one direction weed

It’s naive to think the boys’ individual successes won’t be different. One might get more airplay, one might do more shows, one might get better reviews, one might gain more fans, one’s starmeter might be higher, one might feel more personally accomplished. They all want different things, after all. And they all have different metrics for success that we won’t ever be privy to.

But when you start acting like it’s only natural that one person should ECLIPSE another I’m really side eyeing your intentions. It’s one thing to be supportive and want the world for your fave. But to think they should have that at the cost of other people’s success…

You’re the one turning this into a zero-sum game. It isn’t. And they have been telling us that it isn’t. So maybe don’t.

Drugs he takes

Harry- LSD:
His eyes glass over and that’s the first thing I need to know to figure out he on something. Harry was never into the drug scene but the new life of a solo artist, he doesn’t have people to convince him out of things. I sit across from him and shake my head, he smiles and sticks his tongue out showing the small piece of paper. That gets me to smile a little, he smiles wider back and winks.

I can’t hear over the music, but I can see him dancing like a tool. Louis swaying lightly with his hat covering most of his face, but you can’t hide that grin. He meets my eye and smile seductively. I laugh and roll my eyes but he still walks over. “ what do you have going on?” He asked waving a hand to the bar tender. “It’s my birthday” I tell him sarcastically. He smirks, “ I got a gift” he says digging in his pocket and pulling out a small bag with 4 white pills in it. I give him a look unsure what I want to say. He leans close to me so I can feel his chest on my shoulder and he mouth breathing in my hair. “ what will it do?” I asked looking at him in the eyes feeling the shock run threw me. Louis smile and kisses my cheek" It makes your sense of touch very sensitive.“

He sings softly to himself, smiling and making the world seem like a better place just by the light in his eyes; in which I mean how red they are.
“Jesus”, I say dropping my things on his couch, “ wanna open a window or light a candle?” He laughs from the kitchen. “I like the smell it gets me high without doing anything.”
Weed is Liam thing, drinking and weed. He never did anything that could effect his brain to a serious injury he needs it to write. His thick journal sits on the coffee table and he sits snugged with a bag of chips on his lap. I smile and take the joint from his fingers and sit next to him smelling his own sent.
“ show me what you wrote, snoop.”

Niall- Adderall:
His hands are fidgeting and his eyes are searching the room. We’re waiting to hear some new ideas about his album, since Niall made it clear that he wants the entire album under his own control, he is supposed to have 6 songs done by the weekend.
“Niall are you feeling alright?” One women asked putting her hand on his wrist. He smiles warmly and nods. “Just to much coffee, I guess” he responds awkwardly. “Anyways here are 5 songs.” He slides the notebook to me and I raise an eyebrow.
“We agreed on 6.” I say simply. His eyes rolled.
“ I did what I could without writing the same shit over.” He says annoyed, “how can I write with you all calling me asking how the writing coming? I didn’t sleep all weekend!”
“ I can tell.” I tell him coldly. “ I’ve dealt with people with drug addiction and I really hope you get it figured out, Niall.” I tell him clenching my jaw. His hands and even more fidgety and he stands up almost knocking mugs over on the table.
“ I do NOT have an drug addiction.” He says boiling, giving me the hardest look I’ve gotten before. “I just needed to stay awake.” He says for walking out.