one dissonant

stefan: begs caroline to flip her humanity back and tells her he’s there for her and wants to be with her

stefan: tells caroline loving her changed his life and he will wait till she’s healed and is ready for a relationship

stefan: says “i love you” first

stefan: wants her back the second he’s in town after a 3 year breakup when they’re both in different relationships

stefan: literally asks her to marry him


my life the past while has been feeling like one of those weird dissonant indie movies that when it ends youre like tf? thats it?? and its always overcast and the plot is all over the place and it has a cult following. with a good soundtrack though

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You know exactly how little faith the larries have in their own "beliefs" about larry being real when you see how over the top and vocally they harass everyone in Louis and Harry's lives to try to get some sort of validation or even some action or word they can take as secret code and twist to continue their bullshitting for another day. That behavior more than anything tells me that deep down they KNOW they are wrong and they are screaming the loudest to try to drown out their own doubts

Instead of admitting error, “members of the group sought frantically to convince the world of their beliefs,” and they made “a series of desperate attempts to erase their rankling dissonance by making prediction after prediction in the hope that one would come true.”

How to Convince Someone When Facts Fail

They don’t act according to the beliefs they profess. They act more like devotees who need to clap for Tinkerbell to remain alive. Phoebe needs to touch her nose for Larry to be real. Of course no larrie would say that Phoebe’s confirmation makes larry real, but then they continue to demand evidence in the form of action.

But it gets worse, because if they believed that Phoebe is not at liberty to confirm larry, they’re doing nothing but making her and her brother’s lives harder. They actively believe that Louis’ sisters are being controlled by “they” and that Louis and Harry are punished for infractions that might indicate they are coming out. So they’re STILL not acting according to their beliefs.

Their behavior shows that they either feel the truth of their statements is made so by the number of people who proclaim them or who they recruit, or that they are fully willing to make Louis’ life harder for the validation.

I’m legitimately disgusted by y'all who are attempting to paint this sweet, innocent picture of the woman who, long before Trump came around:

  • Advocated for building a wall around the Mexican border

  • Pushed a bill to make flag burning a federal crime complete with a jail sentence

  • Drove policies which contributed to hyperpolicing in minority communities ( superpredator policies)

  • Supported the Iraq war

  • Subverted the Democratic process of her own party MULTIPLE TIMES

  • Stored top secret information in an illegal and unsafe manner

  • STILL supports the war on drugs

  • Said that, given the opportunity, she would nuke Iran

I don’t know how the fuck y'all are justifying the last one but cognitive dissonance always amazes me

The defining trait of transsexuality (aka transgenderism aka being trans) is gender dysphoria. This is a fundamental dissonance with one’s sexed traits (primary and/or secondary) that varies in intensity from discomfort to suicidality. People with gender dysphoria face clinically significant mental distress, anxiety, depression, acts of violence, homelessness, abandonment by religious, social, and familial groups, etc., both before and after transition (which lessens but doesn’t erase our suffering). We aren’t all breaking the binary. We aren’t all liberal (or even political). We aren’t all “queer.” We are just people who are easing our discomfort in the only way possible.

I don’t care if nondysphorics change their names or presentations or whatever. It’s a free country. But they, by definition, are not suffering in the same way I do. They are simply choosing to identify as a different gender (usually in safe, accepting environments) whereas dysphoric trans people have no choice. It is tremendously offensive to me that people are claiming to be the same as me while crowing that they aren’t. 

Things I enjoy doing for comedic effect:
~ Overemphasizing my Italian heritage
~ Using three or more tenses in one sentence
~ Soundtrack dissonance
~ Making my cat listen to meme music
~ Intentionally bad art

The best thing about Goku Black is, that his Saiyan Beyond God status makes him look skinny, but taller, like 6′4 taller. Then people assume he’s like weak and barely packs a punch, but when he does, he can literally obliterate a planet with nothing less than a thought.

And the best of all, he does it all with a smile. A dissonant one, filled with serenity.

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all content is from World of Thedas volume 2, and is owned by BioWare.

Cover Art and Foreword

Cosmogenesis & First Sin: Story of creation and the fall of man. One of the four original Chants said to be sung by Andraste, “the Portents”.

