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“Good morning!” You chirped, tossing your hair up into a ponytail as you made your way down the stairs. You let out a small grunt before stretching your limbs out a little, obviously still sore from last night. You had hickeys littered on your skin, your legs felt a wee bit number than usual - Overall, you kind of just looked and smelled like sex. Of course, you didn’t want to let Harry find out about the fact that you were hobbling around rather than walking. He would always get so confident (you couldn’t blame him for that - he was really good in bed, after all) and would make cheeky little remarks reminding you of how hard he had- 

“Morning, love. Sleep well?” Harry turned around to glance at you, smiling lightly at the fact that you were wearing practically nothing but one of his shirts. 

“Slept like a baby. You?” You asked, wrapping your arms around him from behind with your chin propped up on his shoulder as he made his morning tea. 

“Same, same.” Harry hummed, turning slightly to press a chaste kiss to the side of your head. This was routine for you two whenever it was the morning after. Harry would wait, and wait, until he had an entrance to bring up the amazing sex you guys had the previous night. It was just fun to see your cheeks brighten and your eyes widen whenever Harry talked about all the different ways he had ravaged you. You had caught on, of course. Sure, you knew it was fun and games for him, and as much as you loved Harry, you hated when he’d tease you. That was why this morning, you’d try your best to show that you were perfectly fine. 110% totally, completely fine. Even if you couldn’t feel your legs. 

“Did you want cereal or anything?” You hummed, opening the cabinets up to look at the array of cereal boxes. 

“Cornflakes would be nice, I suppose.” Harry shrugged, sitting himself down at the counter as he watched you shuffle around. As you got up on your tip-toes to grab the box in the cabinets, you immediately winced, feeling your legs tremble beneath you. 

“You, uh, you sure you don’t want anything else? I could make you some scrambled eggs or something. Toast, even?” You cleared your throat, letting out a short breath as you squeezed your thighs together. Harry raised an eyebrow while bringing his mug of tea up to his lips. 

“I.. No, no. Tha’s alright. Cereal should be fine.” Harry paused for a moment before speaking up again. “Actually, can yeh get the Cinnamon Toast Crunch? It’s on the top shelf.”

“You don’t usually go for Cinnamon Toast Crunch.” You quipped, glancing towards the top shelf. The thought of having to get on your tip-toes for more than a millisecond was already making your legs tremble again. 

“I know. I jus’ feel like it, though.” Harry grinned, hiding his smile behind his mug. “Yeh alright, love? S’almost like yeh don’ want me t’ eat the cereal.” 

“Only cos the Cinnamon Toast Crunch belongs to me. You don’t like sugary stuff.” You said, almost a little too quickly. “You know what? Fine, you can have some. I’m feeling generous this morning.” 

As you looked up towards the cereal, it felt like it was far, far away from your grasp. You spent about 10 seconds staring at the cereal before a hand shot up from behind you, Harry nabbing it for himself with his other hand clasping your waist. You jumped in surprise, immediately turning around only to be met with Harry’s smug face. 

“Could’a asked me t’ help next time, Y/N.” 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m perfectly capable of doing things myself without your help.” 

“That wasn’t the case last night, love. But you keep tellin’ yourself tha’.” 


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But certainly he was at least 50% open to the idea of watching Hannibal, you know, get killed on film. I just donโ€™t think he ever had any interest in being killed by Dolarhyde himself.
—  Hugh Dancy about why Will drew the gun when Dolarhyde was about to kill Hannibal

Larry Stylinson attacks again.
Watch the wall behind the louis where he recorded the video thanking you for winning the brit. The place looks a lot like harry’s house. The selfie that louis posted recently also seems to have been taken there.
Louis and Harry were together. This is getting better and better.

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Hi! I love your posts, I'm just not sure why you think a public reconciliation between ot5 necessarily means Zayn will rejoin the band? Could it be to clear the air so Zayn looks less like an ungrateful asshole (which he isn't) or to pave the way for Ziam being out? I'm sorry, I can see that they aren't free, I can see that the way he left was shady, and I can see that they are taking steps to reconcile. I love Zayn, I'm just not sure what evidence points to him rejoining the band. Thanks!

