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stefan: begs caroline to flip her humanity back and tells her he’s there for her and wants to be with her

stefan: tells caroline loving her changed his life and he will wait till she’s healed and is ready for a relationship

stefan: says “i love you” first

stefan: wants her back the second he’s in town after a 3 year breakup when they’re both in different relationships

stefan: literally asks her to marry him


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I just read the pledius statement update and stayed up waiting for it... there's been more and more people standing up for dongho and I wanted to ask for your update opinion?

Hey, bud, I also stayed up for it rip my sleeping schedule.

I am so relieved Pledis has responded with clarifications about some of accuser’s evidence. I also appreciate that they’re taking full legal action and aren’t going to accept settlements so at least there will be closure. 

My stance, however, is still the same: I will not take sides- I will not defend nor condemn him or the girl. I will also not condemn anyone who does take sides, though. My staying neutral is honestly for more personal reasons. 

The only thing left to do is wait- but the fact that they’re taking action and investing time and effort into this does help settle my nerves some. Hopefully Pledis has conclusive evidence and the case doesn’t get dragged out. However there is still a lot of uncertainty in terms of how this will play out regardless if he is innocent. There’s no escaping this without some form of damage.

I am very very very depressed about the implications for real victims in the future though. :/ The fact that this might all be a lie to slander him coupled with the reception it’s gotten is going to make it harder for real victims to come forward. I’m also hoping that people who are siding with Dongho, which they are allowed to do as is their right to express their opinions, aren’t using dismissive logic to support him (i.e. victim waited too long so they’re clearly not a real victim, etc) because that kind of thinking is prevalent and the reason why it is hard for real victims to come forward. We should have faith that things will work out in the end and justice will be served to whoever is the liar (and I’m hoping it’s not Dongho). 

Personally, it’s very hard to me, as someone who was a victim, to side with him blindly until there is closure or something more concrete because of the cognitive dissonance that these situations create. I’d either have to use some the same logic that was used on me (i.e. dismissing based on waiting too long to talk, keeping in contact with harasser, treating harasser normally, confabulation, family glossing over events, etc) or I’d have to support blindly and both make me deeply uncomfortable. Both sides are contradicting each other and I have a lot emotional investment in Dongho which is at odds with my own personal experiences that are biasing how I perceive the accusations. I can’t choose a side without some part of me feeling extremely guilty about my choice. 

However, I do acknowledge the inconsistencies in the accuser’s story and I’m hoping very, very, very, very hard that the truth will be revealed in court and that Dongho will be okay in the end if he is innocent (which again, I am hoping very very very hard that he is). 

I love Dongho with all my heart and I want nothing but the best for him, so I hope anyone reading this doesn’t assume that my neutral stance means I’m against him or siding with the girl. This entire situation makes me very very uncomfortable because of my past and I already had a panic attack when it broke. To save myself from any more cognitive dissonance (that’s honestly wrecking me)- I’m trying hard to be neutral and detached throughout the entire situation. 

Again, if anyone wants to discuss this further, feel free to send me a private message. Also I apologize for any typos or parts that may not be clear.I had very little sleep last night and it looks like I won’t be getting much again tonight.

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance has one of the best soundtracks in the series

Above: a handful of responses in an awful (as usual) thread on NeoGAF. They are, of course, all wrong. Harmony of Dissonance’s soundtrack, written by Soshiro Hokkai, is wild and weird, and the bile it continues to inspire is most of all a testament to the extremely small cultural pool gamers, and nerds in general, tend to draw from rather than the soundtrack’s craft and technical merits. Heaven help these people if they ever heard Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring (well – that’s a bit of a delicious scenario, really; I love the idea of people still being scandalized by a composition from the early 1900s). Lovecraft’s writing isn’t a dominant reference point for analyses of Bloodborne because it’s the most pertinent or interesting one, but because gamers have almost no idea of how to draw connections between historical material and Bloodborne’s horrific and sublime elements. One funky hip-hop song is not necessarily akin to a given Persona song; it’s often just that the person doing the comparing has heard barely any funk or hip-hop outside of the Persona series. Similarly, HoD’s music confounds the gamer who has an apoplectic episode if less than 95% of the arrangements of Castlevania music on YouTube don’t involve an electric guitar. These people don’t have, and have no interest in acquiring, the means of engaging its music, so they dismiss it wholesale as a failure.

