one diretion fan fic

The Nanny: Chapter Three

Chapter Three:  Ria’s POV


My hand had healed a little it but not enough to fully use it yet, to be honest it was getting more annoying than painful. The boys also hadn’t been back for a few days, since I met them. Lou was very concerned and blamed Zayn and Niall for the entire incident and insisted that I took a day off, I didn’t though, and I think I would have missed Lux too much. She was a really sweet girl, and she was standing now. It had been a while since I had looked after a really little kid, I have forgotten all about the ‘firsts’ stage. When they stood for the first time, or walked for the first time, or say their first word. It is something so incredible to be there for.

My hair was tugged from behind me. Yes, Lux was still doing that.


“Hey hunny” I said as I turned around and pulled her into a hug. I stood up and swung her around, she giggled uncontrollably. She was so cute, her chubby cheeks lit up automatically when she saw anyone walk into the room.


All of sudden I heard the front door open. Lux who was looking over my shoulder, smiled extra large. She only smiled like that when …


“Luxie!” a male voice cried.


I turned around and saw Zayn running towards me with his arms out and a huge smile on his face.

Lux wriggled out of my arms and I just passed her to Zayn, one handily by the way. I’m quite skilful like that.


“How are you my darling?” Zayn cooed, smiling at Lux.


He was really cute with her.


“So.. ?” he asked me.


“Sorry” I asked, confused.


“I asked you how you were” he told me, still smiling.


He called me darling??


“Oh, umm, good I guess, head is fine and my hand is healing” I said as I motioned to my head and hand.


Only then did I notice that there were three extra guys here today. One with amazingly curly hair, another with shorter hair like his, the third was smiling like a two year old with a sweet (didn’t notice his hair, just that).


“Sweet” Zayn replied, then followed my gaze “this is Harry (curly), Liam (shorter curly) and Louis (two year old)”.


“Oh Hi, I’m Ria” I said smiling.


They just stared… Why were they staring? I turned around to look behind me. Nope nothing there just a wall… Peculiar. Another good word!



“So, um, does anyone want any tea?” I asked out of habit.


“NO!” they all yelled in unison. Stupid boy band mind linking-ness.. They are probably all talking about me through telekinesis right now.


“So I see that Niall and Zayn have told you about me” I said to Liam, Louis and Harry.


“Uhmm, yup. Sorry, that’s why we all came” Liam explained nervously.


“Right, well Niall would you like to come with me to make some iced tea or something?” I said to the only person still smiling at me.


“Sure Ria, lead the way” he replied.


I walked into the kitchen and turned around.


“They came to see me?” I asked.


“Sorry Ria, Zayn told them all about the hot water incident and the fainting. I didn’t help, I told him to shut up to start with but he didn’t, and the boys wanted to know because he started by saying that the new nanny was fit. So Harry was keen to meet you and…” Niall said hurriedly.


“Niall, calm down! I don’t mind really, just caught me off guard” I said as I shook him by the shoulders. “Don’t stress”


“Okay” he said with a sigh. “Do you want to make some iced tea or something then?”




Harry’s POV


“Dibs!” I called as soon as Ria and Niall left the room.


She was fit! And she was really good with Lux, couldn’t help but be cute could she?


“Nope, I think Niall likes her” Liam said sitting down on a couch.


“Whaat?! I think I could like her” I argued.


“You haven’t said a word to her Harry” Zayn added.


“Oh and you have?” I asked him.


“Uhm, yes. I have met her before” he reminded me.




“I think Niall really likes her” Louis added.


I shot him a ‘thanks-for-taking-their-side’ look, and sat down on the floor by Zayn and Lux.


“I think that sucks” I complained like a three year old.


“You could get any girl Harry, you do get any girl” Liam pointed out.


“So, leave her for Niall. Okay?” Louis suggested.


“Whatever” I mumbled, nudging one on Lux’s toys with my foot.


Not every girl looked like Ria though.


Zayn’s POV


So Louis and Liam think Niall like her… I knew that I guess. I walked in on them nearly kissing. That was the only detail that I left out, when I told the boys about her. Niall knew it too because when I finished telling them, he gave me a thanking look. I don’t know why I didn’t say it. Maybe it was because I liked her too?? Nah, Niall does, I will back off. Maybe.


“We’re back” Ria called as she walked into the room with Niall trailing behind her carrying a tray with iced tea in dinkies on it.


“Dinkies?” I asked as I picked up one.


“Yes, that is what Lux uses and when she has friends around so do they. So do you guys” she said with a wink at me.


I just stuck out my tongue and laughed.


“Yay!” Harry yelled as he dived for a pink one “Dibs!”


Louis and Liam shot each other looks and then looked over at Ria. I knew what they were thinking, just like I knew what Harry meant with his second dibs of the day.

I knew everything, but no-one knows what I’m thinking, and no-one can know that I like Ria. Especially Niall.