1) He was always supposed to rejoin the band.  There were aborted attempts as early as June 2015 and a big one in August 2015.  There’s a ton of evidence including several hints both Zayn and the other boys put out for the August one.  There’s also some indication that Zayn was always meant to be on MITAM and they rearranged the parts unevenly after he was taken off of it.

2) There was never an indication that Zayn himself wanted to leave the band, so there’s no real reason he wouldn’t be back with the band once he’s allowed to be.

3) RBB did several OT5 things which indicates that they definitely consider Zayn as part of the band.  Liam also added an extra part to his signature that looks like a 4 when he had to say “3 other bandmates” in his MITAM dedication.

4) You might not agree with this interpretation, but I’m 90% sure Golden is a song Zayn wrote about this time where he has to be apart from the band.  It’s about how their bond will remain strong and they’ll be together again.

5) All these mentions of Zayn returning to the band after 2 years aren’t random.  Around March 2015 Liam was extremely coy about Zayn returning to the band in the airport.  Just now Niall was questioned about whether the return after the hiatus would be OT4 or OT5.  Those things aren’t about a reconciliation.  They’re about a reunion.

6) Stalker Sarah was apparently talking about an OT5 return from hiatus this year.  Stalker Sarah is called a professional fan for a reason and she seems to serve a purpose in priming the fandom for certain things.  If she said it, there’s a pretty good chance she got the information from the boys’ team.

7) Caroline Watson posted something very suggestive on her Instagram about dressing hot boys for the red carpet in 2017 and proceeded to like comments about 1D and Zayn.

There are a heck of a lot of reasons to believe that this has always been and will always be an OT5 band.  People might not always be able to see it, but it’s there.

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(no the same anon) but ok so i just read the imagine on Harry talking to Ed about proposing omg could you write a TFLN and relate it sort of towards that like its hours before he is about to actually propose?? idk u write it how u want lol

I apologize for this because I’ve only written Ed once, about a year ago and I deleted that work, and I don’t feel like I ‘know’ Ed enough to really capture his personality, but with that being said, I tried. x

You can read the imagine based off this right here.

Harry. Ed.

Mate. I’m going to be sick.

I’m going to get down on one knee and projectile vomit all over her.

No you’re not.

She is going to say no, leave me, run off with some lawyer guy and have a dozen kids with him.

I should have just became a lawyer.

Think it’s too late for that?

Mate, just calm down. What did I tell you before?

She said she wants this, yeah?

Yeah, but maybe it’s too soon!

Or maybe the second I pop the question she’ll realize there’s more than just me out there and gets freaked out?

Like ‘I could spend the rest of my life with this donut hole, or see what else is out there?’

So do you think every time she was telling you she wants a future with you that she was lying?

No, but people change their minds.

Do you think if you don’t go through with this tonight that you’ll regret it?

Because I have a feeling you’ll wake up tomorrow and be like ‘Oh, I could have a fiancée right now, but I had to be a proper dickhead and not propose to my girlfriend out of fear she’ll say no.’

And I also have a feeling if she were to find out you didn’t go through with it, you’ll be sleeping on the couch for a month.
She’s one of the best things to ever happen to me.

I don’t want to sabotage that.

And marrying her would be even better, wouldn’t it?

Starting a family? Have a small little herd of kids running around?

She said she wants 3.

Then you’re wasting time and need to get a move on things, mate!

If she was having doubts, I don’t think she’d be at home with you right now wondering who the fuck you’re texting so much.
You have a couch for me if she says no?


These feelings are normal. You’re fine. Everything is going to be fine.

Send me cute pictures of the proposal to be jealous of after.

I asked Cal to be hiding somewhere.

Going to be awkward if he gets a rejection on camera.

I’m 30 seconds away from coming over and bitch slapping sense into your think brain.

I’m really fucking nervous, mate.

I don’t even have a speech prepared. I was hoping the right words come out in the moment. Always seems to work for people in movies.

Well you’ve been in one so maybe it’ll work out for you in favour.

I fucking hope so.

She’s almost done getting ready so I’m probably going to turn my phone off.

Just wish me luck, mate.

You don’t need any more luck. Got the girl of your dreams, did you?

She’s better than my dreams.

Atta mate x

Hey, Ed.

I’m engaged.