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compelling / 31 DW

31, “Are you trying to compel me?”

dallas mothafuckin’ winston back @ it again ; warnings - pg13, swearing

compel — bring about (something) by the use of force or pressure.



“What does compel mean?” Dally’s eyebrows furrowed as he read the word off the paper in his hands.

“To bring about something by the use of force or pressure,” I stated simply. “Dallas, I don’t want to study anymore. Come on, this stuff’s too easy, anyway.”

His eyes scan the paper. “Definition of placating. Did I pronounce that shit right?”

“Yes,” you snort. Then, you whine. “Babe, I don’t want to do this anymore.”

His hand finds your leg and he rubs it absentmindedly. “I’d like to be able to say that one of us are smart, alright? What’s your grades at, again?”

You groan, “all A’s and a B. It’s not rocket science, Dally. Not when everything is easy.”

When he doesn’t respond, you take to rubbing his chest through his shirt. “Come on, Dally. For me?”

He groans now, “why do you make being a good little boyfriend so hard? Can’t you see I’m trying to do the good thing here!”

“Baby,” your hand crawls to the back of his neck and begins to massage it. “For me? We could do anything you want.”

Dally shakes his head firmly, trying to ignore your hold on him. “I want you to study, doll. You got the fuckin’ opportunity — use it. Soda Curtis, he regrets not using his every day, you know?”

“Fine,” you huff. Obviously, Dallas is trying the best that he can but he doesn’t understand that you really don’t need studying help.

Dally is about to smile with cocky pride, but you aren’t finished. “Guess I’ll have to try a bit harder.”

“What —”

“You can’t touch me for two weeks.”

“What the fuck? No! That’s insane,” he whisper-screams. His eyebrows shoot up in alarm, and he grabs your arm. “No!”

“Which is more important, huh? Studying stuff I don’t need help with or doing whatever you want with me?”

His nostrils flame and he reluctantly pushes away the school materials as you pull by the shirt towards you. “Are you trying to compel me?”

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iheartavengers  asked:

Hello!! First, I love that this is a blog now!!! I love ironfalcon and I love that I have a place to go now to satisfy my craving lol :) if I may, I would like to prompt blind date. Either Sam or tony pov is fine, I just have this image in my head of them being nervous and slightly worried about meeting the other for the first time, but the date goes great!! Please and thank you!!! :D

So, Sam hasn’t been on a date for a while. And he has been fine being single, thank you very much.

But Steve and Bucky are obnoxious assholes and Natasha-


One simply doesn’t argue with Natasha.

So Sam’s here, dressed in his nicest clothes (They are new. He’d been dragged out for shopping.) and checking his appearance critically. Does he look okay? He’s tried – and failed -  to tell himself this is just a casual thing, nothing to be worried about but…

If nothing else, he wants to make a good first expression.

Sam turns in front of the mirror, dark eyes scanning the way his dress shirt clings to his body, accentuating his muscular frame as well as the jeans that are a tad tighter, more snug than he normally wears.

He tries not to notice that his palms are getting sweaty. Tries to ignore the nervousness rising.

There is no reason to be nervous; Sam doesn’t even KNOW the guy yet.

Sam sighs. Blind dates suck.


He’s at the restaurant and ready to admit that he might die of nervousness. Even more so because it’s ten minutes after the agreed time and his date hasn’t showed up yet.

Sam chews on his bottom lip. Did he get stood up?

Just as he’s about to send Natasha a text and leave, there’s suddenly loud noises coming from the entrance and Sam looks up. He spots a handsome man with a neatly-trimmed goatee, red-tinted sunglasses gesturing extensively while he’s being pushed forward by a dark-skinned man.

Stop it, Rhodey!”, the guy hisses. “I’m going! I’m going, watch me go. I’m not running!”

“Like Hell I’m stopping. I’ve had to drag your sorry ass all the way here. Now go and enjoy your date!”

Sam doesn’t mean to eavesdrop but they are talking rather loudly. His breath hitches slightly at the word “date”. But he doesn’t stand up or anything, just quietly watches the two fuss around for another minute, before “Rhodey” gives the man one last push and a glare and leaves.

The man mutters something, pushes one hand through his hair. Then he lifts his head to look around the room and-

Sam’s breath hitches again when their eyes meet. He’s never been so thankful for his dark skin; it doesn’t show the blush. (But he can sure feel the heat of his cheeks.)

The man comes over to him, slowly, and Sam tracks his every move. His heartbeat picks up but the other guy is smiling, a soft thing of a smile that looks like he doesn’t use it often enough and Sam returns it easily.

“Hey”, the man says, sounding a bit sheepish. “Sam, I assume?”

“Would be right”, Sam answers. His nervousness slowly fades already. “Tony?”

There’s a nod. Tony holds out his hand and Sam takes it without hesitation. “I’m your date for the evening. Sorry you had to witness my little, uh… freakout.”

Sam laughs at that as they take their seats. He can’t believe how natural this already feels.

“Don’t worry about it. You expressed perfectly how I was feeling up until now, too!”

Tony looks up at him at that, eyes crinkling with the smile he’s sporting.

Was?”, he repeats.

“Was”, Sam agrees, getting lost in the beautiful brown of Tony’s eyes for a moment. “Not anymore.” He doesn’t add that he hopes this won’t be their only date. Instead, he says: “I’m actually happy Natasha set this up for me.”

Somehow Tony perks up at the name and the spark of curiosity that lights up his whole face leaves Sam breathless for a moment.

“Natasha? Natasha Romanov?” At Sam’s nod, Tony lets out a laugh and settles back into his chair before he starts honest-to-God giggling.

“Oh my God, this is awesome!”

And then he explains how he has a woman in his life that is called Pepper, and that Pepper knows Natasha and together they decided for Sam and Tony to meet. It’s only the start of a very nice evening; talking to Tony is easy, so easy and Sam enjoys it thoroughly.


They end the evening outside, standing close together in the chilly night air.

Sam’s smiling; his cheeks already hurt because somehow he hasn’t stopped smiling even once during the whole time. Tony’s expression is a soft one, lips turned upwards.

“So”, he says, tilting his head. “That was probably the best evening I’ve had in a long while. Thank you for that, Sam.”

Sam grins, feeling giddy and excited. “Right back at you, Tony. I really enjoyed this.”

