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Hi, could you tell me who is James Arthur please? And did he do something bad (i'm asking because of your tags)?

He was the winner of the UK X-Factor in 2012. He ended up losing his deal a year and a half later for being a complete asshole on Twitter and releasing some songs with terrorist references and a lot of homophobia (like, where was Syco though when he was recording that album, I don’t think they had a problem with it until the public rebelled)

Additionally, before he was dropped, he and Louis got into it after he went off on One Direction and subsequently called Louis a “little bitch.

But since Syco signed him again for whatever reason, they’ve pushed that he and Louis are all buddy-buddy now.  And I’m not buying it. I don’t trust that he’s become a better person, I don’t trust Syco pushing their new friendship, and I don’t care how good his song is, I think he’s a shitty person and it would take a lot more than him waving his hand and saying “Bygones” for me to let it go.

And besides all of that, I think Syco has him by the short hairs, so whatever he says or does is quite literally what they told him to say or do. So again, I don’t trust any of it.

ETA: I forgot that James is also managed by not only James Grant Group, but Russell Eslamifar as well (same as Louis), so that’s even MORE reason not to trust any of this. Eslamifar is pushing this “friendship” for James’ image rehabilitation. I don’t buy it for a second.

Over Again
One Direction
Over Again

One Direction - Over Again

I’m not a Directioner but I have had this song on replay all week.  

It’s not some sappy love song but instead it actually makes sense.  For me, the song say that everyone gets hurt and yet someone is always there to pick up the pieces.

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Hiii! :) where is the happy fluffy union j world you promised? I'm here and I'm ready for cute dramafreeness. Though feel free to get through the drama if that is what is taking over your asks...I will go eat chocolate or do something else equally unproductive.

Here you go!  I wrote this back before they had even announced any of their singles (they’ve now had 2.5 singles and an album + a UK/Ireland tour) but it’s a good starting place…


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