The critiques tend to come in patterns, and one of the stupidest is that Harmony of Dissonance’s music could be improved “if the samples were better.” The people saying this would almost certainly defend Mega Man 2′s soundtrack in a second, even though it also rendered through similar hardware; i.e., it is another “chiptune” score. In fact, HoD’s score is technically of a higher quality than Mega Man 2′s; the only 8bit Castlevania that can compare is the Japanese version of Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse, which is assisted by the VRC6 chip. These informed observations are irrelevant to those doing the criticizing, though, because they’re expecting something very particular that is being unmet. This myopic expectation was demonstrated by the release of Aria of Sorrow and the continual remarks about how much better, professional, and listenable its music sounded. You see, the instruments sounded like real instruments now. How couldn’t it be a victory? In other words, Harmony of Dissonance was damned from the start since it had the audacity to be a Game Boy Advance title that technically sounded like a videogame from a little over a decade ago. And isn’t all art linear? I’ll leave it up to readers here to decide which version of “Ruined Castle Corridor”, the opening area theme from Aria of Sorrow, they prefer: the original, or this “technologically dated” arrangement. For myself, the preference for one is unambiguous. We can find ways to argue for and against the qualitative details of something that is of an older mold, no question, but that can only be done once we accept that not every new thing has to advertise that newness in every facet of its make-up. “lol this sounds like an old videogame, fail” is not in itself a legitimate criticism, even implicitly.

If there’s anything I’d broadly find fault with in Harmony’s soundtrack it’s that I wish there were more thematic development among many of its pieces. Even though “Chapel of Dissonance” is about fifteen or twenty seconds longer than the typical environmental theme from Castlevania 3, it feels shorter in action and in my memory than, say, “Mad Forest.” It’s almost as if it’s missing a section after its first twenty seconds – a minor bridge that would let the first section’s material grow out a bit more, not for formal coherence, just because it is so beautiful and deserving of embellishment. In this respect, “Offense and Defense” stands out: it is about a minute-and-a-half long (the game’s longest environmental track) and also covers as much ground as it needs to before looping. What fascinates me about this score is how much it exemplifies the counterpoint-like aspects of chiptunes while sounding like a fusion of modal jazz jam sessions and restlessly chromatic chamber music. Just listen to the the drums’ and basslines’ escalating activities in “Name Entry 2K2″, or the yearning chord progressions of “Epilogue 2″, so reminiscent of bittersweet, heart-trembling chamber works by Enescu or Rachmaninov. How anyone who has some familiarity with the formal quirks of videogame music, and is not repulsed by anything that doesn’t sound like what is played on the radio, can listen to these and not feel at least a bit of excitement or interest is baffling. This isn’t bad or janky music at all; it’s crackling stuff, pushing at the edges of its technological constraints and skillfully using them to its advantage (seriously, the percussive work in this soundtrack alone is a detail-oriented marvel).

You did good, Soshiro Hokkai. You really did do good.

arousing-dissonance replied to your photo “Pastel murder bathroom, anyone? please click on the image to see it in…”

Loving the colors hot dang))

thanks!! ♥♥

I actually have another version of it with much warmer colors, and I’m thinking of uploading it to twitter or something.