He doesn’t say “Maybe we can repeat this?” and it seems he doesn’t have to, because Tony leans forward and then their lips meet for a soft, gentle kiss.

“Looking forward for the next date”, Tony mumbles quietly

Sam can’t wait for it.  

- ir0nshield

Metal Torture - Chapter 1

Author’s Note: I have been writing this story for a while now, posting on AO3, and from the super encouragement from the lovely and amazing @spillinginkwithlove I’ve decided to share the first chapter and see what type of response I get.  This story is along the formula of JokerxReader, full-length, rough, quite smutty, and I hope you like the way I’ve portrayed Mister J.  So, this entire work is definitely 18+. Enjoy my lovelies.

Warnings: Language, Mention of blood and violence  


My heels clicked across the floor as I made my way through the waiting room of my dental office. Pictures adorned the walls showcasing before and after shots of my patients. I was the top dental surgeon and orthodontist in Gotham City, awards from throughout the years were posted on the walls, many accolades for my work in reconstructive dentistry and orthodontics.  

Hitching my bag up on my shoulder, my right hand reached out for the handle on the door, my left clutching my keys. The door flew open before I could reach it and I stumbled back in surprise, sprawling across the floor, the bag and its contents scattering around me. I had closed my eyes in surprise as I had hit the ground and when I opened them I found myself staring at a gun.

“Get up!” A voice commanded.

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Long Distance Relationship - jb imagine

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber

Request: ‘hi love, could you write an imagine about a long distance relationship with justin? one about where y/n mails him something for his birthday and when hers comes up he mails her something as well but also surprises her by picking her up from school/work? and since he’s famous she just quickly gets into the car (so no one would see him) and once they arrive at hers they realize that they’re together again and they hug and kiss and stuff.. thank you xxxxx’

Warnings: none, it’s fluff

A/N: i kind of edited this in a way that it wouldn’t be too long. i hope this is what you were looking for @ whoever requested this. oh and before i forget, the time in this imagine is going to jump around a tad.


In just a few days it would be Justin’s birthday. I was scanning through the shelves in K-Mart in hopes to find something for him. There were some left over candies and other goodies surprisingly from Valentine’s Day so, I decided to go with a thing of chocolate and a teddy bear.

You never really know what exactly your boyfriend, of course in my case it was a lot harder picking something for a guy I’ve never met in person before. Justin lived in LA, while I lived in Miami. It was about 2,700+ miles so, it was quite the difference. It must’ve been nice having a significant other live with a few minutes to an hour from you. I never knew what that was like because nobody in my school liked me—relationship wise.

And besides, none of the guys were really attractive. They were complete assholes and players, oh, don’t even get me started on the football players. I placed the things I picked up in my shopping cart and went to the section where they had cards. I scanned through the endless selection of cards until something finally caught my eye.

This would be perfect, I thought to myself. I placed the card in my cart and went to the cashier to check out.

“This must be one lucky guy,” the cashier said, scanning my items. I nodded my head and agreement and began getting my money ready. “Okay, your total is going to be $14.75. Cash, credit, or debit?” What the hell does it look like Debra? 

“Cash,” I simply replied, taking my money out from my wallet to hand to her. She took it, typing in the amount I gave her, and quickly putting it into the drawer.

“Here you are, have a nice day!” She smiled warmly at me. I fake smiled back, walking away from the line. My smile quickly dropped and I rolled my eyes. People can be so, how do you put it? Annoying? Fake? I don’t know. I walked out of the store and went back to my car packing everything away. I hoped Justin would like this.

1 Month Later…

“Wow, Y/N, this is really awesome. How’d you know I liked chocolate?”

“I’m your girlfriend and who doesn’t like chocolate?”

“People who are allergic to it.”

“Shut up! You always say something corny.”

“What was that? Did you say I always make you horny? It’s my job babe.”

“Gross. Anyways, I’m glad you enjoyed your gift and I wish I was there to celebrate with you.”

“Me too Y/N, me too. Want to know what my wish was?”

“No, because then it’ll spoil it the wish. Just save it for when we finally meet one day, yeah?”

“Gosh, you’re so smart princess. What would I ever do without your knowledge?”

“Don’t know. I love you Justin and Happy Birthday.”

“Love you more. Sleep nice.”

3 Months Later…

Today was my 18th birthday and of course, it wasn’t going to be spent with Justin. The things I’d do just to be able to hold him. The bell rang, marking the end of the day. I walked out of my eighth period class, which was Pre-Calc, and went straight to my locker. I put in my combination and when I opened the lock, a note fell from my locker. Hmm, interesting.

I picked it up, examining it. It was addressed to me, wonder who it was from. Maybe it was a secret admirer. I laughed at my thoughts whilst opening the envelope.

Dearest Y/N, I’m sorry I can’t be with you on your spectacular day. I enclosed a $1000 Visa gift card so you can buy whatever it is you pleased. I was going to buy you something but, I didn’t know what you wanted. I hope to see you very soon :) - Justin

I smiled to myself after reading the note. I found the gift card and left it where it was. What a guy Justin was. I walked out of the school building to catch my bus when I saw a black van sitting right at the curb. Wonder who that was for. A tall, bulky male exited the van walking over towards me.

“Are you Y/N Y/L/N?” he questioned.

Who the hell even was this guy? “Depends on who wants to know.” I wasn’t going to to straight up tell this guy my name. For as much as I know, he could be working for the government. The back car window winded down behind him and a blurry face came into focus.

“Me.” I heard the blurry face say. I glanced back at who exactly was talking when I realized who it was. It was Justin!

“Oh my god! Justin!” I exclaimed, causing all the attention to be drawn to me. “Oh, sorry.” I quietly apologized. Everyone continued going on their way but, I was still freaking out. “Justin, what are you doing here?”

“Get in the car,” he responded, “I’ll explain later.” I did as told and entered the car. Justin moved over to the next seat and I sat where he originally sat. The tall guy from before closed the door after me. I put on my seatbelt and we pulled out from the school parking lot. Hey, at least it’s a free ride home.

“You’re awfully talkative on FaceTime. Why aren’t you talking now that I’m here with you in person?” Justin spoke up, breaking the silence.

“Well..” Think Y/N! Think! What could you say that doesn’t sound to sappy or clingy? “I’m not really sure honestly. This all just caught me off guard. I really wasn’t expecting this.”

“Did it catch you off guard in a good way or a bad way?” he continued.

