one does not simply walk into more doors

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What would happen if Tendou, Goshiki, Shirabu, and Semi walked in on their s/o in the middle of changing? (Does this count as headcannons and is it descriptive enough? I'm trying to stick to the rules.)

Tendou Satori

  • Tendou would simply be checking on his s/o seeing how long it was taking them to get changed or if something happened to them
  • They would have just gotten out of the shower trying to change into one of Tendou’s shirts when he walks in
  • They are more embarrassed than Tendou is, he is very smirky about it
  • Instantly closes his door and walks toward them as his s/o is scolding him the whole time 
  • His s/o thinks that he is going to try and do something sexual but Tendou just wants to blow raspberries on their tummy and kiss their red face
  • He kind of just backs them on his bed and begins to press kisses all over their face until they are a giggling mess
  • He also begins to tickle their sides making sure that they no longer think that he wants to do anything sexual because he doesn’t
  • Tendou exclaiming how cute they are and how soft they are and how much he loves their laugh
  • So much praise and compliments coming from his mouth and they kiss afterwards and his s/o says how much of a dork he is

Goshiki Testomu 

  • Wanting to see if his s/o wanted him to go to the convenient store to pick up any drinks for their movie night to see his s/o changing
  • Although they had seen each other naked before, Goshiki is very surprised and he is quick to apologize and walk out of their room
  • When his s/o is done changing they kind of cling to him and say that it was no big deal and that he didn’t have to apologize
  • Goshiki saying stuff like how he should have knocked first or just have waited till they were done and out of their room
  • His s/o kissing him to shut him up again saying that it was nothing and he shouldn’t feel bad
  • Goshiki slightly blushing about it and his s/o teasing him a ton
  • He “angrily” leaves but is just going to the store to get drinks

Shirabu Kenjirou

  • Walks in on his s/o asking if they want anything to eat for dinner, thinking that by now that they would be done changing
  • He was very wrong, he doesn’t really know what to do
  • Should he apologize and walk out or stay frozen in his spot looking at his naked s/o
  • He’s flushed with pink cheeks, stuttering over his words and trying to keep it in his pants
  • His s/o yells at him after about 15 seconds of him just standing there to get the hell out
  • So he leaves, he also instantly feels regret over the fact that his s/o had to yell at him
  • After like 10 minutes his s/o wonders out all awkwardly but Shirabu is already fumbling out an apology
  • They assure him that it was okay, that it was just surprising to them and they kind of tease him a bit for blushing so much
  • Soft kisses and them going to make something to eat afterwards

Semi Eita (his s/o is going to walk in on him because he has no feelings if he walked in on his s/o)

  • Semi would have just gotten out of the shower after a particularly hard workout he had that day and would begin to change into comfortable pj’s until his s/o walks in
  • They would be rambling about what he wanted them to make for dinner when they saw him putting on his underwear
  • Their eyes would widen and a huge blush would form on thier face until they bow and apologies would spill out of their mouth
  • Semi not seeing what the big deal was because they have seen each other naked many times before until his s/o walks out slamming the door behind them
  • After he’s done he walks over to his s/o and wraps his arms around them loosely saying that it’s okay that they walked in on him
  • His s/o exclaiming that they didn’t mean to and that they should have just waited
  • Followed by a laughing Semi who presses a kiss to the top of their head saying that it didn’t matter to him
  • His s/o muttering something like ‘you’ve grown’ to which he get’s embarrassed about stuttering stuff like “d-don’t say stuff like that!”
  • But them later in the night asking if he really thinks that he has
The Stairwell

hey! I’ve been writing original short stories recently, but have been too embarrassed to post them, here’s a shot at it anyway

genre: magical realism, slightly spooky

words: 3k

summary: Hannah is a ‘Visator’ who walks through people’s dreams, the main goal is to keep walking and get through as many as possible, which works until she gets trapped in one

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Feyre leaving the Spring Court

Recently, I’ve seen lots of posts about how SJM will portray Feyre’s final confrontation with Tamlin and her leaving the Spring Court. There seems to be a general consensus that Rhys and Feyre will leave together after she tells Tamlin exactly what has been going on and how she is now the High Lady.

I wanted to discuss this because I personally saw it happening in a different way. One thing that has been strongly emphasised is how Feyre has become stronger after the trials she has encountered. After the events of UtM, she was lonely and broken and this is the state she was in when she left the Spring Court to begin with.

Her relationship with Tamlin was unhealthy and abusive and, as is often the case, it took months for Feyre to conclude that what Tamlin had done - locking her away, preventing her from training - was wrong and, perhaps more importantly, she realised that this relationship was not what she needed or wanted.

 This struck a chord on an emotional level because SJM showed Feyre’s healing and growth rather than her simply moving on immediately. The point here is that, by the end of ACOMAF, Feyre is no longer emotionally dependent on or suffering from her old relationship.

When Feyre leaves, I would like it if she did it on her own simply because I feel like it would be more beneficial for her. One of the key themes in this series is choice and I would like to see Feyre telling Tamlin that she chooses what she does next. I don’t think she would need to have a protracted confrontation with him either. Feyre doesn’t owe Tamlin an explanation. She doesn’t need to fight with him because she has healed and found her own path. 

Honestly, what I would like to see is simply Feyre telling Tamlin that their relationship is over and walking out of the front door without looking back.

If the personalities were trapped in a haunted mansion, where do you think they'll end up?

Requested by Anon

ESFJ: Hugging everyone to comfort them while cowering in a corner.

ESTJ: Bravely standing at the front of the pack trying to find the backdoor and being very verbal about it.

ISTJ: Stands a few steps behind the ESTJ examining each passage way to find the correct one in silence.

ISFJ: Holding onto whoever they walked in with for dear life and covering their eyes.

ESTP: Spends the entire time running with full force at the front door, trying to break it down (unsuccessfully) and does this all with an attitude they think is charming.

ISTP: Tries to help the ESTP be more sensible but gives up and finds a nice place to hide till they are rescued.

ESFP: Acts as if nothing has happened and they aren’t trapped. Simply laughs and generates enough energy to lighten the mood a bit.

ISFP: Calmly takes whatever happens as the way it’s meant to be. Is very mellow, almost annoyingly so…

ENTP: Tries to find some clever way of breaking down the door without using the ESTP’s “unstoppable force”

INTP: Builds a strange contraption in the other room which, if all goes as planned, will obliterate an entire wall leading to the outside where they will all be safe. Now if only they hadn’t gotten so distracted….

ENTJ: Is up in the attic controlling the haunted house with their master box- planned all of this just to see the people freak out- Could open the door anytime they want.

INTJ: Sits on the couch in the center of everyone and laughs at their panic (after all, they are conspiring with the ENTJ. Someone had to be on the inside…)

ENFJ: Stands up as the leader of the pack and tries to tell everyone to calm down.

INFJ: Figured out how to escape hours ago but no one will listen to them so they settle with comforting the others in this hard time

ENFP: Won’t stop screaming at EVERY. LITTLE. THING.

INFP: Doesn’t even know they are trapped, much less that they are in the haunted house in the first place