I’m legitimately disgusted by y'all who are attempting to paint this sweet, innocent picture of the woman who, long before Trump came around:

  • Advocated for building a wall around the Mexican border

  • Pushed a bill to make flag burning a federal crime complete with a jail sentence

  • Drove policies which contributed to hyperpolicing in minority communities ( superpredator policies)

  • Supported the Iraq war

  • Subverted the Democratic process of her own party MULTIPLE TIMES

  • Stored top secret information in an illegal and unsafe manner

  • STILL supports the war on drugs

  • Said that, given the opportunity, she would nuke Iran

I don’t know how the fuck y'all are justifying the last one but cognitive dissonance always amazes me

my life the past while has been feeling like one of those weird dissonant indie movies that when it ends youre like tf? thats it?? and its always overcast and the plot is all over the place and it has a cult following. with a good soundtrack though

A Masterpost

all content is from World of Thedas volume 2, and is owned by BioWare.

Cover Art and Foreword

Cosmogenesis & First Sin: Story of creation and the fall of man. One of the four original Chants said to be sung by Andraste, “the Portents”.

Threnodies 5
Threnodies 6

Creation of the Blight: The Blight’s creation from Archon Hessarian’s perspective. One of the Dissonant Verses.

Silence 1
Silence 2
Silence 3

Epiphany of Our Lady: Andraste’s quest for salvation. One of the four original Portents.

Andraste 1

Andraste’s Teachings: The sermons of Andraste as told by her people. One of the four original Portents.

Transfigurations 1, 10, 12

Hymns: Prayers to the Maker. One of the four original Portents.

Trials 1

Rallying the Armies: Shartan and the elven rebellion. One of the Dissonant Verses.

Shartan 9, 10

Betrayal & Death: Andraste’s capture and execution.

Apotheosis 1
Apotheosis 2

Prophecy: Andraste’s appearance to Drakon and promise of the Maker’s return.

Exaltations 1

Go on and Kiss the Girl

HOLY FUCK @breezycheezyart

Here’s your present! I hope you like it! Also… lol, me and @braincoins worked to get you these two fics at the same time.

Summary: Five times Shiro and Allura almost kiss… 

Sleep is, as usual, painfully elusive.

Luckily, there are plenty of places in the castleship an insomniac can wander without disturbing anyone. The Castle of Lions is vast and sometimes labyrinthine, and Shiro, just to shut his hollering brain up, imagines himself as some sort of futuristic Indiana Jones. The whole ship is certainly old enough to belong in a museum.

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the thing that really gets me about the leelah alcorn project and local tumblr user zubat is the cognitive dissonance of people being more willing to give to their money and resources to a conventionally attractive (for all purposes white) dfab indivdual than to actual trans girls and women (especially black and brown trans and women).

like in everyway trans girls and women of color are the butt of this cosmic joke and it’s fucked up and not very surprising.

Staging your Ship: A Guide

Stage 1: These two characters exist in the same universe and have met. (John/Anthea)

Stage 2: These two characters know each other in canon. It’s pretty apparent that the creator/writer did not intend or anticipate that they might fancy each other, but we consider that an oversight on their part. We can make an argument that they would enjoy each other romantically or sexually based on personality traits and interests, or that their aggressive behaviour towards each other isn’t animosity but simmering sexual interest, but there is no strong canon evidence of any them having any sexual or romantic interest in each other. (John/Moriarty)

Stage 3: These two characters have feelings about each other that are articulated. While the story does not give us confirmation of a romantic relationship between these two characters, there is some evidence in canon to construct an argument that they have been, are, or are will be. (Sherlock/Irene)

Stage 4: These two characters canonically love each other. The are portrayed as soulmates who are miserable without each other. They endanger themselves or others to protect each other, and the only possible happy ending to the story is them being together. There is significant subtext about their relationship, so much that other characters comment on it. While the story does not give us inarguably explicit confirmation of their romantic or sexual relationship, at no point does it close the door to it. In fact, the story goes out of its way to keep the possibility not only open, but narratively pointed at. (Sherlock/John)

This stage is the excruciating equivalent of musical dissonance one step away from consonance, or this:

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Canon: These two characters are explicitly understood to be in a romantic and/or sexual relationship with each other. They are married, dating, and refer to each other and their spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, etc. So obvious it’s often too boring to ship fannishly. (John/Mary)