“A good way of course! I never thought I’d spend my 18th birthday with you Justin. I’m so glad you’re here.” I smiled at him, resting my head on his shoulder.

“Can I tell you something?” Justin asked. I sat up straight looking over at him, waiting for what he had to say. Please let it not be bad. “Meeting you was my birthday wish.”

I took a moment, processing what he said. “You remembered what I said?” I replied, smiling bigger than before at him.

“I may have a terrible memory but, I never forget what you say to me. Happy Birthday Y/N.” He pecked me on the cheek. I couldn’t help but, swoon over how soft his lips were. I can’t believe this was actually happening. 

This wasn’t a dream, right?
Talking to ourselves: the science of the little voice in your head
By Peter Moseley

by Peter Moseley

Most of us will be familiar with the experience of silently talking to ourselves in our head. Perhaps you’re at the supermarket and realise that you’ve forgotten to pick up something you needed. “Milk!” you might say to yourself. Or maybe you’ve got an important meeting with your boss later in the day, and you’re simulating – silently in your head – how you think the conversation might go, possibly hearing both your own voice and your boss’s voice responding.

This is the phenomenon that psychologists call “inner speech”, and they’ve been trying to study it pretty much since the dawn of psychology as a scientific discipline. In the 1930s, the Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky argued that inner speech developed through the internalisation of “external”, out-loud speech. If this is true, does inner speech use the same mechanisms in the brain as when we speak out loud?

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abucketofprotons  asked:

Prompt: Write me something sweet and fluffy with Ambulon and First Aid????

this is more awkward and dorky and maybe cute than anything. I cannot for the life of me figure out why this was so hard to write it took a week I’m???

Is it weird to ask your boss to a bar?

Or at this point, is it not weird because everything surrounding you is far weirder? (He’s not even your boss anymore, because the boss of the whole facility you were at went nuts and after systematically murdering half of your patients, tried to kill you all, and now there’s a 95% chance that he’s dead and after cleaning up his mess and coming to terms with the fact that he was not your friend but a lunatic, you’re both now on a spaceship to nowhere.)

Yeah, weird’s all relative, and yeah, he’s not your boss anymore.

First Aid knocks on the door to the hab suite, to let Ambulon know he’s there, and then enters, because it’s his room too. Ambulon is rearranging things on his side of the room, picking at the paint on his hands. He does that when he’s nervous. “Where were you?” he asks.

“Talking to Ratchet.” First Aid decides that he doesn’t want to talk about his someday-in-the-future promotion right now and leaves it at that. “Have you checked out the ship’s bar yet?”

“The ship has a bar?” Ambulon repeats in disbelief.

“Yeah. Ratchet says it’s ‘not terrible.’”

“High praise.”

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Pierce through my heart (and just fuck me up)

Pairing: Jikook

Warning: sexual content towards the end

A/N: Here is the english version of this fic. It took me forever… OTL. This was a present for my friend Iana, who I love lots and lots, so english ver is also dedicated to her in hopes to cheer her up a bit ^^.

You can read the Spanish version here

Jungkook knew Yoongi was planning on contracting someone to take care of the only department they both sucked at: Piercing.

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Tokyo Ghoul :re Chapter 83 Spoilers

Hearing The Sound of Door Closing

After slicing his own throat, Arima collapses and Kaneki rushes over
Kaneki: What are you….doing!!
Arima: …I ve always waited for this
Kaneki: Arima sa…..
Arima’s mouth is covered with blood, he stops Kaneki from talking
Arima: Listen…Kaneki Ken…. The time that is left for me is always limited, it is just that….it came earlier. Me….Hairu….and Furuta….the investigators from Sunlit Garden… are not human
Kaneki: !?
Arima: …all of us….are not of purebloods…we are half human
Kaneki: Half….human….? ….that is….
Arima: My right eye, you notice it right, it can no longer see. Glaucoma is a common illness… Yes…. that is for old people
Kaneki: Old…..people……?
Arima: Those who are from Sunlit Garden ages faster than normal human, I already have one eye that is slowly losing its function, my life is going towards its end. People like us have ghoul as a mother or father
Kaneki: …. (…Arima san…never lies….)
Arima: Do you know what will happen to the child born from human and ghoul?
Kaneki remembers what Itori said before 
Most of them die….
Kaneki: One eyed ghoul…. is a half ghoul….?
Arima: ….its not like that for most of the cases. One eyed owl’s case is rare. The child born are just the same with most of the human, does not have a kagune, able to eat like normal human. The only differences are physical abilities improve and die earlier
Kaneki: Wh…what….is this…. that….. what is it for….
Arima: *smile* … I wonder…. I never knew… no matter what still wishes to be human… Washuu (V)…

Rue Island
Message: [We are engaging…please provide….] [This is Qs team…we found a cave, we are currently going in…]
Yoshitoki is listening to these reports from investigators, and then Marude comes into the operations room, behind him is few of his subordinates. Marude points a gun on Yoshitoki
Yoshitoki: …Marude, what happened to conducting
Marude: Its done
Yoshitoki: ….speaking of which, what is the meaning of this, its not funny
Marude: …Yoshitoki…its not me who wants to read this thing. The book says “Washuu’s family is ghoul’s helped”… This is wrong. From our standpoint, to clean “Washuu”. Let us clear of all the doubts, there is nothing suspicious, except for one thing. We obtained some information from the scanning gate. In order to avoid the gate from responding to Quinque, the systems was made not to respond to certain people. I have asked some people to investigate it, when the gate will respond, and those are…… the 0 team led by Arima Kishou (those from Sunlit Garden), Qs members, and……. when you from Washuu family go through. Washuu family is not “ghoul’s helper”….you are “simply ghoul” instead
Yoshitoki turns around, but expression remains the same
Yoshitoki: I thought the Marude Special Class that I know does not have such naive thoughts. You, Arima and I have known each other for a long time right. You may have not notice it. After this operation, you can look at Arima’s record
Marude: Its true that my words just now unable to prove anything. There is this old saying, well I am a little annoying….that is….
Marude pulls the trigger
Marude: You are wrong
With the sound from the gun, Yoshitoki collapses. Washuu heard the sound of gunshot from the other room “!?”
Yoshitoki’s forehead has a hold from the gunshot, collapses on the floor. A subordinate who is holding a quinque case asks Marude
Subordinate: …Marude Special Class…
Marude: ….
Marude looks at Yoshitoki, and Yoshitoki’s forehead starts to bleed
Marude: …This is…simply…. (killing human) right, tell me….
But at that time, Yoshitoki has kagugan on both eyes
Yoshitoki: I am disappointed, Maru *talking at Marude’s face*

