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1. Don’t rush. (unless abstract, quick doodles/ texture effects are what you’re going for, or something along those lines)

2. Line consistency. Practice patience. Swish swoosh clean cut like a samurai. Try to keep them pointed towards one direction

3. Closer lines : Darker. // Spaced out lines : Lighter/brighter. // Overlapping Crosses : Even darker

4. Understand where the shadows fall / where & when to use crosshatch. (under neck / back layer of character etc.)

5. Especially fun to use in traditional inking (really happy to finally restock on inking pen again after so long. Crosshatching was something I picked up from Mark Crilley when I was much younger. Carried it over to my digital art over the years and am still practicing new methods on how to do better swish shwooshes)

[Video : Top 3 mistakes of cross-hatching by Alphonso Dunn]

My Top 8 ships.

  • 1. Ian & Mickey a.k.a. Gallavich, Shameless US
  • 2. Louis & Harry a.k.a. Larry, One Direction
  • 3. Brian & Justin a.k.a. Britin, Queer As Folk
  • 4. Stiles & Derek a.k.a. Sterek, Teen Wolf
  • 5. Draco & Harry a.k.a. Drarry, Harry Potter
  • 6. Jude & Connor a.k.a. Jonnor, The Fosters
  • 7. Peter & Harry a.k.a. Parksborn, The Amazing Spider-man
  • 8. Tyler & Troye a.k.a. Troyler, Youtube

anonymous asked:

Top 5 tomlinshaw moments?

how can i just choose FIVE???

1. when nick agreed that louis was pretty

2. when nick said he wore the louis jacket in honor of his favorite member of one direction

3. when nick defended louis and said “he’s not annoying, he’s full of energy which is good for radio”

4. “no amount of bruce willis will get louis tomlinson out of your brain”

5. when nick played the dreamy sigh effect during louis’s solo in night changes

send me my “top 5" anything!

Confused Suburban White Dad

here’s a link to my playlist because someone made a tumblr post about it and it’s blowing up

1.  1985 ~ Bowling For Soup

2. Act My Age ~ One Direction

3. Hotel California ~ The Eagles

4. Here Comes The Sun ~ The Beatles

5. The Walker ~ Fitz And The Tantrums

6. Carry On My Wayward Son ~ Kansas

7. Sweet Home Alabama ~ Lynyrd Skynyrd 

8. Officially Alive ~ Brad Paisley

play it again

1. just keep breathing - we the kings

2. girl almighty - one direction

3. uma thurman - fall out boy

4. this is gospel - panic! at the disco

5. girls/girls/boys - panic! at the disco

6. angel with a shotgun - the cab

7. heart out - the 1975

8. how to be a heartbreaker - marina and the diamonds

9. different colours - walk the moon

10. good girls - 5SOS

11. not what your dad wants to know - nina nesbitt

12. animal - the neon trees

13. do i wanna know - the arctic monkeys

14. a love like war - all time low

15. stockholm syndrome - one direction

16. tell me i’m a wreck - every avenue

17. say you like me - we the kings

18. make out - rixton

19. brown eyed girl - van morrison
These Are The 10 Hottest Tours Of Summer 2015, According To The Resale Market
StubHub, the world’s largest secondary ticket marketplace, has released the ten most in-demand concert tickets for summer 2015, and the musicians and bands featured on the list are some of the biggest in the industry. These are the shows that people want to attend more than any others, and if [...]
By Hugh McIntyre

Here are the top ten most in-demand tours this summer:

1. Taylor Swift
2. One Direction
3. Grateful Dead
4. The Rolling Stones
5. U2
6. Kenny Chesney
7. Ed Sheeran
8. Billy Joel
9. Foo Fighters
10. Rush

Taylor Swift and One Direction prove their immense popularity by selling out another nationwide tour, which they never seem to have a hard time doing. Taylor’s 1989 world tour just recently kicked off a few days ago in the US, and it is already predicted to be one of the biggest of the year, as it will find its way to several of the largest stadiums available to musicians before all is said and done. While One Direction does have a rabid fanbase, the demand for Swift’s shows is almost three times as high as for the boyband’s tour.

The Grateful Dead’s appearance at number three is especially impressive, considering the band is only playing five shows. The band was originally slated to only perform three times in Chicago in July, but demand was so massive, they added two additional dates in California in late June. Tickets were gone before most people had a chance to even find out how to get their hands on some (the band has strict rules about selling passes to fan club members and several other parties before the general public). In the months following the complete and immediate sellout of the handful of shows the Dead is playing, the tickets’ value has only continued to grow.

In some ways, looking at the resale market can be a better indication of what tours are most popular, as it is around much longer than the traditional one, especially for those acts that sell out instantly. If all ten of these acts moved all the tickets available for an entire tour in just an afternoon, there isn’t as much data to point to which one was actually the most popular. These ten tours are still being searched by thousands of people everyday, and while some of these tickets were likely expensive when they first went on sale (the Rolling Stones and Billy Joel for sure), the prices have nowhere to go but up once they’re all gone and there are still fans left wanting.

Things I will never ever be able to forgive:

1. Lady Gaga stopped making good music

2. Zayn left One Direction

3. They actually fucking named that poor child North West.