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Hi. So nice to see someone else using a lined notesbook their bullet journal. I used a lined notebook purely because I cant find a dotted one where I live and I've always felted really pressured to find one. Thanks for inspiring me and making me feel better about my lined book ❤

this is such a cute message to open my inbox to! first of all, i love your url ❤️  and secondly, your comment about lined bullet journals are absolutely true. lots of famous studyblrs use dotted or grid notebooks, so i think newbie blogs like us might feel pressured to do the same sometimes. the studyblr community seems to inadvertently put a lot of expectations on what stationery we should have, how our desk should organized and what our notes should look like, etc - the best thing to do is simply put all of that aside. i still struggle with doing this sometimes, but at the end of the day, does it really matter what kind of notebook your bujo is if it’s neat and works well?

try not to feel so limited by what you have! lined bujos can turn out really beautiful as well :D i’ve made a list of some of my favorites, they’re much better for inspo than mine are:

anyway, i’m glad that my bujo has inspired you like this! 😌  keep on using those lined notebooks and i’d absolutely love it if you tagged me in one of your posts so i could see! (#of-studying)

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many russian women i saw while i been there have such nice skin.. dont u know some good russian skin shit ??

honestly its because moisturising is so important there and every woman knows the importance of taking care of your skin and the drugstores have a nice selection of inexpensive skin stuff but it also has something to do with genes and less sun exposure and in east europe maintaining beauty and being feminine is so much more important than in the west so women have to take extra care of themselves. Ive noticed that in west europe skincare is much less important like everyone has like one moisturiser they dot on their skin at night but thats it.

now they’re less ready for battle™ and more casual

still on holiday but i wanted to do a few quick doodles, and dad!jason…..sorta….happened? i like to think little kids sometimes confuse him for captain america when he’s older, since they look so similar

A reminder that the Animaniacs actual origin story is

that their creator was under pressure to make a bad cartoon funny and pulled an all-nighter alone

and that he in fact lost his actual sanity creating them…

and what he created was just them smashing the protagonist with wooden mallets.


Targaryen Appreciation Week
↳ Day VII → Dragon & Dragonrider → Baela Targaryen & Moondancer

So it came to pass that when King Aegon II flew Sunfyre over Dragonmont’s smoking peak and made his descent, expecting to make a triumphant entrance into a castle safely in the hands of his own men, with the queen’s loyalists slain or captured, up to meet him rose Baela Targaryen, Prince Daemon’s daughter by the Lady Laena, and fearless as her father.

Moondancer was a young dragon, pale green, with horns and crest and wingbones of pearl. Aside from her great wings, she was no larger than a warhorse, and weighed less. She was very quick, however, and Sunfyre, though much larger, still struggled with a malformed wing, and had taken fresh wounds from Grey Ghost.


I  went to the Yayoi Kusama exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum a few weeks ago and it was amazing. Here are a few pictures of one of my favorite installations, the Obliteration Room. This is the end of the exhibit, and everyone is given polka dots to place in the room before leaving.

‘Our earth is only one polka dot among a million stars in the cosmos. Polka dots are a way to infinity. When we obliterate nature and our bodies with polka dots, we become part of the unity of our environment.’ - Yayoi Kusama // more pictures + info to come on this artist & my visit. 


“Remind me - how are we related?”
“We shared a womb.”
“No, that can’t be it.”
“…are you still mad because I ate the last piece of pizza?”
“Yes, unknown person I’ve never seen in my life who claims to be my sister.”

more Shepard twins stuff [here]


MAIA WEEK — Day two: favorite (relation) ship

maia x happiness

do u remember the movie g force with the guinea pigs where the mole ended up being the villain at the end?????? man that was fucked up