I am Washuu Chika, nice to meet you Marude Second Class

Marude: (What is this damn it….is this a joke…everything….this is just like what you said…. Hideyoshi… this….I cant even think of those who are dead…)

Kaneki’s side
Kaneki cries as he is holding Arima
Kaneki: Washuu family…. The top of CCG…is a ghoul….?
Kaneki remembers the things he heard before (The ghoul organisation that Kuzen helped before)
Kaneki: (That organisation is “Washuu family”…..?)
Kaneki: Arima san….what do you want me to do
Arima: Kill me, Kaneki Ken. I…what do I want, you will soon learn it…..please, this is the only thing you can do
Kaneki: ….I understand, I will kill you
Arima: …..thank you…..
Arima remembers the time when he let go of the butterfly that he caught
Arima: I…. have…always…. hated…. this life that is always taking away…. finally…. now I feel like holding on to something….
Arima saying this, and tears fall
Arima: (Actually I wanted to die more than anyone… cause I am a death god)
Kaneki: A…. Arima san…..!!
Arima: …….Ha………..i…………………….
Kaneki holding Arima who is not moving…..

These Words are a Lie ~A Joshifer Fanfiction~ Chapter Ten

A/N: Hello my lovely little lemon drops! I hope you all have had a fabulous week so far, and will continue to have a joyous week into the weekend. I’m so happy that I was able to get this chapter to my liking, let me tell you.

This right here is quite a pivotal game changer in the story. Things experience quite a shift after this chapter, and so it’s obviously a highly important one. And earlier…oh my goodness me; I just could not get the emotion to my liking!

But after taking a break, napping, thinking on it, and later coming back to attack it, I was able to achieve exactly the feeling I was looking for. So thank goodness, here it is, in all of its TWAAL glory.

Big thank you to anyone and everyone who sends me encouragement and comments. Your words mean the absolute world to me, and give me the confidence to continue on with this story. I appreciate each and every message, so truly, thank you.

And a thank you to my partner in crime as usual, catching-dandelions, as her reaction spurred me on to continue writing today lol! A special thank you goes to hutchhitched as well, as she offered some much needed advice.

The previous chapter can be found here [x]

All chapters so far can be found here [x]

And without further adooo…

I find myself standing in a dark hallway, the void of shadow nearly overwhelming my surroundings. All except for the rather enticing light which glows softly ahead, beckoning me towards it.

Like a moth drawn to an illuminated object, I find my legs carrying me over to the source, walking without a true idea of where I’m going.

Just when I near the light however, just when I think I’m about to capture it and drink it in with my body, it expands, allowing me to waltz through it entirely. And the moment I do so, a scene suddenly materializes in front of me, one that’s all too familiar and at the same time confusing.

The SBNN Game.

I blink once, puzzlement rolling through me in waves, and throw a glance back over shoulder at the tunnel from which I came.

This is all too strange; I could have sworn I was just here, bathing in the pleasure of watching Josh, and later suffering from the consequences that followed. But perhaps that was just some type of sick nightmare, some type of odd illusion, because the action before me looks more enticing than the last time.

Basketball players run up and down the court almost in a synchronized dance, their bodies glistening with sweat and effort as they continue their competitive fight. Media and press hop from person to person, chattering and allowing the words to flow about mundane topics and questions. Fans buzz around like bees drawn to honey, absolutely honed in on the activity around them.

I stand still for a moment, taking it all in myself. Somewhere in the back of my mind, there’s a red flag going up, telling me that I need to hide and prevent anyone from noticing my identity. But as I swim through the sea of bodies, I push that warning to the deepest crevice of my brain.

Because people are actually treating me like a normal human being.

Even without the slightest bit of cover or concealment, my presence goes virtually unnoticed. Anyone who does manage to catch a glimpse of me simply offers me a smile or a hello, and goes back to their business. It’s almost like my celebrity status is non-existent. And it’s wonderful.

I cannot help but smile myself, a content, happy breath puffing from my nose as I continue to walk around.

While everything about this situation is perfect, and makes me thankful that I decided to attend in the first place, there’s just one little element missing, one absent piece to the beautiful puzzle.

The actual drive behind my motive; Josh.

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‘I’m the employee and this is the first time ever I’ve met you but you buy me a necklace saying the gem compliments my eyes’ AU  (X)

Castiel immediately noticed the man when he walked through the door of the jewellery shop where he worked. Green eyes, cute freckles all over his cheeks and nose, and a body to die for, he was easily one of the most attractive men Castiel had ever seen in his life.

He was wearing faded jeans, and a shirt that looked like it had seen better days under a leather jacket. His hair was slightly ruffled and there was a small smudge of grease on the side of his neck.

Castiel heard April scoff beside him, presumably because of the young man’s appearance, and he had to suppress the urge to roll his eyes. There was a reason why she was his least favorite coworker.

“I’m not serving him,” she hissed into his ear. “He probably doesn’t even have enough money to pay for this stuff.”

Castiel ignored her, following the young man with his eyes, instead. He had walked to the nearest display cabinet to the door, a small frown creasing his brow. Just because he didn’t look like the typical client of their jewellery store, it didn’t mean he didn’t have a right to shop there, if he so wished.

“I will serve him,” Castiel simply said, once again ignoring April when she snorted. He really didn’t want to pick a fight.

“Make sure he doesn’t steal anything. You can never be too careful,” she said, and this time, Castiel did roll his eyes.

Luckily, the young man seem too engrossed in what he was doing to pay attention to anything else, and had likely not even heard April’s words.

“Hello, sir,” Castiel greeted him, and he could swear he saw the young man jump a little before he looked up. “Can I help you with anything?”

The man looked a little awkward, a little lost, as if he didn’t really feel particularly at ease in the store.

“Um, yes please…” he said, and his eyes flicked to Castiel’s name tag for a moment. “…Castiel. Hang on - dude!”

Castiel mentally prepared for yet another customer commenting on his weird name, and a ten-minute inquiry about where it came from, how he got stuck with it and why. But that never came.

“You got an angel name? That’s awesome.”

Castiel looked at the other man, his eyes growing wide.

