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Best.Sex.Ever. (Liam Payne dirty imagine)

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Thats what I was. Because of him. 

Liam Payne. 

I could hear his raspy voice coming from the living room. I was currently sitting on my bunk, in the hot tour bus. I was needed to go on tour with the boys, as sort of an apprentice into the entertainment buisness. I helped take care of a lot of there stuff, but being I’m the same age as them, we consider ourselves friends. We go to clubs together, and drink together. We laugh and joke, because we’re not serious about anything. And that’s just the way I liked it.

I haven’t had sex in months. I’ve been getting myself off, all by my self. It was getting rather boring. Definately not as fun as sex. Liam walked out of the living room, and made his way to his bunk, which was right under mine. He looked up at me and smiled.

"Hey, Angel." He looked down on his bed.

"Hi." I used my best seduction voice I could. I was lying on my side, in a sexy way, with my head propped up on my hand. The way I was lying, you could see my cleavege perfectly. I wanted to fuck him, and right now, I couldn’t care less that the rest of the lads were on this tour bus, and I needed him. Now.

"Do you need any help finding anything?" I asked, not so innocently. He slowly started to look up, and before his puppy dog brown eyes could meet mine, his found my cleavage. I smirked, and let out a small victory chuckle. His eyes quickly found mine and looked away.\

"I-uh I’m- so-" He stuttered. I interreupted him with a seductive laugh.

"Its more than okay." 

He stood there speechless wondering what to do. Then, slowly backed away, his back hitting the other bunks. I shifted over a little, so my cleavage was showing even more. His breath hitched in his throat, and I mentally patted myself on the back. With what I was wearing, it wasn’t hekoing him either. I wore a tight black, very low cut t-shirt, and tight, black, spandex shorts. I flipped my brown hair over, and sent him a suggestive look.

"I was looking for my uh-iPhone charger." He looked around nervously, to anywhere but me. He tried not to, anyway.

—Liam’s P.O.V.—

She was so fucking hot.

I could feel the tightening in my pants, as my bulge grew larger, as my eyes raked over her sexy body. I wanted her, but I was scared. I have never done this before. No one has touched my cock but me. But I really didn’t care. 

She could tell I was getting turned on, and thats exactly what she wanted. 

She slowly changed positions, so she was sitting upright, on her nice ass, her sweet legs dangling over her bunk.

"Liam, its really hot in here. Are you not hot wearing those, skin tight jeans?" She questioned, almost innocently, as her eyes raked over my bulge. A smirk played on her plump lips. I cleared my throat, and just looked at her. I was at a lost for words. I didn’t know how to dirty talk, and she seemed like a pro. Her deep blue eyes met mine, and she slowly stretched her arm out and grabbed my shirt. She lightly tugged me over to where she was sitting, and my face was now right at her tits. Her very firm, nice, tits. I tried to look anywhere but her boobs, but that didn’t work, so i closed my eyes tightly, and let out a sigh. Her hands were on my shoulders, and they raked down my arms, all the way to my hands. She grabbed them and put them on her waist. Her hand went to my chin, as she cupped it, and pushed my head up to her face. My eyes opened, to meet hers. 

"Liam, I want you."

Those words echoed through my mind. My bulge was a full on hardon now, and there was no going back. I really wanted to fuck her. 

"Angel, I haven’t - I’ve never-" She quickly pressed her lips to mine, in a steamy, passionate kiss. I got chills down my spine, and down my arms. Her hands moved around my neck, and my arms were still around her waist. She licked my bottom lip, asking for entrance, and I gladly accepted. Our toungues fought for dominance, and surely, she won. She let out a soft moan, and that only turned me on even more. We finally pulled away, and stared into eachothers eyes, our forheads pressed together.

"Liam, I’ll help you through this. Its not that hard, promise. Now get up here."

"Angel, everyone is on the tour bus!" Did she really want to do this with me?

"That makes it all the more fun." She smirked. 


I jumped on her bunk, so she was next to the wall. I shut the small curtain, to get atleast some privacy. 

Our lips met again, but this time, it was a more needy kiss. We were both horny as fuck, and wanted to get down to it. Suddenly, her hand was on my cock, and she started palming me. I let out a nice sigh, and pulled her closer to me. My arms were slithered around her waist, and my hands found her ass, and squeezed. She let out a soft, raspy moan, and it turned me on like hell.

"Baby, off with the pants." She stated, taking her hand off my dick, and struggled to pull them down. Once they were off, so were hers. She was now left with a matching red lace, bra and panties. It was fucking hot. I was in nothing but my underwear. My eyes raked over her body, as hers did mine. Her soft hands smoothed over my chest, as they moved down to the band of my calven klein, black underwear. She slowly pulled them down, and my cock sprang free. It felt cooler, so I let out a soft moan.

"Baby, are you sure about thi-oh fuck!" Her head was bobbing up and down, and my dick was in her mouth. It wasn’t in all the way, I mean, I had a ten inch. Her toungue did swirls around my cock, and low, quiet moans were quickly escaping my lips. she grabbed a hold of my balls, and squeezed lightly. It turned me on like hell. 

