuses to leave early, especially when his responsibilities aren’t finished.

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