“Yes. I… yes,” he stammered, completely taken aback. “You’re the first person I’ve ever met who knows it. How…?”

“Huh… long story?” the man said, looking a little sheepish as he smiled at Castiel. “Um, my mom loves angels. I kind of - I’m in college. I’m majorying in English, and I kind of… I’m also in an Angelology course ‘cause I’m kind of planning to write a book on angels? Um, yeah.” He chuckled a little, then, shrugging at Castiel’s stunned look. “I know I don’t look like someone who’d study angelology, but I just stopped working - I’m a mechanic, and…”

“Please, no,” Castiel said, holding a hand up. “I don’t assume things about people from their clothes, or appearance. I was just… very impressed.”

“Oh,” the man said, a small, surprised smile on his lips. It was clear that he was used to people assuming he couldn’t be educated or smart. Castiel sort of hated people in that moment. “Well, huh… Castiel is a cool name, anyway. Way more unique than Dean anyway! Though a bit of a mouthful. You mind if I call you Cas?”

“Certainly not, Dean,” Castiel said, smiling at Dean and thinking that he really loved the way that nickname sounded, coming from Dean’s lips. “Well.. anyway. I assume you came here to look at some jewellery?”

“Huh? Oh. Oh, yeah. Um…” Dean cleared his throat, seemingly only remembering in that moment where he was, and why. “Yeah. It’s my mom’s birthday, you see. And she loves this store, and I thought maybe… I could buy something for her?”

Castiel smiled again.

“That sounds very sweet, Dean,” he said. “I’m sure we’ll find something for her.”

“Yeah,” he mumbled, hesitating before he added, “I can’t spend… too much. Like, um… I saved up for this, of course, but…”

“I understand,” Castiel assured him. “What you were looking at are some very nice jewels, but… not terribly cheap, I’m afraid. But the good news is, there’s a new, cheaper line that especially caters to those who can’t exactly afford to buy a three thousand dollar necklace. If you would like to follow me…”

Castiel guided Dean towards another display cabinet, and saw him visibly relax as he looked at the prices there.

“Did you have anything in particular in mind?”

“I was thinking earrings,” Dean said, his eyes scanning what was available. “My mom only ever wears one necklace and her engagement and wedding rings. And no bracelets. But… she likes earrings. Likes to wear different ones every day, coordinate them with her outfit and all.”

“Earrings sound perfect for her,” Castiel simply said. “Does she have a favorite color?”

“Green,” Dean immediately said. “And she has green studs, and fake pearls that are also green, but… I was thinking that I could maybe get her pendants? Not too big or anything, she wouldn’t like that. Oh. And no gold? She prefers silver.”

“I believe I have something that she’d like,” Castiel said, sincerely impressed with Dean. It was obvious that he was a very loving and caring son, and from what Castiel had seen so far, he would say that it translated into other aspects of his life. He opened the cabinet and pulled out a pair of earrings, two delicate silver chains, each with a small green drop at the bottom. “What do you think?”

“They’re perfect,” Dean whispered, slowly reaching out to turn the price tag, almost afraid, before he let out a small laugh. “Oh yeah! Absolutely fuck- oh! Um…”

Castiel chuckled.

“Don’t worry Dean. I promise you can swear in front of me, and I won’t faint from the shock.”

“Well, in that case, those earrings are really fucking perfect - hell yeah!” Dean said, laughing, clearly happy to have found something suitable, at a reasonable price.

“I’m glad to hear it!” Castiel said, sounding amused. “Should I check you out then?”

“Wait - um…” Dean looked a little awkward again, and nodded towards the cabinet immediately to the left of the one with the earrings he had picked for his mother.

Castiel blinked a little, looking at it and frowning.

“Did you want to take a look at that cabinet, too?” he asked, a little confused. “That’s a quite cheap line, too, but it’s mostly rough stones and crystals, and from what you told me, it seemed like you wanted to go for something different. All the earrings are either studs or rather big. But if you…”

“Oh? Oh, no, sorry, yeah. Not for my mom,” Dean said, shaking his head. “It’s for someone else. I thought I might as well take a look, since thanks to you I’m also spending less than I planned for those earrings.”

“Oh,” Castiel said, and felt a little wave of disappointment wash through him. It was silly, really. He didn’t even know if Dean was looking for something for a girlfriend or not - after all, it could be for a sister, a cousin… even for a brother! And besides, Dean was only a customer, and Castiel knew he would do well to remember it. “Of course, Dean, take a look at it. This line is quite beautiful, if you ask me. Some of the crystals are truly stunning. Was there one in particular that caught your eye?”

“The blue one,” Dean said, pointing towards it. “I know it’ll sound stupid, but… it kinda looks like how I pictured the grace of an angel. Don’t laugh.”

“I would never,” Castiel said sincerely. “It’s not stupid, it’s… very poetic.”

Dean smiled, and Castiel could swear he had seen him blush a little.

“Any chance I could get that along with the earrings?”

“Of course,” Castiel said, taking the necklace and escorting Dean to the counter. April seemed to have disappeared in the back room, and Castiel couldn’t say they were going to miss her terribly. She’d only make everyone feel uncomfortable with her snide looks and comments anyway.

“Will you need me to gift wrap both of these?” Castiel asked as Dean slid his card into the machine and punched in the right code.

“Nah, man. Just my mom’s if you don’t mind,” Dean said, and Castiel nodded, making sure of using green wrapping. Dean definitely noticed, and appreciated it, if the look in his eyes was anything to go by.

“Well,” Castiel said as he put both the wrapped present and the unwrapped necklace in a small bag. “Thank you for shopping here, and…”

“This is for you,” Dean blurted out, turning red as a tomato as he handed the necklace to Castiel, whose eyes went wide as saucers.

“…I beg your p-”

“I immediately noticed it because it’s the same color as your eyes, and I dunno, I guess I just thought, I just thought it’d compliment your eyes. Sorry. It’s stupid, but this would look so stunning on you, with your eyes, and I just - you’ve been so helpful and…” he stuttered, clearly embarrassed, looking everywhere but at Castiel. “Please, just take it.”

Castiel, who at this point was as red as Dean was, small a very tiny, happy smile, his eyes bright as he looked at him. “…thank you, Dean,” he murmured, brushing his fingers against Dean’s as he took the necklace from his hands, immediately putting it on.

Dean looked up and smiled, small and a little sheepish, then let his smile turn into a full-on grin as he looked at Castiel with his necklace on.