Threnodies 5
Threnodies 6

Creation of the Blight: The Blight’s creation from Archon Hessarian’s perspective. One of the Dissonant Verses.

Silence 1
Silence 2
Silence 3

Epiphany of Our Lady: Andraste’s quest for salvation. One of the four original Portents.

Andraste 1

Andraste’s Teachings: The sermons of Andraste as told by her people. One of the four original Portents.

Transfigurations 1, 10, 12

Hymns: Prayers to the Maker. One of the four original Portents.

Trials 1

Rallying the Armies: Shartan and the elven rebellion. One of the Dissonant Verses.

Shartan 9, 10

Betrayal & Death: Andraste’s capture and execution.

Apotheosis 1
Apotheosis 2

Prophecy: Andraste’s appearance to Drakon and promise of the Maker’s return.

Exaltations 1

the thing that really gets me about the leelah alcorn project and local tumblr user zubat is the cognitive dissonance of people being more willing to give to their money and resources to a conventionally attractive (for all purposes white) dfab indivdual than to actual trans girls and women (especially black and brown trans and women).

like in everyway trans girls and women of color are the butt of this cosmic joke and it’s fucked up and not very surprising.

Death of the Doctor and Fate in Fiction

So the newest season of Doctor Who has started and once again, Moffat has gone to the “The Doctor is doomed to die today” well. 


Look, there’s only so many times that you can play that card - even with the acknowledgement that this is serial fiction - before you’ve wrung all the potential drama out of it. It’s no longer “will the Doctor die?” or even “how will he get out of it” and more just an exasperated “Again? That trick never works!”

Part of the problem is that Moffat isn’t as clever as he likes to think he is and has a tendency to just hand-wave himself out of narrative corners. You can’t threaten a character when there’s a never-ending stream of Deus Ex Machinas waiting in the wings, complete with breaking the established rules of your own universe by giving him even MORE regenerations. And to make matters worse, it’s almost never through his own actions; it’s the Universe bending because The Doctor is JUST THAT SPECIAL.  Why should we worry about the Doctor? Clara or River or whomever will make some passionate speech about how The Doctor can’t be allowed to die and then everyone claps their hands because they’re showing they believe in faeries and he gets back up again. If you use that trick more than once, it’s over.

It’s a ludonarrative dissonance and one that just straight-up kills any potential interest or drama in the storyline. 

But the other problem is… there’s just no more menace or interest. It just gets dropped on us when it should be a growing realization. Otherwise, it’s not the most momentous time in his life, it’s just Saturday.

To give an example of making it work, even without the threat, there was The Impossible Astronaut. Instead of trying to make us believe that The Doctor is gone for realsies, it focuses less on the event and more on questions of “what is going on?” So by the time we build to the climax, we’re still interested because it’s about the mystery of it all, not the potential that this is the end of the Doctor.

But the best example of the use of death as a threat to an otherwise immortal character (literally - the Doctor regenerates, after all - and metaphorically - the show must go on) is in the fate of 10.

When the Doctor gets the knowledge that Death will knock four times, it becomes a long, slow burn. It’s sitting there at the back of his mind, knowing he’s living on borrowed time. He becomes increasingly obsessed with escaping his fate and it colors everything he does, from avoiding finding new companions to becoming Time Lord Invictus. But only after seeing that no, he can’t control time and destiny, he starts to accept his fate.

But then: there’s the Hope Spot. In The End of Time, he’s beaten Rassilon. The Master is gone. The day he was destined to die has passed and he’s still alive! He’s beaten the universe at it’s own game! He’s Time Lord Invictus once again!

And then…

Knock knock knock knock

That moment’s stolen out from under him in the most unexpectedly mundane way possible: Wulf trying to get his attention. And then we watch The Doctor RAGE at the unfairness of it all, the frustration, the fear of his own end - even though he knows he’ll continue on, this version of himself will die.

And then it’s back to acceptance, leading up to that last moment of protest: “I Don’t Want to Go”.

That is how you handle death in a series like this. You don’t tease the audience with consequences that it knows are bogus, you give it import to the CHARACTER. Make us empathize with them instead of fearing for them. That’s when the death of a fictional character becomes important. 

Because we won’t want them to go, either.