Then she did she sexiest thing ever. She started deep throating. My whole cock was in her sweet little mouth. The mouth I thought was so innocent. 

"Baby, I’m about to cum, I-" I squirted my juices all in her mouth and she swallowed all of it, no problem. I was slightly in shock that she could do that. She quickly came back up, and was now face to face with me. She smiled cockily. 

"Yes, I can deep throat." 

"That was so fucking hot, baby." I said, still out of breath and slightly dazed. 

I knew what I had to do next. I had to finger her. I’ve never done that before, and she could tell I was slightly nervous to do so. She layed down on her back.

"Lay down on top of me." 

I did so. 

"Now move down a little." She pushed on my shoulders. I was staring down at her stomach now.

"This will be easy for you. Finger me the way you finger your guitar." 

I never thought of it that way. I was about to finger the fuck out of her.

I pushed her thong down, and my fingers met her dripping wet folds. I suddenly got the confidence to start the dirty talk.

"Mm, baby, you’re dripping wet for me." My heavy accent rang. She moaned.

"Are you gonna finger me already?" Just as she finised that sentence, I plunged my middle finger in her juicy pussy.

"Oh, fuck, Liam." Her hands ran over her still covered boobs. She let out a sigh, and a moan. My finger was going in and out of her really fast, then I put my index finger in her, and finger-fucked her even faster. I was starting to get hard again. 

"Come on baby, tell me who made you this wet." 

"Mm, you did Liam, I’m all soaked for you, baby. Oh, yes." She arched her back, and let out more moans. My fingers started doing scissors inside of her cunt, and she sounded like she was really enjoying it. I got another boost of confidence, as my head moved down, and my toungue found her wet clit. She wasn’t expecting it, and she let out a really loud moan. I stopped everything and looked up.

"Liam? Why did you stop? Fuck!" She breathed, looking slightly peeved. I only smirked. 

"You have to be quiet. Wouldn’t want the other lads to ruin our little fun now, would we?"

She said nothing for a moment, then shook her head.

"Thats a good girl." I then got back to work. My toungue flicked over her clit, and sucked her juices, and my fingers wiggled around inside her tight pussy. She let out low moans, and groans, and I was now fully hard again.

"Liam I’m gonna cum." She let out a chain of swear words, as she cummed right in my mouth. I licked her pussy clean. As i was about to look up, she grabbed my face roughly in her hands and our lips met in a rough, needy kiss. I moaned in the kiss, my hands tangled in her wavy hair. she flipped us over, so she was now on top of me. 

"I’m going to ride your big fucking cock, baby." She said sexily. I could have came, then and there.

She grabbed my dick in her hands, and pumped it a few times. She placed it at her entrance and teased a few times. My hands found her waist.

"Angel, no teasing." I looked at her threateningly. 

"Oh, why not, Liam? What are you gonna do ab-fuck! Liam! Ah, dammit!" My hands pushed down roughly on her hips and pushed her down on my cock. She went sort of slow at first, to get used to my size, then she started bouncing up and down really fast. It felt so fucking good, I was seeing stars. 

"Oh, Liam!" She grabbed her still-covered boobs. I quickly moved my hands from her waist, and unclasped her bra. Her tits fell free.

They were beautiful. I gropped them, and played with them, and she enjoyed it. She was still riding my cock, and I knew I was going to cum soon. My dick twitched and as soon as she felt it, she got off. I let out a chain of swear words. 

"I want you to fuck me from behind." Was all she said, before turning around, her back now to me. 

I wasted no time. I grabbed her hips and slammed into her, hard. The sound of skin slapping, our grunts, and moans filled the little bunk. 

"You’re pussy is so fucking tight, baby." I whispered in her ear. I felt her shiver, and that turned me on more than anything.  My hands let go of her waist, and found her boobs. I played with them, and squeezed her nipples. I knew she was liking it. 

"Fuck me hard, Liam! Just like that baby, fuck yes." She moaned and leaned into me. I was pounding inside of her, and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock. It sent me over the edge. I kissed her neck roughy, which took her by surprise, but she loved it.

I loved it.

"Angel baby, I’m gonna cum so hard in that sweet, little pussy of yours." I whispered again in her ears. 

"Cum with me, Liam, on three baby, oh god…" She moaned. 

"One" We both said, and I pounded into her.

"Two" I pounded into her again.

"Three." I pounded into her one last time and we both cummed. Our sweet juices mixed together, and we both were breathing heavily. My cock still inside her pussy. We stayed like that for a few moments. I took my dick out, and she turned to lay on her back.

"That was the best sex I’ve ever had." She stated, surprising me very much.

"Really? But I’ve never done this before. I was a virgin until now."

"Best.Sex.Ever." She said, reassuringly. 

We both smiled. 

"Angel, I’ve always really liked you." 

I kissed her.

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