“Knew it’d compliment your eyes,” he said, and seemed far too pleased with himself when Castiel turned red again.

“Do I at least get to buy you coffee to say thank you for your generosity?” Castiel asked, and Dean looked at him with a knowing smirk.

“To say thank you, huh?” he repeated, nodding to himself. “What time do you get off?”

“Huh…” Castiel looked down at his watch. “About half an hour or so?”

“Meet me in front of the coffee shop just down the street? I’ll go buy a couple other things for my mom’s birthday party in the meantime.”

“That works for me, yes.”

Dean, however, didn’t move for a few seconds, looking as if he was about to say something more. Castiel was about to ask him if everything was okay, when suddenly, warm lips were on his, and a chaste kiss was being pressed to his mouth before Dean pulled back with a satisfied grin.

“I’ll see you later, Cas,” he said, winking at him before he walked out.

That, Castiel decided, would only be the first or many, many kisses.

DAY 2982

Jalsa, Mumbai                 May 30/31,  2016                 Mon/Tue  12:03 am

Birthday - EF - Nadou Youssef / Rina Rajpal

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

and wishes galore for the Ef on birthday .. may the Almighty bless you both and may there be celebration among all your loved ones .. including your Ef … love 

I may have lazed around in Sholay, under the tree watching and witnessing my compatriot Veeru teach a few tricks to his love interest, but nothing of that seems to have been inculcated by me in today’s day ..

There is no tree, no Tee, no jeans and no youth of the years gone by .. there is just simply the yearnings of a lazy day .. a day which was spent in photographs and how they could be preserved in albums or on scanning or in digital domain ..

End result .. nada .. nothing .. still confounded by nothingness and nothing ..

Until one decides to rest and sleep one does not realize the extent of our built up fatigue .. we function as normally as possible .. but never realize how demanding each day work pressures our system .. which is why it is best to listen to the body at times such as this .. travel as comfortable as it may be has and shall always be trying to the body .. we never see it but it exerts itself .. arrears .. that is what remains with us and it is best to get rid of them soon ..

What a great amount of hatred one must envelope and imbibe within the body and mind to be able to express it time and again .. it is telling too .. telling to the system somewhere .. which is why it is best to embrace happiness and joy and all that is bright and beautiful … conniving, plotting, insinuating, requires a certain kind of guile and talent .. one that I find difficult to possess .. and I do hope many others would too ….especially those that live by the umbrella of Ef ..

Be free of mind and thought and be in love of happiness .. and smiles and laughter .. let them that deprive you of that live their lives in devising and planning to be such .. our lives should be in avoidance of theirs that follow the path of deviousness ..

That heart is not just mine but of them that be within me .. they shall ever be of the care and of the love that I can possibly give .. that is finite and fulfilled .. nothing else is ..

You can be pulled down .. you could be lived with impression of devious mind by others .. you could be looked upon as one exploiting opportune moment .. of one that gets painted each minute by adversity and evil .. 

But the truth really is one that is unseen by any other .. that is mine and shall remain so, no matter how hard any other may try design or insinuate .. and that my dear is the strength that overpowers us all .. forms the impenetrable shield that protects us and guides us to the ends of our living lives ..

And as I digress into a philosophic countenance may I wish all a pleasant night and an even greater pleasant day ahead .. look forward to that .. that is what shall bring you the happiness of our world and our lives ..

Amitabh Bachchan 

Reignite the Stars (Part 1)

 Summary: Reader and Steve used to have a thing, but after some twists and turns, reader and Steve are aren’t exactly what you call ‘friendly’. They spend some time together, and can their love be reignited?

Pairing: Steve x reader


Steve’s POV

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

One last explosion went off, and Steve turned around and started looking for his teammates. A reporter, along with a cameramen, came running towards Captain America, wanting to be the first to interview him. 

“Captain, Captain, did you know who was behind the attack this time? What does he or she want? Is there more to come?” asked the reporter, bombarding Steve with questions after questions. 

Steve’s mind and body were exhausted despite his super-quick recovery and super-human stamina. His mind was swarming with the questions the reporter asked him. 

“No, we still don’t know who attacked, or what he or she wants, but whoever is behind everything must be stopped and will be stopped.” As soon as Steve answered the reporter, he was joined by Thor and Wanda, who put a hand on his shoulders to calm him. They walked back towards the quinjet to get back to Stark Tower. 

Everyone was discussing about the attack and grouping up informations about the attacker on the quinjet, all except Steve. He sat by the wall on his own, his mind troubled. Bucky was found, Attack last month. Another attack two weeks ago. Now another one. Bucky, Bucky, (Y/n). (Y/n). No matter what his thoughts are, Bucky and (Y/n) are always in his mind. He closed his eyes for a moment. Even though he’s a super-soldier, there’s only so much he can handle. Sometimes he wonders what Bucky might be doing, Is he eating proper meals? Is he wearing enough clothes, but sometimes, his mind wanders off to you. It always make his heart clench.


Steve sat by the chair near the window, listening to the rain. It was raining hard tonight, he thought, how can Bucky come over? Bucky told him earlier that he had something in mind to do tonight. It would be fun, he said. So here Steve was, sitting by the window, the one where Bucky always used to climb in when he sneaks over. 

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Tappings from the window snapped Steve back to reality. It must be Bucky, thought Steve. He tip-toed over to the window, ready to open it, when suddenly he saw a pair of bright blue eyes that seemed to glint purple looking at him. He fell back onto the floor and focused on the owner of those eyes in the darkness. It was a girl no older than he was, if not, younger. 

He knew he shouldn’t talk to strangers, but he wondered what a little girl might be doing at this time of the night at his window. He walked over to the window and opened it gingerly. The girl got in quickly. She was damped, but she was smiling wide. Steve looked at her from head to toe. She wore a dress that was torn to make shorter and she didn’t have shoes. She was also holding piece of bread, soaked wet by the rain.

“Are you gonna eat that?” asked Steve.

The girl raised an eyebrow at him and said, “Of course, if not what am I gonna do with it? Make it my pet?” answered the girl in a hushed voice, but Steve could hear she had a thick accent. 

“It’s all wet, and you’re all wet, too! You’ll catch a cold.” said Steve.

“It’s quite alright, I never get sick.” answered the girl. “I’m (Y/n), by the way.”

“Steve. Steve Rogers.”

There was an awkward silence before Steve heard a thump

“Punk, you gotta close the window! It’s raining cats and dog out there and who are you?” asked Bucky as he entered the house. 

You looked at him and back to Steve. “Do you own a shelter for stray kids?” 

“No, of course not! This is Bucky, he’s my friend.”

“Yes, his friend. And we’re gonna go catch fireflies. Who are you and what do you want?” asked Bucky.

“My name is (Y/n), and are you sure you want to catch fireflies in this weather?” you asked sarcastically. 

Bucky and Steve both looked out the window, then Bucky said, “I didn’t think about that.”

You grinned. “It’s actually alright, to catch fireflies. Come on!” 

“Hold on, we barely know you and why are we coming with you?” asked Bucky. 

“Why aren’t you? You know my name, I know yours, and I don’t think you know where the fireflies are without me.” you said.

“Pffff, of course we do!” said Bucky. “Steve knows it, don’t you, Steve?” 

“I don’t, Buck. I didn’t even know we were gonna go catch fireflies.” said Steve as he stretched the back of his neck. 

“See? Come on! I promise I’ll get you back here before sun’s up!” you said as your stomach grumbled. You looked back down at the damped piece of bread you’re holding and toss it to the bin. “Forget it. Fun’s more important anyway.”

You climbed out of the window first, holding onto the window pane and took a few deep breaths. Steve asked you what you were doing, but you didn’t answer. You needed concentration. The rain kept dropping onto your face, but after a few breaths it all stopped. The air was still humid, but it wasn’t raining anymore. 

He opened one eye and grinned. “Yes! Let’s go!” you jumped down the window and landed almost soundlessly. 

Bucky and Steve followed, climbing down clumsily and slowly. “You’re freaking me out. What’d you do?” asked Bucky as soon as he landed. Your eyes widened and immediately said, “Nothing! Other than getting down. Now come on, if you still want to have fun!” you said as you ran away trying to change the subject.

Bucky and Steve followed, and you heard a clash and a clang. It was a dark night, after all, and Steve tripped over a bin. “Why don’t you bump into anything?” asked Steve, who just got up and brushed dusk away from his knees. 

“Look closely and be careful!” you said as you started to walk again, this time much slower. You led them to an alley where a big tree stood there. “Here.” 

“Here? I’ll have better luck finding fireflies myself.” said Bucky unbelievingly as he started to turn around. Steve stood a while longer, but followed his best friend. You tapped on the tree and shook the highest branch you can reach. Bucky and Steve were almost out of the alley when a sparkle of light flew in front of Steve and Bucky. They blinked hard, and reopened their eyes, but there were only more sparkles. Moving sparkles, to be exact. They whipped around and saw you sitting on a low branch, waving your hands willingly in the sea of sparkles. You giggles rang through the alley, but it sounded fit for a magical moment like this. 

Bucky and Steve cracked a large smile as the ran towards the swarm of fireflies. 

“This. Is. Seriously. Cool! Where’d you learn how t’find fireflies?” asked Bucky, his eyes never leaving the fireflies for a split second. “I don’t know, I just know where they are!”  you said as you let out another laugh. Steve was looking and playing with the fireflies too. But once in a while, he would sneak you a glance. Your eyes seemed to reflect the lights of fireflies, and you looked like you have fire for eyes.


The Avengers knew who attacked. Especially Steve. The Avengers also knew how much Steve hated the attacker, so they let him calm down a little before letting him join in the discussion.They haven’t let the world know about the attacker, because one, they actually don’t have any solid evidence to prove that it really was who they think it is, and two, they have almost no information about her.

“36 injured, damaged infrastructures. Nothing too serious, though. Funny the fire you-know-who set off didn’t burn anything.” said Tony as he scanned through the scattered papers on the table.

“What kind of people do that? Looking like you’re burning the know country then it doesn’t really burn?” asked Clint, “First, Mongolia. Second, France. Now Cambodia. What does she want?”

“Seriously? Is that a question? She doesn’t need a reason. She simply want people to be scared. She’s evil.” said Steve as he joined in the discussion, fuming off his anger.

“Chill, Cap, we aren’t sure is it actually her. We stil-”

“Mass destruction. Terror. There’s only one person who’s capable, and will produce so many bad news. There’s no one other than her.” said Steve as he cut off Natasha. The quinjet landed just as Steve’s sentence finished, and he stormed off the quinjet at once. He needed some fresh air, or perhaps a cup of water, just anything to clear his mind. 

“Good afternoon, Captain.” greeted Alexander Pierce.


(PART 2)

anonymous asked:

Awkward crush fluff. Embarrassing things, like either of them staring at the other and averting their gaze when the other looks at them. Awkward hand holding. Blushes and stammering. Give me cute. :3

Here you go. I hope you find this cute.


In all her life she had never been so aware of a man.

Which was funny, truly funny, because three weeks ago she had been convinced he was the ugliest man she had ever seen.

No, maybe that was an exaggeration. She had thought he was homely, at the most, nondescript, certainly, but this… This was the opposite of either of those things.

Solas was handsome.

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Lost Chapter 7

First Chapter Here (x)

Warnings: Death 

A/N: The characters from the Potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling 

Visuals denoted by (x)

Visuals: (x) (x)

Masterlist Here

You took one another look in the mirror (x), fanning your hairout and adding the last minute touch ups to your makeup. There was nothing wrong with your makeup; you were just delaying the inevitable. You didn’t know if you could handle seeing George, that sinister look in his eye. You didn’t want to see the shell of the man you loved more than anything in the world. The thought of him almost sent you into a fit of tears once more, but Hermione returned breaking your train of thought.

“The wedding is just about to start Y/N. We should really get to our seats.” You nodded slowly and followed Hermione down the aisle (x). You kept your eyes down to the ground for fear of seeing George. During the ceremony, you focused on the bride and groom, not daring to look at the people surrounding you. You couldn’t help but tear up at the vows. There was so much love between Fleur and Bill, and how you wished that the love between you and George was just as present. It helped that Hermione held your hand as you cried quietly, but it did not numb the pain of the bleeding hole in your heart. The ceremony was over quickly and soon you were led off to the tent filled with every food you could think of.

“Mum’s really outdone herself,” Ron began his mouth stuffed with food.

“Ron, you haven’t stopped eating since we arrived in here,” Hermione laughed. You looked at Ron’s plate, which was piled high with desserts, shrimp, and various kinds of meat.

“How does your stomach not burst with all that food?” you inquired laughing alongside Hermione. Ron simply shrugged.

“I’ve been training my stomach to handle this. If there’s one thing us Weasleys know how to do, it’s throw a great wedding,” Ron replied in between bites. “Say, where’s Harry?” You and Hermione scanned the room until it landed on Harry who was talking eagerly with Aunt Muriel and some other person you couldn’t recall the name of.

“I guess your aunt pulled him into one of her never ending conversations,” Hermione guessed. “Hey, we should get out and dance for a while.”

“You girls go on ahead, I’m going to get another tray of food and go save Harry from Muriel,” Ron spoke, not giving Hermione a second to protest. “I’ll catch you guys later.” You wished you could follow Ron and avoid dancing, but Hermione was not going to let you off so easily.

Though you weren’t one for dancing, by some miracle you ended up on the dance floor having a great time. As you were jumping and dancing with your friend, your eyes landed on George. He was watching you with such intensity not in admiration but with disdain. Clearly, he was still consumed with the events that happened last night.

“Hey don’t worry about him Y/N,” Hermione remarked giving your hand a tight squeeze. “He’ll come around.” You had almost forgotten the pain of losing George, but seeing him sent shockwaves through your heart all over again.  You had to be strong, you couldn’t ruin this wedding; the George you knew would not want you crying every time you looked at him. He would want you celebrating life even if it wasn’t with him. Forcing yourself to smile at Hermione, you returned to dancing once more trying to keep the pain you had for George in the back of your mind. Just as you started to return to dancing, a shimmering blue streak of light floated in and landed in the center of the dance floor.

“A patronus,” Hermione whispered. “Why would someone send a patronus here unless…” You focused all your attention on the orb in front of you.

The ministry has fallen. Scrimgeour is dead. They are coming

The words continued to echo in your head as the smoke faded. Who was coming? Your question was quickly answered as a loud bang echoed through the tent.

“The death eaters are beginning to break the barriers!” Hermione cried. “I’m going to go find Ron and Harry. You stay here.” Before you could protest, Hermione ran off toward the buffet table. You heard a series of loud pops behind you as people started apparating away. You stole a look at Bill and Fluer, who were locked together in a tight embrace. This isn’t the way that they wanted their big day to end yet neither of them looked upset. The couple had a look of determination to fight whatever came their way. The tent began to shake more and soon flashes of light began soaring through the tops of the tent. You tried to search for Hermione, but the chaotic scene of guests fighting and apparating made the ‘where’s Hermione’ game much harder. As you continued to look for Hermione, your eyes landed on one of the Weasley cousins. He couldn’t have been older than eight and had a look of pure terror on his face as he gripped tightly to the legs of the table. You rushed over to him, wand drawn. Hermione would forgive you for leaving your designated spot if it was to help someone.

“Hey, I’m going to get you out of here alright,” you purred as you offered a hand to him. When the child didn’t move, you continued, “I’m friends with the Weasley’s and Harry Potter. I’ll get you out of here.” Reluctantly, the boy placed his hand in yours and you pulled him across the dance floor. Just as you were nearing the edge of the tent, a stunning spell hit your back sending you and the boy to the ground

“Ah, Y/N we meet at last,” a cool voice spoke. You reached for your fallen wand but found a black leather boot covered it. Slowly you raised your head up to find the source of the voice, and your blood froze when you saw whom the voice belonged to: Bellatrix LeStrange. You searched frantically for the boy and were relieved to see that he lay right beside you. “How endearing to see you protecting someone. Now, we’re going to play a little game. I’ll give that boy ten seconds to run, or I’ll kill both of you on the spot.”  The boy gripped your hand tighter unwilling to let go.

“Go on. You’ll be fine,” you reassured him. You needed to hold it together, at least until he ran from you.  With one last look at you, he started running toward the burrow, narrowly missing every flying curse.

“And here I thought you wouldn’t be cooperative. Now, I’m going to ask you to do a little something for me,” Bellatrix hissed somehow her cold hand had found its way onto your shoulder and forced you up. You struggled to get away, but Bellatrix held tightly to you wand at your throat. “Don’t you dare make a sound or so help me I’ll kill you” Tears began burning your eyes.  No one could help you now. You were at the mercy of the darkest witch who had a bad habit of toying with her victims. “I never intended on letting that boy escape. I was kind enough to let him think he had a chance of escaping. Here’s another choice for you although it’s not a very good one.” Bellatrix leaned in closer to your ear, every hair on your neck was up, and you fought the urge to scream. “Either you’re going to kill him or I will.”

“No, I won’t do it,” you sobbed. Bellatrix only gripped your shoulder tighter, her sharp nails digging into your skin. You bit your lip to hold back the scream of pain.

“I figured you’d say as much. Before I let you go, I just have one last favor to ask, could you raise your wand hand for me,” she asked. What an odd request you thought but you complied. “I want you to watch me kill him.”

“Please don’t do this,” you pled, the tears falling harder now. You couldn’t see what ahead of you. Bellatrix didn’t bother to reply, all you heard was the words Avada Kedavra before you sunk to the ground curling up into a ball sobbing. The ringing in your ears masked the screams of the crowd. Every painful thought you had surfaced and overwhelmed you. You had no energy to yell, nor any energy to fight any more. You wished this war were over, that you could go back to the way things were. Yet, you knew things would never be the same.

A rough set of hands grabbed you and jerked you upward. It was George, his eyes were full of tears and he was screaming at you his wand held tightly in his grasp.

“Why did you do it? He didn’t deserve to die! He was only a boy!” he shoved you down to the ground. “You’re a bloody monster that’s what you are.” You tried to reply, but you couldn’t find your voice.
“You have nothing to say Y/N. Nothing to say!”

“Y/N!” you saw Hermione running toward you, Harry and Ron in tow. You turned back your attention to George who now had his wand pointed toward you.

“I’m going to do something I should’ve done a long time ago,” George growled. You turned your head away; your wand was not too far away. If you could just reach it.

“George don’t do this,” Fred called from a distance causing George to turn. That was enough of a distraction to make a mad dash for your wand. As you started to bolt toward Ron and Hermione, you felt sharp pain in your back causing you to fall to the ground once more. Your vision started to blur as you felt spell after spell hit you. Who would save you now?

The story continues (x)